Saturday, October 8, 2016

Impossible to Inevitable

Such are the times we live in! Tighten your seat belts. We're in for a rough ride, my friends!

The following events are all well within the realm of possibility in the near future -

A massive economic collapse
Extreme weather events (already happening, more to come)
World war 3 (already underway by some measures)

How did we get here? What about progress? Isn't that what they told us in school? Progress... every generation leads a better life with a higher standard of living than the previous one, every generation knows more about the world we live in than the previous one, every generation is more aware, evolved, and spiritually advanced than the previous one... what happened to that story? Was it ever true? Was it true for a while before it got hijacked? Or was it a lie from the get go?


  1. Sadly possible. More sad than all the natural disasters which could randomly destroy our civilization and planet as we know it (asteroids, calderas, solar flares, natural climate change, etc.) are those disasters brought on by that very "civilization" with all its power and potential because it acted irresponsibly. There is no "God in the heavens" who will protect us from natural demise, but the sadist scenario is that we will do it to ourselves. All the brilliance of humanity for naught. Yet I still have hope for humanity to redeem itself. --Joe

  2. To answer your question, Satish: There's an amazing, profound and hilarious book that every doomer should read. It is called SYSTEMANTICS. (Have you read it?)

    The basis thought is that Simple Systems May Work. As you add complexity, the system will either not work, or if it does, it will produce results OPPOSITE of those intended.

    There are countless examples of systemantics at work - many of them funny, and many more tragic - on one level or another. The advance of civilization is the last one - pick your starting point. An easy one to pick is the beginning of the industrial age. There are endless graphs showing our impact on the earth going from horizontal to vertical between then and now. Of, if you are that pissed off at THEM OUT THERE, you can pick the promethean moment we found the cursed gift of FIRE. Logarithmic growth here we come! And of course, the unexpected result, we all know about (at least in this blog).

    1. Fire in itself is neither good nor bad, is it? Look at the sun:

      A ball of Fire.

      There wouldn’t be any life without that Fire, right? So, it’s not about damning or cursing that Fire, but it is about not to abuse that Fire, it is about growing up consciously and using that Fire that right way.

    2. I haven't heard of this book, Paul. Sounds interesting.

      Fire, language, wheel, it's all a slippery slope. Those who are in touch and conscious will do anything to keep themselves and others from misusing these things. And those who are out of touch will do everything to misuse and abuse them and turn them into weapons. So I don't know if it's the tool, it's the stories and culture of people who have access to the tool that matters, it seems.

    3. Hey there, dear Satish,

      Yeah, in fact, life and death themselves are slippery slopes :-) It is the CHOICE one makes, IMO. Some choose to abuse and harm, others don't. Almost everything in life can be abused to harm or can be used to serve good. Anyway:

      What about some positive message, some positive perspective, some positive inspiration? I mean, all that evil and destructive shit in the world is more than obvious for everyone. There must be more than just negative messages. I learned that at NBL: If nothing but extinction is left, well, then just silence will be the final status, right?

    4. Dear Nemesis, yes, it's about choice. And circumstances surrounding the moment of choice. As far as positive messages go, so many people constantly ask me to focus on the bright side. At this time, those who are conscious of what's going on in the world are outnumbered, perhaps 100 to 1, by those who turn away from it. You took upon death as your teacher. Most people are oblivious of what we are co-creating on this planet. I met someone recently who said that humans will be around for hundreds of thousands of years. No problem. There are so many who are ignorant of the crises that are unfolding. There's plenty of positive stuff in their lives. Any positive messages from me would hardly register :)

    5. Well, then stay focused on negativity if you like to, it’s your choice. But that won't change anything for good^^ Btw, I don't think that only one out of hundred realize injustice, slavery and destruction. Just ask the vast number of global victims of planet earth, they feel it every day. So, your argument only goes for the global minority of rich people, who make dirty profit, not for the victims. Most people on planet earth are victims of Empire, they are NOT responsible for all the crimes Empire does commit. About my teacher:

      Death is beyond positive and negative, Death is beyond the horizon of ordinary people.

    6. Here you can see good fighting against evil, positive fighting against negative, ignorance fighting against consciousness:

      So, please realize:

      EMPIRE is the real enemy, Empire is negativity and crime and therefore Empire will fall.

    7. Satish, when I am asking "what about positiveness?", then I just mean:

      Give me some positive ALTERNATIVE to all that negative sick shit of Empire.

      That makes sense, doesn't it? What about the "Secret of Dreaming" of the aborigines I posted the other day? No positive inspiration, no positive alternative for you? Give me some positive alternative to all the sick Empire shit, please...

  3. Satish, your blog seems to perish, it seems to go extinct, commentars are getting rare... why is it?

    1. Dear Satish, what I mean is this:

      Yes, Death (extinction) is inevitable right from the start. That's a big deal for sure. But what do you make of it? I mean, you are still breathing yet, you are still alive. So you can not sit in some darkened room and lament about Death IN THE FUTURE (2030?) all the time, you got some real life beyond that blog about extinction, right? The message of inevitable Death gets used up literally, if there is no balancing, complementary message of TRANSFORMATION. Meditation of Death can be very, very beneficial, as long, as we really learn the transforming power of that meditation.

      We are here to learn, to transform every minute, until the final breathing out. Life, Death is nothing but transformation. Those, wo really meditated Death right to the very bottom, right into the Abyss, will embrace life, will transcend life and death.

    2. Whatever. To me, doomerism begins to suck even more than extinction 8-) So what, with extinctintion, doomerism will be gone too :-P

  4. it is not progress , It is a process

  5. .
    I saw this posted on the NBL forum today ...

    "It's over folks. No point in taking care of nature as we will all boil alive soon. Venus Syndrome is coming and earth will be sterilised, eliminating the last light of the universe causing premature heat death. Eat drink and be merry..."

    Thanks a lot for still continuing to promote this foolish attitude GM. Regardless of the potential of any specific 'speculative' future outcome, you don't stop taking care of nature ... EVER. Not until you take your very last breath. What a dumb ass message McNutcase has promoted to people ... influencing them to give up in despair like this, and encouraging them to live like pigs for their final moments.

    NEVER give up, no matter what the odds or outcome. Only losers give up like this.

    The article this poster referenced was about a new, and still quite speculative, 'theory'; one that was based on a few new mathematical calculations. Nobody can say if this new 'theory' will bear out to be truth or not. McP has already been wrong with all of his own predictions so far. So, what kind of moron gives up on caring for nature 'today' ... based on a speculative prediction that they can't even know will actually even come about? That certainly doesn't help matters, not physically OR spiritually.

    A spineless whiner who really was only looking out for their own interests all along, that's who gives up like this. This is what's been wrong with Guys message all along. Pissing all over nature today ... just because of something that 'might' (or might not) happen decades out into the future. That's how a selfish neanderthal thinks. Nice influence McP. That's not promoting awareness ... that's just encouraging more destruction.

    You should always take care of nature ... ALWAYS ... no matter what you 'think' the future holds for you. Makes me sick, actually, to hear that Guy is still influencing people to give up like this, and influencing them to live selfishly with their time left. What an absolutely evil, counter productive, and selfish message. Go to hell Mr. McBitter. Hasn't he finally killed himself yet? Me thinks he should, just to get it over with already ... his dream and desire for self immolation. What a totally negative jackass.

    I have met one of the enemies, and he is Guy McPherson. NEVER stop caring for nature, as many people now promote on his vacuous and inane message board.

    What a joke. :(

  6. For all of those who can't see anything but desperation: