Monday, September 12, 2016

Money, Technology, Population and Civilization

Following my response mentioned in the last blog post, my friend wrote back:

I find myself asking, a la: "Is money evil, or the obsession with it?" Or, "Is technology evil, or the obsession with it?" Or, "Is civilization evil, or the hubris of it?", or, "Is population evil, or the drive to over-populate?"

And, "Could it be a little of both or all and more, that we need to re-examine ethically, ecologically and intensely?"

My response back, edited for clarity:

Thank you for participating in my intellectual work connecting the dots. I'm only reporting to you what I have been reading but after examining the interrelationships among all the resources I have come across. Modernity puts a lot of value in specialization. The one who knows a lot about a narrow subject is deemed an expert and granted a doctorate. Generalists are under-rated but it is imperative that we take all those seemingly unrelated fields (that we have created by chopping things up) and stitch them back up into a coherent whole. Then we see this tapestry emerge. In the tapestry lie all the fields - history, prehistory, sociology, culture, economics, technology, science, religion, theology, spirituality, nature, psychology, philosophy, language and linguistics and many other areas - but now sewn up together and we find out just how exactly we got to where we are. In fact, this chopping up of the study of life into all these areas is itself a prime example of the problem of reductionism that has plagued the modern worldview. It's time to see all the interconnections holistically. Yeah, that often overused word there!

The history of money is fascinating. We have come a long way from barter to digital currencies and now, bitcoin! Somewhere along the way, we lifted the ban on usury and all hell broke loose. It's one thing to have a money system that's backed by a scarce resource but a whole another thing to have usury - the charging of interest. Christianity had long considered usury a sin but over time, due to pressure from the financiers and money changers, it became standard operating procedure. The book "Medici Money" is an interesting read in this regard. So is Debt: The First 5000 Years. When we understand that all that money does is represent access to Earth's resources, it becomes easy to understand the devastating role usury has played in the destruction of the planet. If I loan you $100 and ask you to return $110 at the end of the month, where would you find the additional $10? You're forced to extract something from the Earth, or cut a tree for lumber, or work for someone else who does something similar. Ultimately, that extra $10 has to come from the Earth. What we now have with usury is constant and rapid extraction of Earth's resources, constant population growth to support interest-based debt (a pyramid scheme) and a constant need for more efficient ways of servicing the debt (which requires extraction of resources), and hence technology.

This isn't to downplay the role of the money system in itself... we lived lives of abundance without the need for money for a really long time. The advent of money was an indication of centralization and came well into the journey of civilization. If money marked the separation from land and the beginning of villages and city-states and rulers, usury turbo-charged the deleterious impacts of the money system.

Some would argue that money comes from innovation and human ingenuity. They point to the dot-com billionaire who invented a clever way to connect people or to create music. When we realize that all money-making activity is simply tapping into the giant chipper that constantly turns natural resources into money, as illustrated below by the social critic, Steve Cutts, we'd see human ingenuity and inventiveness as little more than merely a quest for more efficient ways to speed up the process of transformation of natural resources into money. Let's take the example of Google. One of the largest companies in the world by market capitalization, Google makes most of its money through advertising. Advertisers are in turn companies that make money by selling goods and services and hence directly involved in the conversion of natural resources into money. They are willing to give away a part of the money they make to Google in return for help with pushing their product to its users. That's all Google does, in the final analysis. All those PhDs with highly rated skills in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, etc. are merely coming up with slightly better ways to push products and services than the ones we already have.

So we have a culture which we call "civilization" whose main activity is the conversion of natural resources into money with the help of technology. It's easy to see how a better bulldozer helps clear a forest faster but a little harder to see how Facebook or Google or Instagram are all nevertheless playing the role of pimps pushing products directly or indirectly - albeit using sophisticated computer magic to speed up the global extraction-manufacture-marketing-sales-consumption cycle. All technology companies have to figure out where and how they are going to tap into this cycle. Those that eventually do are the ones we end up calling "profitable" and "successful".

Where does population come into this picture? Civilization and its economic systems are pyramid schemes. They need more and more people constantly to simply survive. It's either growth or death. There's no such thing as sustainability even as we throw around that word liberally. Newer generations find themselves under increasing pressure to come up with more and more innovative ways to keep the system going, blissfully unaware that it's been a pyramid scheme all along. They don't necessarily see themselves as contributing to the system but simply by making a living, they are unwittingly contributing to the system. In doing so, they leave a much less desirable planet for their offspring than the one they inherited from their own parents. There's a reason why governments all across the world subsidize families and children, even large families. It would seem counter-intuitive that they do this in a world with increasingly scarce resources. But they must do this or face collapse. Hence we see some European countries facing a population peak providing incentives to encourage their citizens to have more children. The State (government) needs to keep the tax dollars flowing. Governments that do regulate population growth risk the prospect of an aging population that needs to be supported by a diminishing tax base, as we now see in the case of China.

Money, technology, civilization, population... they are all interrelated. We have a system that encourages rapid population growth, rapid technological advances and rapid extraction of natural resources (oil, coal, metals, trees, sand, water, etc.) It's the story that this is how it ought to be that's the problem. People today are more or less the same as people 100,000 years when we consider biology. But people today are vastly different from our ancestors when we consider culture, or the stories that we tell ourselves and our children. There's nothing inherently evil or base about our species. Human beings are not flawed. But we are susceptible to propaganda, manipulation and influence and the ruling classes throughout history have taken advantage of their excellent knowledge  of human psychology to design and build ever more sophisticated social systems that work for them at the expense of all else.

We are way overpopulated at our current level of 7.4 Billion humans. People who lose connection to their land and indigenous culture rapidly grow out of proportion and explode in numbers given the resources to do so. This story has repeated all over the planet especially in the last 200 years as more and more tribes and villages began to be dislocated and integrated into mainstream civilization. Once they are cut off from their land and stories that have sustained them for thousands of years and kept them in balance with their local habitat, they are subject to no natural limitations in the artificial confines of towns and cities and they began to increase in numbers. All they need is access to bread in the grocery store and there's been plenty of it available (although not to everyone) to increase the population to current unsustainable levels. It's like a bacterial culture that's taken from its natural habitat where the bacteria lives in balance with other organisms and hence keeps its numbers within limits and suddenly placed in a petri dish full of sugar syrup... free from the interconnections and constraints of its natural habitat, the bacterial colony soon grows until the sugar syrup runs out. That's where we are today in terms of civilization and the resources it needs to survive. We're running out of easily accessible resources. The sugar syrup is almost over. No wonder we see billions of dollars being spent on research aimed at commercializing the extraction of resources from asteroids and other heavenly bodies! Our separation from land and migration to towns and cities is analogous to taking a bacterial culture from its natural setting and dropping it into a petri dish.

If we look at the last 100 years, we'd realize that our sugar syrup has been petroleum. We have been extracting oil from the ground and the deep oceans and converting it into food (through fertilizers, pesticides, farm machinery that runs on gas, and a global food supply chain that uses oil) and converting the food into human biomass. Well, we actually convert a lot of the oil into animal biomass first (factory farmed meat) before turning it into human biomass, but the input remains petroleum and the output the human biomass! Of course, the output also includes much trash, pollution and emissions. But as far as the population explosion of the 20th century is concerned, it would not have been possible without our sugar syrup, petroleum.

The role of yet another institution on population growth - organized religion - cannot be underestimated. For thousands of years, followers of Hinduism have regarded children as gifts from God and even avatars of God. Children are often given names of Gods and Goddesses. Although Hinduism doesn't explicitly say, "go forth and multiply", it's implicit in the culture and the stories that Hindus believe. India is the second most populous country and is soon set to overtake China and there doesn't seem to be a break in the growth curve.

I hope I was able to connect a few more dots with all of that! As bleak as it sounds, it's important to understand where we are and how we got here. Otherwise, we risk working hard on issues that lead us nowhere ultimately. Many an idealistic person has been led astray by incomplete problem definitions by so-called philanthropies and non-profits that are part of the non-profit-industrial complex.

An excellent critical perspective on the major institutions of civilization come from an indigenous Papua New Guinean man who had spent time in the UK and who, in a letter to his tribesmen back home, explains it all from his unique vantage point... "Just Leave Us Alone" In order to get a better understanding of our current situation, it helps to listen to what an outsider has to say. This letter is just one of the many resources indigenous peoples all over the world have given us over the centuries, and which we have conveniently ignored, that point to the unsustainable nature of our civilization, money system, population and the technocracy that powers it all.



    I loved this Papua link. The writing is most clear and straightforward, and I didn't read anything I haven't been thinking and saying for a very long time. Leave us alone, indeed. What I keep repeating (that not many seem to hear) is the land needs to be left alone too. If we don't build roads or bridges or factories or mansions, we are leaving indigenous people alone. But can anyone see how these dots connect?

    I also have a weird theory that once something is created it is sacred. It were best not to create it perhaps, but once created it's sacred. So whatever exists must be left alone too. It is the desire to commodify EVERYTHING, indigenous, new, old, that I feel must be resisted. Leave it all alone would be my recommendation!

    1. Leaving land alone and leaving indigenous peoples alone are similar. Civilization goes after indigenous peoples for many reasons but a primary reason is their land and resources. Those resources are worth nothing unless they are "developed" and commercialized. In the dominant worldview, bauxite is worthless if it sits in the mountain but assumes monetary value when the mountain is blown up and the ore is extracted. Yes, we should leave lands alone but how can we ask for that while buying new cars and new houses and taking vacations?

      "I also have a weird theory that once something is created it is sacred."

      We don't simply create things, we operate them and we maintain them. When we leave things alone, they quickly fall into decrepitude. Plants grow around them and over them. Nature starts to break down the things we leave alone. But civilization works to keep things going. When they finish painting the Golden Gate Bridge, they immediately start painting it on the other end and work their way over to where they just finished. The bridge needs this constant maintenance. So does every city. Every institution. Every machine. Every artificial construct, in fact. Even the stories we believe in need constant reinforcement through media and other forms of propaganda. Civilization needs lots of maintenance. We can't just leave things alone, can we?

      Interesting read: The World Without Us by Alan Weisman

    2. I actually agree with both your paragraphs.

      RE Travel: My wife wants to travel. I don't. But out of love for her, I'd do some traveling, whatever our very puny funds could allow. I feel bad for her, deeply guilty that she has given me so much while I'm too poor and immobile to provide her adventure. I've proposed driving around at specified times, looking more at regional sites that we don't even manage to see now. So it depends on the car, on affordable gas, on roads, on order. I've tried to explain to her about overconsumption, and the sorry state of planetary affairs. At times I think she's come a long way; at other times I'm doubtful. But I don't wish to deny her the enjoyment she seeks. Come to think, this approach is a formula for local tourism, which I think very appropriate with a world of decreased but still reliable FF supply. More local tourism.

      If we drive out somewhat frequently (but not daily) is that the problem? I doubt that Kevin Anderson would think so. He thinks it's more like a small minority at the top that's the problem with climate change (if not as exclusively for environmental crisis). People consuming at the level of my household are NOT the climate problem for Anderson.

      Re Maintenance: Since I'm a trained and experienced art conservation, I know something about maintaining things in proper order. Your example of painting the Golden Gate (GG) bridge is a very good one. We shouldn't let existing things deteriorate. Leaving them alone (for me as a restorer) means keeping them as close to original condition as possible. The maintenance schedule of GG is the perfect one. We are maintaning its utility while preserving the embedded energy that went to make it originally. There's embedded energy in every artifact created. Keeping every artifact from decay maintains the embedded energy in it, precluding the need for more acquisition of destructive energy and environmental treasures. IMO, embedded energy is the cheapest and most benign form of energy there is. If we make innovative use of what already exists, we create an economic order (temporary or otherwise) that minimizes the destruction of land through sprawl, mining, etc. It is also a way of leaving the indigenous alone.

      That Papau author spoke of the integration of the indigenous world with the modern world. He tried to clarify. The modern world needs to know the indigenous world exists, but yet manage to leave it alone. The modern world can leave the indigenous world alone by containing itself within the areas which it already occupies. No new roads. No new construction on open land. That is one way of looking at leaving things alone. I'm not talking about leaving things to decay (although that could be OK in rare circumstances--Chernobyl, for instance).

      So, based on a prominent climate scientist's assertion, it's not the "little people" like me that are the problem, it's the big fish that are. Leaving things alone requires the end of the infrastructural spread of civilization, replacing the physical spread with intellectual and cultural growth. To some extent, the qualitative replaces the quantitative, the spiritual the materialist...

    3. Yes, I wish we would leave untouched those things, lands, people and stories that we have not already disturbed. No more roads, canals and pipelines. No more over-fishing, over-grazing and over-building. I wish.

      The trouble is the elites have corrupted the minds of the little people through years of education and brainwashing. The little people now defend the elites, their hierarchies and institutions. Not all little people, but the layer of those that serve the elites directly. The professional classes. These are people who took their education to heart. These are the most naive people in society and they were in fact chosen for specific reasons that include their naivete. They are technocrats, techno-optimists, believers in progress, and utterly uneducated about indigenous cultures and their view of Earth. This is the situation today - a large professional class that props up the pyramid of civilization against all odds and funds its expansion. Where else does the money the engineers, doctors, lawyers, accountants, businessmen put away into their retirement accounts go? It goes into mutual funds that invest in mining, manufacture and extraction.

      You're right that an individual household is not a big problem, climate-wise or otherwise. But multiply that with a Billion (all those aspiring to get up there in India and China) and we have a major problem.

      I don't mean to make you or anyone feel guilty personally, Artleads. We're part of a system that is unfair to life on the planet, all forms of life in general. It's about looking at it all and making an observation. Think of it this way... say, you are a gang member. You look around and things seem just the same as ever. But one day you realize what being a gang member is all about. You learn how the gang makes its money and who takes a bigger cut and who does the dirty work. You realize the immense pain and suffering caused to the victims of the gang by its activities. You want out but that's the life you were born into. Your parents were gang members and so were your grandparents, uncles and aunts. All your cousins are members too. And all your nephews and nieces are being brought up to learn every gang sign and symbol. That's the life you know. That's the only life you know. The tattoos on your forearms and shoulders remind you who you are. What do you do?

      That's a rhetorical question :)

    4. Thanks, Satish. Your second paragraph is a gem. You describe the situation with depth and power. This is indeed what we face: a great avalanche of opposition to rational thinking. I never saw it with quite that degree of thoroughness.

      "The trouble is the elites have corrupted the minds of the little people through years of education and brainwashing."

      Despite which, liberal education at a high enough level offers glimpses of an "alternative tradition" (Raymond Williams) within this brainwashing paradigm: Ruskin, William Morris, Keats, Rousseau...

      It's a lot more work than I like, so I'm procrastinating mightily with a writing project that tries to tie an art education (my own in particular) with a vision for the kind of change I discuss. You reprogram the brainwashing through aesthetics. Meanwhile, you have to get down in the trenches, advocate, organize (if you're up to it), use accidents, disasters, leveraging crises to push the change we need. If we're clear it's about leaving the indigenous and the land alone, our task will be easier.

  2. Hurricane Earl was a powerful surprise, sweeping across Central America back in July. Many died in Belize & Mexico. Yet there was a gift in the adventure of surviving my near boat wreck. Being in the heart of any storm, all storms, the world wide technology storm.....reading nature for awhile with-out any connection to these things electric. A strong presence of each of you - always connected by soul memory. Always an impression of each of you in mind.

    RESPECTFULLY I just read all the comments here like a great story. Web of life. LOVE to everybody...I want to say so much more, but I am still in transition from the diet of deep silence. Except the jungle was not silent at all. Very alive with flowing rivers, thunder, monkey howls.

    Taking a position that human population should be reduced imposes huge responsibility. If we say that technology (or whatever process) brought about separation thinking--separation from nature, from each other--we can't detach our individual selves from the "people" we want fewer of. And if we are to be the change we want, recommending population reduction is recommending that one oneself contribute to that removing oneself from the scene. Most people who recommend population reduction would start with I sort of died, truly lived. Back here to hopefully go beyond. WAVES of love to all.

    1. Glad to hear the jungle was not silent... long live the jungle! Thank you for that piece of good news!

    2. Yes, good to hear from you again Mark. :)

  3. I don't understand where the notion comes from that any human at all should be charged with deciding who should be depopulated. That's the same hubris that got us here ... thinking a human should have any hand in any this whatsoever.

    Stop overriding nature and then just let nature do the depopulating.

    It actually makes me angry to hear people suggest that any human anywhere should be tasked with interfering in a process that should obviously be left up to nature ... deciding who should live and die.

    Gee ... I see a problem. Gosh, a human better get in there and meddle with things.

    That ... is exactly what's wrong with the human mind and what's led to all of our current strife, imo. Why this habit of trying to turn an observation about too many humans on the planet ... into a suggestion that some human should be the one to correct it by sending a bunch of people to their deaths? I simply don't make that leap from Satish's observations. I just don't understand that leap of logic ... as if the two concepts are inseparable.

    Humans should NOT be deciding who lives and who dies. That's the very system we have now.

    For fuck sakes people. I'm very confused by this train of thought.

    1. Satish has been able to identify how technology has allowed us to override nature, which has allowed our population to grow into a destructive imbalance. It seems obvious ... take away the technology, and stop producing any more of it, and then just let nature re balance itself all on it's own.

      The idea that we need Dick Cheney to form a committee to come up with a technological plan for depopulating the planet is just more human hubris. A human should not, and could not, decide this properly or in a natural way.

      If we want to continue as a species, then stop overriding nature with manipulative technologies that allow for population imbalances. Do this across all of humanity, without cheating, and then just let nature do the deciding.

      We don't need Dick Cheney to form some stupid sub committee to dictate depopulation to us. Ya, that would work out well. Good god.

      I don't even know what to say to thoughts like that, thoughts that WE should be the ones to decide who gets axed. Just take away the root of the problem that caused overpopulation ... and let nature decide what creatures and mindsets and skill sets will manage to survive or not.

    2. Sorry, I guess I just kind of lost it there. My apologies.


    3. Welcome Sir Marco! Hope to see you here more often.

    4. You said what I have been thinking, LWA... why do we assume we have the right to decide who should live and who should die? Years ago, I came across what is known as the Trolley Problem. From Wikipedia:

      The general form of the problem is this: There is a runaway trolley barreling down the railway tracks. Ahead, on the tracks, there are five people tied up and unable to move. The trolley is headed straight for them. You are standing some distance off in the train yard, next to a lever. If you pull this lever, the trolley will switch to a different set of tracks. However, you notice that there is one person on the side track. You have two options: (1) Do nothing, and the trolley kills the five people on the main track. (2) Pull the lever, diverting the trolley onto the side track where it will kill one person. Which is the most ethical choice?

      I began wondering how such a problem even comes about. Under what circumstances does a man find himself facing such a decision at all? How often does one find oneself in an "ethical" quandary like that? Since when did man begin posing such questions and since when did such questions become a matter of ethics?

      My point is that these are questions the elites and those who work for them run into. The elites have seized power from the people and are confronted with having to make decisions that affect large groups of people during the course of their rule. More often than not, they make these decisions with a particular relish that is characteristic of a sociopath. To the extent that we ask these questions of each other and attempt to answer them, we are speaking the language of the ruler. We've been trained to think like the rulers. If we are to work effectively in their service, it makes sense that they would train us to think like them. Questions such as this are posed in business ethics classes in MBA programs, International Relations programs, and elsewhere where professionals are groomed for jobs that require them to help the elites make such decisions that impact large numbers of people. This is a modern phenomenon, modern as in just a few thousand years old. A utilitarian worldview such as what most people have today emphasizes quantitative reasoning. Consider this question posed to former stateswoman, Madeleine Albright on the news program 60 Minutes Was the price worth it? She said yes! It was worth killing 500,000 Iraqi children, according to her reasoning.

      As long as we talk about who should die and who should live, we are talking the language of the rulers. It's not for anyone to be in a position to take such decisions. To the extent that someone does, he or she has usurped power and has taken control of a situation the course of which they seek to dictate. It's an indication that something unnatural is going on, that we are witnessing an unnatural phenomenon.

  4. Excerpts from an article in The Guardian:

    “We are getting ever more efficient in our farming. In a way it is something to be celebrated, how good our farming science and technology is, but it does squeeze nature out.”

    "Nature provides economic and health benefits of about £30bn a year, according to a 2011 government analysis."

    "Together with historical deforestation and industrialisation, these trends have left the UK “among the most nature-depleted countries in the world”, with most of the country having gone past the threshold at which “ecosystems may no longer reliably meet society’s needs”."


    We can see how the idea of "ecosystem services" is prevalent throughout the article. The idea that nature exists to serve us, to serve our needs. We even put a value on such "services". Nature's, animals' and plants' own right to exist irrespective of human needs is dismissed in this line of thought which has caught on rapidly in the mainstream environmental movement in the last decade. Even the head of "The Nature Conservancy" talks about "Nature's fortune". He's a former banker so it's natural for him to look at nature as a treasure chest.

    Anthropocentrism shines through bright and clear in the above article. While the article seems to address the issue of species loss and bemoans the harm caused by this trend, it continues to look at nature through the same lenses that have brought about this sorry state of situation - that nature exists for us.

    1. I've been marveling for many years at how every argument for saving a natural artifact eventually gets swept up into the losing battle of trying to make a case for proving its viability in terms of an economic benefit.

      Like trying to persuade that a park might have an economic benefit in a round-about way vs. allowing its development, or how a sports fishery might have an economic benefit vs. allowing a factory to discharge it's effluent into the water, or that nature tourism might provide the equivalent economic benefit to a mountain town versus allowing in a strip mining company.

      Once you're convinced you need to fight development by proving an equivalent economic case for preserving the natural artifact, you've been drawn into a losing battle. This has been a trick. Not everything needs to be weighed in terms of making a profit.

      In Canada, where I live, we created national parks for no reason at all other than to set them aside from development, and to preserve them for our enjoyment (ha, even then 'our enjoyment' needed to be in there, lol.)

      Now, we just recently went through ten years of right wing conservative rule that told us we needed to look at all of these parks and figure out a way to get an economic return out of them ... otherwise they were simply a pointless waste if they weren't making any contribution to the nations economic growth.

      I remember when accountants rose to power in the 1980's and went from being someone who would simply enter your transactions into a spread sheet and do your taxes for you ... and suddenly became these gods advertised as people who could make you millions with their keen eye for pinching penny's and sniffing out ways to make a buck through cuts and streamlining.

      I remember when they set one of these thinkers loose on our local community center ... which hadn't been built with the intention that it should 'make money.' Well, that accountant, through their mindset, eventually razed every program right out of the place until the community center no longer served a function anymore. But dammit ... all these programs hemorrhaged money.

      Cut, slash ... slash, cut ... dismantle. There. Now it all looked right to this accountant ... no more spending money for the community center's bad. We must make money ... never spend it.

      However, shortly after, since it now wasn't doing anything anymore, and was just a building that sat there useless and vacant ... they eventually shut it down completely ... and that was the end of our community center.

      Duh ... that community center building was never built to be a profit turning business like a grocery store or something. It was meant to be a place for people in the community to hold a local art class at, or be there to allow a volunteer the space to host a summer day camp for kids at, or a place to organize soccer sign ups out of, etc, etc, etc.

      Ya, that accountant sure put a stop to all that economic hemorrhaging all right. Nice going buddy. It was totally lost on him that the place had never been built decades ago intending for it to be business or something that should turn a profit.

      Oops !

      We do this with nature too. It's like a mental illness, if you ask me, this forcing everything to answer to an 'economic bottom line.' Gee, not hard to see how development will always win that debate with those required parameters. This is brainwashing to make people resort to pleading the economic case for things.

      At first we called it yuppyism. Then we called it the Americanization of our country. Now people here just refer to it as being the way the world is. People have forgotten that not so long ago we didn't do everything solely just to turn a profit. I definitely see it as a psychic sickness ... a delusion.

      Creeping wetiko and it's band of merry men, er ... I mean it's accountants.

      The continuing de-evolution of man.

    2. I guess my story of the accountant and the community center came off sounding like maybe somebody sent someone in to take the place apart on purpose. No, that wasn't the case. This was actually somebody, who just happened to be an accountant, who was trying to help his community by volunteering his time to be the fancy pants community association president.

      The point of my story was to point out that our society has become so insane, and I'm not just using the term as a slur here, I literally mean that we've become so insane ... and that this accountant come community association president actually thought he was doing the right thing while he dismantled all the community center programs.

      He'd become so specialized in his training, and it had affected his thinking throughout the course of his education and work experience so much (something Satish touched upon, specialization) ... that he only understood the world around him through the terms of his education and work experience as an accountant. He literally thought he was doing the right thing to get in there as president and 'bean count' the shit out of the place ... until he eventually killed the whole thing he thought he was helping. He's probably bewildered and doesn't even understand what the hell even happened.

      Of course everybody else thought he was doing the right thing too. Everybody was just as mesmerized as he was as he vocalized his corporate brainwashing rhetoric like a trained seal without a clue ... with his newsletters about efficiency and streamlining and a new vision for the community center. This guy believed his own clueless bullshit, and actually thought he was doing the right thing ... to just take what he did all day long at his job and transfer and apply it to the community center too ... as if everything around him was all just one big same thing.

      It's an example of how truly insane and disconnected from reality people have become in our society. To this guy and his specialized accounting hammer ... every thing he perceived around him became some sort of 'slash all expenditures you can see' nail that he needed to hit with his specialized accounting hammer.

      That ... is insanity ... a mind gone haywire from all of this social engineering we've been evolving under. He honestly thought he was doing the right thing by treating a community center like it was all one big accounting dilemma that he needed to solve. That's all he seemed to understand about the world around him ... accounting.

      Duuuuh ... did I do good boss, huh, did I, did I ? Duuuuh. I did da accounting ... duuuuh.

      I'm trying to tie a thread here back to why our current society thinks that everything around us has to be reduced into economic terms.

      It seems, as with the example of this accountant, that we've been driven totally insane. Forget about not being connected to nature ... we aren't even connected to reality anymore. We've truly reached the point of being an idiocracy now.

      Civilized now equals insane ... a broken mind.

      So much for the European social experiment. What we need is a big huge giant fucking lobotomy. People can no longer even be reasoned with. They're too insane for that, too off the deep end.

    3. LWA, society is utterly insane... people have grown really dumb. Anyone who looks around and sees what's going on, if one is true to oneself, will come to that very conclusion. There's no need for false humility here. You see it, you call it. You explain it so very well, LWA. Idiocracy is rampant in civilized society these days. That this should happen just when technology is at its most advanced level ever is no accident. The irony is that the dumbest of the people think they are the smartest ever. And the rest agree. But that irony is easily explainable too... it's just exactly how it would be in a society of dumb people. Insane might be a better word though, at least they can plead insanity then.

      I know you and I are not saying these things out of any superiority complex or an inflated ego. Many of us here who are reading this have tried very hard to get on the same page with a lot of people and we have tried our best to explain things to them and we have failed miserably. It's very frustrating to not be able to communicate. The assessment that society is insane and dumb comes out of this exercise in futility. Not to mention, one simply needs to look around and observe people these days. And it makes sense why it's hard to have a proper conversation about the planet we share these days. I like Steve Cutts' animation work where he brings this out brilliantly. It's quite a thing to be stuck in a world of crazies. My friends keep telling me to watch the series "The Walking Dead" on Netflix. We see plenty in the real world.

      I pose this question to friends occasionally: consider for a minute that you are a manager at a company and you're looking to add an employee to your team. You're looking at many different candidates. The candidates are either hard working or lazy. They can also be either smart or dumb. So that makes a total of 4 combinations:

      1. Smart and Hard-working
      2. Smart and Lazy
      3. Dumb and Hard-working
      4. Dumb and Lazy

      First question: which combination would you rather hire? Most people get this right. It's pretty obvious, in fact. You'd hire the smart and hard-working candidate.

      Second question: which combination would you rather not hire? Most people would say "dumb and lazy". It would seem that makes sense since each of the two attributes are the worse one in its class. Dumb is worse than smart and lazy is worse than hard-working. So that combination of dumb and lazy has to be the worst for the manager and his team. But it turns out that the one combination that the thoughtful manager should really stay away from is the "dumb and hard-working" candidate. While the dumb and lazy employee simply just sits there and makes little or no contribution to the team, the dumb and hard-working employee would create trouble, cause much damage that others would then have to step in to fix and repair. This type of employee can be outright dangerous.

    4. The reason I mention this puzzle is because civilization is exactly like the dumb and hard-working employee. The work of civilization is done by dumb and hard-working people. Billions of people work hard every day but they are going in the wrong direction. They don't see the dangerous effects of their work, and of the stories behind them.

      That accountant you mention who single-handedly (with some help from other people mesmerized by this learned man among them) took down the community center is a great example of the "dumb and hard-working" citizen. Like you say, he probably thought he was doing the right thing. He most probably meant well and really wanted to help out his community. That very apt saying often comes to mind these days: "the road to hell is paved with good intentions" People are nice people, and yet they do the wrong thing. They mean well and yet they are caught in a system that takes them in the wrong direction and they are unable to see it. It's a rather sorry state of affairs.

      Just came across this news - August is the hottest month ever. It's worth noting that the two comments below the article are utterly devoid of any emotion and simply refer to numbers and data and graphs. Perhaps they have already dealt with all those emotions and they are back to work crunching numbers. Maybe the data will continue to be recorded by our observatories long after humans are gone. The last few people will be computer-modeling a rapidly-shrinking future.

  5. This won't be well received. I think there is a duality between HSS (we) and nature. I wouldn't say that we're the same as other nature and should revert to a pre self-conscious state of integration with it. To my mind, there's a "duality" (apoligies for a term I have not studied and know little about) between us and nature. It is simultaneously all about us and not. But "us" can't be separated from nature in any way. So, on another level, there is no duality between us and nature. We act without wisdom when we belittle anything and deprive it of its glory. Real politik is all about self aggrandizement, self interest, at the expense of the other. We haven't learned that there is only the one. No separation. No other to beat down. That realization, to me, is the essence of being human. And we will surely perish if we don't quickly come to realize this.

    1. This money madness has taken over the world. Call it Americanism. Call it the way things are. Money madness is supported by other madnesses too. Property rights being one that preoccupies me now. Other madnesses are the loss of critical thinking, loss of the sacred, the disparagement or corruption of beauty, the loss of common cause...

      But I'm convinced that all of this can be overcome. My village flanks a designated Scenic Highway, and is the only place along it that has kept its old fashioned charm. It has some kind of historic designation or other that I'm way too resigned to check out to use as ammunition in my fight. Somehow or other, the folks who preceded me here managed to respect much of the history, and many desirable things seem to have happened by themselves.

      Nevertheless, the thread of identity is being lost. A property just to the north of the village boundary is owned by a man who has many friends in the community. Now he wants to build little cottages that resemble the miner-cottage prevailing style. The problem is that this requires more density than his rural, county-governed property is zoned for. If built, it would have a de facto effect of extending the village boundary to the north and depleting our open-space buffer.

      His friends, apparently, have not considered what this change will do. They also haven't considered that it represents creeping sprawl, and sprawl is not what the tourists that support their businesses are here to see. They haven't considered the injury to the traditional sense of place. But I don't feel it disingenuous to point out to them that they have an economic stake in preserving the village's sense of place, and not ruin all the previous tourist-attracting preservation through mindless incremental sprawl. They can't understand very much, but maybe they understand the other aspect of money. It's not just about the property rights of their friend to do with his property as he likes. There is a bigger economic picture too, based on all those ephemeral values that are not directly commercial, and that the village has excelled in preserving. The ambiance. Up to this point, the villagers who are at all involved are equally split about the development with an edge to this guy's friends.

      Am I blue? Not at all. I'm fighting the good fight with this TO THE END. I am speaking for the land, and the right of the land to be itself. I'm also speaking in economic terms, giving to Caesar the things that are his. The two things complement each other. I believe that Caesar and "God" are complementary all over the world, and that understanding this could help us out in our troubles...

  6. Previously Satish said to Mo "We need to acknowledge that things are not right at the moment. And we are not being cared for at the moment. Maybe it will happen at some future point. I don't see indications of it yet. I'm open to seeing them. Show me the miracle." Some Proof in the very long distance experiment Mo & I conducted. Respecting Mo's privacy, I will not give details - but maybe he should at least help Satish with the fact that this test/experiment was conducted with strong results.
    This really matters to anyone who is in pain over the problems here on Earth. Certainly it is easy to think the deep insights of Satish (and everyone here) are not being 'read' by a larger energy field. A tiny miracle would simply be knowing that ages of evolution and problems here on Earth do mean something in a much larger context than this planet itself.
    I loved reading the Celestine Prophecy years ago, but then it means so much more when you simply go out and live it. Go direct to the Old Growth energy of the Ceiba tree. Go with a small group and actually form orbs of light. Being it in full reality is not the same as reading or even thinking. Sometimes you just have to see the actual Grand Canyon rather than tales & photos. So often I wanted Nemesis aboard my boat. LWA to meet the girl he at least got to see in the video. Artleads watched an air plane video of the remote coast. I promise the real experience comes with wind & temperature and FEELINGS that touch you beyond words.

    And yet all of this ALIVE, natural world is completely undetectable no further away than beyond Jupiter in this solar system. Much less there is no proof at all of Earth further along the arms of this Galaxy. A a large scale it is really important to see that from most vantage points we do not exist. On the Galactic scale gas clouds form worlds, which often collide. Briefly in space time some are stable, some sustain, some conserve their energies, yet no matter where you look down into the sub-atomic or into a super-massive black hole...all of it is eternally evolving, cosmic tides of change, Even entropy and evolution it-self keeps evolving at various levels of pace. And much is learned from mistakes.

    Mathematical FACT: Honestly this is a fact than is confirmed and calculated, Infinity has plenty of room for a zillion exact copies of everything, and millions more where the mistakes are registered and altered. The paradox of mistakes is that they are valuable. There are none.

    From India the MAN WHO KNEW INFINITY and later died in England, gave CERN one of it's greatest tasks.....a chance to create and consume a planet that is always in peril, all for the tiny pearl of wisdom. All for each of you, who are made of the same atoms, to see (and feedback) your feelings about the experience of this exact reality.

    LIFE is a consciousness force; Smaller than a photon. A wave before even the first particle is created to be is experiencing itself thru everything in all stages. That includes Mo who knows Carloyn Maples(Photos, conversations, facts from the Pentagon group)where secrets and hiding no longer serve. Mo knows how far this went recently in Washington D.C. Satish all here is not wasted nor lost.Love, joy, pain, confusion, concern, the fabric of all of this truly matters. Especially the TRUTH. And as LWA & Nem said along these lines "Enlightenment is seeing beyond all Illusions."

    1. Good to hear from you, Mark...

      "I promise the real experience comes with wind & temperature and FEELINGS that touch you beyond words."

      I will be around!

    2. here goes. for now...

      part 1

      Some Proof in the very long distance experiment Mo & I conducted. Respecting Mo's privacy, I will not give details - but maybe he should at least help Satish with the fact that this test/experiment was conducted with strong results.

      strong results? you could say that! omg...

      first of all, the thing that will matter to you, Satish, and anyone in a similar situation on Earth, is real, direct proof.

      real proof, of real miracles. undeniable proof in your own direct experience. it's always what makes the difference, in the end.

      "Show me the miracle" means just that! I'm all for that.

      Mark, I have to respect your privacy as well. and also respect the fact that who the hell would believe any of this? what does it mean to them, really? with that said, here is a *SMALL* sample. there is much more from these last two and half months that has to stay private for now.

    3. part 2

      let's see. :)

      in the last couple of months...

      ~ Mark has had multiple guided, and 100% accurate, tours of my home world (if this wasn't clear already, I'm a hybrid soul currently incarnating on Earth. ALL other details will stay totally out of the picture here, for now).

      he was made aware of dozens of different, detailed, specific, highly “alien” and frequently bizarre things, that he had absolutely no advance guidance on from me whatsoever, but I have been aware of, consciously in this lifetime, for decades.

      he has seen and directly experienced centrally important artifacts of our technology which no other human being besides me has ever been aware of, anywhere in human history or reports. (I've been consciously aware of these things for 30 years just in this lifetime.) no other being on Earth knew even the tiniest whisper of this stuff, and without even a single atom of advance guidance from me, Mark had the insider tour as clearly as if he walked with a guided tour in the Air & Space museum in D.C. ~ and he reported it back to me with 100% perfect accuracy.

      this is technology that has evolved over about 10 billion years. to say it is utterly outside the scope of any human's imagination, let alone effective understanding, is a massive understatement. again, he nailed it with 100% perfect accuracy, via multiple tours where he was able to be conditioned to the technology, and experience it in greater and deeper detail, each time. again, he had NO “leading information” feedback from me during this process. to be honest, I wouldn’t have even tried. this process was managed onsite, via a couple of my tribemates, in a way I would never have been able to remotely pull off!

      these reports from Mark COMPLETELY SHOCKED the living fucking shit out of me, and that is still a massive understatement of how I really feel about it.

      I am still shocked to my very core.

      I find it almost completely beyond ANY realm of possibility that this has happened. but it did. it would be as shocking to any human as if a total stranger walked up to you, and started speaking to you, for hours, of every last most important, and most perfectly private experience you have ever had in your life, in 100% perfect detail. and just went on and on like this, for HOURS.

    4. part 3

      ~ Mark has personally met, and extensively interacted with, a substantial portion of the members of my home tribe, who still live as incarnates on my home world. they have given him detailed information about matters which even *I* knew nothing about at the time, but I was able to independently corroborate via other means, in multiple ways, after the fact, and also able to find more information on that Mark was not made aware of.

      ~ Mark, with the aid of one of my tribemates, did a demonstration of remote viewing for me, naming 12 items total that I could verify on my end, and naming all 12 items with 100% complete accuracy.

      not just describing things. not general impressions. but exactly unique NAMES. spelled out perfectly. in writing. only 12, but all 12 perfectly. totally unique names. very key. not general things at all. perfect, unique, details.

      but not JUST with 100% accuracy (as I have emphasized to Mark repeatedly) but extended accuracy with the way the viewing was reported, and connecting at least half a dozen of the (exactly correctly!) named items in various multileveled psychic ways with multiple other perfectly accurate connections, which turned out to be precognitive experiences, or connected to other very specific and totally unique things that connected back to Mark's, or my, circle of being in some extended fashion.

      it was effectively a demonstration of psychic awareness so far off the charts it was somewhere on the other side of Andromeda. I could not believe my eyes when I was reading these reports in emails form Mark, and our mutual reaction was that each of us thought it was some kind of joke or hoax being pulled by the other.

    5. part 4

      this is only 5% to 10%, max, of a series of miraculous events that I've experienced with just one person (and some of my tribe members) in the last two and a half months.

      it is ALL connected in a way that goes far beyond anything I can remotely approach talking about here. it is the kind of thing that only makes the most important, meaningful, sense in deep context.

      and THIS is why it is so important to actually experience miracles like this. because the context is EVERYTHING. if you read ACIM, that book is all about this. this stuff happens for a reason. for the deepest reasons possible. it is within the context of the experiences themselves that everything about it matters, so deeply.

      for example, after Mark and I had been through all of these experiences together, I was able to share one other key thing with him, which interestingly he was able to verify very well in his own life. something that if I had mentioned it before any of these other things happened, would have been *very* hard to register in his brain in a way that was plausible. once we had this foundation, it was not only plausible, but deeply, incredibly meaningful ~ in CONTEXT. so important.

      this is the kind of thing Mark is hinting at here: "Satish all here is not wasted nor lost. Love, joy, pain, confusion, concern, the fabric of all of this truly matters. Especially the TRUTH."

      if the truth is not handled with the most loving care possible, it can be lost, mistaken, forgotten, misunderstood, or disbelieved.

      as far as I can see, for each of us, it is all about the entire context of our LIFE on EARTH, all our personal incarnation history, and the history of everything we are connected to.

      that’s not an exaggeration.

      every being is weaving this. every one. I am 100% certain it will unfold with absolute perfection for each of us. I couldn't have said this with such 100% certainly, until I had just been through my own recent "Course in Miracles" with my dearest friend Marco. this experience changed me utterly.

    6. oh, and to be clear, Mark's tours of my home world (and multiple other connected worlds for heaven's sake! sheesh...) were just another experience, for him, of something he does extraordinarily well: lucid dreaming. and then that combined with a kind of remote viewing, and other deeply psychic connections.

      sorry if I'm putting you on the spot here in any way, Marco, but I can't really assert or relate "proof" of any kind, without mentioning your incredibly unique role in this!

      seriously what I've related ^above^ only touches a fraction of what we have done and experienced together these last few months. just a fraction. it is and was utterly mind blowing for me. and I thought I had seen a lot. HA!!!

      omg... just omg. beyond.

    7. "I promise the real experience comes with wind & temperature and FEELINGS that touch you beyond words."

      god damn.

      this is the truest part of all. what I have experienced with Mark, and then the extensive waves upon waves of this into the deepest depths of my own world, has rocked my FEELINGS harder than anything else in my entire life. multiple times over. completely a zillion times over.

      beyond words.

    8. clarification email from Mark I'm reading right now (along with his latest major visit and uber deep info download from my home world).

      his psychic processes for this actually occur in a waking state, using specific methods he has been trained with and has been practicing for decades. I had thought he had related *some* of these to me earlier from other kinds of lucid dreams, but that could just be translation issues in our email correspondence. I did know for certain some of the reports were coming from these other processes as well. anyways, he may be here later to relate more details about some of these processes. it is highly effective, and that's entirely what matters.

      the 7th basic Huna principle, and long one of my faves: Effectiveness Is The Measure Of Truth.

      Mark's got a pretty good handle on it. :)

    9. and one other thing, that Mark has made extremely clear to me: he is receiving major help in this particular process, involving my home planet and all related matters, from my tribemates.

      for example, with the 100%+++++ 12 for 12 remote viewing report above, Mark made is absolutely clear to me he has never had that kind of perfect reporting before ~ or even heard of such a thing happening ~ and the extreme level of success in this case he entirely attributed to extensive help from one other being.

      that said, Mark's own abilities are seriously and readily apparent, as is his modesty.

    10. Satish, beautifully written and important article. "In order to get a better understanding of our current situation, it helps to listen to what an outsider has to say. This letter is just one of the many resources indigenous peoples all over the world have given us over the centuries"

      A Shaman in Siberia or Hermit in the Himalaya's - the readings from nature are best done in nature. Gosh darn cities and cyber space overwhelm us with their artificial energy fields.

      STORY of life. Complexity. Some universes from singularities. Many complex lives yet we start from single cells. A strange technology in quantum waves,,,,maybe it is just mirrored in our ways??

      Long ago Mars lost it's atmosphere. Rivers & oceans & Ice evaporiting into space. Yet for a moment here our lifeform can learn & record what happened. After Earth is gone, your record of the story of our mistakes may remain in electron waves. Strange ways that energy preserves the record of many planets & past civilizations. The lesson contained in every mistake is not entirely lost,,,at least not for awhile. So really all your good work here might someday be read in ways that are more natural. The nature of complexity from simplicity. Wonderful insights LWA. Wonder in the record we leave behind.

    11. Thank you, Mark... artificial energy fields abound... stay safe, my friend.

  7. “Fortunately, some are born with spiritual immune systems that sooner or later give rejection to the illusory worldview grafted upon them from birth through social conditioning. They begin sensing that something is amiss, and start looking for answers. Inner knowledge and anomalous outer experiences show them a side of reality others are oblivious to, and so begins their journey of awakening. Each step of the journey is made by following the heart instead of following the crowd and by choosing knowledge over the veils of ignorance.”

    Henry Bergson (French philosopher)

  8. Thanks to Satish for focusing on that phrase of Mark's. It bears repetition, and it got more of my focus the second time around.

    Being averse to conflict, I'm drawn to the idea of pulling together bloggers' points of view. The planet needs saving, and I'd like to try my hand at it. One fairly straightforward suggestion for all those who share that aim to find ways to be on the same page. Unity through diversity. Mark has been an ally--going far beyond me in many respects--at looking how to protect the land in a practical manner. Every community where people live must be assessed in some way or other. Getting the lay of the land where you live is a keen way to start. It could start with your neighbor's trees, and the critters that suffer when they are cut down. But what's going on with the neighbor on the far side of that neighbor? What's the lay of the land on your block? It goes on from there. Apparently, though, a fairly optimal size for your core community is around 150 souls, with the addition of non humans.

    The Papua wise man eschews pets, but our departed friend Shep loved them. We can't agree on everything, so let's see where we can agree. We must protect the trees, the topsoil, the water. But it goes far beyond that too. There must be planning on the ground. The planet is one seamless sphere, and all the jurisdictions in the world, large or tiny, need to stitch together to deal with that seamless continuity. But it's important to start where you live. The ground. The land. Not abstract ideas.

    At times like this I feel lost. Maybe I'm totally wrong about everything. I'll take a break from posting till I get somewhere (if I ever do) with some writing that is overdue. Everyone here has my email contact except Nem. This contact can be shared with anyone who asks. I'm not forgetting OGF either.

