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What's become of Berkeley?

"Berit Ashla has been offered and accepted a position with Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors to serve as Vice President for Advisory Services in its San Francisco office. She will be stepping out of her role as Executive Director of the David Brower Center at the end of August. "

Those statements above come from an email I received from the President of the Board of Directors of the David Brower Center in Berkeley, CA.

The statements are remarkable because they are a good example of how Berkeley has become the epicenter of the non-profit industrial complex. The fact that the executive director of an environmental and civic oriented non-profit center and incubator so seamlessly moves through the revolving door to a corporate-funded so-called philanthropic foundation indicates the nexus of capitalist forces at work. Corporate philanthropies such as the Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors seek to co-opt and turn to their own benefit, any forces that seek to go counter to capitalistic interests. This includes the environmental movement that David Brower helped grow.

Home to such non-profits as "Center for EcoLiteracy", "Friends of the Earth", "Bay Area Open Space Council", "Earth Island Institute", "International Marine Mammal Project", "Women's Earth Alliance" and "Green Schools Initiative", the Brower Center bills itself as a "civic institution working at the intersection of art, environment and social justice".

Berkeley is home to any number of such non-profit organizations and attracts an idealistic young population with its unique culture and a perceived radical atmosphere. However, the radicalism is carefully orchestrated by the many non-profits that derive their funding from corporate philanthropic foundations.

The offices that the non-profits operate from are not unlike the plush, colorful, bright, ergonomically designed work-spaces that one would find in any corporate campus across the bay in Silicon Valley. These are not the spaces from which revolutions are launched. These are not the spaces in which community develops.

The non-profit industrial complex is vast, beyond the imagination of most of us. Consider, the environmental non-profit that aims to restrict CO2 concentrations to below 350 ppm. We're already seeing upwards of 400 ppm with no signs of slowing down. And there's a reason for that. Cory Morningstar has done extensive research on's co-founder, Bill McKibben’s links to big everything –

I used to wonder how we humans have managed to destroy the planet the most in the most recent 50-100 years when most of the large conservation organizations were around – Sierra Club (founded 1892), The Nature Conservancy (founded 1951), WWF (founded 1961), Greenpeace (founded 1969). etc.

One way to look at it is – “the damage would have been worse had these organizations not existed, and that they tried their best”. That would give them the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps that’s a partially valid position to take on one or two of the organizations or even all of them for the first so many years after founding. And I wanted to believe that. But the more accurate interpretation is, at least a few of them helped the process of environmental devastation and in fact, at least a few of them were created by the powers that be to specifically channel their opposition’s energies into well-defined pathways that such NGOs offer. Rulers have long ago figured out that they need to be in control of dissident voices and energies. And the best way to be in control of them is to create them, or co-opt them and finance them. Let’s just say this is probably something a sociopath elite-in-the-making grasps fairly quickly and early. As far as I remember, they didn’t offer Statecraft 101 in college. So we refer to sources such as where a number of investigative reports have been published.

I often see these very idealistic young men and women who do really care for nature and what’s happening to her ending up on street corners in ritzy downtowns across Silicon Valley selling memberships to Greenpeace! Idealism watered down, enthusiasm contained, energy absorbed, business as usual continues. I have often stopped to talk to them. They tell me what’s going on in the world. And I also try to tell them what’s going on in the world, and how they are being misled, at which point they say something about making their quotas and having work to do.

Let’s take a look at who’s heading The Nature Conservancy? “The Nature Conservancy is led by President and CEO Mark Tercek, a former managing director at Goldman Sachs, and an adjunct professor at the New York University Stern School of Business.” We have a bankster leading one of the largest, most well-funded environmental non-profit outfits in the world. Tercek came to the Google campus a couple of years back to promote his book “Nature’s Fortune”. In the Q&A period after the talk, I asked him a question which he deftly evaded.

