Thursday, May 19, 2016

An Update on Climate Change

This article from Forbes is a bit alarming!

The long-time champion of Capitalism that it is, Forbes, like any publication, has a duty to inform its readership of what's taking place in the world they live in, a readership that might otherwise rely on so-called human ingenuity and market solutions to solve problems. There are plenty of proposals in the pipeline that aim to mitigate the effects of climate change and manage the current rapidly escalating situation. Some of these techno-fixes are already being deployed. But the rapidity with which the situation is unfolding should be quite interesting to us all, whether we are capitalistic entrepreneurs dreaming up geo-engineering tricks or not.

Let's take a look at two particularly interesting charts.

The first shows global temperature changes since 1850 by year and month.

2016 so far is such an outlier.

Consider the following inferences that can be made by looking at the chart above -
  1. From 1850 to about 1900, temperatures were actually cooler than pre-industrial civilization times, even though, officially, we were well into the era of industrial civilization. Notice the (barely visible) thin horizontal white line at the 0 degree mark on the vertical scale. That line represents what is generally called the baseline. Lines below that represent temperatures below the "average for pre-industrial times". Lines above that represent temperatures above the "average for pre-industrial times". It's normal to expect some lines to fall below and some to fall above the average.
  2. Until about 1930, the lines are much more crowded when compared to after 1930.
  3. The lines become increasingly sparse as we go up in the chart. That means temperatures are increasing at a higher and higher rate, which is the mark of an exponential function.
  4. We can make out which line represents 2015 (it ends at the same temp differential where 2016 begins) and likewise, we can see where 2014 ends (although it's hard to trace most of it in the spaghetti mix) because that's where 2015 begins. What these last three years of data say is quite fascinating - temperature increases are speeding up. Not only are temperatures increasing, but the rate at which they are increasing is in itself growing.
Now, there's the factor of 2016 being an El Nino year and the sudden rapid increase may be attributable to that. The trend we see so far may not continue into the future so we will just have to wait and see. But it's also likely that El Nino simply serves to set off a growth trend that's been in the making for a long time.

The other chart is really just another representation of this same data. It's an animation that shows how temperatures are spiraling out toward the often-stated hypothetical, political target of containing temperature increase to 2 degrees Celcius above baseline.

As before, we can see the increasing rate at which the spiral progresses outward as the years go by. 

Whether we take the abrupt jump of temperatures in 2016 as a sign of the beginning of Abrupt Climate Change is to a certain extent, a matter of opinion. But that's the data we have. Whether we're at the start of a new phase in climate change or not, high temperatures as those we have been seeing this year so far have the potential to set off processes that bring further higher temperatures.

We live in interesting times, to say the least. Let's not make the mistake of assuming that climate change is just an anomaly, a thorn on the otherwise rosy path of progress that civilization has afforded humanity over the last few hundred years. The dawn of industrial civilization, in hindsight, is instead yet another milestone on the long path of separation from nature that humanity has embarked on many thousands of years ago. Some say it began with agriculture, some say it began with the use of tools, or with the invention of language. The longer we go back, the more dramatic our present time would appear. But even if we consider the last 200 years, the changes we're seeing around us are truly monumental. Ocean acidification, Arctic and Antarctic sea ice loss, mass species collapse on land and in the oceans, wildfires that burn hotter and bigger, extreme weather events such as droughts and floods and the slowing of the jet stream are just some of the manifestations of a rapidly changing planet.

If this isn't a cause for concern in itself, what is? Perhaps the near-absence of a discussion of current events in the public discourse?


  1. No doubt about it Satish. Thanks. shep

  2. Can't help by weep, endlessly, because of the way we have slaughtered Mother Earth.


    "PM Abe committed to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, which shall be a crowning achievement in the face of the Fukushima disaster. Hence, all stops are pulled to repopulate Fukushima Prefecture, especially with Olympic events held within Fukushima, where foodstuff will originate for Olympic attendees."

    1. Wow shep, it's just so strange to see that attitude about the games. It's like the ultimate in defiance of even reality now. It's like denial moved even further into being outright adamantly hostile about your right to be in consciously chosen denial.

      I see that here in Alberta about climate change and oil a lot too, a whole new aspect of psychology. I jokingly call it being arrogant about being stupid. It's defiance, petulance.

      Ya, we'll show you ... we'll BATHE in this oil then ... and put it in our FOOD and eat it. You can't tell us ... no, no, no, no. We'll put it in eyedroppers and put in in our eyes if you keep tellin' us by jibbers ...

      Oh brother and good grief Charlie Brown. I wouldn't go to those Olympics if I were an athlete ... not that I was EVER a fan of the Olympics or anything.

      Cheers shep. Peace.

      Thanks for your new blog entry Satish, good one.

    2. LWA, Shep,

      "a whole new aspect of psychology. I jokingly call it being arrogant about being stupid. It's defiance, petulance."

      That's basically it. Clinging on to any semblance of reality seems to be the order of the day. Grasping at straws even as the world around us falls apart rapidly. Inertia, as some call it, but it's deeper than that. Much deeper.

      While the elites that rule the big cities of the world vie for a chance to host the Olympic games, the poor of those cities always bear the costs. They don't show the protests much on TV. Why would they? It's going to bring in capital for reconstruction and expansion which will raise the value of real estate holdings and put the city on the world map and in tourists' consciousness. Other than being a mass distraction, the games serve to increase the already high inequality where ever they are hosted. They also serve the false notions of nationalism that are the marks of modernity.

      Fukushima ready for Olympics in 2020? It's a ghost town out there - and

      and the officials are making efforts to make it all look normal -

    3. The good news comrades: the end IS near!

    4. Yes Satish, I saw a doc on the olympics and booting poor people out of their homes to make way for event locations. And then there was the spoiled athletes crying that people wanted to wreck their China games by protesting for poor trodden upon Tibet. The Olympics are a farce of empire for sure. Nationalism, like you say. Borders and fences.

      You know, recently, after watching the denier rhetoric around here shift to awareness of the heating, of the wacky weather, and even of a possible looming extinction, I have come to realize that all of these people are going to march to their deaths with the complete belief that this was all just an act of nature. A natural extinction cycle. Just a sad thing that happens before the next ice age. That's the new tone coming from the deniers around here these days now that the massive changes are no longer deniable. And no reason to stop BUA, of course.

      Anything, as long as it wasn't them who did it. The ego prevails.

      I had always thought there would be a certain realization of truth before the end. I'm now revising my thoughts on that. It's happening, they all seem to agree now. But man didn't cause it, it's just a natural cycle is all, just a cycle.

      Nature, ever the enemy, isn't she?

      Yes, that's how they will go to the grave I think. Still in full denial, and just with a new rationalization of it all. So much for what I thought might come to pass. Too bad. I always liked that moment when people woke up and smelled themselves. I am starting to realize it's probably not even going to happen. That's a new thought for me, to change one that I've held for awhile.

      Empire sure did a good job with the misinformation campaign. But then, they always were good at that sort of thing weren't they.

    5. "Fukushima ready for Olympics in 2020? It's a ghost town out there - and

      and the officials are making efforts to make it all look normal -

      shepMay 20, 2016 at 2:36 PM
      The good news comrades: the end IS near!"


      I was born and grew up in Jamaica, and maybe as compensation for all that I view negatively about myself, I tend to be fiercely chauvinistic about it, as about any place I'm associated with, usually an underdog sort of place, even in America.

      The reason to state this is to explain my absolute glee of the dominance of Jamaica over America in all Olympic sprinting events. A small, poor third world country pushes back against the bully and kicks the shit out of it. I'm too lazy to look up the stats, but they almost defy belief. But just like everybody at least knows Bob Marley, everybody at least knows Usain Bolt (world 100 and 200 meter record holder and Olympic champion in those races for two Olympics in a row). I don't wish to put even more pressure on old Usain, who's going for an unprecedented third Olympic win in these distances. I was looking forward not only to this possible "statement" (up to the angels, no pressure) but also to a remarkable showing by Jamaica (enough so that the obfuscation American machine just can't push it under the carpet and move on, as usual). I want Jamaica to fuck them up so that they STAY fucked. (Up to the angels, no sweat.)

      And then, based on my understanding of trends, that would be the last Olympic games. But events almost seem to be getting ahead of me. Look at Brazil. It has almost collapsed already. This is an ideal setting for the FINAL GAMES.

      So I agree with Shep that we are close to (some sort of) end. Fukyshima is the perfect setting for the Olympics that never took place.

    6. Oh, and to clarify, I didn't mean people would wake up and save the world. I just meant wake up and realize it was them who killed their own selves, that's all. Ha, nobody's stoppin' this train wreck now I don't think.

      Just wanted to be clear about what I was changing my mind about. Peoples awareness was what I meant I thought might change a little before the end. Seems not.

      Hey Artleads ... I love the Bob Marley man. One of my favorite artists. A true, true artist ... for a cause. Iry mon, and one love. :) I wish your boy luck at the games that never came. In my minds eye, he took the gold no contest. Fuckin' Americans. (Oops, did I say that last thing out loud?)

      Angels my ass ... make it SO number one. ;)

    7. I was just kidding about the angels. We don't need any lighting here in Alberta tonight. Oopsy.


    8. I got the following from an email "blogger" today. I don't know whether she's kidding. She gives no attribution.

      My Response:

      Or for something more like reality, we might listen to this:


      Sent: Fri, May 20, 2016 4:11 pm
      Subject: Fwd: Thought Provoking

      Hope that who or what replaces humans. . ."it" or "they" are kinder and more compassionate to other species' (if there is such a thing), and to each other (if there is more than one!). B-

      Exceptional-----thought provoking!!!!!!

      In 1998, Kodak had 170,000 employees and sold 85% of all photo paper worldwide. Within just a few years, their business model disappeared and they went bankrupt.
      What happened to Kodak will happen in a lot of industries in the next 10 years - and most people won't see it coming. Did you think in 1998 that 3 years later you would never take pictures on paper film again?
      Yet digital cameras were invented in 1975. The first ones only had 10,000 pixels, but followed Moore's law. So as with all exponential technologies, it was a disappointment for a long time, before it became way superior and got mainstream in only a few short years. It will now happen with Artificial Intelligence, health, autonomous and electric cars, education, 3D printing, agriculture and jobs. Welcome to the 4th Industrial Revolution.
      Welcome to the Exponential Age.
      Software will disrupt most traditional industries in the next 5-10 years.
      Uber is just a software tool, they don't own any cars, and are now the biggest taxi company in the world. Airbnb is now the biggest hotel company in the world, although they don't own any properties.
      Artificial Intelligence: Computers become exponentially better in understanding the world. This year, a computer beat the best Go player in the world, 10 years earlier than expected. In the US, young lawyers already don't get jobs. Because of IBM Watson, you can get legal advice (so far for more or less basic stuff) within seconds, with 90% accuracy compared with 70% accuracy when done by humans. So if you study law, stop immediately. There will be 90% less lawyers in the future, only specialists will remain. Watson already helps nurses diagnosing cancer, 4 times more accurate than human nurses. Facebook now has a pattern recognition software that can recognize faces better than humans. In 2030, computers will become more intelligent than humans.

    9. LWA,

      "I had always thought there would be a certain realization of truth before the end. I'm now revising my thoughts on that. It's happening, they all seem to agree now. But man didn't cause it, it's just a natural cycle is all, just a cycle."

      I have long thought that too and am now reconsidering it all as well. I know someone whose house almost became a casualty of a wildfire last year (the third most destructive fire in the state of California) and he tells me climate change is not happening. He watches cable TV and some "scientist" tells him that even though there is warming going on now, there will be 30-yr freeze soon. If that's the awareness level of someone who relies on TV for his information, those who are on the Internet are not much more aware, it seems. No matter how close we get, we have this amazing tendency to bring up all sorts of reasons to rationalize - it's the sun's increased activity, solar flares, humans are just wired for destruction and there was nothing we could do, nature is cruel and it was a struggle for survival from the very beginning (so lucky we even made it this far), we might go but the planet will be just fine, we're all going to die one day anyway so what's the big deal, all species go extinct at some point, even the planet is going to die one day, etc. etc. Grief and sadness at what's going on rarely make an appearance. Not even a little wave of emotion on the waters of the mind.

      We do anything but take the time to look at our own past and ponder over what happened. The lessons to be learned go unlearned.

      They say people sometimes end up changing their worldviews and their lives in the aftermath of a great personal tragedy. I used to think people who are personally affected by extreme weather might give it a second thought and wonder about it all a little. But it doesn't seem to work that way. Extreme events come and go and we fail to connect the dots. We long to return to "normal". Tragedy is not something that brings about a change in consciousness, not anymore. We're far too gone. Our minds are mush. Perhaps in some ways, we have already gone extinct. What remains is the physical shell of humanity, and since modern humans inhabit a world made of physical reality alone, it seems like it's all going just fine. The collective human soul seems to have checked out though. Or almost so.

    10. Artleads,

      That's the same sort of drivel being spouted in the tech enclaves of Silicon Valley -

      The elites don't want the machine to grind down to a halt just yet. They have dreams and fantasies to fulfill, like living forever, going to Mars, etc. So they talk about the exponential rise in technological capabilities that is just around the corner. They need to keep the engineers motivated and brainwashed just a bit longer.

      Too bad for them, other elites that are even more psychopathic than them, even more masochistic and egotistical than them are marching toward war.

      What a time to live in!

    11. Satish

      We do anything but take the time to look at our own past and ponder over what happened. The lessons to be learned go unlearned.

      So true. I hear you saying that 'over there', and you get a poor response. I so see it like you do, there being a value to learning something 'in house', in the consciousness, about what has happened here and why. I even have deeply held insights others would call silly 'beliefs' as to why this would be beneficial, even possibly transformative, but that goes against the reductionist idea of things being linear and set in materialist stone.

      I see the arguments that this was inevitable and the only possible outcome from biological life as being just the ultimate excuse to avoid learning anything from what's happening, even if learning from what's happening doesn't change the outcome.

      "Tragedy is not something that brings about a change in consciousness, not anymore. We're far too gone. Our minds are mush."

      Isn't it bizarre how this used to be exactly the shamanistic doorway to awakening, and now even that seems to have been short circuited? Someone said maybe the Fort McMurray fires will be a wake up call, how couldn't it be? No, it's just provoked even deeper denial and now bringing up climate change to these people provokes even deeper hostility and defiance.

      Who knows why some people's consciousness was able to wire differently. Hey, I was born a Canadian idiot just like the rest of them, in Alberta no less. I guess I must have been dropped on my head or something, lol. What am I saying, I have deeper insights into what's up with me, but they are not the sort of thing that is usually worthy of sharing publicly.

      I'm just glad to share perspectives with you Satish, and others here too. It's a good thing, and thanks.


      I really liked listening to that economics perspective you posted from your tech email. No glut, just people who've been so bled dry they can't even buy the man's junk anymore. Ha, I saw that around so many other consumer goods and services and activities for years coming now, funny I didn't connect that to the gasoline too. Thanks for that, very fascinating insights from that fellow. Thanks for posting it, good one.

      And don't get me started on the tech thing. I saw how Mr. Gates gutted the budgets of school boards by forcing them to buy upgrades each year after year. It was under the threat of 'no support' if they didn't have the current products ... yet a call to support got the dumbest answer ... wipe and reinstall. Well, duh?

      And music and art and drama departments were gutted to pay for this new hype for the brilliant future the kids just couldn't miss out on. Then they even started firing main curriculum teachers to pay him for his drug. That's his wealth and where it came from ... out of the education budgets of children (not that I'm a fan of schooling, but still, what a guy hey?) He made a killing from it.

      Ya, you can't fool me. I worked in IT, just like Satish did. Soon I was back to music, lol ... just with loans now to pay. Hahaha. It was a trip though I'll tell you that IT was. So funny to see it from the innards. Blech. Fools gold. I could tell a bunch of IT stories, but I'll just stop there with that one.

      Peace folks. Interesting times to be alive. Yup Satish, that's why they suggested I stay when I tried to walk out. Interesting times, don't miss the show. Well, it's a hell of a show alright. Quite the horror movie. Queasy stuff alright. Here I am, watching, learning, puking ...

      Hahaha. I sound like Nem now. Buwahahahahaa. :)

    12. "I wish your boy luck at the games that never came. In my minds eye, he took the gold no contest. Fuckin' Americans. (Oops, did I say that last thing out loud?)

      Angels my ass ... make it SO number one. ;)"

      I love this. I think they named you wrong, though. Maybe Little White Rasta (for this is rasta thinking) would seem more appropriate. :-)

  3. "According to a Forbes report, the average NBA franchise is now worth $1.25 billion, an increase of 13 percent over last season. That follows a 74 percent gain in franchise value the previous year, due to the signing of big new TV deals."

    When Rome burned, her citizens were being distracted by sport.

  4. LWA,

    Err, what am I missing? Help?

    In the discussion between you and Dave Thompson, what was the central point?

    U seemed to skewer him, then, he thanks u. With Jean in between. I got even more confused.

    Go easy on me, I'm old and fragile and a bit confused at times, to say the least.


    1. Shep

      My response was meant to be multidimensional.

      There was a request made to simplify NBL comments by having less opinions, which I felt followed the overly scientific mindset expressed there of linking to cited sources and facts only, etc, etc.

      daves link set me to thinking, 'why have no opinion, and then just link to someone else's clearly conjectural opinion?' Does it make it more believable coming from someone else in a link, than to just say so yourself? (A falsehood that is used often by authorities to lend ideas more credibility when it maybe isn't even deserved, such as saying 'because a guy at Oxford said so.')

      That was my main point, and I was making it to everyone.

      Then I went on to show how the link just contained an opinion, one I didn't even agree with. I also thought it tied in with Satish's and my idea that people will tell themselves the most fantastic things in order to avoid the truth. So I also expressed that in my countering of the opinion in dave's link, showing how the author seemed to be rationalizing something that seemed to have a more obvious conclusion to me than what he was seeing in the data, Occam's razor.

      Another point I made was to ask dave why he would link to a clear opinion, and then not discuss it whatsoever himself. Does he agree, disagree ... what was so interesting about it to him? What was his point? Why even post it then, and not discuss it?

      Again, I was hinting at my point of, 'why have links to opinions here, but discourage opinions from the self?' (Which again is a very externalized and empire school trained way to be thinking, that my opinion doesn't count, but someone else's does. It goes to the root of something I have a great issue with regarding empire's brainwashing, we learn that at school ... you can't know anything, and we'll tell you what to think with OUR opinions.)

      Finally, since I still feel dave had referred to one of Satish's earlier comments as being 'word salad,' I wanted to make sure he knew that his link contained nothing but 'word salad.' Yes, I've been stirring up some shit lately on NBL, because I've taken offense to the attitudes of a great many commenters there, and so I play with them a little bit now. Judge me if you wish. I'm blaming it on the rasta angels.

      Again, my point was multidimensional, and out to more than just dave too.

      As far as dave thanking me, saying sarcastically how I obviously found it interesting too, that was just sarcasm I think. I believe he was just needling me back. If I could have posted a third post, I would have said, 'no, it was click bait to crap, it wasn't interesting as far as it's content was concerned, and I wanted to chastise you for posting it and not even taking a position on it, which is sheepish considering the conjectural content of the link.'

      All in all, I was just participating as I felt inspired, assuming my presence there would just be taken as annoying anyway by the majority of the posters there. Skewer, no skewer, thanks, no thanks ... the place is a meat market. Who knows what the hell dave smoked or meant today. That was my participation for the day, so ... where's my free drink?

      He still would identify one way or the other with what he posted ... which I find sheepish. Have an opinion for pete's sake. Oh wait, science types often can't, or don't feel it's their place, or something. It's how they're trained. They can't know, but others they cite can. I personally follow my internal guidance almost exclusively. I think the alternative is a trick from empire that we learn at school ... to not trust the self, and to only trust others ... perceived authorities. You know, two people can have two different answers, each right for them, and appropriate for their personal journey. Our race has forgotten that among all this goofy subservience to logic. Sometimes to get to places, you go to other places first, as individuals.

      Anyway, I digress.

    2. I meant meant say ... he WOULDN'T identify with what he posted one way or the other, which I found sheepish. Why post it then? Say something, anything ... be a human! Have an opinion!

    3. And I meant our species, not our race. I was thinking 'human race.' Sorry for the bad word choice there ... I meant most humans have forgotten to follow their own guidance and instead replace it with the guidance of others, usually some authority.

    4. LWA, I thought you might like this. :-) I'm a music ignoramus, but been listening a lot to the master lately.

  5. LWA,

    It seems there are a few things in common among those who are aware of what's going on - an ability to ask questions even if we don't have answers (most people ask only those questions for which answers can be found in the back of the book or on the computer... the easy ones... no need to put in the effort to dig deeper), empathy and intuition (hard to understand what's going on and our role in it if we can't step into others' shoes), ability to imagine a world that's better than what we have (which helps us see the bullshit that passes off as normal in this one), an odd kind of resistance to authority and hierarchies (which are part of the sickness in the world but which so easily recruit billions of people).

    Who knows if this relatively short journey on planet Earth is the end of the line for the human soul? Maybe the lessons we learn here, even if there is nothing we can do about them here, might serve us at some point. They have to. How can becoming more conscious not be one of those things we will have to do?

    I think we all have one thing or another to contribute. If we know something, we must set it free. Knowledge likes being free. Sometimes I think of humans as vehicles for stories and wisdom and knowledge. Sometimes those things get into us and tell us they want to be free and it falls upon us to speak them out to the world. I see this in Guy's work - what he says wants to be said. It wants to be spoken by Guy as much as Guy wants to speak it.

    Anyway, that's all something that wanted to be said tonight :) I think :)

    1. Satish, I loved this post. You are a profound man, and so good with words.

      Hugs buddy. I loved reading this. :)

  6. .
    Time for some woo. It's been awhile, at least for me. Bear with me.

    I've noticed I can get a lot of synchronicity with NBL people for some reason. I've been noticing this for awhile, actually. Recall my mentioning of the Garden of Eden here a few days ago? Now someone mentions it in a very similar way on NBL this morning. Notice our chat Satish yesterday about how people don't seem to be 'waking up to realization' like sometimes happens to people? Now someone mentions it at NBL this morning, talks about the very concept. I have witnessed this phenomenon a lot as I have interacted with NBL over the months.

    Yes Artleads. I play around a lot with influencing the weather. I truly did (at least try) to intend Mark get some wind so he could be on his journey during his doldrums in Cuba. Just yesterday I told a friend, an artisan who sells pottery instead of working for empire, that I would try and help her out at her outdoor showing because of our nasty weather. She got a hole in the rain, just at her location mainly, for her entire afternoon event, and while the wind howled everywhere around, there was none at her outdoor market. Once it was over, as she left, the weather collapsed back in to the hole that had been created around her event. She called and thanked me especially.

    It's no guarantee one can always repeatably have this effect. I've looked into many reasons why or why it gets better or less effect from time to time, and have quite a few theories, almost a rule set worked out (sort of, I don't really like limitations though.) I think it's easy to affect weather because it's so random to any particular one spot, even if the general trends aren't so random (yet still are quite random compared to other things, like mountains being there for instance.) Thoughts are very loose and random too, easy to affect them at a distance as well. Big heavy rocks? Not so much.

    I wished Arrrgh had felt comfortable posting his observations at NBL about his affecting of the weather. But ya, ha, I don't blame him for not sharing there, lol. I could tell he knows exactly the same things I know in this regard.

    Hmmmm, affecting minds, affecting weather. Damn ... to bad we couldn't do something with this. It's like having a toy nobody else can see. I always wondered how it might be implemented if it could be applied an large scales using many people. Anyway, just some thoughts on my woo.

    1. I also mentioned the Babylonian/Judeo creation myth a day or so ago in a post to you, LWA, here on Kuku:

      "I agree, LWA, regarding the Garden of Eden myth, entirely. It's a state of mind, and one says you're taken care of, and the other says you have to have more. I also find it fascinating that the real motivation behind eating the fruit and to even have the knowledge at all, was an effort to be equal to God. It was hubris, and it, too, is a psychological state where humans don't have a realistic understanding of themselves. I'm certain this story has its roots in a nature culture."

      I disagree with the poster at NBL that it was the "stolen creative fire" that separated us from nature, it was false identity, hubris.

      I have loved the creation myth for many years. I think it is so profound in its understanding, and so beautiful. It is all psychology, and about human self-identity - am I my brother's keeper? And it's all happening now. It's a present choice for all of us. I've said this for a very long time, and you are the only person I've run across who sees it similarly.

    2. .

      I did see your post, and thank you for it. I wasn't exactly certain what the NBL poster was trying to say about her impressions, I was more noting that we had mentioned it, and then there it pops up at NBL as a thought crossing someone's mind ... and that they would bother to post about it at NBL. I had a whole string of 'oh look, now someone's mentioning it at NBL as we speak' events happen while I was in private communication with someone else awhile back. It was quite bizarre ... a whole day of posts that suddenly mirrored each thought we were so deeply having together all day long. It was weird ... trippy.

      Dagnabbit I always wanted to harness those miracles and do something good with them rather than having them be so vague and just beyond my knowing exactly what to do with them.

      Anyway. Sigh.

      You know oldgrowth, I rarely talk about the bible with people, because it's teachings have so been misinterpreted and bent into other meanings in these times that I've found it's almost not worth bringing up to anyone. I've mentioned that after looking into other paths and mythologies, and particularly shamanism, and having never been raised in any religion whatsoever ... I finally one day picked up the bible and read it to see what all the fuss was about.

      Particularly, I found the new testament part of it so similar to shamanic metaphysics (and nothing like what I've heard coming out of churches ever) that it was honestly the best 'consciousness' primer I felt I'd read yet. Without getting too deep into my theory, all the talk of 'sitting in the throne of the father,' and 'entering the holy kingdom.' were suddenly plainly phrases used to describe different states of mind. States of how conscious or unconscious one was, comparisons to activities (with examples) of how people were behaving differently in the same situations depending on what 'state of mind' they were perceiving with ... it was a step by step for raising consciousness (with comparative examples), like a modern day self help shamanism book.

      But alas, talking about it this way illicits horror from both Christians and atheists alike (although it's funny just how much atheists DO actually have in their heads about the wrong thinking of modern interpretations of that book, the same ideas the people who think they understand it have ... but don't tell an atheist they're actually still a modern Christian full through in their thinking, they'll freak, lol.)

      Yes, it's been something I've just kept to myself what I saw in that book. I even got kicked out of a few churches that I went into after I read it, for trying to talk to people about my insights into what I thought the whole thing was about. Yikes ... out, out you heathen, how dare you read our book and say what you're saying about it ... blasphemy!!

      So ya, I just shut up about it after that. I even lost a good friend over it. To me, it was just psychology and quantum physics lessons 101. How to merge the subconscious into the conscious to create a more whole mind that interprets things symbolically. Same thing that happens with any really good meditation regime, the subconscious dumps into the conscious mind and merges, the left and right hemispheres balance, etc, etc..

      But ya, don't tell a Texan that, you'll get stoned. And not the kind of stoned you think, lol.

      I remember Job often ... that which I feared most, happened to me. Yikes!

    3. Thanks for replying. Yes, a lot of it is about states of consciousness, especially those words attributed to Jesus of Nazareth. Lots of mysticism there. Lots in other religions, too.

    4. LWA,

      Don't mean to be facetious or anything. You seem to come up with concepts that I more familiar with witnessing among Rastafarian wise ones. I mentioned something to you day before yesterday on a little post above. Now you talk about (timely) holes in the weather, which makes me think about Haile Selassie's visit to Jamaica decades ago. Rastafarians (to whom he is "god,") crowded the airport, totally beyond control by the authorities. Some people were terrified at the lit spliffs so close to the plane. It was raining, but as the plane's wheels touched the ground, the rain stopped. Cheers. Exultation. I would not be one to doubt that the right thing, however seemingly impossible, can be done through understanding and wisemind. And, no, I wouldn't dare to say this on NBL.

    5. And a good amount of it is also just plain old common sense behavior explained in plain old easy to read english too. (King James of course.)

      That's the part that gets me puzzled about what's happening with some of the people in the U.S. these days.

      Three words for them ... Just Read It !

      Nope. Easier to imagine what it might be saying I guess. lol.

      (Well, not lol I guess.)


    6. That's not facetious at all Artleads. Nobody owns reality, it's here for all of us to partake in. And dude ... I played in a Reggae band for quite a few years. I was a white dude in the band, but the lead singer/sax player/keys player/everything player was a full blown rasta dude. A dear friend. He turned mw onto some very cool ideas and mysticism concepts as a young guy. A huge influence on me in my twenties.

      I have no doubt my friend, and yes ... the weather is one of the easiest things to influence. Some would say your not much of a witch at all if you can't affect the weather. And it's often one of the first things to show itself to you as a learning tool for this. Believe it or not, nature tries and tries to help us, over and over and over. Too few notice.

      Thanks for the Monk tune. I can see now why you must have liked the Hawaiian reggae I layed out at NBL the other day when you slipped by. See ... that must have been in anticipation of you. It's all a big web man, all connected like that.

      I like you more and more all the time Artleads. I've hung with the rasta vibe before. Hugest joints I ever smoked, lol. (No thanks, I may have had enough ... oh no, I think you need just a little more man.)


      Love it. Love I.

    7. .
      I hope everyone won't flee in outrage from this post, but since ogf and I started talking about non mainstream interpretations of bible stuff, and since this ties so much into something Satish and I have discussed in several different ways, I thought I would do a little redirecting of a first few of the ten commandments. Then, I will avoid this topic after this, it's very contentious for people these days it seems.

      The LWA view of the commandos ...

      1. I am the Lord thy God

      Ya, notice the 'I' there? That means YOU. YOU have an internal knowing that is tailored for YOUR journey down here. Listen to it, and not to some guy from Oxford with his blah blah blah blah. Listen to YOUR guidance, not someone else's.

      2. Thou shalt have no other gods before me

      See, redundancy. People really need to have this drilled in it seems or they don't get it. Don't let some dude from Oxford get you following HIS internal guidance, that's for him, not you. His 'knowing' is useless for you, it's for him only. You have your OWN guidance internally ... follow it, not someone else's. Even if that other dude's 'knowing' works great for him, it's meant for him, not for you. You have your own. Don't put his before yours ... or you'll hit the bush and burn, the burning bush (ha, little joke there.)

      Really, that's what I meant when I meant there can be multiple truths. Your truth sets you down your appropriate road, and his or her truth sets him or her down their appropriate road. As soon as your not following your own path and start living someone else's life based on their 'knowing' ... your toast.

      That's why I'm so opposed to empire's schools and authorities we are all supposed to cite and check in with. The 'one true reality' of the scientists, for example.

      See how they screwed us? They even made these commandments sound like the opposite of what they meant (by making the concept of god an external authority instead of it meaning YOU internally. This is what Satish and I have been talking about.

      3. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image

      A graven image ... a statue or a picture of a god. You mean like a sky daddy with a beard in a chair that kicks your ass for being naughty and for not listening to authorities? Oh my gosh ... you mean like the anthropomorphic God of modern Christians? But it says NOT to do that, not to fall for that trick. Oh my, how did this all get so turned around backwards? (Think empire, think 'empire.')

      No external image of a god. ... YOU!

      4. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain

      Yup. Don't EVER doubt yourself (like they teach you to do in school.) Or curse yourself, or call yourself stupid, or let someone get you calling yourself dumb for what you know to be true (for you), or let someone get you to start thinking your not worthy. Gee, like how empire tells us to listen to them and not ourselves by getting us to think we need citations from Oxford because we are to dumb to know things? Thinking that the 'I' you are is dumb is taking the name of the lord thy god (I) in vain.

      Ha, that was a lot of restating the same thing over and over for people. Yet still people get it ass backwards.

      What are ya gonna do, hey? They had a little help interpreting that advice from tricksy empire and the tricksy empire church.

      It was supposed to direct your to an internal authority, not get you to relinquish to an external authority or external god in the sky. Oh well. Shucks, hey?

      (The other commandments are pretty darn obvious ... they say don't do dumb shit. Which if you follow your inner guidance, you won't.)

      End of church. Now go play in the garden. But don't burn it down please. Ok? Just don't burn it down.

      Oh look, they burnt it down. Doh! (Thanks for reversing the meaning of all this on us there empire.)

      It's not about an anthropomorphic god at all. It's your owner/operator manual for how to drive YOU.

      Peace peeps.

    8. Nice one, LWA. It firms up the advice once given me: "Pray to yourself."

    9. "Believe it or not, nature tries and tries to help us, over and over and over. Too few notice."

      I wonder about this a lot. The language of nature. How does nature communicate with us? I am certain our ancestors and the indigenous/tribal/native people of yesterday and today are familiar with this language of nature. For instance, tracking is a skill that incorporates much conversation with nature. I don't know much more about the language of nature and I would like to learn. If you have any recommendations, I'd be grateful.

      On the topic of religion, there's organized religion and there's esoteric religion. Organized religion smacks of some of the same evils of modern civilization because it's really part and parcel of it: hierarchy, authority, etc. Esoteric religion, on the other hand, attempts to convey nature's laws. Those things that are true for one and all, so no one is left to their own devices guessing about certain fundamental laws of creation. Perhaps the notion of karma is one of those laws?

      Empire indeed! The single most important factor in the corruption of religion and religious texts. The real thing is somewhere in there, it's just harder to find. Similar to how one can find so much on the Internet but it's just harder to find amidst all the distractions and lies. It takes some serious practice and skill to discern, to separate the wheat from the chaff. Not everyone can do it. Most people can't do it. So they eschew religion altogether. They turn into atheists and agnostics and "apathetics"!

    10. .
      "Believe it or not, nature tries and tries to help us, over and over and over. Too few notice."

      Satish, when I said this I thinking in the context of the weather affecting conversation. Here's how nature first showed me I was connected to her in more ways than I thought. Just like how that Arrrgh fellow at NBL hinted at in his one and only post at NBL, I began one day to notice that my moods seemed to be connected to the weather. But what I noticed was, that in some instances, it was my mood first, and then the weather reacted, and not the other way around.

      The same as Arrrgh noticed, a huge emotional event, particularly one with anger and deep serious fighting over something exasperating in the mind, can bring on a severe thunderstorm. This was clearly demonstrated too in Shakespeare's 'The Tempest.' Yet people read or see the play and think it was just metaphor or fantasy. No, he was literally demonstrating a human caused tempest in that play. Old Bill knew about this.

      I've brought on tempests before, and had one in the culmination of an event I was going through with some nasty rental neighbors that were being bully's to us. For brevity, I won't go into detail, but suffice to say it was bad, and obvious that they were doing many things intentionally just to mock and wreck the peace we had enjoyed in our 'nature based yard.' You'll just have to trust me without a full explanation, but I had identified intent to disrupt in their actions, and was just sick over how they were managing to chase us out of the sacred space we had created for ourselves over the years before these disruptive people had arrived. In short, they had become hostile to us ... they had a clear disdain for our environmentally conscious ways, as do many people in Alberta these days.

      One night, on the worst night they could have chosen, mid week and before an important day for someone else in my home, they had yet another one of their drunken, loud, intimidating parties in the yard. I was at my wits end. As I paced and paced (I know, not very zen of me, but I'd had it) this storm blew in. It turned into one of the most torrential rains and violent thunderstorms we'd had in years ... out of a beautiful calm night, out of nowhere. Before the rain drove them out of the yard ... the violent wind had come up and was blowing sparks from their fire up into their faces, and there were many oohs and ahs from them. As the extreme and unusually violent thunder and lightning approached, and before the torrential deluge, their oohs and ahs at the approaching lightning show had turned into concern as the bolts started to get right into our area and had become rapid fire, like I'd almost never seen before from a local storm ... continual violence. The partiers literally became frightened as they defiantly tried to defy the storm and continue with their past midnight midweek rabble rousing. Then the downpour came, put out their fire, and drove them back into the house. Ten the storm just moved on almost immediately. But, the party was over, they had gone out to a bar.

      Long boring story I know. But the point is, it isn't the first time I have seen the weather react to ME and my state of mind. I have been sad before, and then realized a gloomy drizzle had enveloped the area for the few days that I was sad and depressed. I have seen the sun shine on the most beautiful day in response to my absolute thrill and exuberance over being alive, with a plan to go out and putter in my nature sanctuary yard. In short Satish, the weather has screamed out to me many, many times ... 'hey dude, we are connected you and I, I hear you, and I am connected to you, I will respond to you, notice this connection and pay attention to me ... I am you too, a part of you, we are not separate you and I'

      That's what I mean by "Believe it or not, nature tries and tries to help us, over and over and over. Too few notice."

    11. Most people say, 'ya right, your crazy, it's not like that.' And so, the weather doesn't like them and won't work with them, won't help them. Nature is sad when we ignore her when she is trying to reach out to us.

    12. .
      As a second part of my dialogue on this connection to nature thing Satish, I could suggest you read the whole Carlos Castaneda series. It works best if you have access to nature in order to try the things Don Juan demonstrates to Carlos in the books, rather than just intellectualizing them and too quickly moving on to the next exiting intellectual part of the book. They are things to DO and TRY, not to just read about and imagine and oh and awe at. And you don't need the plant drugs Don Juan was always giving to Carlos ... if you can suspend your disbelief it all works just as well without weird drugs. It's best to do it without the drugs, actually, because as the vedics know, the drugs are too harsh, to forceful, and can even harm the subtle bodies after awhile. You should 'get out', not be 'forced out' with a drug.

      Looking for 'power spots' in nature (and not with logic, logic gets you into the WRONG spots, so haha to the logic) ... and then noticing once you can find them that other animals leave signs that they also frequent and enjoy these spots too ... is a great way to get some validation that this is all very real, this ancient and lost way of perceiving. It changes your life, or it can anyway ... at least as far as gaining a different understanding of nature and of our our forgotten senses goes.

      To get back to my idea that "Believe it or not, nature tries and tries to help us, over and over and over. Too few notice." In one of the first books, Don Juan tells Carlos a story. He tells about a man walking down the sidewalk on some city street. A feather falls in front of him, and he doesn't even notice, he's to distracted with his life to even notice. A little further along, another feather drops, and the man notices, but thinks, 'meh, a feather, must be some bird somewhere. Hrmmmph.' Spirit is saddened by this reaction, it so much wants the man to notice there is magic happening all around him, if he would just pay attention to it.

      Finally, a little pebble rolls out from under a hedge and hits the man in the foot, and he stops for a moment in puzzlement. Then, at that very moment, another feather falls right in front of the man, floating down past his field of vision. This time the man does notice, and thinks, 'this is very odd, there is no bird flying around, what's with these darn feathers?' It makes no sense', thinks the man, and he is intrigued. At this point spirit is so happy ... the man has noticed spirit !! Spirit loves this when distracted and befuddled man notices that spirit is actually real and really there. If the man keeps noticing, spirit will keep showing the man things, and over time spirit may even become a great ally to the man. Spirit wants to show man many of things he has forgotten and ignored, if only he would just pay attention and notice spirit trying to help him.

      "Believe it or not, nature tries and tries to help us, over and over and over. Too few notice."

      That's what I meant. And the weather is only one of many amazing things to notice about nature, but it's an easy one to start with. Everywhere you go, there's always the weather. Spirit's always there too, if we would just slow down and notice her reaching her hand out to us, hoping we will listen.

      If you notice and love nature, she will help you. She wants to help you. If you ignore her and abuse her, well, perhaps the opposite will happen.

  7. Quote shep:

    " The good news comrades: the end IS near!"

    Hell yeah, the End has always been very near to me all my life from early childhood on. I got used to it. Actually, Death teached me, to look beyond Empire.

    " Hell is no punishment, it's just training."

    Shunryu Suzuki

    1. Nemesis, I have a question for you... this is something I have been wondering about lately... you mention karma/vipaka. And that no one is immune to the law of karma. It's reasonable to assume that someone who is aware of the ill-effects of what they are doing, but goes ahead and does it anyway is bound by the law of karma. But what about someone who is unaware? I know many people (and I used to be one of them too) who think they are saving the world but what they do only goes to destroy it. In the court of karma, do they get to argue their case citing ignorance of the effects of their actions? The effects were not visible, they were way downstream and they never knew that writing software for a large corporation ultimately equals deforestation in the Amazon and the bleaching of coral reefs. Or do they pay for their actions anyway because they were in a position to find out about the true repercussions of their activity (not the spiel given to them by their human resource department or the overseers of corporate culture, but the real repercussions). In effect, are they responsible for their actions if they weren't fully conscious of their impact? Or are they responsible no matter what, considering that expanding their consciousness was their primary responsibility? Like a child who inserts his hand into a candle flame feels pain despite his lack of consciousness of heat. How to square it?

      Others, please chime in!

    2. To make a long story short:

      As soon, as you bite the apple and get conscious, you are responsible for any action you do. The more you get conscious, the more you are responsible. But no matter, if you are conscious or not, the law of gravity is always working, no matter, if you are conscious or not. Yes, the Fire is always hot, no matter, if you know or respect it or not. This is why we are here:

      To learn, that we are the Universe, we are gravity, we are the Fire, we are the Laws of Nature. We can ignore it and suffer the consequences blindly or we can learn it and carry our responsibility willingly.

      To answer your question about "But what about someone who is unaware?":

      If a man wants to do good, but the outcome is bad, then he will suffer the consequences. That's, what physics teaches. All we can do is, to get more and more conscious and try to avoid bad outcomes. We are here to learn through trial and error anyway, the whole Universe is here to learn through trial and error. And nobody is lost forever, no matter, what Karma/Vipaka, there is always a chance to do better next time.

    3. To be more specific about your question "But what about someone who is unaware?":

      If you walk on a roof and fall down, you will get hurt, no matter, if you are aware of gravity or not.

    4. To me, it's not so much about moral or punishment, to me, it's about Love/Compassion and Consciousness. Respect the Laws of the Universe and you respect yourself. Once I said to a friend:

      If one can't love, then one should consider Karma/Vipaka. If one can't consider Karma/Vipaka, then one should consider moral and ethics. If one can't consider moral and ethics, then one should consider hard physics. If one can't consider hard physics, then one is prepared for BIG trouble.

      The LAW is written within everyone of us, within our minds, spirits, flesh and bones forever, eternally.

    5. Nemisis,

      On reading your comments I think how extraordinary and deep.

      If you don't know better and do the wrong thing, it connects to a chain of undesirable outcomes. Somehow. Somewhere. But my guess is that many individuals are so lowly evolved (or whatever) that they live and die doing the wrong things without feeling any conscious (karmic) reprisal. Happy as a lark they go, writing software for Google. Maybe karma as punishment isn't so easily understood. Maybe enlightenment can be its own reward.

      I have no thoughts about eternity. I'm mostly mired in the visceral feeling that I am real and live in a real world. Yet, on greater reflection, I don't see how the world can be real. Never mind that. It's too heavy a burden to deal with such mysteries. I allow myself only that tiny fraction of space that allows me to behave AS IF it is real. More than that is just idle talk (for me!!!!!).

      Unlike Nem, I have no idea about or preoccupation with death. All living organisms seem to shun it, although the "wiser" elements within life make honorable room for it. My mother, who lived to be unusually old, kept talking as if life and death were complimentary, oft saying she had no fear of death. But I'm not at her level. I'm like all the other life forms I'm aware of. They just want to live. Period.

      I've been bestowed extraordinary advantages in this world. I want to use those advantages to expand and enable life, to solve problems that only appear to be insoluble. I might never pass this way again, so I do what I can in the here and now.

      Not sure what inspired me to look this up. But FWIW...

      Psalm 46:10New International Version (NIV)

      10 He says, “Be still, and know that I am God;
      I will be exalted among the nations,
      I will be exalted in the earth.”

    6. Another (or related?) view on limiting ourselves?

      "A reverence for life is a reverence for wildness. A reverence for life beyond your control. Something you don’t dominate. That is the native habitat of new ideas. Of real humanity — to expose yourself to things beyond your control. And just ride out the consequences. That is what I seek and want to protect. Elements that are beyond our control.

      - Doug Peacock, from a Rod MacIver interview, excerpted in Meditations on Nature, Meditations on Silence"

  8. Too many great, inspiring comments here at Kuku, I have to go back to my geetar, she is very jealous, haha. Anyway, thanks very much, Satish Musunuru for another great post and for sharing this beautiful place.


  9. Thirst, bodily thirst is haunting. But even more haunting is the thirst within the mind, the thirst for wisdom, the thirst for consciousness, the spiritual thirst. Whoever drinks from the cosmic source of wisdom, will never be spiritually thirsty again. Then, questions like "Where do I come from?" or "What happens after Death?" or "Is the Universe infinite of finite?" ect ect ect are just for amusement. No matter, if you live or if you die, you will always be AT HOME then.

  10. Ran into this little jewel on a channel called "Investigation Discovery" #285 on Direct-V.

    The format is to present a crime case: the 'facts', the back story, as many twists and turns as possible (obvious/not so obvious feint's toward innocent people, the trial and THE VERDICT. Tah Dah.

    Most of the time I find it very interesting. Today a story was broadcast about "Facilitated Communication." This was supposed to be a way for autistic individuals to say what was really on their minds.

    In today's episode, an autistic child is 'assisted' to communicate. She happily states that her father is abusing her! The parent goes to solitary. The prosecutor will NOT back down! I do not understand how the father didn't get permit to carry a gun and just fuckin' kill the slick ass bastard.

    The state of Kentucky, a good old whitey state, payed out millions. What the hell good is this comapred to the damage done.

    Turns out it is scientific crap which any fool can see from the very get go.

    Reminds me of BUD.

    I'm changing my mantra: the end is HERE, every minute of every day for billions.

    1. .

      Did you know computers are considered the first invention to be sold where the need for it was invented AFTER they first had the thing that they wanted to sell to people?

      People have been scrambling since day one to invent reasons for people to want to buy computers en mass.

      That's how we wind up with stupid crap like Facilitated communication software, and facebook, and texting while driving. Nobody needed a computer, but they wanted to sell them, so they got to thinking how they could convince people to want to use them.

      A shovel and rake were invented to service a real need that had arisen. The need came first, and then the invention followed. Not so with computers. The Tao would say that sort of backwards energy flow simply HAS to turn out badly, which I think it probably has. (I can see how, but I'll spare you the volumes of my observations on the matter.)

  11. Thanks for your thoughts, Nemesis and LWA... plenty to chew upon now.

  12. There are many misconceptions about Karma, especially in the western, christianized world. Even people, who consider themselves as atheists, none-christians, can nevertheless be very influenced, conditioned by the ideology behind christianity. Christianity influenced the western schoolsystem, philosophy, jurisdiction and so on. Most western people think about Karma like some "punishment" because of some moral misconduct. But Karma has nothing to do with punishment. The sanskrit root of Karma is "kr" or "kri", that means "action", "to do", "deed", "willpower". It is the force behind any movement that is rooted in volition, willingness, wanting. Karma is the logical, psychophysical constant within our very own physical and psychological being. The teaching of Karma is like some ancient psychology:

    Everbody has specific, in- dividual behavior, specific, individual affections and aversions and therefore he acts according to these affections and aversions. In that sense, when one is not conscious about ones affections/aversions and not in control of these preconditions to a certain degree, then one is a slave of ones own Karma. Many people get born, are nurtered, educated by their parents, then by school, at work, through the media, through peer groups ect ect. They experience certain living conditions, meet certain people, read certain books, learn certain things and all these experiences shape their character and their behavior. So, everyone has a specific, in- dividual bio- graphy. Bio- graphy means, it is written in your brain physically and written in you mind psychologically/spiritually:

    Every action, every deed, every thought, every emotion leaves a trace in your brain and from there on you decide, what's next. When someone is thirsty, one might think of a glas of water, another one might think of a cup of tea, another might think of a glas of beer and so on. Your decision depends on your Karma. One person might be an atheist, another one might be a theist and yet another one might be agnostic or animist ect. It depends on your Karma, what kind of worldview you prefer. Someone might be full of hatred, another one full of love and yet another one full of indifference- it depends on ones Karma.

    And then there is Vipaka. Vipaka is the fruit, the outcome of your karmic deeds, the fruit of your karmic seeds. Karma is the seed and Vipaka is the fruit. When one is full of hatred, then one loses most friends, then one has only very few friends, if any- that's Vipaka. When one might be thirsty and drinks a bottle of vodka and falls down some stairs- that's Vipaka.

    1. So, Karma and Vipaka has nothing to do with punishment in the ordinary, mostly christian influenced moral sense. It is the cosmic law of "sowing and reaping":

      Do this and you get this, do that and you get that. BUT Karma and Vipaka are not completely deterministic, mechanic in the modern, scientific, materialistic, technological sense. The karmic traces and seeds in the brain, the traces and seeds in the mind, the traces and seeds in the character, the affections and aversions and conditions ect can be changed. Maybe you like coffee for 20 years and then you let go of coffee and you prefer tea for the rest of your life. Or you are an atheist for 20 years and suddenly, you meet the burning bush. And also Vipaka is not completely determinstic, Vipaka is not purely mechanical. For instance, you get thirsty, you drink a bottle of vodka, but you don't fall down the stairs. Or you fall down the stairs and brake your left leg and a week later, you drink a bottle of vodka and you brake your right leg. Or you smoke your whole life and get cancer, while another one smokes a whole life, but get's no cancer. So, Vipaka is not completely deterministic.

      Another misconseption in the western world (but also, from time to time, in the indian world) about Karma/Vipaka is the claim, that, when someone might be a shudra for instance and suffers a life of misery from birth on, then that's because of his Karma in his former life. That's a bad socio-political misconception, because there is no, there can not be any evidence for such a claim whatsoever. The cast system in India is an example for a (socio-political) misconception of Karma.

    2. Additional remark:

      It is not possible, to distinct between Karma and Vipaka in an absolute sense. It is like seed and fruit:

      When does the seed end and the fruit begin? No one can say.

      So, after all, Karma and Vipaka is the most inner Dharma, the most inner law of life and death and everything in between. It is like a perpetuum mobile, always at work, without beginning and without ending.

      Btw: Some say, a Buddha or Bodhisatva has no Karma, no Vipaka, but that's not true. He is free from Karma and Vipaka in the sense, that he does not CLING to Karma and Vipaka. He is fluid, flexible, open, free and he is conscious about Karma and Vipaka, he is a being standing on his very own feet, open and flexible, no slave of Karma and Vipaka.

  13. .
    I guess the point of pointing you to Don Juan, who will not in any way show you everything there is to discover about all this, is that he will point you toward learning how to actually interact with nature. He can show you how it's more than just something to walk in and admire, or to just love and appreciate as some sort of admiring observer. It's something that will actually interact with you and respond to you. And I don't mean by gardening necessarily either, that's materialist thinking. I mean respond and interact like how you might wave at a neighbor on your street, and how they will respond and wave back ... in real time.

    This is the connection that has been lost. But when you tell people that nature can be interacted with in this way, the materialist trained mind says that's crap, and casts the thought off as nonsense and stupidity. That's what that story I relayed from Don Juan was trying to point out. That nature IS trying to interact with us, just in a language we've forgotten, and with perceptions we have been trained out of using. These communications and reciprocal interactions happen around us all the time still, but we just rationalize excuses for them now and come up with our own different 'reasons' for why something happened, or for why something occurred the way it did ... materialist explanations.

    After Don Juan, you may even get interested in animal signatures (signs or omens the indigenous called them), and why they appear out of nature to us when they do, and why it means certain things. It's because everything is energy, even Tesla tried to tell the world that (but was silenced and mocked for it.) Our eyes and other senses just convert those energy patterns and signatures into something we perceive of as a flatland reality, but it's really just waves of energy we are perceiving, light waves, sonic waves, etc, etc. Animals like and are attracted to certain energy patterns, each in unique ways, so they show up around these signatures whenever they are passing through your area, and so do plants do that in how and where they like to grow themselves. Haven't you ever noticed that when people in the city are all frenetic, that they all behave that way on the same days, in unison? That is people responding to waves of energy passing through places too. If you pay attention ... it's happening all the time. Scientists just tell us it isn't because they can't hone in on the randomness or recreate the effect in their labs. There is also no interest from empire by research into these subjects, it goes against empires desire to exploit.

    1. .
      The point of why I've been trying to share this knowledge with people, like on NBL, is because you can, using your behavior and consciousness (once you alter your consciousness to something that isn't toxic), actually change the way areas and nature will react and respond to you, to us. My hope was that people could learn to get nature back on board with us on some kind of mass scale, rather than having her just wanting to eradicate us. I'm afraid it seems futile though. People just call me a religious wacko and say, 'ya, sure ... I see crazy people like you going to American conservative republican churches everyday, now get lost.' No, I don't go to church, and have lost hope in all modern Christians pretty much as well. It's like oldgrowth said, with the right way of looking at things, the garden of Eden provides, happily and willingly, for all your needs. But with the wrong way of perceiving our world (physical scientism, which most claimed Christians now believe in fully themselves), nature has become really, really angry toward us. It's because we are toxic to her, and so look what she's doing. I have no doubt why this is happening. It could be changed, but this seems to be lost knowledge for everyone everywhere in today's warped world.

      Anyway. I have little hope anymore of convincing people about things they just keep casting off as religious woo. And no, nature doesn't interact much with hard science types ... because all they do to her is cut her up trying to find some clock, or warp her to their own exploitative advantage, and she is very aware of that. She's very aware of people's intentions ... duh, she's conscious too you know, just like we are ... no different from us at all ... (why would scientists think we are unique in nature, we're just another animal and part of her after all !!!) A scientistic consciousness is warped and wrong and just toxic to nature, so she is rebelling against our worldview big time. People have lost touch with how to tune in and figure out how nature actually wants to interact and work collaboratively with us. Worldwide (empire has done this intentionally, just ask the aboriginal peoples ... to the gallows with all of them.)