    1. You're right Artleads. But if one wants to affect change, and has decided that's something they'd like to apply their energy toward, then there are actually multiple aspects and ways one can choose to involve themselves. I'm not sure exactly what you were alluding to by 'abstract ideas', but due to the lay of the land where I live ... the heart of capitalist oil production country ... there is never going be any change for the land or to the physical environment until the 'abstract' thought processes of the people here is altered. That's where I've chosen to apply my energies; to studying what might be going haywire in the psychology of the people who live around me, and to studying and applying ways to try and alter their psychology.

      Where I live, there is no changing the physical structure of things before changing the mental functioning of the people who willingly perpetuate the current arrangements. So, that's where I choose to apply my energies, even if that takes my work into the realm of the seemingly abstract.

      Getting the lay of the land where you live is a keen way to start. It could start with your neighbor's trees, and the critters that suffer when they are cut down. But what's going on with the neighbor on the far side of that neighbor?

      Here ... on the other side of that neighbor ... is another mono-culture carbon copy of that very same neighbor. Someone who sees environmentalists as a threat to their livelihood, and to their immediate well being. There is no middle ground in my locale allowing someone to subtly steer things. This is where the deepest denialists and outright haters of environmentalism live.

      Many of them know full well what destruction they're participating in ... and have chosen indifference. They actively oppose even the subtlest attempts to right things, even when it doesn't even directly affect their job or well being. They oppose the very idea of environmentalism itself ... on principle alone ... and actively oppose it when they see it trying to take hold.

      What's the lay of the land on your block?

      People come here for jobs in the oil patch, or the jobs that service the oil patch. It's 'an economy.'. There is no grey area here ... or any educating people as to different ways of viewing land usage. They like how things are. That's why I've settled here ... to bring my skill set to bear on the problem as it presents here. There is no subtle 'steering' to be done here ... these people stand for their cause with conviction and even outright violence. You're not going to see them changing their view of nature as a commodity until you first change their abstract thought processes.

      But it's important to start where you live. The ground. The land. Not abstract ideas.

      Cheers if you are able to get on with that where you live. But here, you would get nowhere. You would be stopped and even run out of the community for even asserting your beliefs. So here, it begins with abstract ideas ... people's thoughts and belief systems, and why they come to have those beliefs and thoughts, and how to alter those beliefs and thoughts (which I have found to be possible.) But yes, it's all very abstract stuff sometimes, and can seem irrelevant to someone who is tackling the challenge from a more immediate physical angle.

      I know there's a lot of talk that gets thrown around that starts to sound a lot alike. However, my 'abstract' spiritual awakening was really an awakening to the past ... and not to any brand new evolutionary break through. And I haven't chosen indifference as a path. I, like you, am playing the game of trying to alter our course here on earth. Even with all things being equal, that's just the way I've chosen to play this out. I can remain unattached to outcomes without it necessarily leading to a philosophy of indifference.

      I hope you haven't misconstrued my philosophies as recommendations for indifference.

    2. LWA,

      "But here, you would get nowhere. You would be stopped and even run out of the community for even asserting your beliefs."

      There's the colorful saying in these parts that my village is proof that cowboys fuck hippies. There's a considerable polarity between liberals and rednecks. There's also a strong contingent of small-business types, as well as libertarians. Maybe sensing that I'm dangerous to the development plans of her friend, one viscous crazy asked me if I was a member of the landowners association. (I am.) Given what I look like in this anglo town, that sounded like a suggestion that I didn't belong here. There are the heavily testosteroned men with guns here too. I'd say those lean toward the cowboy side--"We must be free to do with our properties as we choose. We're not into any touchy feely tender feelings for the natural landscape."

      In this respect, your situation and mine aren't all that different. No one here has the experience with treasuring and advocating for the land that I do. The land preservation folks can get immense support for saving a valued state landmark, but they are clueless about anything beyond that. They read all the technical planning drivel, and suggest changing a measurement here and there. Set the mining site back 1000' instead of 200'. Minor crap. Not questioning the need for the mine in the first place. They're good at the left-brain mechanical picky stuff, but are visionless.

      I'm not talking about you or anyone in particular when I mention abstract ideas. I applaud what you're doing. I imagine it fits together with what I'm trying. You're following your calling. I'm trying to say what exactly is MY calling. It's just that, right now, I'm super focused on what I ALONE have to do to ignite a moribund county where there is no meaningful planning. No one asked me to do this, and what it means to the planet I cannot say. It's a calling, and I feel it's what I must do to justify the immense gifts life has bestowed on me. And, as you say, there can be no expectations as to outcomes.

    3. LWA,

      I tried starting on one writing project tonight. There's no structure to it, and I have no idea what I'm doing. But a few very kind friends have encouraged me, have tried to collaborate, etc., and I feel obliged to make something of all the time they've contributed to me. So I want to muddle along somehow. If I could go back and weed out the junk, the hundreds of blog posts I've made in the two blogs I post in, the subject matter would fit into the current writing project. It's all dealing with the artistic lens I see everything through.

      To the point, though, I'm writing tonight, and think about the scenic highway I live along and that the world thinks it's the thing to do to suburbanize. Then I think of your accountant who wrecked the place meaning to do good. He was fed a bill of goods, and was well intentioned. He had no developed sense of intuition that would have made him question what he was doing. I call it aesthetic intuition. You look at something and the entire evolutionary history which formed you screams out that something is wrong. In my case, it took very intense art training to crystalize that aesthetic intuition, hitherto rather vague. I lucked out, too, by growing up in the third world countryside, which had not lost the visual sobriety of the rural colonial heritage.

      I'm rambling, for what I mean to say concerns your accountant. The scenic route I live along has been vastly desecrated by new development that is entirely suburban, and no longer rural. So I'm thinking of a community to the south of me. There's a quiet, rural aspect to the buildings. They are small and tan (no, not the girl from ipanima!) and slightly disheveled. But it took me a long time to see that it had this old fashioned charm somewhat preserved. Why couldn't I see it before? It was because of the school that some people like your accountant approved and built. A concrete, blocky monster of hardness and sharp corners. Monstrous flagpole, flag flapping loudly in the wind. Acres of hard infastructure--parking lots, driveways, curbs, playing fields--where once was rural softness.

      The school was built under the aegis of a "modern" story that believed the new was better than the old, the urban was better than the rural. That school imposed its values on the entire little community, and prevented me from seeing its hidden heritage. I'm sure the old timers have different stories, but the newbies and the money people weren't asking them. You are struggling with how and where the new story began. I wish you were nearby and could help me figure such things out as well.

      This is a blog of extremely dear and special people.

    4. I can totally see that you've found your calling and intuited a role for yourself to play Artleads. I've actually always seen that in you. Me likey.

      That's all I was trying to say ... that there are quite a few roles that are here to be played as we move forward 'outside' of the direction of the mainstream. Some quite unique roles even.

      I also understand that sense of having a personal mission, one that has some portions of it that require going it alone, even if that seems daunting.

      That's what this time needs, is torchbearers.

      I hope you don't completely disappear from writing here, although please take the time you need to pursue your work without distraction.

      Hey, and I do have your email address, and you also have mine.

      Much love to you Artleads. You're a good one. :)

      Even though I hate this Latin phrase, between you and I, we could consider it an inside joke. From one brother to another ... from another mother and who the fuck knows what father ...

      Illegitimi non carborundum !

      I think that's where it came from Artleads, personally ... because out of bad comes good. The art for both of us was maybe just a bonus I think.


    5. Artleads, I just came across this rather old article by Michael Pollan -

      It's interesting to read about the relationship between the typical suburbanite in America and the land they build their home on. And how this relationship evolved over time. And who were the architects of this change. A bit long, but a very well-researched article. Maybe you already saw it.

    6. LWA,

      Please send me an email message. I have an insane pile of stuff in chaotic email files (since email is all I work with), and can't recall your address.

      My mantra is this: Land Use determines the state of the environment. It's a hypothesis that remains untested. What if where you live wasn't as determined by a human story so much as a story of land use? When was the first fatal land use decision made? What if whatever is done to the land is sacred, is what we follow? Is land use our god?

      I've long heard it said that Greece is where things started to go wrong. Since I'm short on reading and academics, I can't offer much (anything, really) by way of Greek history. But I remember leafing through a large book on historical human settlement on the land. Just looking at the pictures--and I'll relay the name of the book later--I sense that the non or pre Greek settlements were somehow ruled by gravity, and couldn't conceive of being separate from the land. But the images of ancient Greek architecture aren't drawn down and cushioned by the earth. They are clearly on top and separate. The art historians in my student days would always couple the term "we" when referring to the Greeks. This is where "we" began. This is where true civilization started. They actually did perceive of this separation, this emergence from the earth, and saw it as a new, freeing, humanistic leap of our kind. From there on (although they didn't quite put it in those terms) the whole universe had to be converted and "civilized."

      The founder of my art school was a great German artist of Bauhaus fame. His philosophical orientation was away from the Greeks and toward the precolumbian, where the heads, and arms and dicks don't break off of sculptures. The latter are "supported," while the former are not. His philosophical orientation, which involves much more than sculpture, is largely where I'm coming from...although I may be more into a Dada, nihilist, post modern thing (if I only could interpret what that means).

      Dear Satish,

      Thanks very much for "reading" my efforts so closely. I didn't see the Pollan article before, but am eager to read it. Will do so ASAP. It sounds very very much to the point.

    7. The book to which I referred above is:


      Shaping the Environment from Prehistory to the Present Day

      By Geoffrey and Susan Jellicoe

  9. Thank you for another great article, Satish. And again, population. I won't go into the "technical", scientific details for now. But let me say, that to say "there are too many two-legged monkeys" is just not enough. Also, to say "technology, money, civilization, procreation is bad" is maybe not enough. The people need POSITIVE ALTERNATIVES. Yeah, we know the negative things quite well, don't we? I faced negativity almost all my life, at first unwillingly, then willingly as a sort of meditation, confrontation with reality. I meditated death from earliest childhood on. And that was some great help on my way to freedom and transformation. And I gained a lot of freedom and transformation. To me, that's almost like a miracle: How can death teach freedom and how to live? No doubt, it did.

    So, what is the POSITIVE, ALTERNATIVE message we can hold up for the people? Well, we can truly say without any exageration:

    If you turn around, if you let go of most material things, if truly confront yourself with FINITY, DEATH, letting go ect, then you will find IN- FINITY, Eternity, full peace, full freedom, full creativity, full meditation, ONENESS WITHIN and ONENESS WITH THE KOSMOS.

    Is that the way, to express the message in a positive way? Maybe it is. Modern man lost connection to Eternity, to real freedom, therefore he is afraid of letting go, afraid of death, afraid of freedom, afraid, afraid, afraid and therefore he clings to material things like hell. Modern man does not understand yet, that the travel has to go on far further than to other planets, leaving Mother Earth. The travel has to go on WITHIN. Modern man has to learn how to travel the Kosmos with all its miraculous vastness within. Then he will lose fear and start letting go of too much material shit, greed, ignorance, captivity. Man, every man, got the right for Eternity, as this is his true nature.

    Hey, I love everyone of you wanderers, pilgrims at kuku. Life is a pilgrimage, isn't it? Mark Austin, the poetic sailor, brother, I have been with you on your boat all the time with my heart and my soul for sure :-) I am still with you and all the other pilgrims. I feel some deep connection to you and that connection is all the time, anywhere :-) Sometimes, silence can tell more than a million words, isn't it so? Hahaha, yes, it is so. So, let me shut up for now and maybe welcome another good companion in our struggle for sanity, freedom, compassion, justice (he is much better with words, than I am):

    Touching infinity in the present moment (sorry, the sound is broken until ~ 5:10min., so better start there!):

    .. btw, I don't agree with him about sexuality being egotism, but that's a different story.

    1. Please don't get me wrong. I don't want to spread hopism and shit. The destruction of Mother Earth is real, suffering is real, flesh and bones is real, death is real. There is no reason, to put on any rose-colored glasses. But man needs a vision beyond death and destruction, otherwise, he will give a shit about anything, ending up at total nihilism, that's exactly, where modern man is right now. If we just tell him, that he will be doomed, then he will answer "Ah, well, that's what I thought anyway, so I can give a fuck then, if I am doomed anyway".

      Modern man will learn it and he may learn it the hard way. Well then, the Kosmos, Mother Earth is no kindergarden, she got claws and teeth and she knows, how to rock and how to roll 8-)

    2. "There is no reason, to put on any rose-colored glasses. But man needs a vision beyond death and destruction, otherwise, he will give a shit about anything, ending up at total nihilism, that's exactly, where modern man is right now."

      Love it Nem. Right on the money.

      It's a tightrope. Yes, there is a very real problem. But ... careful though ... balance, balance. Do we stay steady on that tightrope ... or do we fall off and plunge into total negativity, thus projecting that negativity out into the world around us thereby just contributing to the problem.

      It's a difficult dance, for sure. Like a waltz in 5/4. With drunk monkeys on the drums.

      Great words Nem, 'specially that last bit.

    3. Heyho bro, let me add some further thoughts I wrote down before you talked about Balance right now. Yeah, we share the same thoughts, dude:

      Death and destruction are part of it, but never the final end. The Fire eats up things, matter, time, forms, but the Fire is none of these things. The Fire is no "thing" at all, it is the source of all things and beings. This Fire burns within every thing and every being all the time eternally. It is within your flesh and blood, within your bones and feelings and thoughts, the Fire, consumimg all the time, consuming space, consuming time, consuming air, consumimg emotions and thoughts and visions, past, present and future, the Fire, within yourself.

      Whoever realizes that Fire within, realizes eternal extasy, eternal SATISFACTION. There, all wanting gets fulfilled through not-wanting anymore, coming home finally, no more searching for anything, just home, here and now within eternity. There, no clinging to power, money and material things arise anymore, just satisfaction arises. Where there is full satisfaction, there no hunting after things arises, right? If you own the Kosmos, if you ARE the Kosmos, then you don’t hunt for colored paper called "money", you don’t hunt for funny things anymore, if you got One with the entire Kosmos, hahaha, no, you don’t hunt for funny things anymore then. This is how you can identify a truely free person, when he doesn’t strive for material shit anymore, when he truely lives within eternity here and now, as if he owns the entire Kosmos, a king, a cosmic king.

      Well, that’t's my alternative, positive message to modern man, facing possible extinction.

      But there is a flipside to the positive message as well:

      That Fire within will not die, when the body will be burned finally, the Fire goes on. Eternally. That realization can be true Heaven and it can be true Hell. It be can be truely shocking, to realize Eternity within, it can haunt you like an eternal mightmare, as you will realize, this is true Eternity, but never any resting place within time and space- the Fire within burns it all down. After all, it’s all about Balance.

      Well, if modern man does not learn these things, he will suffer a great deal after death and destruction, as all that shit will go on, as there is no resting place in time and space, nowhere. The only resting place is the Fire itself, within.

    4. I see fire !


    5. The Fire

      White home, rock-a-bye.
      A dray cart rumbled by
      Into the night. God kens,
      the lonesome hut shut,
      the orchard shuddered,
      sleepless after rain.

      A lad eyed the night field:
      between them an unhurried
      intense unfinished story
      flew on in silent glory,

      then ceased. The vale entire
      is ash. The firmament's on fire.
      The lad thought: Life's damnation!
      Why isn't there salvation?
      As if expecting a reply,
      the earth looked up to the sky.