The description of this book at starts off asking “What is nature worth?” and words of wisdom follow – “In Nature’s Fortune, Mark Tercek, CEO of The Nature Conservancy and former investment banker, and science writer Jonathan Adams argue that nature is not only the foundation of human well-being, but also the smartest commercial investment any business or government can make…. Who invests in nature, and why? What rates of return can it produce? When is protecting nature a good investment?”

Another excerpt from the above article

"Co-optation is not limited to buying the favors of politicians. The economic elites –which control major foundations– also oversee the funding of numerous NGOs and civil society organizations, which historically have been involved in the protest movement against the established economic and social order. The programs of many NGOs and people’s movements rely heavily on funding from both public as well as private foundations including the Ford, Rockefeller, McCarthy foundations, among others."

"With salaries and operating expenses depending on private foundations, it became an accepted routine: In a twisted logic, the battle against corporate capitalism was to be fought using the funds from the tax exempt foundations owned by corporate capitalism." The NGOs were caught in a straightjacket; their very existence depended on the foundations. Their activities were closely monitored.

The people’s movement has been hijacked. Selected intellectuals, trade union executives, and the leaders of civil society organizations (including Oxfam, Amnesty International, Greenpeace) are routinely invited to the Davos World Economic Forum, where they mingle with the World’s most powerful economic and political actors. This mingling of the World’s corporate elites with hand-picked “progressives” is part of the ritual underlying the process of “manufacturing dissent”.

Someone asked me recently what I thought of the climate conference in Paris. At a time when bankers are taking over conservation NGOs and promoting new ways of slicing and dicing the last remaining “assets” and putting them up for sale on the chopping block of the free market, futility, fraud and farce are appropriate descriptors of the Paris talks.

As for Berkeley, despite its image as the place where the Free Speech Movement was launched and its connections to the Civil Rights Movement, it's always been under the control of the elites. Gray Brechin investigates the history of the University of California and its connections with San Francisco's elite families such as the Bechtels in his book, "Imperial San Francisco". Today, extensive partnerships and collaboration between the University and industry, including Big Oil, continue -

Wikipedia calls Berkeley "one of the most politically liberal cities in the United States." It's easy to forget that the father of the atom bomb, J. Robert Oppenheimer, was a professor of Physics at the University of California, Berkeley and the wartime head of the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

An excerpt from Brechin's 2006 introduction to his book:

Few also knew of the University of California’s long participation in that incestuous liaison. University scientists had, as I’d written, seen the Manhattan Project to fiery fruition, while its competing weapons campuses in California and New Mexico thereafter designed and promoted successive generations of doomsday machines requiring the most intimate triangulation with arms merchants and the funding government. When infrequently pressed, the University’s presidents and spokespersons insisted that the work was done in the public interest. Three days before Christmas of 2005, the Chronicle announced that the Department of Energy had renewed the University’s contract to jointly run with Bechtel Corporation the Los Alamos laboratories “more like a business whose product is nuclear weapons.”15 The following day, its lead editorial cheered for the home team: “The new seven-year contract is worth up to $512 million, but its greater importance to UC is the scientific prestige.”

And yet, Berkeley calls itself a nuclear free zone! How does that work? Well, it has to, for the sake of its image as a city at the forefront of societal transformation, its image as one of the most progressive and liberal cities in the country, and to maintain such perceptions among the idealistic and energetic young people who're drawn to work at its many nefarious non-profits.

More on Berkeley, California


  1. Thanks Satish, for writing so well on this most important subject. I thought I knew a bit about the rise of NGOs but I've learned a lot, and you've given me much more food for research, thought and contemplation. You're a star!

    Arundhati - dearest, courageous woman and true fighter - ALWAYS hits the nail on the head.

    I first came across her when reading her book The God of small Things sometime in the 90s.It didn't occur to me then that she'd become such a warrior. Her integrity and passion comes through in this very good book, which held me spell-bound, and gives an inkling of the kind of woman she is.

    1. Sabine, I haven't read her Pulitzer prize winning book but have followed Arundhati's more activist streak over the years. She, along with Vandana Shiva, are stalwarts! They are very articulate and straightforward about the injustice they see.