      The science types even ignored what Tesla said about our world being just energy (he was choked at Einstein, and for good reason too), though they happily stole his understanding of electromagnetic energy and used it for their own perverted purposes. The first step to getting back to nature is learning once again how to literally communicate with her. Not just by appreciating nature and observing nature, but by actually merging with her in energetic conversation, but you don't do that with your mouth (though you can, she just doesn't respond back that way, she responds in subtler ways.) Don Juan can be a good start ... it's a whole different reality out there than what we thought (or were told.)

      It's about learning how to communicate reciprocally with nature. rather than treating it like an objective 'thing' that has no consciousness or intelligence of it's own. Humanism. Instead, we should be understanding it as earthlingism ... or total realityism, lol.

      Anyway ... what do I know. Nobody's listening anyway.

    2. .
      Oh, and since I told you about Regina from Mexico already ... it should be no surprise this knowledge from Don Juan came out of Mexico, right after 1969, after the energy center for the planet moved out of Tibet and was relocated in Mexico. Yes, Don Juan can be a good place to start, and that's why that message came out of there when it did.

      Peace peeps. :)

    3. Man, you share extraordinary, very inspiring thoughts. I know exactly what you are talking about. I have conncetion to Nature too, even hypersensitive sometimes. I had deepest connection to the waether, to storms, rain, thunder and lightning. It was like I and the weather were one. And 2, 3 times a vast, real rainbow appeared and I knew it was connected to me in a synconistic sense, it came "from within". The real native people know all that shit and they are always connected, always and ever. But not only native people. There are some some rare people in the western world too.

      Yoh, beautiful, true, timeless thoughts you share. Thanks man, I feel heightened now.

    4. I remember another incidence, when I was on the road on bike with my best friend for some days. Suddenly a falcon appeard high up the sky and he followed us for a very long time, I don't remeber how long, but my friend and I we were really very astonished, it was maybe an hour or longer.

    5. Hahaha, yoh, Sir LWA, you wipe them out with your lighning thoughts and visions, you wipe them out, those Empire scientificists. Yep, from now on I just call these scientific fundamentalists "scientificists", they cling to "scientificism". You know, I respect REAL science, but not fundamentalist scientificism.

    6. .
      Yes Nem, if you think it through, shamanic observations are observations about how the world works, no different than are those of scientists. That's why I don't mind Guy McP ... because he just observes and draws conclusions, he's not cutting up dogs or looking to exploit something for some company (he actually refused to do that, and I admire that ... I made a few of those choices for myself like that too in my life, a lot of them actually.)

      With animal omens, I do have some books ... Steven D. Farmer (PhD no less) and Ted Andrews are a few people trying to observe connections between energy patterns, and the animals that show up when these patterns are present. However, I like to make my own observations too ... what's happening when this animal is showing itself to me ... is there a pattern here? Oh look, there is a pattern, well would you look at that ! Then, after identifying a pattern ... when I see the animal again, I think, 'ok, time to look out for that grumpy guy again ... or to remember to remain calm, there might be an ordeal coming again like the last time this animal was hanging around this energy.'

      It's actually very scientific and observational ... just like any good scientist should be doing ... making observations and making connections. I like how Tom Campbell said how the scientific method is only good for really common, concrete, repeating things. But what about other observations? Nope, the scientists reject those. Well, that's too narrow. We need to realize that while it's good for some things, the scientific method has limitations. Yet scientificists cling to it like it was god or a bible to them. It's just a thing, but it's not everything.

      Scientificists also say, 'Gee, is it ok'd by Oxford in a paper?' If it's not, then it doesn't exist. Then some empire dude snickers in the corner because he just didn't want that knowledge available to the public, usually because it identified exploitation as bad, or helped the sort of people who might be against exploitation.

      Gee, look at all these people who have telepathic or empathic abilities ... what does Oxford have to say about it?

      (Makes call) Nope, doesn't exist ... despite what I see happening in front of my own face.

      (Some dude at Oxford snickers.)

      Yes, indigenous peoples. and particularly their shamans, were just making good scientific observations about their world. Science (the good kind.) The problem was, some people found their observations to be inconvenient truths. And then when the sheeple watch to much TV, there gets to be problems. Problems like we see at NBL. Closed minds. Made up minds, or ... minds 'made up' with bullshit. That's how we got Einstein stopping the research into the quantum discoveries made with the double slit experiment for a hundred years. It was popular opinion over good observations, and a few people dependent on paychecks thrown in there too.

      I enjoyed your thoughts on karma Nem. Thanks back to you as well for sharing your insights and ideas with us. :)

    7. LWA, I'm with you when you talk about all the different ways that Empire has influenced us and how we are not aware of the many lenses we wear when we look at things, when we perceive things. Those lenses were inserted there between our eyes and the objects we look at, by Empire. We often fail to see the lenses we look through.

    8. Yup. Been thinking about LWA's posts too. More from the angle of animism, though. Building on what Satish has posted in the past.

    9. I've haven't read Castaneda's works in a couple of decades; some of his descriptions match Gnostic Christianity's views on the demiurge and archons. Don Juan's description of the invading mind that has led humans to be insane -

      I think I'll reread some of his books, LWA. That connection with nature, I notice it sometimes, but what you said about weather is intriguing. I shall be attempting cloudbusting in the near future!

    10. Thanks for your response solivagant.

      That connection with nature, I notice it sometimes...

      What I did was actively pursued the insights and connections Don Juan taught Carlos about, that's what made it 'real' for me. Just reading about it would have been like reading any book ... intellectualized but not actualized. To develop that connection better I would recommend DOING the things rather than just reading them and just moving on in the book. Try the things he shows Carlos ... the things that you can anyway.

      I looked for power spots using instinct and learned to stop making logical choices in the matter. I wound up sitting in some pretty stupid places no logical person would have ever chosen ... but them something interesting would always happen that the person resting in the logical spot would have never encountered.

      I also did the gait of power a lot ... and it was so stupid a position to assume for moving about that I would laugh at myself. However, it worked though. I've run through the center of a thick forest at night and it was like the trees weren't even there. That is, until I thought ... this can't be ... and bam, straight into a tree and almost poked my eyes out. lol

      I was lucky, I had my own forest to experiment with at my leisure.

      It was decades ago I read them too, and I actually never even wound up reading the last two books (I think I maybe should though after reading your excerpt ... so thank you for that.)

      Yes ... he's not everything to me ... but it sure seemed to be the thing that broke me from my civilized thinking ... by working with his concepts as intently as I did back then. Most people I know just read the books ... I DID the books. Ahem, I've never been the same since. Once you break the illusion of a firm consistent reality without the use of drugs ... it sort of sends you somewhere you never quite return from.

      Many other philosophies I've explored since have only just continued to confirm to me that reality is a lot more fluid and malleable than we think. It's left me recently thinking a lot about quantum physics ... to me, that explains it.

      But like I say ... don't just read it, it really has to be experienced and lived to sink in. It has to become real ... or I think it's just a book then like any other. Then after awhile you'll get enough momentum to just live it in your own unique way, doing whatever you want to play around by with using the knowledge. After awhile you forget it even came from Don Juan's teaching ... it just becomes a new way to move through the world, largely in your own way too after awhile. I think it 'busts you loose' in a way.

      I had at first hoped to change the world with what I saw and experienced. Good luck with that ... and as if. I've met very few people who were even interested. Even others I've met who've read the books have not had the same experience as me with the material. I assume they just read it though, like a novel. I actually took my clothes of and ran through the fields naked ... hahahaha.

      Thanks again for taking the time to respond. Good luck if you look into the books again. Buyer beware, lol. :)

  14. " t's really just waves of energy we are perceiving, light waves, sonic waves, etc, etc. Animals like and are attracted to certain energy patterns, each in unique ways, so they show up around these signatures whenever they are passing through your area, and so do plants do that in how and where they like to grow themselves. Haven't you ever noticed that when people in the city are all frenetic, that they all behave that way on the same days, in unison? That is people responding to waves of energy passing through places too. If you pay attention ... it's happening all the time."

    That's what Levy-Bruhl called "participation mystique":

  15. LWA, Nemesis,

    I now have a book called 'Becoming Nature', 'Learning the Language of Wild Animals and Plants.' by Tamarack Song.

    There is little that I understand about what you fellows say but I noticed this comment by Song when I was thumbing thru the book for the first time.

    "We have to be careful about drawing the same parallel between hunter-gathers and urbanized Humans as between Wolves and Dogs. Unlike Dogs, all humans are still genetically hunter-gathers. No one has bred us to be more suited to domestic life than wild life, and our species has not yet lived domestically long enough for natural selection to do the job. Stone Age and modern Humans, then, are genetically and functionally the same.

    This means that communicating in Nature Speak will come more naturally between Humans and wild animals than between Humans and domestic animals."

    This exciting comment opens up some fantastic possibilities.

    It's sad to me though that domesticated pets seem to always look at you with that look of permission.

    My two are so close to me it is going to real tough for me to lose them. Selfishly, I want to go first. I do not think I could stand it if one of them died before me. On the other hand, they will be devastated when I go.
    Hardly a good situation either way.

    It is so heartening to see them run to me, as fast as they possibly can when I've be away for a day or so. I filmed it once. Our love for each other appears to be unconditional even if it is domesticated. I know it is for my part.

    1. That sounds like a good book shep. Maybe after you've read it you can share about it and share some of your experiences and field research.

      I know what you mean, I always bond deeply with my pets, and always have. I'm sure that's why I leaned into stretching that connection out into all of nature (plants included) when I once lived surrounded by a forest for a portion of my life. It just seemed to be the obvious thing to do. Yet, the family members I lived with didn't really show the same curiosity for some reason, and stayed fairly civilized about the whole affair. No walks into the dark, wild forest by moonlight for them, lol.

      I've always found it bizarre how some people have no connection to animals or even pets at all, and subsequently hold many assumptions about animals not even feeling pain, or not having any intelligence at all. I feel for those poor souls who've become that far 'gone' and never connected with an animal, not even a pet.

      The way you spoke about your pets warmed my heart shep. Enjoy your book, and please do share anything you find interesting as you go through it. I'd love to hear about it. :)

    2. Love your comment, shep! Nature speak. Always. Some of us lost conscious contact to it, but we are always connected to her, to Nature. When I look into the eyes of an animal or a human being, I see God. Not that christian god, but God as someone, who includes all gods and all beings, the whole Uni- and Multi- Verses. Nature speaks to us every day, every second, within every breath.

  16. Just wanted to greet kuku community and give thanks for the really profound thoughts emerging here.

    Maybe what is called death is the default silence and darkness that is always there despite our tiny blip of a life, but I don't know.

    Any chance one gets to see "Meet the Coywolf", a 2014 documentary, please don't miss it. I believe that this animal is a master like none other.

    Reposting from Land Use Forum

    "Just saw this on PBS. Heartwarming.

    Meet The Coywolf

    Is this the perfect animal for our time?"

    And I'm glad for Nem's lesson on alone-ness.

    1. Hey, Artleader, thanks a lot for positive resonance.

      " Maybe what is called death is the default silence and darkness that is always there..."

      Booom, you hit the nail. Death is the silent background of Life, there is no Music without silence. All in all, the most wise teachers always said:

      " Life and Death are one."

      And yoh, alone-ness. I learned so much from alone-ness, all-one-ness.

      Man, it is a real great, inspiring joy to me, to meet people like you and all the other wanderers through infinity here at Kuku. Satish Musunuru, you do a great job and you are some real cool person. Respect.

    2. " death is the default silence and darkness that is always there..."

      Some call it "Nagual". We slip into it every night, when we go to sleep.

  17. We are rooted in darkness and silence of the night, but our bloom is in the light of day like a lotos or a tree...

    This Nagual, this inner dark and silent realm is the place, where intuition, creation/creativity comes from, it is always at work within us. When you get one with that realm night and day, then you are at home.

  18. " Maybe what is called death is the default silence and darkness that is always there..."

    ah sweet darkness and silence... the very reason I LOVE going to sleep every night, since I can remember.

    It isn't a default mode for me, I invoke it, even waking up to go to sleep again... so refreshing...

    1. Yes, sweet, refreshing silence and darkness. All life, the whole Universe comes from it and goes back to it. The default mode for most people is sleeping, dreaming or awaken. But there is a fourth state of consciousness I refer to when I talk about getting one with that realm night and day, it includes the other three states. It can only be circled by words, but there is no real word for it, words crumble like dust in the wind:

      Not inwardly cognitive, nor outwardly cognitive, not both-wise cognitive,
      not a cognition-mass, not cognitive, not non-cognitive,
      unseen, with which there can be no dealing, ungraspable, having no distinctive mark,
      non-thinkable, that cannot be designated, the essence of assurance,
      of which is the state of being one with the Self
      the cessation of development, tranquil, benign, without a second,
      such they think is the fourth. He is the Self (Atman). He should be discerned.

      — Mandukya Upanishad 7

    2. That's a good description:

      " The conscious sleep state, or sleepless sleep full of bliss."

  19. Just read an article about Cleveland, Mississippi. Just this week, a judge ordered them to desegregate. Turns out they have 2 high schools. One is all white and the other one is all black. I must have read it wrong?

  20. For decades now, I've heard that northern schools are more segregated than ever. If you confine black people to the ghetto and fund the schools on the (non-existing) taxes from the ghetto, you get all black, shithole schools that nobody in their right mind (or not forced to by law) would attend. The trick would be to use segregation--de facto or de jure--to advantage. Like make the black schools so good that white parents want to integrate INTO them. Maybe when pigs fly...

    1. It's more than a SHAME that segregation is still an issue in the 21. century, it's another sign of ongoing Empire sickness. White Europe and white USA enslaved and killed and exploited countless black people during centuries and still they segregate black people. What a shame, shame, shame.

  21. Another point to make is about Fuck-face Obomba. He may be the filthiest snake of them all!

    There he stood at Hiroshima with a Japanese individual sobbing uncontrollably in his arms and not one tear from his black fucking eyes. Worst of all, he would not APOLOGIZE for killing hundreds of thousands of people AFTER the war was OVER.

    In addition, he has NOT protected ONE black from the onslaught of these wolves we call policemen the entire time he has been in office. I can't understand why ANY black votes?

    Oh, if only I had the chance to spit in his bully coward face.

    1. You are right. I can't understand why anyone votes at all. I voted once in my life and never again.

  22. Opening remarks by Garrison Keilor on the 5-28/29/2016 "Prairie Home Companion" show:

    “Good to be with you. Memorial Day weekend, which is proof of a certain kind of an American Genius, to take the commemoration of the dead and to turn it into a weekend to open up your summer cabin, get your boat out on the lake and to water ski and to uh, to have a big hamburger festival. This is what we do; this is what we do!

  23. Apparently Guy's Web Site has been taken down???? I have not be able to access it for 2 days. I guess the police state has officially begun.

    1. I can still get to Guy's site shep. I don't know what would be going on there for you, but it's still there for some of us.

  24. Into the storms of this century I sailed these past few weeks. A giant tropical storm system brewed up covering all of Central America. From the Atlantic to the Pacific a thousand miles of thundering rain. Bucking waves. Electric bolt skies. Endless days & nights of raw power. There is no survival, only becoming one with the booming thrashing elements. No time, not even seconds,,,,no me,,,no boat,,,,nothing to stay a float,,,,a return to the eternal forces. The real energy source. Nothing solid. Deep dark seas below. A galaxy of stars above I can no longer see. TURBULANCE. Volcano Turrialba in Costa Rica is erupting. The Earth is alive yet it barely exists in the vast scope of the local cluster of solar systems far out on the spinning arm of this galaxy. All these galaxies combined - a cluster of galaxies forming a single tiny dot of light in the cosmic superstructure connected to strands of galactic structures. And it all looks like it could fit into a Planck length neuron. In the vast scope way down this pale blue dot is but a dream inside a dolphin embryo yet to be born. Seas inside of seas. Pluck a single atom from all the sands on Mars. Oh, but the entire universe....really??? None of the stars are what anything thinks they are.

    Salt in my hair, nose, in between my toes. I pour into a Panama City hotel business center. Air conditioned. CNN. Clocks set for every time zone. Time to admit I'm back on the grid. Turned it off in my mind for awhile but we do not shut it down. Container ships of every Empire plow thru the Panama canal. Billions of plastic bottles of containing everything to consume on the move. Bug spray, hair spray, air spray labeled "fresh sea spray" oh now that is a bit ironic as my sea legs stumble from the hotel gym. Sea spray in a can. Is this planet for real???

    Single handed sailor. My palms are blistered raw from the ropes. A few more stormy days bucking the currents toward Serape Costa Rica. Why am inside this lobby? The wind and rain await. Dead on arrival, I can't wait to drive back into the elements. Hotter than ever! The biological storm of the century is about to be born. Wide awake in the wake of our was her nature to build all of this from atomic elements. A handful of us built her blue beam microwaves and bioweapons. Faster forms of destruction than even before created. Trace the original order back to the one.

    Yet there is also the creation of new light forms. Splitting photons with an inverse spin. A breakthrough in time travel. Quantum tunneling to a place where SATISH can plead his Karma case. Absolutely no limits in infinity in altering the laws of gravity. Maybe the worst of an innocent creation serves it's very best. Nukes to destroy Earth or save it from an asteroid. Let's get SIR Nemesis a ticket to Rica. My heart of the sea so welcomes him here aboard. A month away from Germany, a month totally off the cyber grid. A change of mind frame. Come go bananas. Be the hundredth monkey. Paradise viewpoint. All is not lost. LWA butterfly effect, superstrings requesting sunshine. Man are we ever all in this together. ART LEADS with inspiration. ART LEADS to spheres of discovery. Everyone get out of your conceived elements. Feet off the ground. Waves & waves of Time to take a breath of the truly unknown. Think of Shep in Jamaica.

    I am not who I think ---- you think I am.