      - R. M. Rilke

    6. Hey Nemesis, I know the stuff I write is such downer stuff. And I don't always offer hope. I do have hope. My hope is we will revisit our past, long ago before the great forgetting, long before we deviated from harmony and balance, and meet our ancestors and learn from them. They knew what they were doing. Maybe it's time to write a post on Native thought and worldviews. You're right... in the effort to expose the current set-up, lay out the extent of the current problem, it's easy to overlook the ways we have thrived in the past and how we can re-acquaint ourselves with our ancient wisdom. Maybe that's the miracle we are all waiting for. Physical reality has been known to transform when our stories are in the right place. Thanks for pointing that out.

    7. Yes, to write about Native thought and worldviews is a very good idea! As you point out perfectly: " Physical reality has been known to transform when our stories are in the right place."

      And again: I am not about hopism for sure. I do see all the shit going on worldwide and right around me. Sometimes I get so frustrated and angry that I could run amoc! The insects and birds are GONE, just GONE in my neighborhood and I hear about mass die-offs (fish, birds ect) from all around the world increasingly, more and ever more die-offs. The changes are so disturbing, trees dying, insects dying, birds dying and the sheeples feel just pretty good, as long as their cars are alright and their lawns look good. Man, sometimes I just wish, Mother Nature would KILL these ignorants immediately! No, that does not sound positively, I know. I tell you a secret: I don't have much hope for the sheeples in the rich countries, they will go on until the final catastrophe, they just ignore all the signs. I do only have hope for a small minority in the rich countries. The very most responsibility is in the rich countries for sure. But anyway, whoever shows love and compassion for Mother Nature will never be lost, THAT is my hope, even more than hope, I know, that live and compassion will always win.

      Please, tell me, do you see the same shocking changes around you? Insects and birds gone in your neighborhood?

    8. Correction:

      " I know, that live and compassion will always win." should be " I know, that LOVE and compassion will always win.

    9. I still hear bird song and see the geckos and raccoons. But I know that a lot of wildlife has been killed in the fires that have ravaged this area over the last couple of years. Hundreds of square miles destroyed. Charred.

    10. Ok, thanks for the information. It seems, you live in a more natural environment than I do. I live in a city with ~ 200 000 citizens. And what I see is just shocking. I am 51 now, so I got a quite long timespan, to compare what I see to earlier times. Just shocking. And we get more and more drought. Right now in september we got only 22% of normal rain so far. The last 3 winters completely failed and I think, the next one will be no better. But have get more and more and more cars and the cars get bigger and bigger in our city. So, good news for the criminal car industry, who deceived the public about emissions for many years. Seems like some economic law: Good news for economy is bad news for Mother Earth.

    11. Good news for economy is bad news for Mother Earth.

      Good one Nem. I watched a little David Suzuki clip where he was pointing out how economics has passed itself off in Universities as being a science, and reminds us it is not a science. He mentioned how to economics, many natural things like the atmosphere and mountains and waterways, are literally called 'externalities.' It's that white European separation from nature thing showing it's ugly head again.

      Sorry to hear about the wildlife situation where you live Nem, that sounds pretty bad. I live in a city of a million people, about 1/3 of the way in from the edge of it (quite a ways in.) We still have many types of birds here. Right in my yard I get chickadees, nuthatches, sparrows, cedar waxwing, bluejays, crows, hawks, falcons, robins (a family of seven this year, that's five children), downy woodpeckers, flickers. Those are some of the types I see regularly, like daily for some of those. I wouldn't know what the statistical decline is for these critters, but lucky for me they are still around where I live.

      Insects still exist here too, thankfully. I won't list them all, but there are still lots here where in my area. My city stopped using pesticides and herbicides quite a few years ago on public lands, and many of these are also banned for sale to consumers, so I wonder if that helped somewhat. Here, they no longer sell fertilizer to consumers with herbicide in it (weed killers or "weed 'n feed" types), for instance, of any kind. Those are banned now here. The mosquito's were the only thing I noticed a reduction of this year ... although a few finally came along in mid August, but their numbers were noticeably less this year.

      We still have bee's here, thankfully. I allow a big patch of clover to grow wild and spread for them in my yard, screw what the neighbors think. At any given moment during the day this summer you could always count ten to twenty bees collecting pollen from the clover patch continuously ... a few fly away, and a few more fly in, like a cycle. I don't care if that patch of clover takes over the whole yard ... that's why I leave it spread is for the bees.

      I guess it's different from location to location. I even get deer strolling through our back walkway sometimes, and the odd coyote ... my city left green corridors that all connect together throughout the city, which is why the deer and coyote sometimes find their way through. Often, they have wandered up from the river valley a few miles from my house and then work their way back again.

      So that's a report from my area Nem. Remember, I do a lot of shamanic work out of my house, consciously putting out good energy and merging with the nature spirits here. I wonder if that has something to do with it? Critters seem to like my yard, because I call the nature fairies to come here, create a space for them they will like, and try and make them feel welcome here ... i do this consciously and regularly.

      Again, statistically, I wouldn't know the rates of decline, or if there even is a decline in my area. No clue at all about that, sorry.

    12. LWA, sounds like you live in paradise, all these animals, wonderful. In a city of a million people, what a surprise! Thank you for that description of your city!

      Yes, it's mainly corrupted economy, that brought us into the mess we are in. Blind economic and scientific materialism. Scientific and economic materialism are causing one another. Indigenous people are no materialists, they did not lose connection to Eternity. Appreciate your shamanic work!


    13. Well, I wouldn't call it a paradise ... but at least we still have some critters around. I actually checked after I posted, and with the influx of people to service our recent economic boom cycle (which is over again already) we went from 1,000,000 in 2011 to 1,600,000 in 2016. That wasn't from babies either, that was simply people moving here for the momentary and short lived economic boom.

      Anyway, while it's great we have many progressive environmentally positive programs going on, it's sort of sad to realize that these were only implemented as a way to offset criticism of the oilsands mining that goes on here. It's something to point at when people complain about the oilsands, it let's them say we are one of the most environmentally progressive places around. However, it never would have ever happened were it not for the damage the oilsands is creating, and it also is a way of just pushing the sacrifices onto the little people while letting the major problem makers continue on without consequences.

      Again ... no oilsands, and these progressive policies never would of happened. People here oppose these policies for the most part. They are purely a top down global public relations move, and not a result of people 'caring.' People hate environmentalists around these parts, passionately.

      So, it's empire as usual here, capitalism is the way around these parts as much as anywhere. Money, growth, and 'progress' still rules the day around here, absolutley. And in fact, on the personal and individual level, this city is a concentration of very entitled people who use money as a definer of status almost exclusively, and who wouldn't have ever asked for or wanted these environmental changes. They had to have them pushed on them from the top, and all that was really only just to offset the bad public image of our area because of it being a major fossil fuel extractor (well, the headquarters of it, the actual mine is far, far, far away in the wilderness way up north.

      But yes, we have critters here still. Don't forget too, Canada is a new frontier compared to old Europe. We still have vast amounts of wilderness here. That helps to maintain a critter population somewhat as well, I'm sure. We haven't been at this as long as Europe has.

      So ya ... critters, yes ... but paradise ... not so much, lol. Picture Texas, with critters. I like the critters part. But the northern Texan types and mentality, not so much. Like I say, people here never would have asked for the environmental policies we have here locally. And interestingly, having them pushed on them to try and create a nice public image for our area has made people resent environmentalism all the more. That's a win win for the oil industry players in the end. Such clever little monkeys they are, lol.

      Peace Nem. :)

    14. " no oilsands, and these progressive policies never would of happened. People here oppose these policies for the most part. They are purely a top down global public relations move, and not a result of people 'caring.' People hate environmentalists around these parts, passionately."

      I see^^

      " Money, growth, and 'progress' still rules the day around here, absolutley"

      Aaah, well, these folks, they live in absolute POVERTY from my point of view, gnahaha :-D

      Man, maybe Mother Earth just needs to kick more asses in the rich countries, just to wake these folks UP. She will, dead seriously 3:-)


    15. It's bizarre to watch how for every inch in popularity gained towards raising environmental awareness, these people dig in a regress farther and farther back into their trench. They make arguments online regularly when people from elsewhere in the country post any sort of environmental article (of any sort) such as 'but duh, what about our economy stupid, let's get people back to work already, that's what's important here you dummies." And it's like they truly believe people are going to be moved by that sort of talk. It's definitely a mindset alright.

      Here's a response to one of these people, I liked it so much I saved it.

      "I can’t believe so many of my fellow Canadians have become money grubbers to the extent that they believe any proposals to combat climate change are…just after their money. How miserable life must be, if money worship and a generalized paranoia is all that’s left. 98% of our planets scientists tell us climate change is a reality, and that left unchecked it will likely mean the end of much life on earth by 2100…and the bulk of the responses are sneering, denying, or worrying about tax grabs??"

      You don't seem to be able to fight stupid once it's firmly set in.

    16. If I felt like doing some algebra right now I could probably work out a formula to show how stupidity rises exponentially as a function of wealth.

      Some thing like S F: S = W(W + W^2)^8

      The old exponential curve, and not the sexy kind.

  10. How about a poetry break ? I wrote this long, long ago.

    Hopsilophodon hops along.
    On three toes he goes; grubbling.
    And the hummina-hummina hums and numbs
    And hums and numbs like summoned drums,
    As Hopsilophodon hops along.
    On three toes he goes; grubbling.
    And the hummina-hummina is all around him.

    Kind of a metaphor for my life I guess in a way.
    A tiny little nocturnal dinosaur who goes about in the dark (grubbles) to avoid being eaten by predators.
    Hummina-hummina is what I say when I encounter really cool stuff ... 'hummina-hummina!'

    To grubble: To feel or grope in the dark.

    I kind of played with the idea that although life was like groping around blindly in the dark, there always seemed to be ‘hummina-hummina’ all around us to find; maybe just out of reach or hard to grasp, but always right there surrounding us as a potential. Like we had to ‘grubble’ for it.

    The hopsilophodon image came from a dinosaur poster on a friend’s wall; a little three foot high guy that ran around in packs looking terrified of all the bigger creatures as it avoided being eaten by them. The poem came together in my mind as I sat there contemplating that poster on my friend’s wall one day. Hummina-hummina was something my friend and I would say to each other when something nifty came our way; and ‘grubble’ was a word I’d come across earlier in the day. It all just clicked together into that short poem and got written down in my little book of rhymes and lyrics.

    Hummina-hummina gubblers !

    (No ... I am not a damn robot !)

    1. I really love that poem and the story of the little three foot high guy, it's so funny in a way and sweet. Christian Morgenstern did some stuff in that style too:

      " Birth of Philosophy

      The heath sheep glares at me with frightened awe
      as though I were the first of men it saw.
      Contagious glare! We stand as though asleep;
      it seems the first time that I see a sheep."

      Christian Morgenstern

      " Scariboo

      The Winglewangle phlutters
      through widowadowood,
      the crimson Fingoor splutters
      and scary screaks the Scrood."

      - Christian Morgenstern

      And one more:

      " The Picket Fence

      One time there was a picket fence
      with space to gaze from hence to thence.

      An architect who saw this sight
      approached it suddenly one night,

      removed the spaces from the fence,
      and built of them a residence.

      The picket fence stood there dumbfounded
      with pickets wholly unsurrounded,

      a view so loathsome and obscene,
      the Senate had to intervene.

      The architect, however, flew
      to Afri- or Americoo."

      Christian Morgenstern

      Hummina-hummina, love that term! :-D

  11. "The travel has to go on WITHIN. Modern man has to learn how to travel the Kosmos with all its miraculous vastness within" love it Nemesis...worlds & worlds with-in everything. Nemesis another yourself, just for silly fun let's make our next voyage on a beach blanket across space-time. Looking forward to the next article from Satish. Ancient wisdom for future readings. Balance, a STORY that sparks the great transition. it is happening, of all the co-existing probabilities - why not the Hopi Blue Star or Dogon tribe legends?? Full circle yet also staying true to this current stage of rampant destruction. The blue flame of transformation burning away hundreds of nuclear reactors. What we built - and have not yet changed, is part of a greater story. The TRUTH, it's technically not over yet. Just the right wave of change might sweep over everyone. Not likely, but still it can be done. One by one.

    1. Sir Mark Austin, yes, "just for silly fun let's make our next voyage on a beach blanket across space-time". You nail it down once and for all:

      " The TRUTH, it's technically not over yet. Just the right wave of change might sweep over everyone. Not likely, but still it can be done. One by one."

      TRUTH can never be over, as the real TRUTH is eternal. Let me re- member some encouraging words from Sri Aurobindo, who is surely with us (among many other Great Spirits):

      " "Fate is a balance drawn in Destiny's book.
      Man can accept his fate, or he can refuse.
      For doom is not a close, a mystic seal
      The spirit rises mightier than defeat
      Its splendid failures summed to victory."...

      Find out thy soul, recover thy hid self...

      A woman sat in a pale lustrous robe.
      A rugged and ragged soil was her seat,
      Beneath her feet a sharp and wounding stone...

      To share the suffering of the world I came
      I draw my children's pangs into my breast.
      I am in all that suffers and that cries
      I am the spirit in a world of pain...

      All beautiful grew, subtle and high and strange.
      Here on a boulder carved like a huge throne
      A woman sat in gold and purple sheen,
      Armed with the trident and the thunderbolt,
      Her feet upon a couchant lion's back...

      I stand upon earth's paths of danger and grief
      And help the unfortunate and save the doomed.
      To the strong I bring the guerdon of their strength
      To the weak I bring the armour of my force.
      I smite the Titan who best rides the world
      And slay the ogre in his blood-stained den.
      I am Durga, goddess of the proud and strong,
      And Lakshmi, queen of all the fair and fortunate;
      I wear the face of Kali when I kill
      I am charged by God to do his mighty work
      His seal is on my task, it cannot fail.
      Madonna of might
      Because thou art in him, man hopes and dares;
      Because thou art, men's souls can climb the heavens
      And walk like Gods in the presence of the Supreme.
      Without wisdom power is like a wind,
      It can breathe upon the heights and kiss the sky,
      It cannot build the extreme eternal things
      Thou hast given men strength,
      Wisdom thou couldst not give...

      A woman sat in clear and crystal light:
      Heaven had unveiled its lustre in her eyes,
      Her feet were moonbeams, her face was a bright sun...

      O Savitri, I am thy secret soul,
      I have come down to the wounded desolate earth
      To heal her pangs and lull her heart to rest
      And lay her head upon her Mother's lap.
      I am peace that steals into man's war-worn breast...
      I am charity with the kindly hands that bless;
      I am silence mid the noisy tramp of life;
      I am knowledge poring on her cosmic map.
      I make even sin and error stepping stones
      And all experience a long march towards light...

      Because thou art, the soul draws near to God;
      Because thou art, love grows in spite of hate
      And knowledge walks unslain in the pit of Night...

      A mighty transformation came on her
      A halo of the indwelling Deity,
      The Immortal's lustre that had lit her face
      And tented its radiance in her body's house,
      Overflowing made the air a luminous sea...

      The frontiers of the Ignorance shall recede,
      More and more souls shall enter into light....
      Nature, shall live to manifest secret God,
      The Spirit shall take up the human play,
      This earthly life become the life divine..."