    2. Vandana Shiva is amazing. She is just incredible, fighting for Indias seeds, fighting against Monsanto, against Coca-Cola ect ect, fighting against Empire. Yeah, she knows for shure, what "Corporate Empire" means in it's essence. And she is extremely articulated indeed, having a degree in physics and being very aware of the extremely rich culture of her country. This woman represents her country in a phantastic way. If people like her or like Varundata Roy would be the presidents of the world, this world would look extremely different absolutely for shure.

    3. Satish, excellent investagation as always. Reporting is a first step toward actions to change & correct if possible.
      at the annual World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland. "All they can think about is the silicon that goes into your device or, maybe, the lithium that goes into your battery."

      But the so-called "cloud" -- the networks of Internet servers on which many of us now store documents, contacts, photos and all sorts of digital correspondence -- is very tangible, as is its voracious appetite for electricity.

      "If you think about it, why are you keeping around every notification you've ever got on Twitter on a live server so that it can be fed by water, power and land?" said Boyd. "A lot of it is [that] we've removed the economic cost -- it's free! -- but it has impact just like drinking bottled water has impact."

      It's difficult to get people to care about something so invisible. You just expect email to exist when you need it, whether you're firing off a quick "thanks" to a colleague or searching for an old receipt for an online purchase. You might pay as much heed to this invisible network as, say, to the carbon emissions that come from buildings. Think of it this way: It's easy to note the exhaust coming out of a diesel truck, but who thinks about the impact of the four walls around them?


    Thanks for that latest post on NBL. Quite the warrior, you. :-)


    As can be expected from one who doesn't keep up with the world, and hardly ever reads, I didn't know about Arundhati. Yes, and just that brief quote meant the world to me. Sabine, please keep in touch, and help steer us toward better feminist understanding.


    Well this is a knockout punch of an article! (I'm full of combative references today!) I met Brower once (in the late 80's) and knew people who were close to him and involved with EII. I've also had some small acquaintance with Brechin. I've also founded and run a non-profit in this area. It's a familiar world, somehow. And I've left it behind, with all the well mannered NGO types, feeling like an untouchable when I relate to them. I suspect that one must become or be some kind of broken vessel of a failure in order not to be deluded by their program. Thank god for NBL (and those of you who emerge from it here) for making that so clear.

    1. Artleads, A couple of years back, I went to check out a protest on the Google campus. The protesters were the local chapter of SEIU, a labor union, who had complaints against the way Google was treating their security guards, paying them low wages and employing them part-time so they can get away with giving them zero benefits, etc. I simply wanted to be there and observe the proceedings and it was quite a perplexing event.

      It lasted all of 2 hours, it started exactly when the flyer said it would start and it ended exactly when it was supposed to end. There was a fixed route for the protesters to march on, a couple of experienced people who led the way with their chants while the rest followed and repeated after them. They had placards and banners and mics. A film crew was in tow.

      As they began to wrap things up and roll up their banners, I asked a young woman how she learned about the protest and about her connection with the union. She told me she was employed by a local non-profit in Berkeley and they paid her a salary to manage events, including organizing and participating in protests. I forget the name of that non-profit but she and her friends found jobs online. Sites such as specialize in matching up people with volunteer positions as well as paid positions.

      The protest on the campus was done very professionally, almost to engineering precision, befitting a company like Google, but with hardly the passion and energy that one would expect to see in an act of dissent against greedy corporate managers.

  3. The truth in today's world is well concealed. We have no one to blame but ourselves. If we truly wanted to rise up and revolt we would sell our hybrid cars and walk out into the streets to make our voices heard. We would have to be willing to go to prison. Many would pay with their lives. As Arundhati Roy stated...... Real resistance has real consequences. Humanity will not leave this lap of luxury. We are the spoiled ape....

    1. Well I do agree that the truth is very well concealed. I find figuring out the reasons so daunting that I get back to just a couple alternate principles:

      1) We face extinction based on current socioeconomic circumstances that are global. These are changing through their own dynamics and must be thoughtfully replaced or modified.