    1. Yes, beautiful.

      I am not who I think ---- you think I am.

      Hey ... I resemble that remark. (lol)

      Sunshine orders of magnitude coming up. I'll put in a request. I thought you might ask for some silly putty with that volcano. Maybe I shouldn't mess with that though ... just to be safe. I'll just keep it to blowing the clouds away, if they'll agree (they do have a mind of their own, all I can do is ask, which I will. I will will.)

      Great to hear from you Mark. I do hope you can connect from Costa Rica once in awhile. It's nice to hear from you while you're on your adventure. So exciting!

      Peace and Love brother. :)

  25. Hey Satish, it's really good to see such great discussion continuing here at kuku. I've checked in a couple of times over the past months, good to see some new pieces from you, and the ensuing thoughtful discussion. I've been building a 110m2 polytunnel at an anarchist squatted community in London since last being here; my cat herding skills have improved, ha. I'm hoping to provide enough food from that polytunnel that we can start feeding our immediate neighbours, as localising our needs away from centralised, corrupt structures seems a big part of the solution (especially if we have the wisdom to apply that logic to money). It took me a few months to recover from Guy's work, and that polytunnel, and living in as complete rejection of the status quo as I can (I've been unbanked for a few years now) seems to be my current response to the insanity of industrial civilisation's willing blindness to "externalities".

    So, off to read this thread properly, glad to be back :)

    1. Glad to hear from you, solivagant! I recall you were off to build community through sharing food... good to know it's taking shape... indeed, de-centralization is not only a part of the solution, it's inevitable. It takes a lot of energy to administer and operate large centralized structures and institutions. Sooner or later, I imagine there will be pockets of largely self-directed groups of people surviving amidst the ruins of a collapsed civilization.

      I'd love to hear about the polytunnel... are there any resources or references that have been helpful to you?

  26. Hola, Satish, likewise, hope to see more of your thoughts here soon, as the comments are always as thought-provoking as your articles.

    The site I'm at is called Grow Heathrow, a protest camp against a proposed extension of the
    airport. Video of the place at, that's me (male) in the bike workshop :)

    Polytunnel-wise, I've done quite a lot of WWOOFing (organic voluntary work -, so learnt a bit over the years about growing. I'm particularly interested in aquaponics, as it's the most productive growing system I've seen; that's on the agenda in about 3 months, if all goes well. There are lots of similar voluntary organisations now, e.g. helpx and workaway; any of those would be good places to start if you're looking to learn some growing skills.

    1. solivagant ... I watched your vid, very cool what you people are doing there. Thanks for posting your video. Don't know what else to say, except that your trumpet player played a few notes from one of my favorite be-bop tunes by Thelonious Monk, so I'll post a link to it. It's called ...

      Straight, No Chaser

      or ...

      Cheers solivagant. Say hi to your jazz man for me. :)

    2. (1 of 3)

      Ok solivagant ... I do have more, something that clicked together for me after reading your excerpt from the Carlos book. You gave me the article, so I know I'm supposed to reflect on it for you in case you can use this knowledge to help your project. I finally clued into four synchronicities that occurred, and that's why I'm going to bother sharing my crazy woo with you. I'll split this over three posts here, because there is a limit to the length of the posts, so read all three.

      Synchronicities? (1) You being interested in the Don Juan enough to share exactly that specific excerpt with me. (2) Me telling my roomie about the article, and her going over to the bookshelf and chastising me for not reading the book that excerpt came from, which she got me last year. (?huh, what?) (3) Me hearing that Monk song from your trumpet player (I'm a jazz musician from days gone by) (4) That excerpt exactly ties together something for me that I learned from studying Taoism ... the excerpt tied together just exactly WHY that mechanism from Taoism is functioning the way it is for me.

      Finally ... and I think it's the reason I'm definitely supposed to share this with you ... is because I had to apply this very theory during an onslaught against my own special project that I'm involved with over here. It almost seems similar to your circumstances in a loose sort of way. (Although I was actually applying Taoism at the time, your Don Juan excerpt has now shown me WHY the method works the way it does.)

    3. (2 of 3)

      Here's the goods.

      What he's meaning in that excerpt about mental 'discipline', as he states, is to not let conflict, anger, frustration, fear ... or any negative emotion or imagining ... arise in your minds at all. Especially when you're being thwarted, or when you loose a bit of ground sometimes as you stand your ground there at Heathrow. That's the black figures 'minds' within your minds weakening you with those thoughts and emotions (conflict), and that's what they use to keep you weak so they can feed off your power field (like Don Juan described.) But that weakens you energetically regarding events in this reality too (your stand at Heathrow.).

      I used this idea, but from a Tao perspective, a few years ago when I was being heavily attacked by real life external 'zombies' (my name for citizen tools used unwittingly by the dark side to attack and thwart me.) What I mean by mental calm and discipline is to try and never let what's happening 'get to you' mentally. Don't even think it. Don't sit around and all grumble with each other about events, such as those where you maybe might lose some ground here and there. Don't have worry for any potential losses you may incur, or do incur. Don't worry over threats that are made. Don't sit around and bitch about 'the enemy.' Don't fret mentally over any losses that occur if you do lose ground occasionally in some way. Don't think about the worst that can happen ... ever. And I mean this for all the people in your group too. Don't sit around imagining all the bad things that could or might happen ... don't even think it. Don't dredge up mental negativity ... not one bit. Stay completely detached regarding outcomes as much as you can. Release it to the universe if you have to as a mental strategy. Don't get dragged into small, insignificant and unnecessary battles either, ones that could just be dropped and not engaged in.

      In terms of the excerpt, this is what's meant by the black shadows mind within your mind weakening you with conflict so it can feed from you. But that also means you'll be weakened for 'energetically' resisting your 'real' living zombie opponents as well in your Heathrow stand (like court, bailiffs, etc, etc.) Don't sit around discussing or even thinking 'about the worst', or 'the futility of some minor loss of ground.' You must literally think, well, if we lose this or that, or if this or that happens, or even if the worst happens ... then that's what was meant to be (that's a good trick for not getting wound up in conflict about things ... use acceptance as a mental trick ... there's no internal mental conflict then, see?)

      Does this make sense? I hope so. Of course you care ... but you trick your mind into not caring (then there's no conflict in the mind, that weakens the shadow, and that gets you your energy back, to varying degrees.)

    4. (3 of 3)

      With a strong energy field, you can literally make shit happen and keep those bailiffs away. I believe in this, I honestly do ... that's what happened here against the most unbelievable of odds. People just ... moved away ... others were ... mysteriously evicted. The impossible happened ... all right when it was coming to an ugly head too, the worst was upon us. But it happened because we didn't panic ... we abandoned all mental conflict about it whatsoever, and then there was a miracle. I think Don Juan has explained why that happened ... because without the conflict (negativity) in our minds, the shadows couldn't drain our energy, and it was therefore available to us to use for 'manifesting' with on an energetic level (which all happens on an unconscious level.)

      Like I say, I learned this trick from the Tao ... no mental resistance or negativity, total acceptance and relinquishment of control (I had no control in my situation anyway ... I had to release the urge to have mental control and conflict over what was essentially out of my hands anyway.) Even though that came to me from the Tao ... it was that excerpt from Don Juan that showed me WHY this worked the way it did. The conflict comes from the shadow's mind inside of yours ... and that weakens you for the shadow's benefit ... but it also weakens you in real life situations as well all at the same time. I think that's how that works, thanks to Don Juan's deeper explanation of what the Tao was teaching me through actions.

      Some would call it positive thinking ... but I'd call it more the LACK of negative thinking ... which ties into what Don Juan was explaining about the jumping shadows perfectly (and also quantum physics theory as well by the way.)

      You gave something to me with that excerpt, some missing understanding of that process I'm employing from Taoism, so I wanted to share back my insights with you in return. I think I was supposed to do this, and that's why this all lined up the way it did so powerfully as a series of synchronicities. Now I'm going to finally read that last Carlos book too, so thanks for that as well, lol. Please also thank your trumpet man ... he was the key that really got this clicking as a synchronicity for me, and why I felt urged on to share this with you ... in spite of the crazy woo factor of it all. This all clicked for me after I listened to that Monk song today.

      I do hope you find this info useful over there at Heathrow. Don't change anything else you're doing on my account. I don't wish to interfere in the logic of your strategy in any way here. Keep to your own ideas and plans. Just use this as a mental strategy in order to not get weakened whenever shit goes down. In fact, use this theory ALL the time to keep from getting drained energetically. It may take practice though. Just drop the mental conflict by using mental discipline, and you won't be as weakened by the shadows when you have to face things from the real life zombies who want you out of there. It may help you get a miracle. Meditate if you have to. Meditation or even deep breathing helps to reduce mental conflict amazingly, especially when shits going down.

      Cheers solivagant. And again, thank your trumpet man. He's what struck me as the first synchronicity before I even realized about the others. I hope this can be useful information for your group. Best of luck to you all. Be strong. :)

    5. .
      Oh ... and DON'T ENGAGE unnecessarily. That one's from the Dali Lama, lol.

      Peace and Love Heathrow.

    6. Hey LWA, thanks for your responses. Synchronicities seem to me to be the universe's way of telling you that you're going with the flow/tao; woo is completely fine with me. The trumpet player is also an excellent pianist; we do an open mic night monthly, and last month he played one of the most beautiful pieces of music I've ever heard. For some reason (Sun conjunct Jupiter in Pisces in its natal chart?), Grow Heathrow attracts some spectacular musicians, so the evening jams are sometimes truly a privelege to enjoy.

      If I understand your technique, it's to let go of the outcome, and not focus on negativity. There is some strange stuff around GH; just a couple of weeks ago, we were due to go court for an eviction hearing, with a 99% expectation of losing that case, followed by bailiffs. The only other similar sites in the UK have both been recently, violently evicted, so I think a lot of people at GH had been expecting that. For some reason, I've not had that concern; I'd thought of doing something similar to the polytunnel at Yorkley Court (one of the other recent evictions) when I stayed there in 2013, but decided against it as I felt that it wouldn't last. Turns out that was correct, and I don't have that feeling at GH. It's been there 6 years now, and has some significant political backers (e.g. the shadow, i.e. opposition, chancellor of the exchequer, seen as secondary to only the prime minister role in UK politics), leader of the Green party, so on. The "Heathrow 13" (a bunch of activists who locked on to one of Heathrow's runways recently to disrupt flights) were all due to receive prison sentences recently, yet at the last minute, all were reduced to community service. I suspect the judge had a call from Downing street to tell her not to create martyrs (this would have been the first time anyone has gone to jail for climate-related protest in the UK), so again something hidden in the background comes to the rescue. I know some of the Heathrow 13 wanted jail sentences, precisely to draw attention to the case, but equally I know they are enjoying their liberty!

      Applying this technique to the rest of the people at GH is something more of a challenge. Because we're an open site, anyone can come visit, and we have our share of people with mental health challenges, and I can think of at least one person whose focus seems to be entirely on the negative. But we get a bit of that mysterious problem people seeming to gradually melt away from the site, and despite the challenges we face from essentially letting anyone through our gate, the place seems to roll on. I've read a bit about La ZAD recently, a very similar site in France, and it seems far more organised (they're growing all of their own food, for example, rather than relying on skipping), and wonder about visiting...but then recently did an I Ching reading and "noble calling" was what I got for me at GH, so I guess I'd best stay. Continued in another post...

    7. With all that said, I am curious about these techniques, and thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience. One of my fellow communards that has been building the polytunnel with me has expressed the same sentiments, given that we were building while that court case that we expected to end in eviction was happening, non-attachment; she had built a beautiful house at Runnymede ecovillage, to watch it burnt and destroyed by bailiffs, so she has some direct experience of attempting non-attachment. She's had some odd mediation experiences, such as being told she's the "white priestess" of the "order of the golden ray", I think it was, and is busily attempting to reject the woo in favour of the rational, despite my efforts to persuade her to at least explore those's actually been one of the strangest experiences of my life, meeting this woman, as there is very much a sense of connection between us, yet her ego is so vast (she is the most talented musician I've ever met, and very pretty to boot, so she's had a lot of opportunity to expand that ego) that I'm not sure how to deal with her. I've had to let go of my expectations in regard to her, so who knows, perhaps that's just part of the lesson for me.

      I downloaded Castaneda's book yesterday (check out, millions of books available for free), and will read it soon. I've been thinking of going back to meditation for a while...if I get over my laziness.

    8. Thanks for posting that video, solivagant. Good to see you in the bike shop. I heard of WWOOFing but haven't looked into it yet. I saw an aquaponics wall at a faire recently and they were growing all sorts of veggies. Fascinating stuff!

    9. Just recently got home from major surgery and hospital stay. Rough going for an old guy.


      LWA, special shout out to you my dear fellow. Haven't had wherewithal to read all of what you say above, but I'm channeling what I read.

      "Oh ... and DON'T ENGAGE unnecessarily. That one's from the Dali Lama, lol."

      Sums it all up!

  27. After a modern hospital stay and full of drugs, one can see the world differently, devoid of any worthwhile quality. So who are the two different perceivers--that see life as good or that see it as a sickness? What is the role of bacteria that host on us? Maybe their being slaughtered produces a darkness of the spirit.

    1. .
      Hey Artleads ... sounds like you've been on a real adventure. Don't worry, whenever I've had surgeries, I always went into a bit of a funk afterwards. I heard someone reflect once that even though one part of your mind knows full well it was necessary ... that another part of your mind pulls the alarm bells as if to say, 'dude, they gave you some weird drug that knocked you out, and then cut you and poked all around in there ... !!! warning, five alarm fire, warning !!! ...

      Also, yes, antibiotics kill off a lot of the important flora that are required in your gut to break down and process food properly. Don't worry, they'll grow back ... you know they wanna! Eat some yogurt for the probiotic.

      I have a feeling you'll be back to full Rasta status in no time at all.

      Be well Artleads.

    2. " I heard someone reflect once that even though one part of your mind knows full well it was necessary ... that another part of your mind pulls the alarm bells as if to say, 'dude, they gave you some weird drug that knocked you out, and then cut you and poked all around in there ... !!! warning, five alarm fire, warning !!! ..."

      As soon as I read this I could SEE it.

      Most kind of you to check in.

  28. .
    I'll remember shep by his recent comment here, the one where he expressed a great deal of admiration and love for his pets. Peace out brother shep, you are remembered.

    For Artleads, and any others who may not have heard, shep passed away on May 31st.

    Thanks to oldgrowthforest for letting us know.

    Here's a song I posted for shep over at NBL.

    For shep. Peace and Love buddy.

    1. Terrible, terrible news!!!! A heart of gold! Thanks for relaying this LWA/OGF!!!!!!! Wish there had been occasion for parting words... The hundredth post is for you, Shep!

  29. Shep was among the first "NBL-ers" to transition to kuku, which is a small but globally consequential web site. Shep was a fierce warrior for the black cause, some kinda white man I'd say. Living where you wouldn't expect it. A true hero. May he rest in peace.

    1. Artleads, that is so darned cute, I almost can't stand it - "a small but globally consequential web site." You cracked me up.

      You never know whose life you might touch with your words. Shep was awesome in his love for all people, regardless of race, and his principled stand against racism toward anyone. That he could be his age, born into multi-generation wealth (his grandfather had made a fortune in his younger days) in the deep south in the early 1940s, and still see the cruelty of the racism that existed all around him, well, he was quite rare as a person, and especially as a privileged white man of his era.

      See you soon, Shep.

    2. Well, it has indigenous culture as a main theme. It (kuku) also evolves from "conventional" doomerism. Not suggesting doing anything much different. It goes at just the appropriate pace. And maybe how we think of something does matter?

  30. Thanks, my dear OGF. We must always work to reduce suffering and cruelty. Hope you're doing OK.

    BTW, I note a tendency in the "Indigenous" world (?) to celebrate the dead for three day. Don't know why. But I was thinking a lot about you while figuring how to deal (or not) with Shep's three days, which end tomorrow.

    1. I suspect there is a lot of variation in tribal traditions in connection with death and mourning. Mourning rituals are for us. It's our time to address our loss, and working out the loss begins and ends according to the nature of the relationship itself. It may go on for years. It may be over in a day.

      I advocate talking to the person, as if they are there, and allow yourself to go through the process with them, too. They can hear you and you can hear them, even if you don't know it.

    2. They can hear you and you can hear them, even if you don't know it.

      Hell yes oldgrowth, thanks. Most of my friends, some of who seem to be dying recently for some reason, have come by and hung around my place as they transitioned ... knowing that both I and my partner can converse with them. (Even more so my partner.) Some just to say 'hey' and maybe relay a message or two back to our 'tribe.' One came and wouldn't leave ... so needed some encouragement to let go. Oh ya, they can hear you.

      I tried to see if I could get an impression from shep yesterday, just in case there was anything to share with anyone here ... but it was very vague, and was just a subtle glimpse of a thin sort of man sitting in an old wooden chair, and no words came. Maybe that's him at his house watching his dogs, who will certainly sense him.

      I really only conversed with shep a few times here at kuku, the last time actually being the day he passed away. So, I'm not surprised I didn't get a lot ... I don't think my connection to him is overly strong.

      I think he's doing just fine. But if you feel you wanted to have a few last words with him Artleads, I would just let your mind wander and let whatever impression comes be what it is. Don't question it, just accept what comes as being real. I'm sure shep would love to hear you say goodbye.

      I actually got the impression of quite a sense of humor coming from him when I glimpsed him yesterday, one I wasn't really aware of so much when I would read his comments. It was just a feeling I got. I think he was laughing at me, sort of rolling his eyes at me. Ha, yes shep, I know ... I don't actually take myself as seriously as you thought I did, do I. The internet really is a poor medium for really knowing someone, lol.

      We don't grieve for them, we grieve for ourselves. It's our loss we grieve, not theirs ... they haven't really lost anything.

      Enjoy yourself shep ... you're out! Peace and Love brother ... and bliss. :)

    3. Open my heart more to love of the "pets." I guess He's not quite that impressed with Marcus Garvey drawing I used the moment to nudge on...