      Sri Aurobindo, Savriti

    2. Correction: "Savriti" should be "Savitri".

    3. Nemesis ~ Sri Aurobindo knew *exactly* what he was talking about.

      O Savitri, I am thy secret soul,
      I have come down to the wounded desolate earth
      To heal her pangs and lull her heart to rest
      And lay her head upon her Mother's lap.
      I am peace that steals into man's war-worn breast...
      I am charity with the kindly hands that bless;
      I am silence mid the noisy tramp of life;
      I am knowledge poring on her cosmic map.
      I make even sin and error stepping stones
      And all experience a long march towards light...

      Because thou art, the soul draws near to God;
      Because thou art, love grows in spite of hate
      And knowledge walks unslain in the pit of Night...

      A mighty transformation came on her
      A halo of the indwelling Deity,
      The Immortal's lustre that had lit her face
      And tented its radiance in her body's house,
      Overflowing made the air a luminous sea...


      I mostly love what Mark said above. but one correction.

      "Not likely, but still it can be done."

      it is 100% certain, and it is already done.

    4. Yes, Aurobindo knows what he talking about 100%.

      "... and it is already done."

      Mh, what do you mean by that? Most people around me are still in deep sleep yet...

    5. time streams, Nem. this particular time stream has grown to become a mighty river. there is only one destination for this river ~ the sea. it doesn't matter if billions are asleep, or if crazy countries try to nuke the river, or if anyone tries to dam it, divert it, or change it.

      the sheer size of it now guarantees one completely certain outcome. river meets sea.

      that outcome and path may vary in many details as the river flows, but its ultimate destination is as fixed as tomorrow's sunrise.

    6. Nem ~

      I have no doubt, for precisely the opposite reason many have such certainly. many have perfect faith in the Laws of Nature. I do not. not only do I disbelieve what many accept as absolutely fixed Law, I know with just as fixed a certainty that the entire structure of what appears here as Reality can be effortlessly changed, on absolutely any scale, at any time.

      there is only one True guiding principle, as I mentioned previously, that is Real. this is Love. this is the same Love that creates and sustains all that exists, every moment. this Love only operates unders one True and Certain principle:

      IT does what pleases IT.

      that is end of OUR story of the "Laws of Nature" ~ and the beginning of another story that simply says "I will allow those Laws to flow just as long as I wish. And when wish to flow something else, anything else, differently, I will."

      here is an extended bit from ACIM that gets to the Heart of this in another way. take it as you wish. :)

      part 1

      A Course in Miracles
      Workbook Lesson 151

      All things are echoes of the Voice for God.

      No one can judge on partial evidence. That is not judgment. It is merely an opinion based on ignorance and doubt. Its seeming certainty is but a cloak for the uncertainty it would conceal. It needs irrational defense because it is irrational. And its defense seems strong, convincing, and without a doubt because of all the doubting underneath.

      You do not seem to doubt the world you see. You do not really question what is shown you through the body's eyes. Nor do you ask why you believe it, even though you learned a long while since your senses do deceive. That you believe them to the last detail which they report is even stranger, when you pause to recollect how frequently they have been faulty witnesses indeed! Why would you trust them so implicitly? Why but because of underlying doubt, which you would hide with show of certainty?
      How can you judge? Your judgment rests upon the witness that your senses offer you. Yet witness never falser was than this. But how else do you judge the world you see? You place pathetic faith in what your eyes and ears report. You think your fingers touch reality, and close upon the truth. This is awareness that you understand, and think more real than what is witnessed to by the eternal Voice for God Himself.

    7. part 2

      Can this be judgment? You have often been urged to refrain from judging, not because it is a right to be withheld from you. You cannot judge. You merely can believe the ego's judgments, all of which are false. It guides your senses carefully, to prove how weak you are; how helpless and afraid, how apprehensive of just punishment, how black with sin, how wretched in your guilt.

      This thing it speaks of, and would yet defend, it tells you is yourself. And you believe that this is so with stubborn certainty. Yet underneath remains the hidden doubt that what it shows you as reality with such conviction it does not believe. It is itself alone that it condemns. It is within itself it sees the guilt. It is its own despair it sees in you.

      Hear not its voice. The witnesses it sends to prove to you its evil is your own are false, and speak with certainty of what they do not know. Your faith in them is blind because you would not share the doubts their lord can not completely vanquish. You believe to doubt his vassals is to doubt yourself.

      Yet you must learn to doubt their evidence will clear the way to recognize yourself, and let the Voice for God alone be Judge of what is worthy of your own belief. He will not tell you that your brother should be judged by what your eyes behold in him, nor what his body's mouth says to your ears, nor what your fingers' touch reports of him. He passes by such idle witnesses, which merely bear false witness to God's Son. He recognizes only what God loves, and in the holy light of what He sees do all the ego's dreams of what you are vanish before the splendor He beholds.

      Let Him be Judge of what you are, for He has certainty in which there is no doubt, because it rests on Certainty so great that doubt is meaningless before Its face. Christ cannot doubt Himself. The Voice for God can only honor Him, rejoicing in His perfect, everlasting sinlessness. Whom He has judged can only laugh at guilt, unwilling now to play with toys of sin; unheeding of the body's witnesses before the rapture of Christ's holy face.

    8. part 3

      And thus He judges you. Accept His Word for what you are, for He bears witness to your beautiful creation, and the Mind Whose Thought created your reality. What can the body mean to Him Who knows the glory of the Father and the Son? What whispers of the ego can He hear? What could convince Him that your sins are real? Let Him be Judge as well of everything that seems to happen to you in this world. His lessons will enable you to bridge the gap between illusions and the truth.

      He will remove all faith that you have placed in pain, disaster, suffering and loss. He gives you vision which can look beyond these grim appearances, and can behold the gentle face of Christ in all of them. You will no longer doubt that only good can come to you who are beloved of God, for He will judge all happenings, and teach the single lesson that they all contain.

      He will select the elements in them which represent the truth, and disregard those aspects which reflect but idle dreams. And He will reinterpret all you see, and all occurrences, each circumstance, and every happening that seems to touch on you in any way from His one frame of reference, wholly unified and sure. And you will see the love beyond the hate, the constancy in change, the pure in sin, and only Heaven's blessing on the world.

      Such is your resurrection, for your life is not a part of anything you see. It stands beyond the body and the world, past every witness for unholiness, within the Holy, holy as Itself. In everyone and everything His Voice would speak to you of nothing but your Self and your Creator, Who is One with Him. So will you see the holy face of Christ in everything, and hear in everything no sound except the echo of God's Voice.

      We practice wordlessly today, except at the beginning of the time we spend with God. We introduce these times with but a single, slow repeating of the thought with which the day begins. And then we watch our thoughts, appealing silently to Him Who sees the elements of truth in them. Let Him evaluate each thought that comes to mind, remove the elements of dreams, and give them back again as clean ideas that do not contradict the Will of God.

    9. part 4

      Give Him your thoughts, and He will give them back as miracles which joyously proclaim the wholeness and the happiness God wills His Son, as proof of His eternal Love. And as each thought is thus transformed, it takes on healing power from the Mind which saw the truth in it, and failed to be deceived by what was falsely added. All the threads of fantasy are gone. And what remains is unified into a perfect Thought that offers its perfection everywhere.

      Spend fifteen minutes thus when you awake, and gladly give another fifteen more before you go to sleep. Your ministry begins as all your thoughts are purified. So are you taught to teach the Son of God the holy lesson of his sanctity. No one can fail to listen, when you hear the Voice for God give honor to God's Son. And everyone will share the thoughts with you which He has retranslated in your mind.

      Such is your Eastertide. And so you lay the gift of snow-white lilies on the world, replacing witnesses to sin and death. Through your transfiguration is the world redeemed, and joyfully released from guilt. Now do we lift our resurrected minds in gladness and in gratitude to Him Who has restored our sanity to us.

      And we will hourly remember Him Who is salvation and deliverance. As we give thanks, the world unites with us and happily accepts our holy thoughts, which Heaven has corrected and made pure. Now has our ministry begun at last, to carry round the world the joyous news that truth has no illusions, and the peace of God, through us, belongs to everyone.

    10. Why so many Hims and Hes, why no Hers and Shes?

    11. sorry Nem, She just doesn't give a flipping damn.

    12. Sorry, I don’t know that term, "a flipping damn", I’m not sure, what you are saying... To me, at least, God is a She and a Him and an It, God includes all. Do you agree with that? If so, why is it, that ACIM talks about Him exclusively only?

    13. To me, it’s like the old patriarch christian God is talking, when I read that ACIM quotes of yours...

    14. translation,

      "She just doesn't give a flipping damn" == "the health and wellbeing of your Mother is not dependent on your personal perception of a patriarchal Christian God. it is only dependent on all your actions that are inseparable from your Mother, and all the energy of your existence that you constantly share with all of your Mother's other children."

      Nem, ACIM comes from the Christian tradition, where "God", "the Son of God", "Christ" and so on are talked about in certain ways. I would simply invite you not to be put off by superficial things, and to take a closer look, if you wish.

    15. Nem, just one more thing about ACIM, as it is beyond incumbent on me to treat it with the absolute best that I can summon from myself.

      this is probably the most revolutionary book that exists on Earth right now. sure, it has been a fad, Oprah went all gushy about it, and so on.

      that changes nothing about the Reality of its content. every word, and every concept, if read as intended, and *practiced!* rings a million times true to me. I have never read one thing in it that actually twinged me as false, or practiced one idea that has led me astray.

      I had my own misperceptions about it, coming from my own history, where I was seeing other things that I thought it was saying, that I vehemently disagreed with. that was my own misperception, and had nothing to do with what ACIM was actually saying.

      ACIM talks about the deepest Heart of the Truth. that is not an easy thing to do, and do well. it succeeds perfectly. ACIM is my final touchstone, if I am looking for something ~ some clarification, or inspiration ~ that I cannot find anywhere else. that is where I go. it has never once failed me.

    16. " She just doesn't give a flipping damn" == "the health and wellbeing of your Mother is not dependent on your personal perception of a patriarchal Christian God. it is only dependent on all your actions that are inseparable from your Mother, and all the energy of your existence that you constantly share with all of your Mother's other children."

      That’s for sure. I just said, what I said to say, as I am one child among other children.

      " ACIM is my final touchstone, if I am looking for something ~ some clarification, or inspiration ~ that I cannot find anywhere else. that is where I go. it has never once failed me."

      Ok, I see. So you got your guide, that’s good. I didn’t want to take that away from you, I just said, what I had to say.


    17. the best PDF link ~ the FULL text, very important ~ that I have found.



      Huna, Kabbalah, the Sufi's... all great, and very very useful. ACIM manages to transcend them all.

      in my mind at least, it's the last word on what is truly important.

    18. I'm trying to follow this and am a little confused.

      Mark said: "Just the right wave of change might sweep over everyone. Not likely, but still it can be done. One by one."

      Then Mo said: "it is 100% certain, and it is already done."

      So then Nemesis asked Mo: "Mh, what do you mean by that? Most people around me are still in deep sleep yet..."

      Here's where I get confused. I'm not really getting how the ACIM quotes gave any more clarity to the question Nemesis asked, about how it was that you thought it was 100% certain and was already done as a quite specific response to Marks statement.

      Could you explain what you're seeing in your own words maybe? I'm just not getting how the ACIM stuff even related to Nemesis' question or your initial statement. Is there any way you could put what the ACIM was saying to you into your own words?

      Looking out my window, I certainly don't see the wave of change Mark alluded to as being already done, as you so claimed. And the ACIM quotes you provided didn't really even seem related at all to the initial exchange. Now we're digressing into why the wording in the ACIM is the way it is ... and we're even further from getting any response as to why it is YOU think "it is 100% certain, and it is already done" in a specific response to Marks quite non-metaphorical and easy to follow statement of how "just the right wave of change might sweep over everyone. Not likely, but still it can be done. One by one."

      Help me to understand why you made that claim. This seems like a game of chase your tail now. Nemesis' question was a pretty straight forward question to your pretty specific claim regarding Mark's pretty straight forward comment.

      Can't you just give a straight answer to what Nemesis asked? The way you're answering seems convoluted like you don't want to answer to the claim you threw out, that this change has already been made, in direct response to what Mark initially said. Invite us to search the ACIM for the answer to a claim you made? Why not just explain how you think it is that this change has already been made? I\And indifference to whether or not a change even occurs is not the same as saying the change has already been made, that is what you claimed. It was a claim you made to Marks quite straightforward and understandable statement.

      What's with the run around and diversion into volumes of metaphorical text? It was a really simple question Nemesis asked you, to a really straight forward claim you made. Come on dude, it's like your trying to bullshit us here or something. It was a simple question to what appears to be a rather silly claim you made. Now you seem to be pulling a smoke and mirrors routine, which I find dishonest.

      Why can't you just answer Nemesis' question? I'd like to hear how it is that you think such change has already happened, I really would. You made a claim ... so defend it ... don't refer us to your tomb. That seems like a red herring to me. Put it in your own words how this change has already supposedly been made, here in my city, with all the people I live around? Because I don't see it either.

      Come on dude, I'm calling bullshit on your claim at this point. Get real. You just didn't want to answer the question Nemesis asked you and threw out a big diversion to avoid it. That's what I just saw happen. You've turned it into an ad for the ACIM, and never did answer to the claim you made. I find that dishonest.


    19. "and never did answer to the claim you made."

      actually I did that with my first response. the mighty river. my more specific response is that I have a multisensory and precognitive perception of that river, what it is, and where it goes.

      ACIM helps me to perceive the river.

      "Because I don't see it either."

      we are just repeating (again) a point I made earlier, here.

      again, the mind screams out "But I don't SEE IT!!"

      well, tough shit. you, mind, aren't the one who is going to get us out of the mess you got us into. the rest of our Cosmos-given human intelligence can now move to take over. or not.


      this is the most serious stuff there is. what I'd like to point out is that I was saying earlier that we are not in the necessary vibrational space, collectively, to clearly perceive things like this river, or how technology could actually serve all beings.

      my feeling, very strongly, is that ACIM, and practicing those principles, is a major component of how we can raise our collective vibration. Huna is another. they are practices, with practical benefits, such as learning more about this: "the rest of our Cosmos-given human intelligence."

    20. Well, I think what you preach is indifference. And I found the way you avoided a simple question asked of you about a simple straight forward statement you made by suddenly flying out of the straightforward and off into the mystical realms of your mind ... to just be a manipulative tactic.

      It was a simple question, and you avoided it with a classic shmeeb.

      I didn't find anything to grasp onto in your answer when Satish asked you his question either, you did the same thing there too ... flying off into paragraphs of metaphor to avoid having to give a direct answer to a direct question about a straightforward claim you made.

      It's called baffling them with bullshit, and I'm calling you on it.

      I think you're just indifferent to whether or not any change happens, and that you've made up a story to absolve yourself of having to be responsible.

      If you said you didn't care if any change happens, and think you've found a philosophy that makes you feel ok about that, then at least that would be honest. But to give that answer to Mark that you did, that the change has already happened as if we're all just too stupid to see it or something? What a joke.

      You're just manipulative. That's what I see. And that isn't right. That's what my book says.

    21. my only secret is that I've had the One Taste.