      2) Understand that all the natural world (and possibly the unnatural world as well) is on the side of life. (We're not as weak as we think.)

      3) Given that every human, the funny top included, faces extinction, there is probably no room or need for division, whoever knows it or not.

      4) The other is you. Be convinced that everyone can change, given the right set of circumstances.

      5) You are the leader, whoever you are, so become the change you want.

      Good lord. I don't know if these mean anything at all, but I'll honor their arrival just the same. :-)

  4. .
    A fabulous expose here Satish, just wonderful. You are indeed a fine wordsmith.

    I saw my first glimpse of this sort of thing back in the early 1990’s when I found out one of our Canadian Prime Ministers simultaneously sat on both the board of directors for Imperial Tobacco, and at the same time also the board of directors for the Canadian Cancer Foundation.

    It didn’t take much to intuit what sorts of conversations would be going on at the highest levels of the Cancer Foundation.

    Ok folks, we think that the proposed public statement linking cancer and tobacco smoke is just a little bit too strong. We’ll be dialing that back and changing the wording on that before moving ahead with it, ok? Good. Oh, and that funding for that research project we discussed yesterday? Well, we’ve decided not to go ahead with that. Ok folks, thank you, and we’ll see you all again next week. Keep up the good work people.”

    The only safe place anymore it seems is inside the depths of your own mind, so long as they haven’t co-opted that sacred place too. Although, even inadvertent infections still be can be corrected if one has the will to exorcize and cleanse one’s inner chambers.

    You really have got to get in to get out.

    1. LWA, apparently, some of these folks don't want to understand what "conflict of interest" means. Michael Taylor of the FDA comes to mind - - currently Deputy Commissioner at FDA, but formerly a VP at Monsanto!

      Retreating to inner chambers now...

  5. -

    And another spot on Empires good will. Great article!

    " The non-profit industrial complex is vast..."

    Sounds like a contradiction, "non-profit industrial complex" :-) They manage to undermine just everything, destroy any attempt to make this world a better place. It's real sick. They rob the planet and then they come out as "philantropists", hahaha. They did the same with labor unions, political parties and what have you. They do the same everywhere, they suck out and undermine every little thing. And I don't like the word "charity".

    " Idealism watered down, enthusiasm contained, energy absorbed, business as usual continues."

    Yoh, that's the way it is. Btw:

    Did the socalled "elite" already think about the final consequences of having a world with no opposition, no critique, no questions, no resistance anymore? What happens to a society, where all dissident voices have been made silent?^^ Business as usual, right? And finally they will squash the planet like an emptied coca-cola can and walk on to the next planet... or not.

    Respect to Arundhati Roy, Vandana Shiva and alike!


    Hey, it was such a pleasure to say hello at NBL once more.

    "Don't be whiner, if you want to make it to the top!", hahahaha...

  6. @ Nemesis

    Yes. Charity is nothing more than another farce lottery. Only puffs up the higher up's
    sense of superiority and fake empathy.

    1. Yes, you are so right. Good to see you here on that peaceful and inspiring place. I found this recently:

      “ I note here too that there is great danger; that the colonial enterprise is to the modern world what Roman imperialism was to the ancient world: the prelude to Disaster and the forerunner of Catastrophe. Come, now! The Indians massacred, the Moslem world drained of itself, the Chinese world defiled and perverted; the Negro world disqualified; mighty voices stilled forever; homes scattered to the wind; all this wreckage, all this waste, humanity reduced to a monologue, and you think that all that does not have a price? The truth is that this policy cannot but bring about the ruin of Europe itself, and that Europe, if it is not careful, will perish from the void it has created around itself.”

      – Aimé Césaire, Discourse on Colonialism

      “ The hour of the Barbarian is at hand. The modern barbarian. The American hour. Violence, excess, waste, mercantilism, bluff, gregariousness, stupidity, vulgarity, disorder.”