      But he has no serious objections either.

  31. I propose that a purpose of life is to create enchantment. And if someone challenges me, they should say why. And if they agree, I expect enchantment from them.

  32. They often take orphaned wildlife and bring them into western-style establishments? In a place like Africa, what would happen if an orphan could be put in the charge of someone nearby, who is economically trained to care for it. Someone who could see it as their own child. It struck me that this approach would create more buy-in from sanctuary neighbors to protect the wildlife?

    1. It would be nice if they took good care of it and didn't just put it in a zoo.

      I wanted to check in and make sure you were feeling back to your spry self after your surgery Artleads. How are you doing?

    2. Thanks, LWA. God bless you on this June 17 morning.

      I'm going through something extraordinary. To throw out terms: a spiritual crisis, an existential anxiety...

      My Naturopathic physician (DOM) believes I had a near-death experience that shattered my "crown chakra," which is filling me with hard-to-manage new powers. But the hospital hadn't seemed to witness any concerning dip in my vital signs (thanks to her!). But then my DOM also historically brings out references to "Atlantis"...

      Everybody sees the issue from a fixed personal position. But as the suffering patient, I want them all to see it from my position.

      I also feel like the microcosm of a suffering world. The need for an IMMEDIATE evolution in understanding is the same in both cases. The pain and suffering meanwhile, so much of it unavoidable, continues.

      My need (but also the elusiveness) of sufficient physical comfort is something I've never experienced before.

  33. Much healing concern and LOVE to ARTLEADS. I'm living a few miles away from electricity, WiFi and stuff so It's harder to use computers in old beach café. Montezuma is nearest town tiny town.

    After the death of SHEP, I just want to say I care about ARTLEADS deeply. The spirit of our connection till I had to sail south was so good. It will last to wherever we all go beyond here.

    Also I love and appreciate everything from NEM & OGF and LWA on NBL, etc. I read everything each of you posts with total respect. Nice to have really calm time to reflect and think about things the tribe writes. Satish is very talented writer too.

    1. Hi, Mark. Great information you posted at NBL. Thank you so much for that. Much love to you and yours. We are in some serial trouble these days. Thanks also for saving turtles. There's a sad article on Desdemona Despair today re underfed orcas in the Pacific due to lack of salmon.

      The Bible says that the desolations to the Earth will occur like a woman's labor pains, or what some people call "exponential." The storms and fires and dead oceans and rising seas will progress in intensity, frequency, and duration.

      I came to the conclusion that we are on the brink of killing everything alive through science. Despite my appreciation for many religious texts, I never paid attention to Biblical prophecy regarding the end times. I cannot understand Revelations, and all the political prophecies make as much sense to me as Nostradamus prophecies, which is to say, no sense at all.

      Then, I learned about the prophecies relating to the earth, something few Christians pay attention to. They're all big on the wars, and the anti-Christ, and that stuff. I have to say that the Bible is so right on about the desolations to the earth that it still gives me chills just to think about it.

      The tropics are going to be very bad first, according to the science. Take care there, Mark. There isn't anywhere to go that is safe.

  34. Artleads, I hope you are feeling better. Why does your doctor think you had a near-death experience. If you are interested in a great site devoted to that subject, I think nderf is the best. Maybe you already know about it. It is run by a practicing oncologist and surgeon, Jeffrey Long, and his attorney wife. His MD-science background adds a lot to the discussion

  35. Thanks so much, OGF!

    My Doctor of Oriental Medicine (PhD in toxicology) makes the same kind of thinking errors Mark's long post addressed. Sweeping statements. Conjecture. That's not good, but doesn't look so bad when you compare it with the mainstream medical and hospital system. The latter informed me of nothing. And I wasn't in any way going to question them closely and look at charts or any such thing. I'm not sure staying alive is worth any of that.

    After the appendectomy I kept bleeding to an unexpected degree, and the surgeon was summoned, saying I has to go back to surgery to see what was up. They wheeled me down, put a mask over my face, and asked me to inhale deeply. The next thing I know was being asked how I felt or whatever, before being wheeled back to my room. Now I had maybe an 8" incision all stapled up. No word on the cause of the bleeding (obviously a surgical error) and I didn't ask about it. I figured if I could manage to get out of that place alive, that would be good enough for me.

    But I had needed a blood transfusion (which, of course, no one mentioned after my signed permission pre op). It was a case of don't ask, don't tell. My DOM, with whom I've worked for years, later thought (or sensed, since DOMs rely so much on sensing) that my blood pressure must have dropped to very dangerous lows during the second operation. At my age, with two operations in one day (or night) this ordeal depleted all my reserves, she opined. So I guess she would conjecture that the NDE was during the second operation. While sedated, I wasn't aware of anything. My path has not drawn me into NDE literature in any way. I think it would be a little depressing to read about it. What was truly terrifying was the post op effect of the pill-form antibiotics combo, one of which made me hallucinate up many of the demons of hell. These hellish scenarios were informed by apocalyptic scenarios that tend to be occasionally discussed on NBL and elsewhere on the doomersphere. My DOM knew the drug that caused the problem and hinted that I could reduce it. I ended up (on my own) stopping intake altogether, which was when the hallucinations stopped. But although I remain very weak, I think there has been considerable improvement. Many, many thanks for you interest!

  36. I'm so glad, Artleads, that things have improved for you. It does sound like an ordeal.

    Near-death experiences are not at all depressing for me, they are healing. I love them. I've studied them for years. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross collected 10,000 near-death experience accounts. At the end of her life and research she was a staunch believer in an afterlife and she wrote a couple of books about it. She is one of my great heroes for that. She was vilified when she began her research into death and dying, called horrible things by her colleagues, and made a pariah in the medical community.

    At the end of her life they did the same to her over her views of an afterlife, but not quite so viciously, because by then she was a giant in the field of medicine.

    I'm sorry you had such terrible hallucinations. They must have been absolutely terrifying. Thank goodness things are better.

    1. Nemisis, LWA,

      Thanks for your support. What the hell happened on NBL? Have not looked at it since...


      I'm not questioning K-R's discoveries, and I'm glad it resonates so well with you. It wouldn't be too great an exaggeration to say that your teaching on the colonial occupation has changed my life. You're such a good communicator. But you did that over a long time and through numerous posts. And insofar as you have patience to do the same with afterlife life, I will learn more from that than from reading. I can only take the tiniest of baby steps. I didn't have to read anything but your and Wester's posts to have a much improved visceral "understanding" of the occupation. I'm very concerned about two departed relatives on whom my physical and psychic life depended (depends?) I feel they need help, but I don't know how to help them. There's just so so much I don't know, and so so much to do.

      Just had a nap and dreamed of Shep. He seemed upright and strong. He was still here but was preparing for departure. He was proud that in spite of many shortcomings he was expecting some 1200 people to attend. He was strong and triumphant.

    2. OGF,

      A small clarification: If there is a specific link addressing a specific point in the conversation (assuming there is one) I'd of course read it. What I find daunting is taking on the subject frontally, from scratch. :-)

    3. Artleads,

      I can't really speak to Guy's reasoning behind his decision. Facts as they stand are that he has shut off commenting on his blog, calling it a failed experiment. A week earlier, he had moved to deleting comments he didn't find appropriate. Then just decided to disable commenting altogether. Only he would know exactly what happened to trigger that second decision, the one to stop all commenting altogether.

      I guess what I'm saying is ... ???.

      It's his site though, to do with as he pleases. I haven't been back ever since the commenting went dark. Maybe someone else knows more.


      Artleads, above is a link to the "exceptional" near-death experiences at the nderf site. Just read them. Some of them are quite short, some are quite long. But they are quite interesting.

      Your dream is interesting.

      I appreciate you saying that you found my views on Native America enlightening. Few people understand the reality of the colonialism in the US or anywhere else. They think it's normal to go to other people's countries and kill them and steal things. What was that one guy wrote in one article posted? Europe "spread our culture" to other countries. They stole other countries, and murdered millions of people to do so. They're still at it. But when you're in empire it's "spreading our culture."

      I have to stop now. I don't want to get started.

      I hope you read just a couple of the accounts. Let me know what you think, if you do.

    5. Thanks, OGF. The excerpts I read were all so different while having a sort of poignancy (word) in common. Very touching.

      This one was actually funny, though:

      "3741. Sam J NDE 8/16/14 I tried my best to ignore the energy but Creator/God/Great Spirit is a little hard to ignore. Creator/God/Great Spirit said to me, "You’re going back." Exercising my free will and choice (Yes, I have that kind of relationship with Creator/God/Great Spirit that I feel just fine talking back) I said, "No I'm not" Creator/God/Great Spirit said, "Yes you are. I have 'stuff' for you to do." With that a bolt of energy came out of the energy form and zapped me. (I often mediate on that moment that bolt hit me. It takes me back to the moment when Creator/God/Great Spirit and I were one.) I had the sensation of falling back through a black void to a small dot of white light screaming, "Define 'stuff'!"

      Exceptional and thought provoking NDE due to apparent clinical death with absent brain function."

      I'm concerned about what I can do to help two departed relatives. But I'm OK with being only at the crawling stage of development (if that). This is new territory.

    6. They are both different, and the same. I've never read any two that were identical, however, they do seemingly contain universal themes. Jeffrey Long, MD, covers the information in his book. NDEs can be funny, beautiful, and literally Hellish.

      Another good website is This site doesn't have nearly as many accounts, but it has several long, well written accounts that are well known among researchers and people who are interested in NDEs under "Notable NDEs".

      You might like that site more for a newbie.

  37. I am still in a hurry, still preparing for some damned recordings, just Music, nothing special. Doctor Guy McPherson closed comments at NBL, but I want to say, that I really appreciate all of you here at Kuku! I send you much Love & Respect, oldgrowthforest, Artleads, SIR Mark Austin, LWA, Satish, Solivagent (great community!)! Artleads, may the force always be with you!

    Rock on, Love & Respect,

  38. .
    Hey everybody.

    Nemesis, glad you dropped in. Don't be a stranger ... we'll have to share chuckles here on kuku now I guess. All the best on your recordings.

    Mark, glad to see you popping in with the beach report. All the best to you.

    Oldgrowth, hello too, and thanks for the info about the NDE lady.

    Artleads, do get well soon. Wow, TWO surgeries ... that's quite a shock for the body. Be patient with yourself, this too shall pass.

    Peace peeps. I guess we share here now that Dr. Mc P. has lowered the boom.


  39. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. .
      Aww, look. Kuku's growed all up and got it's very own little troll now.
      So cute.

      Pretty disrespectful to shep though. Don't get yourself hit by a bus, lol.

  40. Just tried posting this on One has to imagine the context for this post, since posting the respondee's (word) points might just tend to clog up kuku. Will see.

    Recently watched a Bioneers lecture by a scientist. She studies tree canopies in forests, climbing (precariously) by a rope. But she tries hard to integrate affective (word) disciplines with the cold science. One comparative way of seeing a tree (and I paraphrase like mad):

    A tree is a perennial woody plant with a central trunk giving way to a leafy crown (or something like that)


    A tree is earth's way to communicate with the cosmos (or something like that)

    I would suggest that both definitions are useful. I say useful, for I hesitate to get into the subject of what is true. That is a lofty subject that seems to have confounded much smarter and wiser people than I. BTW, she explained that the root of the word tree is truth (or true)--using the root Gaelic (which I certainly can't spell.)

    Her mother was an orthodox Jew and her father was Hindu. So she might have had an advantage over the strictly European scientistic view. :-)

    I know the meme goes that science is merely an impersonal way of finding truth. I strongly disagree. Science (with all its admirable controls) is not impersonal. It derives from a worldview probably dating back to Athens. Since I'm no scholar, I can't make strong points with footnotes and references about such things. But my POV is not based on feel-good, rosy notions only. It is largely based on common sense.

    Linguistics? It is commonly understood that when you get a message (as, say, science provides the measure of truth), you must assess where the messenger is coming from. The messenger is never neutral. The messenger has a linguistic system that can't be separated from his message. We must be concerned about the worldview of the mind BEFORE it comes up with science. There must be a hundred great 20th century philosophers who talk about such things. But hopeless scholar me can't name them. Maybe Claude Levi-Strauss would point to others. Adorno? Horkheimer? Ellul? Not sure about any of the specifics.

    Empirical Evidence? I look at the plain facts and note that the scientific view and the industrial emerge at the same time, following a similar and mutually supportive trajectory. Think of the most godawful dangers hanging over us. Nuclesasr technology, say. No, it isn't science per se, but it couldn't have materialized without science as well as the worldview of colonialism, and dead-earth-to-be-controlled that puts us in mind of Descartes' pain-free animals.

    Meanwhile, back on the reservation, the claim of science to make the world a healthier and better place falls flat on its face. Where are the scientists bemoaning the daily loss of indigenous cultures and the healing knowledge the embody? Why have they been roughly 100 years too late with all their environmental predictions. Do they chain themselves to forests being clear cut? And if not, why not?

    1. .
      Artleads, I tried to post a response ... but it was beyond the 4,096 character limit. So I edited it ... and it was still too long. After five edits, and chucking a whole bunch away that I really did want to say ... it was still too long.

      So I gave up.

      I will say this though ... I am very disappointed in G. Mc P.

      After perusing his facebook page, it appears that he just wants sycophants who put him on a pedastal. He's not very fair to anyone who might challenge his views, even in small ways. I think he's gone insane.

      Science is supposed to love people trying to poke holes in it's theories, yet when someone noted how the retraction of the Shakhova methane research data was actually a really big deal (which it was ... to me) ... the conversation was met with extreme derision from Dr. MP.

      I personally feel Mc P. was being way too quiet about that methane data retraction. He buried it in his huge data essay, which no, I don't go read everyday. I would have expected HIM to speak on his blog honestly about it whenever such a major factor changed ... that's why I was coming to his site. Instead he appeared to try and bury that information.

      Instead, he hated on the person who DID bring the facts to my attention, called him a denier (???), and shut down his site from further commenting. McP. now seems to be the one acting like a cult leader rather than an honest scientist. Scientists are supposed to encourage attempts to find flaws in their theories, not the opposite like McP. has just done here. That's a huge red flag for me about him.

      That methane release having ALREADY STARTED was a VERY big deal to me. It's what actually led me to McP. in the first place, and I watched him trot out that piece of evidence in every video I ever watched of his ... as his main go to piece of evidence. It's what had me in agreement with his theory. Now though, after watching how he handled his key piece of evidence being withdrawn, I think I've lost all respect for him completely.

      He just wants to be admired I think, his ego patted. He doesn't seem to have any integrity at all, and I've lost the respect I once had for him (which was only just a little bit anyway ... because he's not the only person who had the epiphany he did 15 years ago, yet he seems to want to claim it as his own personal scientific discovery, his own claim to FAME ... and that's bullshit.)

      To me, he's just another scientist with an ego following his religion and wanting to make a big discovery ... and burying contrary data. He's not even an honest person to me now. I think he's just scamming people for money is what he's doing, based on an epiphany that was also had by many others before him. Now his own science is in question ... and so he tries to hide that, because it might affect his book sales.

      How sad.

      I'm very disappointed in him, and in many of his sycophantic followers too. Imagine, telling people to give up and lose hope ... and all based on flawed data.

      Now that's a dangerous jerk.

    2. Looks like G Mc is trapped rather than liberated by science? What I keep railing about is what to me is the folly of believing that science is neutral and objective. The fact that it coevolved with industrialism should give us pause. That in such a very short time they together have become the destroyer of worlds should be a red flag too. But patience is due, I think. In his "wrong" way, G Mc has been a wakeup call for some. I "knew" things were this bad, but Guy has sacrificed himself (his credibility) in giving us some potential (if questionable) pegs to hang our hats on. Otherwise, we'd just be spitting in the wind. Wrong things can be useful? I wish him well, but I've long ago figured there was nothing more to see here. It's not just methane. If we look at the cluster of horrors brought on by "the system," It's probably as bad as if the methane leaks were as he says. Absolute freaking disaster. But me worry? No way!

    3. .
      I keep railing about is what to me is the folly of believing that science is neutral and objective.

      I totally get you here Artleads, and that's the topic I was trying to respond to you about when I kept running out of space. Of course the application of science wasn't ever neutral or objective. Quite the opposite ... it actually completely divorced itself from ever being accountable for it's consequences. Since my online presence seems to be winding down, I may as well come out and reafirm the concept olldgrowth and I discussed about how the tree of knowledge parable from the bible was a warning about the folly of favoring intellect over intuition ... a clear warning from an earlier civilization against that temptation. Once you bite that apple of knowledge, you're screwed ... that's what science was. It's hard to convince people of that in our modern times though, but that's exactly what's happened here.

      The spiritual world we live in really is actually quite an amazing classroom, one whose purpose seems to be to test free will (funny how that's something science even denies ... free will.) But take for example the lesson of addiction. When someone is tempted by substance addiction ... that 'substance' will show up around every corner to tempt that person ... until they are truly ready to give up the addiction and face all of the issues that led them to pick up that addiction in the first place. It's almost like watching magic the way no matter where that person tries to hide or escape from it ... every friend, every acquaintance, every situation ... will continually produce opportunities to take that drug. You can't hide or run away from it whatsoever, it follows you ... until you make that hard choice to stop and face your issues. Then, once you do ... the opportunities to even come across the drug disappear and cease to present themselves to you, and in a way that absolutely defies scientific logic too. Once you deal with it, life just changes after that point ... and the drug disappears from your life and isn't even around to find or ever offered to you anymore, it just disappears out of your reality. It's that quantum reality that science still can't wrap it's head around (and maybe never will it seems.)

      I see science as being just another addiction, one that presented itself as a lesson, like money or heroin. Splitting the atom? Once the effects were known, people should have just said 'no more please, I'm done, enough' ... but scientists didn't do that, they are addicts. Scientists shouldn't have used chemistry to offload the waste from oil refining onto the public either in the form of plastic goods. If it was toxic waste when it was refinery garbage ... of course it wasn't going to be inert when it was shipped off for the consumer to dispose of for them. They should have 'just said no.' See? Like drugs. But like the addict, the scientists rationalized their addiction and called it something good for them (addicts do that all the time ... rationalize a usefulness for their addiction.)