      I know just how much the One loves humans. not just our spirits, but these fleshy, frequently mindless things, running all around and making a mess.

      knowing that is entirely sufficient, but I've been able to perceive many factual (if sometimes miraculous) details that give me solid reassurance of this Love, and what it means.

      what it will mean. the actual unfolding is going to be very complex and unpredictable, and I've seen no guarantees of many details.

      we are Loved. ultimately. that in fact guarantees certain outcomes.

      *I* just don't see a thing changing the course of THAT river! :)

      humans are ecstatically Loved. and endlessly cared for. it is the kind of Love that will move half the Galaxy, if necessary ~ because the One will do all that is necessary to save ITself ~ or Herself or Himself.

    22. "I think you're just indifferent to whether or not any change happens, and that you've made up a story to absolve yourself of having to be responsible."

      heh. not quite.

      "But to give that answer to Mark that you did, that the change has already happened as if we're all just too stupid to see it or something? What a joke."

      many see it. in NDEs, the outcome I am talking about is one of the most commonly perceived future Realities, when the experiencer has a chance to go very far into a transcendental realm. it also probably shows up in just about every revelatory spiritual tradition on this planet. Mark mentioned one or two. there are dozens of others. many with strikingly similar details.

      there seem to be a lot of weird mystical minds out there.

    23. And the end result of that philosophy is indifference. The effect it's created in you is indifference to earthly life.

      I've seen that other world too mo, and you know it. The idea down here isn't to say fuck it, what does this place matter, it's a just speck in the infinite continuum. What a wasted opportunity for game play that is. The idea is to get in here and play, regardless of what happens after you die or ascend or whatever word you use for it. Otherwise, what was the point in even coming in the first place? You may have well just stayed where you were.

      Disregarding this realm as immaterial and insignificant with your head stuck three quarters up in heaven is an error, and wasn't the point of why you were shown what you were shown. That's no different than what any mormon or fundamentalist christian does out of their philosophy, and it's wrong.

      Use your insight and loss of fear to get in there and get your hands dirty like Mark does, like I do. Don't use it to become indifferent about what's going on down here like it doesn't matter. I think you've just deceived yourself and gotten stuck along the way after your insight.

      Forget about the hereafter. This is an opportunity, so why don't you use it. Personally, I think you need to get more grounded.

    24. You know, these miracles you get people like Mark and myself and others to do for you that you want so badly to do yourself, the reason you delve through the ACIM wanting to do those things yourself too ... will come much easier if you get grounded instead of trying to fly so high and off of this world. I'm telling you man, people beg to get a shot at coming into this realm to play this game, even if it's only for a month and then they get miscarried.

      The reason these miracles you so desperately want to do aren't happening for you is actually because you spend all of your time thinking the game is about getting away from here, when it's actually not. It's not about getting out. That happens all on it's own, and all too soon too, so don't worry. You need to ground yourself and start caring about what's happening down here. Use your knowledge and insight to get into the game. It's actually when you ground the energy down here that those miracles turn on full force you know. It's the old paradox again.

      Hell, everybody and their dog is trying to get out of this place and into some heaven or another, and the atheists ... they all want extinction. That's actually a big part of the problem down here right now. That's a mistake. Ground yourself and get in the game. Then you'll see those miracles turn on for you, I promise. But only if you can ground yourself, which actually isn't even quite as easy as you might assume. After all, how are you doing at it? You're up in the clouds trying to get into another dimension with all your might. That's the real folly.

      To know, and yet to choose to stay and play. That's when the real fun starts. Try it, you might just amaze yourself. Pretty soon, you might not even want to leave or see it go extinct. We're all just making up what happens here anyway. If people people weren't all trying to get out of here so hard, it might even turn into a whole different place to be. There's your transformation. But you gotta care about it first before that's gonna happen.

    25. Anoyone who says, that positive transformation has already happened, MUST tell that the children, because they will need that positive news. But please!, don’t tell the children more lies/wishful thinking, as they heard lies all their life and they will have to live with the ugly consequences of more lies, they will have to pay the bill of all Empire lies. Man, I am just glad, that I don’t have children, I’d run amoc, if I’d have children.


  12. WOW!, James Hansen himself on realclimate. org ! It's about climate sensitivity, Gavin Schmidt (3°C) vs James Hansen (7°C - 13°C). This is a truely historical discussion:

    This photo speaks for itself:


    2. Correction:

      It was Snyder (blog post topic), who estimated 7 - 13°C, James Hansen estimates 3 - 4°C climate sensitivity.

    3. And another correction (sorry, James Hansen being on rocked me):

      The discussion is not about climate sensitivity, but earth system sensitivity (never heard about that before), that's when all interacting systemic feedbacks are considered. An interesting article about that topic can be found here:

      " "[Earth system sensitivity] is a useful metric that summarizes a combination of interactive feedbacks in the climate system (including temperature, greenhouse gases, ice sheets, vegetation, and dust)," Snyder said in an email."

      However, the scientific community is sceptical. Yet.

  13. Thought this might interest you Nemesis. Some reflections in here on music and technology. This was a speech given recently at AmericanaFest.

    Music Confounds the Machines

    1. Man, that's just breath-taking, incredibile! T Bone Burnett about ART in such a truely inspiring way:

      " I have come here today first to bring you love. I have come here to express my deep gratitude to you for your love of music and of each other. And, I have come here to talk about the value of the artist, and the value of art...

      Art is not a market to be conquered or to bow before.

      Art is a holy pursuit.


      LWA, you made my day!

    2. Holy shit, T Bone Burnett is surely with me:

      " If string theory is correct, then music is not only the way our brains work, as the neuroscientists have shown, but also, it is what we are made of, what everything is made of. These are the stakes musicians are playing for."

      LWA, you are my witness: This is what I said all the time, gnahaha!

    3. HERE comes true SALVATION:

      " “The Technological Society is a description of the way in which an autonomous technology is in the process of taking over the traditional values of every society without exception, subverting and surpassing those values to produce at last a monolithic world culture in which all technological difference and variety is mere appearance.” This is the core of the dead serious challenge we face.

      The first nuclear weapon was detonated on the morning of July 16, 1945, at 5:29 and 45 seconds.

      At that moment, technocrats took control of our culture.

      Trinity was the code name of that explosion. It was an unholy trinity.

      Technology does only one thing- it tends toward efficiency. It has no aesthetics. It has no ethics. It’s code is binary.

      But everything interesting in life- everything that makes life worth living- happens between the binary. Mercy is not binary. Love is not binary. Music and art are not binary. You and I are not binary."

      Amen. And I mean it.

    4. Music will always rescue me:

      " The Seventh Seal

      Are people being taught different things?
      Or are they taught about the same thing in a different way?
      Therefore the people have a different view and understanding
      Of what reality is all about
      Because it was taught to them in a different way
      For what it really is

      Oh, did ya see dem, chanting for them soul Jah
      Some a dem man come, fight a dutty one obeah

      They want to control with violency
      In them battle for the Seventh Seal
      Brimstone and thunder shall surely tell
      All of your words of wisdom in your heart them dwell

      Trying to control with violency
      Soul to soul dem a oppress we
      And it looks to me like dem still don't see
      The whole a dem a chanting for stronger military

      Oh, you must live intelligently
      If only for yourself stand on your principality
      I just want to reach them all who cannot see
      Look they search inna de gutter for food
      For dem can't read

      They want to control with violency
      In them battle for the Seventh Seal
      Move the mountain into the sea
      They seek to penetrate dem as if them were weak

      Who will rescue me?
      Jah will always rescue me
      Music will always rescue me

      Sounds ??, music is the key
      Through this music I gather my strength
      And through this music ??
      I and I won't sell out ??
      Consciousness and positiveness every time
      It's in the music
      I and I nah divert, seen?
      Yes I, positiveness 'pon the earth

      Oh, you must live intelligently
      If only for yourself stand on your principality
      I just want to reach them all who cannot see
      Look they search inna de gutter for food
      For dem can't read

      They want to control with violency
      Nothing has changed in them stronger beat
      Why do they hide those who chant "we free"?
      Why do they hide those who chant "we free"?

      Look how they lean upon dem technology
      Asking to trade our hearts for a world of greed

      Who will rescue me?
      Jah will always rescue me
      Music will always rescue me

      ? now
      For the change will come now ?
      change is near, not far away.."

      Groundation, The Seventh Seal

      " Digital is not an archival medium.

      Technology is turning over every ten years. Their technologies don’t and won’t last.

      Our art — if we do it right — will."

      T Bone Burnett

    5. And he doesn't mention it directly ... because it's the biggest issue facing the music industry today so he assumed his audience was well aware of his theme ... but this was a finger point at new streaming services which have eliminated paying the artist anything for their art. Yet the technocrats who introduced the streaming platform sell billions of dollars worth of devices that people use to listen to music on.

      It's been a death sentence and made recording your music pointless now. Yes, people expect to be compensated after spending 40,000 to 50,000 (minimum) to record their product in the first place.

      This was what prompted this speech, even though he didn't directly address it. To musicians, they understood exactly what he was talking about. It's the biggest buzz in music today ... a final death blow to the artists by the internet (on top of the previous blows it already inflicted on the craft.)

      25 years ago ... the leader of the country band I was in used to get a SOCAN check in the mail every month for radio plays and album sales. That went on the whole time I played with him. It wasn't a ton of money ... but it wasn't only ten dollars for a million play. Hell, a million plays and he would have been rich, lol. That was an idea of the pay you expected to get for producing a full professional product.

      Now ... the artist gets nothing.

      However, have you checked apples stock lately? They took everything like greedy asshats. Couldn't even see the value in sharing a fair portion of the proceeds this art nets them.

      Peace Nem, thought you'd find it interesting. :)

    6. Man, I surely feel very bad for these artists you talk about. But the problem goes even deeper:

      It is the monetizing of music, of art, of EVERYTHING, monetizing of the entire planet, that's the real bad shit at the root of evil. The whole planet gets privitized, monetized these day. THIS is the millstone around our neck, isn't it? We would have to find new ways to make a living, away, far away from money.

    7. The globe needs to get of money entirely and start sharing, that's what I mean.

    8. The globe needs to get RID of money and start sharing.

      Man, how much money is a tree worth? How much money is a song worth? We can not count all these things in dollars, right? We need to find another way to make a living, globally. We need to get rid of money completely. That day will soon come, one way or another, haha.

    9. Yes, I get what you mean Nem, and agree about the concept of money being foolish in the first place.

      This problem in today's music industry just highlights how far blind greed and the hoarding mentality can go. In this case, given that we do live in a monetary society, the idea that someone would just cut out the payments to the artists entirely, even though it's they who are part of what drives people to even want to own your technology gadgets in the first place ... is an example of pure thoughtlessness. It's a bizarre and selfish mentality capitalism creates at the higher levels.

      But yes, ultimately money and the idea of accumulating massive amounts of money for no real reason other than just to have a lot of it, is ridiculous.

      I already watched in our society years ago how less and less people were interested in even playing musical instruments over time. I've run over all the reasons why it was happening over in my mind through the years, but it's too long a list to bother going into here. Technology has a lot to do with it, going back as far as the 1950's.

      Basically, 200 years ago if you didn't know a local musician, you didn't even ever get to hear music. People craved hearing it so it was highly valued. Now, screw that bum on the corner with the funny hair and hat ... I got's me an iphone, and it's way better. Who's the goofy homeless guy? lol.

      Peace Nem.

    10. I hear you. But where does technology start? I mean, when did it start in human history?? And when do we have too much technology, since when did it get bad? Is the way you and me communicate a bad thing generally? I mean, I wouldn't even know you without technology... What now? Shut down the computer and stop to talk to eachother? I would have never seen the speech of T Burnett without technology, I would never have heard the music of Muddy Waters, Bob Dylan or Peter Gabriel without technology. These people would be mostly unknown without technology... just sayin, you know...


    11. Maybe we could be some kinda Pirates, entering the tech of the "elite" bastards and turn it around 3:-)

    12. We are a world of 7 billion people. Our seven billion hearts are united in a song.

      Playing For Change - United

    13. Well, I suppose this is a question open to many different opinions. But, for me, when a technology like inventing an instrument to bang on it brought music to people, it didn't rob them of it.

      When inventions rob music from people in the long run by killing the musicians who make the music, I suppose that would be crossing the line for me.

      The musicians union went on strike in New York in the 1960's when restaurant owners stopped hiring them and started switching over to recorded music. People would have thought it unpleasant to dine without music, the musicians served a necessity that the restaurant owners depended on. With recorded music improvements ... the owners pocketed the money and just played the recordings.

      It's like the Indigenous idea of looking ahead to see what harm might come out of implementing an idea. If they saw a potential harm, they resisted the temptation. Now, it's to hell with others, screw them and who cares. That seems to be the root of the problem in a lot of respects. Ha ... respect. Like as in ... no respect, lol.

      Tho digital streaming company knows the harm they're doing to the artists ... and just don't care. It's about intention.

      Do no harm (at least to you're knowledge) is the wiccan law. And once you see you are doing harm, then stop and make a change. Who thinks like that anymore?

    14. " When inventions rob music from people in the long run by killing the musicians who make the music, I suppose that would be crossing the line for me."

      Ok, but still I think, it's the music business (big lables, managers, bosses ect, who are exclusively after money), that kills the musicians, not the technology. I mean, ALL these fuckin musicians use technology, synths, amps, streaming, internet, don't they?!... If they'd get rid of all that shit, they'd be screwed even more, wouldn't they?

    15. See what I mean:

      The musicians themselves started to USE all that shiny tech gedgets, as there came amps, e-guitars, synths, microphones, recordings, multiplication of recordings through the recording industry ect ect ect. NO musician would have ever been known beyond his own country. So, was it a bad thing for musicians to use technology or was it the corrupt (music) BUSINESS, that screwed the musicans and anything else on this fuckin planet?

    16. You know Nemesis ... that was one of those myths that got started back when people first saw the internet and thought it was going to open the door to the world for artists. Those big labels recorded lot's of musicians, from the bottom up. They knew they needed a pool to draw from and foster future talent from. You could even record yourself and those days and for a reasonable fee, or a cut, the labels would even put you into their distribution networks in the record stores, and promote your radio play. That big grunge 90's thing was just a grumpiness.

      People have realized for awhile now it was a pretty good system that worked. Now, there is nothing, it's dead.

      Frank Zappa used to have a lot to say about that, for instance. And bands like Pink Floyd were just flogging to a cultural myth when they sang against the 'industry' the way they did. That was just they're hype to the hippies, they really didn't mean it. That was syd barrets influence from their very early years when he quit after they had their first big dose of cash and he rebelled against it. It seemed cool, so they sang about it. But man, they were a big label driven corporate machine as much as anyone, even Dylan needed a record company and recognized that. You need someone to handle all those details for you, you just do, so you can sit back and do your art without stressing over all that bullshit.

      No, that myth is mainly only present in the public. Musicians realize where their at now without it ... sitting at home with nothing now. It wasn't such a bad system, especially early on. Without it, we're nowhere anymore. Like what's his face said from Pink Floyd this year ... who would even bother anymore ... unless you're independently wealthy maybe. It's not a matter of being a starving artist. You die if you don't eat. And you need gear, and a car, and a PA system, and a light show. It ain't cheap to play music.

      Anyway, the dream that we didn't need the industry cause we had the internet now never panned out. It really didn't. That gear to make music on costs money you know.