      – Aimé Césaire, Discourse on Colonialism

  7. Is me Nes? A six fingered mutant man? A Loc Nes of deep cool acceptance of NGO's, GMO, HMO's and everywhere Mo flows? No more secrets as the signs now align in the stars.

    So much love to each of you I really can't explain. Maybe it is the new state? Working in an environment of Max Planck silence rather than the constant D.C. chat & competition?

    And the kind way LWA has reached out to me, defended me on NBL, It means more than I can say.
    I want to give something from the heart in return, yet most of all it comes down to being at peace. Giving peace rather than problems. Paying attention. Being astounded at how my midnight post from Crystal River was read by this wonderful tribe so crystal clear.

    PLEASE, do not take my lack of words (compared to last year) as a sign that "i" am not here. Reading, comprehending, processing, FEELING something beautiful...strange...a transition off the charts from any I experienced before. Gosh, I've sailed & served & starved & thrived at times on nothing but the energy of the stars.

    ART of Sabine's healing ferns that grew where she least expected them. BEING THERE. Digesting decades of political & environmental destruction, yet for some reason this shit storm is fertile ground for EVOLUTION in spirit. Something good is really going to come out of all this and I never was so sure of it before. I'm also going to pat myself on my Loc Ness webbed left hand for a sec. Good heavens, I had a part in the formation of Homeland Security. Decommissioning nuclear plants. Funding a Manatee center that opens next week. I'm nobody but six million combined things. Sometimes I can't even see myself in a sea of helping hands. I ASKED to be BORN. I asked for AIDS and Nukes and constant miracles creating cures.

    Sorry I've gone completely KuKu. Out of the nest, I forgot I told some distant God I accept all the challenges. We all forgot billions of fractals are what we are manifesting here. Giving energy to billions of human souls producing problems & lemonade...All the tribe and planets in our solar system - this month our stars do specifically re-align.

    The great re-membering. Peace is so simple and obviously complexity is not. Let's create no more challenges. SEN IS ME - ME IS NES, Loc & key to understanding our mutual journey. The turbulence. The deluge. The Calm ... return to one.

    1. .
      I forgot I told some distant God I accept all the challenges.

      Hahahahaha. I told someone once they sat me in front of a computer form, and I was supposed to select and check some boxes of experiences I wanted to have here.

      Apparently I seem to have just hit 'select all' and jumped.


      Love it Mark!

    2. .
      Just reread this again Mark. So much effortlessly channeled through your words. Your acceptance of the situation; seeing the silver lining in it. Fertile ground for the evolution of spirit; problems into lemonade. Asking for it, and getting it. I mean, really getting it; bring it on. (I remember saying that back in 91, and wowser-woo, did it ever bring on!)

      How interesting that a healing fern grew where Sabine least expected it. Of course enlightened people can emerge out of wealth and luxury, no reason at all it can’t happen like that. Same way the ghetto produces a huge majority of bro cappin’ ho slappin’ reprobates and not enlightened people at all. There is no rule. It’s not environment that dictates these things; that’s the thoughts of a mind trapped in causality and reason.

      Of course a tree makes no sound when it falls in the forest, not without an ear there to process that information into electronic signals, and then to organize that impulse into what the mind then labels and agrees with others as being a sound.

      Lateral mind shift here: I had some really rude neighbors for awhile, and I tried really hard to change them, then to change myself, but nothing worked. Then I just made them disappear one day; they simply ceased to exist anymore. Now I don’t have rude neighbors anymore, they’re gone. At least I don’t see them anymore, so I assume they’re gone. The trouble sure has stopped without any signals anymore to process from them, or about them, and that’s the main thing, right? Poof, gone, like magic; they disappeared and ceased to exist. Smell ya later, or naught!

      Sailed and served and starved and thrived. Ha, me too. Although, my sailing wasn’t actually on any boat, but hey, I made do. I had magic shoes with talents in them, lol.