      See what I'm getting at? It was just another karmic spiritual test ... to witness the harm science was doing, and to have 'just said no.'

      Ask the Tibetans ... they knew about lot's of stuff that they refused to touch with a ten foot pole ... they just said no to the temptation. How many westerners can say no? Not many. Fucking greedy screwed up lustful Europeans. What assholes.

    4. Thanks you, my dear LWA. This is such an extraordinary post, my goodness! Will read it over, perhaps over and over. Stay well. Hope you don't leave kuku too soon...but you have to do what you have to do. But here's another extraordinary thing (since you are the only person who responded to my hierarchy of strategic issue), I distilled the white woman issue to its very essence--how you do more with less--and boiled it down to "abortion rights." I just mentioned it online, put it out there in the ether. Didn't lift a finger. Then the SCOTUS steps in, against what anyone would have dreamed, and made a big win for abortion rights. I would say that is magical too!

    5. .
      Good stuff with putting that intention out into the ether. See? Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't though, there can be other reasons that things are lining up the way they are. But it never hurts to try ... and then you just remain unattached to the outcome. Like Don Juan taught, 'spirit' (which I just use as a general term) likes it when we get on that wavelength, and often is quite willing to allow us to affect things instead of letting things just be random. Alternatively, when evil (bad intentions) are afoot, 'spirit' actually quite likes it when we step in and 'hope' for an improved outcome in the direction of the good. Although, there are often a ba-zillion influences impinging on an outcome too, so it is rather 'random'. That's why scientists hate this concept, and won't look into it ... scientists want certainty, not differing results from one time to the next. That's where remaining unattached to outcomes is important. But it still never hurts to use intention to try and affect outcomes ... and it seems to gather more steam (power) the more you get in the habit of using intention to affect things as well.

      It also gains strength the more you get your personal shit together and stop having unhealthy, greed based wants. There is a direction the Tao wants to flow in, and you do have to align yourself with it. Most people don't even know how backward to the flow of the Tao they have allowed themselves to become. It's hard to be aware of it sometimes. That's why the book 'The Secret' was such a poor concept ... because it proposed that you could use this 'flow' to get super rich and famous. I would hope it's obvious to people why that wasn't in alignment with what the Tao wanted. A billion more greedy rich Americans was certainly not in alignment with the Tao. That should be obvious to people, one would think ... or hope.

      Some 'ether' successes I've seen recently?

      During that Fort McMurray fire, once the town had been leveled, I didn't see any point to burning down hundreds of thousands of acres of forest, killing flora and fauna along with it. So, I put it out there that we needed cool weather and rain to put that fire out. We got it, the coolest, rain filled spring we've had in a decade around these parts (this weather has lasted for two months now ... very unusual.) Back in April, that wasn't where we seemed to be headed weather wise. That change came two days after I 'put it out there.'

      Mark getting his wind to keep on sailing was another intention I put out there. He got his wind that night. Another example, in the negative way, is how Guy McP has crossed the line into where he literally WANTS to see the bad climate anomalies happening, I think so he can satisfy his ego of needing to 'be right.' Well, he got it ... the biggest high pressure heat wave ridge the SW USA has seen yet ... and that high was centered nearly right over where he lives. That's why it's never good to descend into permanent, bitter negativity like the NBL crowd promotes. It just doesn't help things at all.

      I'll leave off a few of the other 'changes' I've made through intention recently, because if people knew of them, it might reverse the effects I've created. Let's just say that when people become so addicted to negativity and depravity that they form a war against any notion of positivism at all ... then they have crossed a line and deserve to be shut down. Hint hint.

      If the Tao didn't support the notion, it wouldn't have happened. You can't make mistakes with it, not really.

      Thanks Artleads. Keep up the good fight. Keep working that intention.

      Where the hell is Nem? Swallowed by his geetar I suppose.

      Peace peeps.

    6. .
      I should clarify that I'm not proposing or even trying to intend that modern life continue according to the status quo. I feel it's necessary to clarify that because sometimes people, and especially the NBL crowd, seem to assume that if you're not envisioning total and absolute calamity ... that then you must be promoting business as usual, which isn't true at all. That's another result of scientific thinking ... I call it black or white, all or nothing thinking. One way ... or totally the other way. I don't prescribe to absolutes like that. Things are always more grey and flexible than that.

      Obviously, things are going to change, and pretty drastically too. Of course Rome has run its course and is collapsing. But it's a stretch to assume that means its going to become its complete opposite ... the total annihilation of all life. Of course there isn't room for eight billion people to roam and ravish the planet anymore, and of course that's going to change, and there will be a lot of death when it does. And of course I don't have any attachment to myself being a survivor either ... but I'm also not attached to the idea of total doom. I always remain open to possibility.

      I just keep playing the game, but a good game, not a depraved game of greed. I'm sorry, but I never did feel there was anything right about that NBL concept of insisting on having no hope whatsoever at all. There have always been naysayers like that ... you'll never win that race, you'll never get that job, you'll never make it onto that team. It's a mindset all unto itself, and I just don't buy into it. That Sakhova research being found to be false should be a cause for celebration ... she was probably trying to light a fire under everyone's ass or something by exaggerating her research. That's great news ... if we can buy ourselves a little more time, like fifty years or so, then maybe someone WILL discover a way to deal with all that radioactive waste that we have laying around (for example.) More time is always a bonus, not a disappointment.

      When something like the Shakhova data getting withdrawn when other people went on an expedition and found nothing of the sort happening (yet?) up in the same places she claimed her results from, when that becomes a bad thing like it seemed to be for the NBL crowd ... well, then you know you have a big problem with people's desires and attitudes. It's a good thing that data was falsified ... not a bad thing. The people at NBL really do need to step back and realize just exactly where their heads have gone in relation to this whole subject when that data being withdrawn becomes a bad thing to them. WTF? Hello ... earth to people !.

      It's something Nemesis tried to point out to them repeatedly ... that there was literally a HOPE for the worst possible case scenarios going on there at NBL. Once you glimpse how the quantum nature of our little dimension of the universe works ... then you can see what a nasty position that is to take. Like Nem sometimes said ... then go kill yourselves then, if you want this that badly. But oh no, people want to get their comeuppance. Everybody likes to see everyone else's ship sinking too so they can feel ok about their own inability to rise above the situation.

    7. .
      Ya, there's going to be changes alright. But I don't think it's going to follow the Guy McP dream. I think that's what Guy was intuiting, but I don't think his scientific mind let him expand that intuitive glimpse into other possibilities. Many people have had this epiphany ... but were abl e to take it somewhere other than where Guy has with his rigid mindset based on only science. That's a depraved dream he's come up with, maybe based on how angry he seems to be deep down inside. I never minded Guy McP giving people a harsh wake up call. However, what Guy promotes goes far beyond just being a wake up call. His attachment to the worst possible case scenario is too obviously just a classical negative attitude. There's always an opportunity to get in there and try and change outcomes for the better, even if you fail ... that's what life has always been about. When you lose is when you stop trying. I think that's why spirit never gives any bookings to his "Prepare for you imminent death" workshop. That's not a healthy thing to push on people, especially the lost sheep. Sorry, but it just isn't. And if it was, spirit would be booking his death workshop solid. Instead, nobody has ever booked it even once. The proof, with spirit, is in the outcomes. That's how you know if your on the right path or just on a tangent of your own devices. Over the years, with Guy, I think what could have been a good motivational message veered of into the bush at some point along the way. It became hopeless. Spirit doesn't like hopelessness. It doesn't mind some kick your ass harsh motivation ... but it never likes absolute hopelessness.

      Just my thoughts on the matter. Of course free will allows everybody to form their own opinions. But that's my 2 cents. I may as well share it ... I certainly couldn't ever over there at NBL. Personally, I've always loved the fight against all odds. In fact, I've done quite well playing those odds. I love an underdog.

  41. Yes. Nem should take a short break from the guitar, and listen to music like this: (Hope he's OK!)

    "But it still never hurts to use intention to try and affect outcomes ... and it seems to gather more steam (power) the more you get in the habit of using intention to affect things as well."

    "When you lose is when you stop trying."

    "Personally, I've always loved the fight against all odds. In fact, I've done quite well playing those odds. I love an underdog."


    I suspect there are huge problems with Charles Eisenstein (who Satish invited to speak at Google), but I like his vision of transformation: Humans (?) are in the pupa stage and about to transform into the butterfly.

    What is is what is. It came this way fairly and justly. Now you have to follow the weather, ready to jump to in the 5 minutes when it's perfect, and find something appropriate to do at other times. Now we must be opportunists. I'm quite certain we can adapt our living spaces (without money) so they don't have to be heated or cooled. It just can't be done single handed, as I (having little "choice" at present) am obliged to attempt. :-). I love your term "spirit," if I may borrow it just for this moment. It has treated me with such favor that I can see the world in glowing terms. I see what is happening as a call to wake up. We couldn't wake up if we hadn't first been lulled to sleep (or something like that). Waking myself and others up is a glorious job. How blessed I am to have such a task. I don't project for a moment, a mass die off. The only wrong thing I see is not trying proactively to save lives and comfort the afflicted. As you say, whether we live or perish lies in a sphere beyond us. As far as my intuition tells me, earth is and can still continue to be a paradise. But it requires awakening from slumber and opening our eyes. There is such a redundancy of good that we can lose a lot and still be overwhelmed by what remains.

    What you say about the Tao and about "spirit" brings me peace and joy.

  42. Hey there, venerable friends and soulmate wanderers through eternity, I am still here, reading all of your beautiful and inspiring comments, just trying to keep silent for a little while ;-) I am working hard on my guitar and don't invest too much time at other places and people anymore I can't change anyway. From an eternal perspective it's all OK anyway, I know you know that. I feel close to everyone of you! See you soon!


  43. I stumbled over this one today. I dedicate it to this beauti- and peaceful place named Kuku and all of you:

    " The monkey is reaching
    For the moon in the water.
    Until death overtakes him
    He’ll never give up.
    If he’d let go the branch and
    Disappear in the deep pool,
    The whole world would shine
    With dazzling pureness."

    – Hakuin


    Special greetings to mo, I know you are here ;-)

    1. .
      Nem, if you feel so inclined, why don't you ask Satish for my email address. Then email me, and we can have a contact for each other in the event these sites discontinue their services. I also wouldn't mind having a few private chats with you. If you want to do that, then I give Satish permission to give you my email address.

      Thanks for the monkey poem. Monkeys should be swinging and playing guitar in the trees, not reaching for the moon and blowing up nukes. :D :D :D

      Peace peeps.

      Call me ...

    2. .
      And Artleads ... you can have my email address from Satish too, I didn't mean to exclude you.

      I already have all the rest of everybody else's emails from here. May as well have them all. Ya bunch of turkeys ...

      :D :D :D

    3. Nem,

      So nice to see you're hovering around. Very nice.


      I too would like to share my email contact with LWA--if convenient. :-)

  44. .
    Where are all the kuku's?

    Hrmmph. :(

  45. Still around in my case, but still struggling with balancing recovery with way too much to do.

    A blog post on that feels like my best take on things right now.

    "There is no going back, the various cultures that roamed vast areas to eke out survival, no longer have the will or the ability. In all truthfulness I’m sure the “intelligent” life experiment is/was a one shot affair (and we seem to have blown it)."

    Artleads says:

    July 7, 2016 at 10:13 pm

    – We don’t live in an imaginative culture
    – Humans have been virtually farmed (since the advent of IC) and made numerous to serve the industrial system, which has control over information. That people feel there is no alternative to the system is to be expected, given the level of built-in as well as deliberate coercion for the sake of national and corporate domination.
    – Nations have been made sovereign, when it is the perhaps the individual and the small band that should be sovereign.
    – We live in a world system based on total falsehood.
    – The fact that the system is collapsing should be no surprise. It made no sense to begin with,
    – If people have been so repressed they can’t imagine any alternate global way of life, then they will conclude as you do.

    I do not, however, agree in the slightest that it has to be this way. The trance of industrial civilization has yet to be seriously questioned. Arousal from collective slumber is overdue.

  46. And this, fresh from the blog (OFW):

    Artleads says:

    July 8, 2016 at 10:43 pm

    RE makes some good good points (re the kerfuffle over Chimpanzees.

    Big brains created very complex HG societies that could accommodate language, symbolic thought, clothing and art, while, it seems, being able to offload entropy (Stefeun’s negentropy?) and so survive for tens of millennia. Others may have serious knowledge about this supposed offloading of entropy (as I don’t). Customs, rituals and taboos might have had a lot to do with it. But comes along agriculture, oversimplifying and coarsening all that fine calibration…

    Satish has written a lot about this, and I'm trying to introduce them on a blog of oil economist types. Go figure.

  47. Response to a blogger (in quotes)

    "Speaking in the macro context, however, wealth and power can be used to demarcate class groups, and the elite class group has vastly disproportionate impact on the things that matter."

    It certainly is a compelling conclusion to make given how our society works. But I ask myself whether this so pervasive "reality" might not be hard wired into the average human so much as it was hard wired into civilization. 10,000 years seems like forever to us, but it's really a short time. And the degree to which civilization has erased even the basis for inquiring outside of its purview might well be under estimated.

    I suppose that, as an individual who does not believe in the invincibility of BAU, I'm not fixated on the "rules" and certainties of civilization. For me (and many others) these reflect a trance that led us to an impasse. As you describe so well, the trance requires that it not be questioned. But there are some of us who, like the little boy who didn't know what was expected of him, tend to see that the Emperor is naked.

    To my way of thinking, once this civilization's "bluff" is called, it becomes very clear what to do next.


    I only hang out with doomers, for doomers at least understand that civilization is at an end. Ironically, though, to be a doomer seems to imply a belief in the invincibility of civilization's "framework." Once you step outside of the framework, doom does not appear to be inevitable...or even likely. As a result, I can't join the doomer club. Nice company, just the same.

    1. " But there are some of us who, like the little boy who didn't know what was expected of him, tend to see that the Emperor is naked.

      To my way of thinking, once this civilization's "bluff" is called, it becomes very clear what to do next."

      Haha, yoh, greetings to all shaggy underdogs and stray cats!:

  48. @LWA

    Sorry, I was just gone for a little while. Sure, Satish can give you my e-mail at any time, you are welcome at any time, brother!

    Yoh, cheers to all, I am stingy with words this evening, but I will come back soon!

    Peace & Love,

    1. Cheers brother. I think you would need to email Satish with your email address ... his contact email is available from this page. Then he could forward your email address to me. But you have to contact him first, for him to have your email to give to me ... see how that works ?

      Anyhoo ... good to hear from you buddy. Thanks for the Tao words.


    2. Ha, I am late, usual bad habit of mine^^ Anyway, thx for the message, Satish, got it!

      Cheers to all of you!


  49. I'd like to share that with Kuku:

    “ Be totally empty,
    embrace the tranquility of peace.
    Watch the workings of all creation,
    observe how endings become beginnings.”

    Tao Te King

  50. And another one, dedicated to Doctor Guy McPherson:

    “ Knowing the constant, we accept things as they are.
    By accepting things as they are, we are impartial.
    By being impartial, we are part of the Nature.
    By being a part of the Nature, we are one with Tao.
    Tao is eternal, and we survive physical death.”

    Tao Te King

  51. My latest rant on our finite world dot com


    Sorry if I missed a cue to respond. You did refer to calculations of some sort re food production. Which is not something I can relate to. (I would always come last in math all through childhood schools, and If if my life depended on using a calculator, that would be it for me).

    But I also know that those kinds of calculations make no sense. They are experiments in abstract reasoning, having little to do with nature.

    Food growing–ask those who have done the work–does not require lots of space, and space outside of built places. I am sick and tired of posting references to the work of John Jeavons (whom I know) and his work with Ecology Action. His book “How to Grow More Vegetables Than You Ever Thought Possible… (or something like that) come up with an easy search. I won’t do the search for you or for anyone of the numerous left-brain hubristic deniers that dominate this and other blogs. Males, usually between 40 and 60 who were taught to that they understood the world and were the beacon of the human species. Western imperialistic hogwash. These people have no interest in learning anything. If the drift in a discussion falls outside of their purview, they don’t read it. Their arrogance is astounding.

    They are stuck. The world they concocted on false premises is imploding, even though they ignored early warnings of that prospect. Ignorance and conceit was deemed preferable. Because THEY, by their damned “calculations,” can’t see a way out, they refuse to accept their COULD be a way out other than what they erroneously imagine it could be…

  52. MO/LWA?others

    I only post this because it touches on some of our mutual discussions. Nothing more. FWIW.

    1. So, this Don Cupitt is a man raised and educated deeply in theology ... deep European religion ... who appears to have swung to the opposite polarity and become an atheist. So, now he's simply constructed an atheist/humanist philosophy to explain his own personal subjective point of view regarding his view of the 'world.'

      Theism is a belief in deities ... atheism is a stance against a belief in deities, or a rejection of deities. But, how about the position of ... not entranced within that debate at all? It's a debate about an isolated and specific [and very European] cultural construct.

      Don Cupitt says, in the first stanza of his manifesto ...

      Life is the whole human world, everything as it looks to and is experienced by the only beings who actually have a world, namely human beings with a life to live.

      How very European ... the total humanistic/material perspective in a nutshell, and straight out of European religion. What about trees? Squirrels? Dogs ... cats ... birds? What about spinach? These things live and have a life force too.

      Right off the bat, I had to roll my eyes at this first statement. It was entirely too human-centric (and European) to possibly encompass my world view. It only deteriorated from there. It's always fascinating to me to see a person so deeply embedded in the European illusion tease apart and reject a few isolated aspects of their culture, while still keeping the boatload of the rest of it intact ... and then watch them philosophize about it as if they were actually doing something different.