      Everybody has an opinion. But hardcore musicians I know really miss having the old industry around. That's my inside take on that. It's like an urban legend that it was a good thing to cast off the recording labels and go it alone. It died quickly after that point. Now, it's acknowledged the recording industry is dead. You just don't record anymore. Just gigs now, if you can 'pay to play.'

      But that's just been my take from being in the music business on and off for most of my life.

    17. Man, I don't wanna school you about the music industry, as you are the pro, not me ;-) I am just wondering, what happened and when did it get bad and what's the real part of tech shit in it. I am trying to understand, you know. And I know, that the music business always was a big deal of the mafia. The mafia also controls the film industry. It also controls the energy industry. It also controls the drugs and prostitution and gaming and... erm, maybe, to save time, I should tell, what they do not control, what they CAN'T control...^^ MOTHER, GO AND GET EM!, harr harr.

    18. I know dude, and don't make me tell you about what assholes some of the people behind those instruments are too. Page from zepplin used to do a lot of session work in the day, and it's known he lifted many riffs from artists he was in sessions with. The lyrics for whole lotta love is straight from an old delta blues song. Musicians aren't always the nicest people either, been ripped off by many of them my own self. But people always hate to know that, there is an image to musicians. They're not all nice you know, not by a long shot.

      I don't know when technology started being harmful ... I suppose wherever it was used to do harm.

      You know I have a soundman buddy who likes to shred apart internet videos on utube, it's just a funny thing he likes to do.

      Look at that, look at that, he'll say. It looks like she just turned on a mic and pressed record and uploaded a video. No way, not possible to get an acoustic guitar to sound that way without compressors and limiters and having a production engineer who knows what he's doing with his finger on the slider while she plays. And look at that mike, he'll say, that's a $4000 so and so mike. But she wants you to think she's just jammin' on the couch at home.

      There's a lot of illusion to music. Magician - musician ... same thing.

      I watched the recording quality go downhill once those million dollar studios went away. I used to love doing session work when I was more active in my younger years. Now, those home studio's have driven our production standards down. Ya, acoustic music is great, and I enjoy playing that too. I've made music on a log with branches around a fire as a pro drummer many times. But I also like a killer band with tight production and a killer soundman who knows how to mix too. They are two different things. Production values have gone down hill in recent years with all the home stuff out there.

      But like I say, I also like raw music too. Two people at a campfire, great. That's it's own thing. I don't know where to draw the line with when it was bad. It's bad if you screw someone I guess. I don't think Elton John's label was screwing him though, or James Taylor's label. That was back when you could have a career. If you were good, the label was all over you.

      Sometimes the people who complained the loudest didn't deserve a record contract anyway, that was my take on it. But then I was lucky I guess, I was the uber go to drummer in my area. So those business types courted me. The cream rose in that old industry. Now, I don't even play anymore ... can't afford to anymore. Literally ... no money to front it.

      You know there was a great blues artist awhile back ... supposedly going to be the next Stevie Ray. He went on tour with opening for the stones ... and they sent him the bill for his portion of THEIR huge live production touring machine ... and it bankrupted him. He was never heard of again. That wasn't a label who screwed him ... that was people who screwed him. Mick and the boys ... people.

      I don't know. I'm just babbling now.

    19. I guess it's maybe people who screw people ... and they just use technology sometimes to do it. That speech I posted was also aimed at a group of people as much as it was aimed at their technology.

      I think it's people who screw people. I think it's maybe choices people make. Innocent and didn't realize ... ok, fine, then change your ways and no blame I suppose. But when you know it and screw someone, that's the line that gets crossed. That's probably the problem.

      Streamed music would be probably be great, if it paid the artist for their contribution. That's a people choice. With the internet ... if you release a song you wrote, Toyota has been known to scour the net and steal riffs for ad music from peoples original utube videos. That's a people choice.

      People screw people ... even musicians sometimes. The problem is in the soul of the people.

      Satish is going to give us some old world ideas for maybe how not to screw people soon I think. I hope.

    20. " I think it's people who screw people. I think it's maybe choices people make. Innocent and didn't realize ... ok, fine, then change your ways and no blame I suppose. But when you know it and screw someone, that's the line that gets crossed. That's probably the problem."

      I completely agree with you. It’s about greed and ignorance within the soul of some people. That’s what CONSCIOUSNESS is about:

      Not to screw anyone willingly.

      To ignore that axiom causes suffering and the fruit of that cause comes back to the doer sooner or later, if he reliazes it or not. Karma/Vipaka is a very delicate net, never failing the cosmic laws.

    21. You know, another way the internet changed music was just on the local gigging musician scene. That big industry stuff is really a whole separate world from that, and people always overlook that aspect of music in today's world of glitz and big time fame. It was an important part ... that's where players cut their teeth and learned to play music.

      Now that everybody socializes on line there are few clubs anymore in my area that can support paying musicians to play. Some try, like holdouts os a bygone era. But there is often only a handful of people at them. Not too fun, and it doesn't generate any money to pay a band.

      That's where far more musicians used to exist and eek out a living than in those high fame ranks. The internet has really affected that. People socialize online now. They used to go out to clubs to socialize out of sheer need to socialize.

      In a way, that's one of the biggest impacts I've seen. Forget about that huge fame aspect of music. Far more musicians existed at the local level. Thousands and thousands of them. With people socializing online, there is nowhere to make a living anymore ... or even play for free for that matter.

      It really changed things. That's by far where I think the biggest impact was. Completely unrelated to labels or recording companies or world tours. That's where many musicians spent their lifetimes. That has almost disappeared now in many areas. People socialize now online.

    22. Yes, I've mostly always seen it as people screwing people. Some don't though, or try to be conscious not to.

    23. " Yes, I've mostly always seen it as people screwing people. Some don't though, or try to be conscious not to."

      Yes, not to screw people (and Mother Earth, Nature), that's the only way out of misery.

      Btw, I never liked that bizzar fame aspect of music. Too much fame and money makes sick, IMO.

    24. Yes, not to screw people (and Mother Earth, Nature), that's the only way out of misery.

      Btw, I never liked that bizzar fame aspect of music. Too much fame and money makes sick, IMO.

      This reflects my view as well Nemesis. Well said.

      Music flows through people, it doesn't need any technology to happen at all. I've seen small groups of theater people drum on a railway trestle ... and make incredible music, as almost sort of an irony.

      Sounds and rhythms move through people, not through money. I've always preferred being part of the music moving through the people, over the bullshit of chasing money and fame.

      That's why I pay homage to the old tradition of local community music, groups of people expressing a common tribal instinct among us. Music was passed on as a community on the local level. Those musical social networks, the social communities they formed, attracted more than just the musicians too. Music has more historically been a social human to human thing, not a commodity. That's what I chased in it, along with notes.

      Fame and money is bullshit to music for sure. :)

      Cheers Nem.

    25. " Sounds and rhythms move through people, not through money."

      Yoh, well said. I remember JJ Cale for instance has never been in it for the money. He is a really cool guy.

      Sure, JJ Cale was not god, like Clapton that BIG white ass, gnahaha.

    26. The last gig I did on drums for money was about six years ago. Since then, I quit the hot local band I was in, in order to play prog rock keyboards and synths as a lead vocalist fronting my own act. But I had to do it for free. I just wanted to go to the same really hot music club once a week, one with top notch production and a huge music crowd, with a smoking hot community of musicians performing out of it ... and play for the enjoyment of it.

      I quit a band and came back to the same scene for free. Then I had people wanting to pay for that elsewhere out in the cheese-land of the wedding scene. No way. No money, no chasing a career or fame, no drums even ... just fun.

      That brought music back to what I always enjoyed about it. And just once a week, for free.

      Even though I could still make money on drums playing cheesy gigs if I wanted to, or hire my new act out. I now enjoy just the fellowship of a community of hot musicians in one specific very cool little local music scene. It's about the music and the fun of it for me only anymore. Chasing the money just forces you into doing a lot of stupid gigs with bad sound and other silly drawbacks. Seriously, for free was funnest, in a hot little club, just having fun once a week. And not even as a drummer anymore either. As a different guy. Why not?

      I guess I'm crazy. My friends sure thought I was. I stopped doing it for money, and I just did it for fun doing what I wanted with it. Chasing the money doesn't let you have your own fun and do what you want as much. I'm actually haven't even been doing a lot of that these days either. Ran out of cash I guess. Buwahahaha. So what, lol!

      Hey, I really like JJ Cale. My old man had a few of his albums when I was a kid growing up. Thanks for posting that. :)

      Like I said, music thinks money is bullshit. I can picture it being a whole different way from the way the money steers it, so that's only what I pursue now in music, not money or acknowledgment.

      Cheers Nem. All this music talk. It almost doesn't seem fitting if it's the end of the world does it. Oh well, fuck it. Buwahahahaha :/

      Viva la poverty!

    27. Well I am just addicted to music, hearing, playing, singing music. I meet with some friends from time to time to make music just for fun, purely acoustic music. I like electric music as well, but I don't own an electric guitar and I don't miss any. I'm sure, it is real fun to play for some audience on a stage. But if you do it as a job, than soon it becomes hard work and you need much discipline to keep the ball rolling. I am not the kinda guy for hard work and dicipline, you know. I was almost always just after fun, contemplating, meditating, just following my momentary feelings and intentions, I never had some real longtime plans or any longtime job. To me, music is like a real medicine, it helps me a great deal to stay in Balance and in contact to the Nagual and the cosmic vibrations literally. Music really saved my life, psychogically, spiritually, physically, any way, all the time.

      Yes, viva la poverty! Buddha once held a speech about the indissoluble poverty of the Universe.

      Cheers bro!

    28. Music

      Take me by the hand;
      it's so easy for you, Angel,
      for you are the road
      even while being immobile.

      You see, I'm scared no one
      here will look for me again;
      I couldn't make use of
      whatever was given,

      so they abandoned me.
      At first the solitude
      charmed me like a prelude,
      but so much music wounded me.

      - R. M. Rilke (Translated by A. Poulin)

    29. That Rilke was worthy of me copying down. Thanks Nem, perfect.

  14. Some additional note to Mo about positive transformation:

    I always try to come back to the socalled middle path (in the buddhist sense), therefore I realize the good and the bad things. So, to me, there are positive signs of global transformation for sure, but there is still lots and lots of ignorance around us. So, IMO, positive transformation didn't happen completely yet and we can always fail as long as we live, therefore, we have always to be conscious and careful. That's my perspective.


  15. Venerable Satish Musunuru, maybe this is some fine bit of inspiration for your next article:

    " The Secret of Dreaming: An Australian Aboriginal Myth of Creation

    This is an Australian Aboriginal myth of creation adapted by Rowan Walking Wolf, and is part of a research made for the University of Granada, Spain, on traditional stories as educational tools for the transmission of complex systems thinking and the values of social justice, peace and sustainability framed within the Earth Charter.
    This video will be publicly displayed at the Scottish International Storytelling Festival 2015.
    We encourage the use of this film for educational purposes both in formal and non-formal education, both for children and adults. This story encourages a change in our worldview, while stimulates systemic thinking and instils those values which we most need in this time of social and environmental crisis.
    Please, spread this film as you can."

    " Once there was nothing, nothing, but the Spirit of all life. For a long time, the Spirit of all life dwelled in the nothingness. Then, in the mind of the Spirit of life, a dreaming began. In the empty darkness, there was a dreaming of Fire..."

    1. All of this, the dreaming is still happening for real, around us, within us. The indigenous man is within ourselves always, modern man just forgot it (maybe that's just part of the dream, haha). The indegenous people are our ancestors literally, so they are our elder brothers, our relatives, like grandpa and grandma or something. We are their descendants, their children in that sense. Within ourselves there is that cosmic dreaming. Nobody can ever tell me that it's not there, within, I'd just laugh him out of court, if anybody would not admit, that the dreaming is there, within, all the time. So, what is that thing called "awakened"? When you realize these things about dreaming deeply within and never forget them... well, unless, you get bored, then forget it and start dreaming again, gnahaha.

    2. So is everything just a dream? You can't say that, unless you talk about the opposite, reality, as well. Dream and reality are two sides of one coin.

    3. Maybe that would be some cool title for a new book among millions of other bookz:

      " Do scienticists dream or do they real matter?"

      Feynman once asked " Does matter matter"? I’d say YES! Just bang your head against some fuckin wall and you know it.

  16. Jupiter Florida - Just got here from Atlanta in time for a Hurricane. Staying very grounded cause the Hurricane in July sunk me in Rica. DIVE into the reality of South Fla where almost nobody thinks this one will hit. Geezee girl, watch out for the outter bands alone. This one is on the same track as Sandy in 2012. So simple to see the basic facts, but wow most people here forget the damage it can do right off shore. Yikes there go the turtle nests. Ready for a big clean up this weekend. Same in the bigger picture, future Nukes & climate. People just don't believe it unless it hits. Sometimes you gotta love living the worst!!

    1. Wow, stay safe there in Florida. Keep us posted with eyes on the storm if you can. Today reports are that it may just hit Florida with a bang.

      Also, tell us your story about your boat sinking in Rica. Did you completely lose your boat? What happened? Write us a story to read if you feel so inclined, I'd love to hear the story about what happened.

      Stay safe.

    2. I'm hoping you got the hell out of there Mark. :(

  17. Satish,

    To respect your efforts at understanding, I'll add something, which fits where I don't know. This article requires one to TRY and be clear where they stand. It seems that I'm not in a position to say yeah or nay about technology per se. Maybe what I think is that electronic technology has gone way too far.

    Electric lights were not the end of civilization (that dirty word again). And even the awesome danger of nuclear energy didn't necessarily seem to take us, as a species, over the edge. (I find it better to work backwards from where we are than to do the reverse.) What seems far more determining for taking us over the edge might be the Internet and the interconnected global electronic web. Just imagine: any set of information can be hacked from anywhere. This completely removes any sense of stability and comprehensibility within our system. Electronic voting was probably one of the most dangerous assaults ever on "civilization." I can easily picture voting being entirely manipulatable (word) after this presidential election. And that alone strikes me as fatal to the kind of civilization (however you define it) that we in America experience. Any pace maker can be hacked from across the world. Any nuclear missile?

    The energy equation has something to do with why we got here, but that's somewhat beyond me to address. In short, the civilizational web we're in had a requirement to grow to extinction--it was not sustainable, by definition--but web technology seemed to have lit the extinction fuse in a particularly vicious manner.

    1. Artleads, a lot depends on how we define technology. It could include the invention of the wheel, of language, use of fire, etc. in very broad terms. Or it could exclude even farming implements, candles, etc. It comes down to the manipulation of our environment to meet our perceived needs. Perceived, because a lot of the needs supposedly met by technology are not real needs, not required for humans to be happy. Today, most civilized people have a very difficult time imagining that humans can really be happy without electricity. But the fact is humans were happier before the invention of electricity than after, on average, across geographies and time. It's a failure of imagination on the part of civilized people that leads them to think every village should be wired up and connected with roads.

      The wikipedia definition of civilization is pretty accurate and direct... it's about human supremacy over and subordination of nature. As we're finding out, it doesn't last too long when we start acting foolishly and go out of balance with our surroundings and lose respect for other beings. So pick a definition for these terms, technology and civilization, and draw your own conclusions.