      You’re right Mark, big shift of gears for me lately too. Going silent, connecting much better that way. The noise was getting too loud to hear the silence and stillness through anyway. “A transition off the charts from any I experienced before.” Uh oh, I’ve had bigger transitions before than this so far, so you mean this is going to ramp up even more? Oh my. My oh my indeed. Shakin’ in my booties now.

      Just blathering here I guess about not much. Felt like saying nothing I suppose, so I did. Thanks Mark for not encouraging Bob S in his denigrating and shaming behavior the other day, and then trying to pass it off as free speech. I know he was mean to you one day too, without any point to it; just mean to be mean, to chase away was all. Asking for freedom to curtail freedom, what a joke that is. He’s affected for sure.

      Thanks also for understanding that Ray Batman has a better grip on the nature of reality than do some of the other armchair philosophers that hang around there; the one’s who seem over read yet under experienced. Talk is cheap, too much talk, even cheaper; it’s the showing and knowing that counts the most.

      I’m not always good you know Mark. I have a dark side too. Yin yang. Poona tang. Mister Mang. Shangri-Lang. Lettin’ it hang then exploding with a bang. It’s ok ya know. Ya, you know. I’m just sayin’ though.

      Anyway. Always an anyway isn’t there? Donald Duck says ‘PHI’ and the stars align in the sky.

      I saw the sign; it opened up my eyes and I got a new life. You would hardly recognize me, but I'm so glad. When you're not the one for me, how could a person like me care for you, and why do I bother anyway? Life is demanding without understanding. Oooo, is enough, enough? But where do you belong? No one's gonna drag you up to get into the light, so where you belong? Others have seen the sign. I saw the sign. Do you know about sign language? Mark does.

      You’re a good one for sure Mark. Sorry you had to meet the skinheads, blech.

    3. @LWA

      " Of course enlightened people can emerge out of wealth and luxury, no reason at all it can’t happen like that."

      I got a question here:

      Where does all the wealth and luxury of a rich man (like Trump and alike) come from? Can a man of wealth and luxury really live a life of excellence or enlightenment on planet Earth, while others are starving and Mother Earth is being exploited and destroyed? Where does all the wealth and luxury come from? Doesn't it come from exploitation, destruction of Mother Earth and slavery? Those people who own millions and billios are those, who take the most from Mother Earth, while others are starving. At least, there is one thing all rich people can and will learn for shure:

      When Death knocks on their door, they can't take one single cent with them. All their wealth couldn't stop the destruction of Mother Earth so far or end the starving of so many people on this planet, could it? Will it? I call the extraordinary wealth of the glamour people injust and childish. Mother Earth will take away all that filthy wealth soon, very soon.

    4. ... and the message of all indigenous people have always been the same message:

      Greed and disconnection is the rootcause of the destruction of Mother Earth and the time is near, when all that filthy wealth of those rich people will come to and End soon. THIS fact I call "enlightenment". It will be the ultimate, final enlightenment of Corporate Empire.

    5. “We must powder our wigs; that is why so many poor people have no bread.”

      ― Jean-Jacques Rousseau

    6. After all, the more I think about the million warnings of indigenous and other wise people adressed to Corporate Empire, that have always and ever been ignored during all those centuries, I come more and more to one final conclusion:

      Corporate Empire will not listen. So, all this warning and hoping, that Corporate Empire will ever listen, is a complete, senseless waste of time and energy. The more I think about it, the more I come to the final, timeless conclusion all wise men of all times came to:

      A free man must travel alone, in silence.

    7. "A free man must travel alone, in silence."

      For me, it's: a free man must CHOOSE to travel alone and in silence.

      I totally agree that, yes, power has never listened, and never will, but then, there would be no MLK, Jesus, Arundhati Roy, the Berrigans, Megan McKenna and on and on and on... I like them very much because they give me great confirmation, satisfaction and light.

    8. Yes, now I have to agree with you. I would miss all that conformation, satisfaction and light of all those great people also.