      This is a mind full of religiosity ... yet doesn't seem to realize it. He's just thrown out the 'god' part ... but kept all the rest of the brainwashing intact ... particularly the humanist part of it (the glorification of the human experience.) Spinoza had Einstein's approval too ... and there you have it ... materialism ... one time around, so make the best of it. Yet some of us have actually experienced differently. So what about those people?

      It's the sort of philosophy you get from people who've never been out of their bodies (even temporarily), where they existed as pure consciousness. You have several people on this very site who've had such experiences. For those people, these sort of materialist mussings about existence never really cut the mustard. It's like listening to a blind person tell you what the sunset you're staring at looks like ... and then turning it into a whole convoluted story based on something they've never actually experienced for themselves. Eye roll.

      As Darwin so famously said, you can't describe to a fish the experience of walking on land or of breathing the air ... it simply cannot conceive of it. Another analogy is to say ... you can't know about what you don't know about. Yet Don Cupitt seems to think his experience is total and complete.

      That's what I thought while I read the link. He's just describing HIS OWN experience ... but it doesn't accurately describe mine. That's the biggest hang up I constantly see in materialists ... they think if they are having an experience, that everyone else must be having the same experience too. That's the narrow-minded and egocentric view. It's also a very European view. People want to think we're all the same and having exactly the same experience ... but we aren't. Far from it.

      Richard Dawkins would be proud of this Don Cupitt fellow. Theism or atheism ... the polarized mind ... the whole insidious point behind organized religion ... to intentionally derail you onto one of these two polarities in order to disconnect you from becoming conscious of your consciousness.

      Um, how about neither ... and not even interested in such a very European construct?

    2. That's what I thought, since you asked. However, my opinion and a quarter will get you a phone call at a phone booth.


    3. LWA,

      Loved your response. I'm not used to this depth of water, preferring a seat by the shore and letting the water wet my feet as the tide rolls in. So I sort of suspend belief in things like Natural Law and this Don Cupitt stuff. It seems like their explainers have read and studied a lot, as I have not. So I neither buy in to what they say, or argue strongly against it. The part of Cupitt that sort of grabbed me was certainly not the human exceptionalism bit (although I admit to myself that I'm a human exceptionalist). What grabbed me sort of was refutation of everything beside my own experience. I know "this" and nothing more. I know that MO and OGF, especially, have been somewhere else and know other things. But I should also say that I have no trouble whatever calling on the departed. They are powerful to act, going in unfamiliar directions when called upon, when remembered. But more than anything, what guides me and are my very best friends are things (rather than animals, plants or people)... But, for me, there is no strong barrier between any of these "spirits."

    4. Ready for a four part oration Artleads? (Buwahahahaha.)

      I know I pulled my six shooter out and blasted this dude Artleads. He actually did say a few relatively reasonable things about psychology and about having a good attitude and a good disposition. However, that is what I call spirituality light ... like version 1.0. Mental concepts like not fighting against your lot in life, or not feeling sorry for yourself, or not letting anger and hatred take over your psyche (ha, are you listening McP?) ... these are just behavioral aspects related to general low level contemplation on the self ... and ones that really ought to be obvious to people in the first place. They are more to do with good parenting and proper self conduct than they are anything to do with metaphysics or true mental emancipation. They're really mostly just common sense, and actually just descriptions of the automatic conduct of an opened consciousness anyway. As I've mentioned before in my ramblings ... these behaviors are not things to be DONE ... they are things that will automatically ARISE out of a raised consciousness all by themselves when clarity is present. To speak of them as if they were choices one makes is sort of putting the cart before the horse. Emancipate your consciousness, and these behaviors will manifest automatically anyway, not the other way around.

      The problem I had with the author, and why I riddled him with my pea shooter, is that I think he's fallen prey to embarrassment and social shaming. Why do I perceive that about him? Well, knowing the new testament parables quite well myself, to me it seems like the man just tries to deliver the Jesus message ... but in a way that removes any references to anything supernatural or mystical. He's simply converted a few low level observations made by Jesus (which he was brought up around, being a theologian) and simply stripped them of anything amazing (he actually goes further and refutes the magical message entirely.) This he does, I believe, in order to not be mocked and discredited in our modern day subverted world. He does it to turn the concepts into a sciency sort of story, one that will get the nod of approval from the Richard Dawkins atheist crowd. It's all good, he thinks ... so long as you don't ever mention astral traveling (out of body experiences), mental telepathy, fates, etc, etc. That's just a cliche modern behavior he's displaying though ... to mock the mystical nature of reality and refute it as being delusion or fantasy.

      "Stop it Billy, or mommy will spank you again ... for the last time ... there are no such things as ghosts, so stop saying you're seeing astral entities !"

      That's how you shut down a person in our modern world.

      OMG, how does one even attempt to have these discussions in only 4026 characters. Hrrrrmph.

    5. Cutting to the chase (sort of) ... the message of Jesus WAS a tale about the 'super' natural, entirely. It was a tale of performing magic and engaging in metaphysical mysticism ... IN THE FLESH ... RIGHT HERE, IN THE NOW ! It had nothing to do with patriarchal lessons on good behavior from your local AUTHORITY. In fact, the message actually was ... bow to no authority ... ever. Be your own boss of you, guided from YOUR OWN center of knowing, or else you'll just be subverted and will lose your mystical abilities (your flow) and subsequently become a sheep (a slave to some other external person.)

      It was the Roman church, wishing to subvert and weaken the pagan population, who came up with these scary threats of being barred from a nonsensical physical place called heaven ... if you didn't obey your local external authority. They also invented the patriarchal scary god who would judge you if you didn't behave in a prescribed way. Jesus speaks of nothing like that in the new testament ... he's not concerned with gods or an afterlife whatsoever through any of his metaphysical teachings. His examples were how to do seemingly supernatural things, right here and right now ... and primarily, how to manipulate reality and change what appeared to be unchangeable.

      What the Roman church twisted around and made famous was to take what were, during that olden time, terms for aspects of your psyche (heaven [a raised consciousness], hell [a lowered consciousness], satan [negative thoughts and their subsequent harsh manifestations ... the ego], the holy ghost (your higher consciousness when used as a guide to right action ... a merged and tempered ego] ... etc, etc, etc.) These terms were so powerful and liberating when used in a methodology of the mind that the church chose to change the meaning of them as a way to fight this emancipation of the masses, and turned them into these OBJECTIVE 'things and places' ... an actual 'place' called heaven that you might get barred from if you acted with any display of social freedom, a satan that was a being who might eat your children in the night, also a way to label people as bad (free thinkers) .... a phony made up boogie man. This changing of meanings was done to erase the liberating and emancipating message from Jesus that was spreading like wildfire through the empire at the time. It was a threat to those in power and control.

      OMG ... 4026 characters is the new devil incarnate ...

    6. Getting back to the author of your web page. Why I take issue with this man, despite his semi-alright self help messages about easing your mind from conflict (which is a good message), is that he outright refutes and trash talks some of the really good mystical messages out of what is essentially basically a christian plot he is relaying. I think he does this to be considered politically correct, which means right there that his mind has been subverted. He's trying to deliver the meal without the ingredients. Jesus himself already told people over and over in the new testament to stop believing in and worshiping ideas of external gods ... entirely. He didn't say to stop and worship HIS god either ... he literally said to worship NO objective gods whatsoever. He admonished people to turn to themselves for their source of metaphysical power and knowledge ... it's in there, subverted psychologically.

      The magic was the best part of Jesus' teachings. Touching bushes and bringing them back to life .... haven't you done that before? I have. It's actually easy to do with little things like bugs. So, why can't everybody do it? Oh right, because Richard Dawkins stood on a lectern and shamed people for maybe thinking they could, like Billy getting a spanking for saying he can see things on the astral plane. Another example ... Jesus healed people (primarily by raising their consciousness.) An unhealthy mind is what precipitates disease. Remember ... the word is actually dis ... ease. Put yourself at ease and health will in most cases return. Modern medicine knows full well that stress causes disease. Well, what do you know, nothing's changed from what Jesus was doing. Profiteers don't want you healthy though. A healthy body means a healthy mind, they go hand in hand. These examples that get stripped from the Jesus story are some of the most important parts of the message. But people have labelled it derogatorily as 'magical thinking.' As a result, people are afraid to go there and be ridiculed by their subverted neighbors.

      To end off my blathering ... that's why I hated your author, despite a few semi ok urgings toward the power of having a positive disposition. I hated it because he's fallen prey to modern conditioning ... that supposedly 'super' natural things don't exist. When you buy into that negativity ... the mind creates blocks to even seeing these things anymore, and then they do, in a sense, disappear from being real.

      Spank Billy enough, and he won't see those astral entities anymore, guaranteed. That's what happened to your author too. He's stopped pursuing mysticism, because he obviously got spanked socially for believing in silly things ... and he caved to the social pressure from society and his peers. In the modern world of objective certainty ... you're a fool if you believe in such things ... or so says authoritative people like Richard Dawkins and Dr. McP.

      Heaven is not a place ... it a state of mind you achieve in your psyche in THIS life (maybe.) That's the whole game down here ... it's a game based on psychology. Get there, and the garden of eden opens back up for you to play in. Hell is where most people live though, because satan has their mind ... which isn't an objective concept either. It just means you've subverted yourself with negative thoughts and fearful scray projections. This idea of heaven and hell being places, especially about having to do with an afterlife (who cares about an afterlife, what does that even matter ... Jesus never spoke of such a thing, ever) and this idea about god and the devil being actual people ... this was just the organized church subverting the meanings of these terms to kill what Jesus tried to show people.

    7. The final message from the church was ... if you ever try to open yourself up like this dude did, we'll kill you, which I'm quite sure they did. Then they turned him into a supernatural being himself in the myth, and said you can't be like him anyway ... because he wasn't a human. Screw that, he was just a very smart man who studied in Tibet and tried to share what he learned about the power of his mental capacities to his fellow countrymen. He was a man ... with a story the European authorities had no use for whatsoever, because you can't enslave free minds, and they knew about all of this.

      Bob Marley understood all this ... and so did John Lennon. Unfortunately, mommy has socially spanked the spirit out of most people before they are even four years old ... so that she won't be embarrassed by her child seeing and talking about mystical events. It's the mechanism of denial ... and it makes people oblivious to what's right in front of their face. They won't even see it after awhile if you shame them enough. Denial is a powerful tool on the psyche, and we project it onto each other without even being aware of it.

      That's the biggest problem we face these days. Not mommy ... but social pressure about how to think, we don't trust ourselves anymore, or what we see, we trust outside authorities now to tell us what we see and can think. It creates a hell, generated by nearly 8 billion minds projecting fear and weakness and ineptitude. I hated your author for removing and refuting the most important parts out of the christian message ... the parts about the so called magic. Jesus really did do those things. I know, because I've done a lot of them myself too. Yet to say that is literally blasphemy, and it sends people like Richard Dawkins into fits of rage (because he's mostly secretly jealous.)

      Remember, my opinion and a quarter gets you a phone call at a pay phone and that's it. This is all supposed to come from inside of your own psyche, these perspectives, from your overself, from your subconscious. Look inside yourself ... the answers are in there. You just have to see through the mind fuck and the injected noise. We've been led astray ... on purpose. You need to reclaim your mind.

      "Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, non but ourselves can free our minds ..."

      (Bob Marley)

      Peace peeps.

    8. Oh, and I also wanted to respond that I think finding inspiration in physical formations as you describe, rather than plants, animals, or blech ... from people ... is absolutely wonderful Artleads.

      My favorite thing is music, personally, even if that comes from the sound of crickets chirping in the meadow, or from a tap dripping counterpoint to the ticking of a steady clock. It's all processed inside of the mind subjectively, you make it what it is. Reality truly is just a subjective experience.

      it's you who makes your perceptions into a heaven or a hell. Seeing god in a pot hanging on the wall is perfectly acceptable to me.

      What you speak of ... finding inspiration in physical forms ... is quite common among the visual artists I know. While others just walk on past, oblivious to what that artist notices. The point is ... your ok just how you are Artleads, just know that. And forget what turns other people's cranks ... that's their trip, and doesn't have to be your trip.

      See how conformity to social uniformity is what ruins people? Trees are beautiful exactly because they're all crooked and bent and wonky ... not because they're planted all in neat little farmer's rows.

      You don't need to think what I think either, and that's the whole point that some people miss, and especially people like scientists miss. That's why they lose their own flow and get stuck in a living hell of struggle and conflict ... because they need agreement across the board about what they think ... like Richard Dawkins wants, which is totally impossible in a subjective world. That's just a race to the lowest common denominator psychologically. If you need agreement from others ... you're only going to ever get it about the most basic of things ... and that leaves out a lot of existence you will have to deny.

      You're just fine the way you are Artleads. You don't have to read a single book to know any of this either, I didn't. Personally, I learned everything I speak about from being alone a lot in a forest of trees, and also from being thrown to the wolves when I was a child, lol. I'll never regret it, even though it sucked before I understood why I'd picked that path for myself this lifetime.

      Now, I wouldn't trade my shitty life for Trumps any day. Not in a million lifetimes.



    9. LWA,

      This is what you do so well: stand up to the bully. Cupitt and Mark Passio (Natural Law) are bullies, insofar as they purport to have ultimate knowledge. So I like and appreciate you the way you are too, LWA. Cupitt is not my guy at all. What he does is intimidate me, as do people who hold forth and speak as oracles. I'm a sucker for such types, believing they must know something that I need to know. Exactly what you warn about. I have been getting better. And the universe sent you to firm up the considerable progress I'm making on my own. I hope I can be equally helpful to you.

    10. Someone, I have no idea who, once said, "... everything you need to know, you already do." I always liked that little remark.

      Peace Artleads, and yes, I believe you are equally helpful to me, and also to others. Thanks for provoking some conversation here at the ever so quiet beach of kuku. :D

    11. Sometimes I see rapid (even if it's microscopic) change. Like looking yesterday at black and white photos of NYC, where I spent some early adult and formative years. What pictures can I base drawings on? No, not turn-of-the-century photos of horse drawn carriages. I have to avoid overwhelming detail, like all the millions of ribs on the elevated train lines. I have to look for simplicity of sorts. And, YES, what I love are cars!!!!! This is certainly a problematic conclusion among environmentalists. But never mind. It's what I love. And what I love is what I embrace. After all, new cars were getting into common ownership when I was born. My guardians bought a Ford the same year I was born. For whatever it's worth, cars and I are symbiotic. So I'm some kind of part machine. This cannot be avoided, and must be faced.

  53. A nice little story I'd like to share with you:


    by Camden Benares, The Count of Five
    Headmaster, Camp Meeker Cabal

    A serious young man found the conflicts of mid 20th Century America confusing. He went to many people seeking a way of resolving within himself the discords that troubled him, but he remained troubled.

    One night in a coffee house, a self-ordained Zen Master said to him, „go to the dilapidated mansion you will find at this address which I have written down for you. Do not speak to those who live there; you must remain silent until the moon rises tomorrow night. Go to the large room on the right of the main hallway, sit in the lotus position on top of the rubble in the northeast corner, face the corner, and meditate.“

    He did just as the Zen Master instructed. His meditation was frequently interrupted by worries. He worried whether or not the rest of the plumbing fixtures would fall from the second floor bathroom to join the pipes and other trash he was sitting on. He worried how would he know when the moon rose on the next night. He worried about what the people who walked through the room said about him.

    His worrying and meditation were disturbed when, as if in a test of his faith, ordure fell from the second floor onto him. At that time two people walked into the room. The first asked the second who the man was sitting there was. The second replied „Some say he is a holy man. Others say he is a shithead.“

    Hearing this, the man was enlightened.“

  54. And another one:

    ” If you can master nonsense as well as you have already learned to master sense, then each will expose the other for what it is: absurdity. From that moment of illumination, a man begins to be free regardless of his surroundings. He becomes free to play order games and change them at will. He becomes free to play disorder games just for the hell of it. He becomes free to play neither or both. And as the master of his own games, he plays without fear, and therefore without frustration, and therefore with good will in his soul and love in his being.”

    1. I like these, Nem. I mostly play disorder games.

    2. I am no holy man ... I'm the shithead. I always go for the underdog position, because nature abhors a vacuum. Be wary, though, of the underdogs who are actually just whiny spoiled brats playing the victim. They usually aren't hard to spot.

      When a person piles up riches for themselves, robbers will plot to take those riches away. Mountains are brought down by gravity, whereas valleys get filled up with stuff. (Tao) "Whosoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it; and whosoever shall lose his life shall preserve it." (Luke 17:33)

      It's when an observation about nature is made by several different cultures across several different time periods that I sit up and take notice of such an observation. It's not magic ... just simple physics.

      I try to empty myself constantly. Fill me up pup. :D :D :D

  55. Hi LWA,

    I'm sharing these, since I had mentioned Jamaica's historical prominence in Olympic track games. Not much has changed this year in Rio. As was expected, ALL the attention is on Usain Bolt's win. He's a master showman and entertainer, and multitudes come to see what he does. He's better known around the world than Marley. He won the 100 meter gold away from that idiot Gatlin, whose glorification of America always jarred me. But I'm also profoundly interested in what the Jamaican women achieved thus far. Unlike the men, who won a glorious, world shattering fist place, the women won first AND third places, thus gaining TWO medals. The men got only one (less than in the previous games). Both the men and women are expected to do well in the upcoming 200 meter individuals and the 100 x 4 relays. More medals.

    I get this involved because of the maddening bullshit "Africans" from other countries have to put up with from American blacks. I want to make American blacks show some respect. White America treats them like shit, and they have the temerity to feel superior to the rest of us. But the Jamican athletes are way ahead of me. I'm as vindictive and grudgful as they are gracious. Bolt is a virtual saint in the way he respects all the other athletes, and has some American athlete friends among his many American athlete detractors. But here's something lovely done by the Jamaican women who won the 100 meter gold and bronze. Lined with a gigantic Jamaican flag behind them, they put the American silver (2nd place) medalist in between them for a photo op. All were smiling beautifully. Real serious grace. This is what black unity should look like.

  56. A little something else to throw in.

  57. And this is it for my Rio 2016 track and field report, and the triumph of Jamaica! :-)