      But to me, it feels more and more like a real struggle. The more I stay away from people, the more I feel peace and freedom within. Sometimes I don't see anyone for a week or so and then I am at total, unspeakable peace and joy with myself, alone, no more struggle. Hahaha, and then I go back to people and the struggle starts anew. Maybe it's a problem of communication, a problem of words. Language is just so extremely limited and one can be misunderstood so damned quickly.

    9. Right with you my friend. Thank goodness for KUKU, the place for rest, also described by this quotation. "The Perpetual Champion of the non-obvious."

    10. You know, I didn't want to complain with my story or whine about my story or boast with it in any way. All I wanted is sharing joy and peace. I am never good with words, especially with english. So I try with Tagore... I don't understand any word of his song, but I feel it and it fills me joy, I want to share this joy...

    11. Tagore. My kind of person.

      From Wiki:

      "Repudiation of knighthood

      Tagore renounced his knighthood in response to the Jallianwala Bagh massacre in 1919. In the repudiation letter to the Viceroy, Lord Chelmsford, he wrote[161]

      The time has come when badges of honour make our shame glaring in the incongruous context of humiliation, and I for my part, wish to stand, shorn, of all special distinctions, by the side of those of my countrymen who, for their so called insignificance, are liable to suffer degradation not fit for human beings.

      How did he accomplish so much? Died approx. 2 months before my birthday (1941).

    12. The Golden Boat

      Clouds rumbling in the sky; teeming rain.
      I sit on the river bank, sad and alone.
      The sheaves lie gathered, harvest has ended,
      The river is swollen and fierce in its flow.
      As we cut the paddy it started to rain.

      One small paddy-field, no one but me -
      Flood-waters twisting and swirling everywhere.
      Trees on the far bank; smear shadows like ink
      On a village painted on deep morning grey.
      On this side a paddy-field, no one but me.

      Who is this, steering close to the shore
      Singing? I feel that she is someone I know.
      The sails are filled wide, she gazes ahead,
      Waves break helplessly against the boat each side.
      I watch and feel I have seen her face before.

      Oh to what foreign land do you sail?
      Come to the bank and moor your boat for a while.
      Go where you want to, give where you care to,
      But come to the bank a moment, show your smile -
      Take away my golden paddy when you sail.

      Take it, take as much as you can load.
      Is there more? No, none, I have put it aboard.
      My intense labour here by the river -
      I have parted with it all, layer upon layer;
      Now take me as well, be kind, take me aboard.

      No room, no room, the boat is too small.
      Loaded with my gold paddy, the boat is full.
      Across the rain-sky clouds heave to and fro,
      On the bare river-bank, I remain alone -
      What had has gone: the golden boat took all.

      - Rabindranath Tagore

  8. God you make me laugh...till I rock my own boat.
    Select All & jump..that sums it up.

    Came to KuKu to be normal for a minute. Jim's daughter (I've been a parent figure since she was 14) is pregnant. Big wedding last year & good job. But we are both so conflicted about her continuing all this Empire/Matrix lifestyle stuff. She had her honeymoon at my place in Costa Rica last year. She knows about NTE potential. If you think I'm bad you should hear Jim go on about potential WW3 and financial collapse, etc. Too many layers of complications to get into here. Just like everything I do, I could get into a huge messy explanation of how the Rain-forest Preserve we created came from a whole mix of funds and Nature Conservatory issues Satish exposes above. But WTF if I had not gone that route it would be bulldozed by Marriott. The entire biological reserve would be a golf resort. In fact all we did is get Marriott to build at the less desirable Los Seuenos location up the coast. Honestly, is it even possible to do anything Pura Vida these days on a planet with million and millions of land hungry people????

    NICK WESSBERG got chopped to bits with a machete DEAD DEAD DEAD by those opposed to us saving the island beach. Maybe because this is the internet real lives do not matter but it's a big deal to the very poor people in Montezuma that Biological research funds saved them from getting burned, bulldozed and built over. oh good grief. And the day my NGO stops paying, what do you think is going to happen to the refugio??? Wildlife reserves get sold & drilled & slaughtered when someone one with-out political care & connections quits caring. Read a guide book or any news article about CABO BLANCO Costa Rica. Nick and Karen died horrible to get Corcovado Nat'l park founded. Nice Ranger Marco weild's a presidential check book and guns for gawds sake!! There is no escape from any of this. "Will there be WiFi and Egyptian cotton thread count sheets" when we get there? Corruption is almost everywhere.

    NEMESIS, Off with my head to Linderhoff. Mad King Ludwig in his fantasy Swan Lake castles. Have you ever been to Oberammergau? I'm fuming in Fussen tonight. Excuse the reality rant. Bonn, Munich, Rothenberg, Passau, Obernai, Pottsdam, somewhere there's a place for us. Trust me I've slept in the Frankfort train station once. Being dirt poor didn't make me better or enlightened. I almost got killed by neo-nazi skin heads in lovely Goslar. This butterfly is having bad Hollywood effects. I just saw on 11pm TV news that tornado's hit the Tampa area when I was writing SHEP the other night. I had no idea yesterday's storm was so bad. There is no moral high ground, for me anyway.

    1. -
      No, I've never been in Oberammergau.

      " Being dirt poor didn't make me better or enlightened."

      That's right. But being rich doesn't make anyone better or enlightened either :-)

      To be content with little is difficult; to be content with much, impossible.

      ― Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

    2. “ To be content with little is difficult; to be content with much, impossible.”

      I think the intent of this quotation is to point out that more is less, however, indigenous people were content with virtually nothing.

      I've seen, in videos, children playing with brilliant sparkles in their eyes that impressed me, forever more.

      They didn't know it was difficult.

    3. I don't understand so much as feel. I wonder if actions to save land don't work on the less is more principle also? So the more land you save is the more land you lose? It's extremely puzzling. I say I don't like parks because they are trying for the impossible: to separate off a little piece of nature, when it's all of nature that matters. What sense can we make of this?

    4. @Shep

      I have to admit, that I have to pay some small rent for my little appartement and something to eat. Also I have to get some new strings for my guitar from time to time. I have around 650€/month and I am happy. I am always working on getting a little better on my guitar, money can't buy that anyway. To live as an indigenous is impossible in Europe.

      " I've seen, in videos, children playing with brilliant sparkles in their eyes that impressed me, forever more."

      Yeah, I love to see children playing. But we shouldn't forget, that their parents have to have some money to feed those children.

    5. @Shep

      " indigenous people were content with virtually nothing."

      Yeah, so true. They take everything they need from Nature, they don't need money and therefore, Corporate Empire is exterminating all indigenous people around the world. Corporate Empire hates free people, it wants to turn everybody into slaves, slaves of the modern money-god.

    6. Nemesis,

      The few indigenous parents and children left are the individuals I am talking about have nothing but nature.

      You seem to have the same feelings without difficulty with the little u have.

      I could not do it! Probably, because of the way I was raised, totally dependent on the capitalist system backed by religion rift with money.

      I am learning the Mandolin but I am stalled at 1 on a scale of 100 for knowing what I am doing. I can sing a little tho so I do that for enjoyment.

    7. Satish,

      I think this will interest you.

    8. Responding to a post on

      I liked the video interview with Holgren that you shared awhile back, and found little to disagree with him about. So here we're back to what might just be a problem in semantics.

      Here's a famous French Proverb:

      Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

      (The more things change, the more they stay the same.)

      I would like to turn this upside down:

      The more things remain the same, the more they (can) change.

      A related Proverb:

      If you don't know where you've been, you can't know where you're going.

      While I can't cite references, it's been widely said that modern times have been a period of public amnesia, especially in America, which continually throws away the past. So if a society doesn't know where it has been, it is rootless and easily manipulated. That is not a formula for change., but one for destruction.

      I propose that for there to be change, we must,collectively, go back over the past that we can still see around us, and re-evaluate and re-interpret it. This process can only be successful if we discontinuing throwing our heritage away. We would do better by preserving everything.

      Some random, scattered thoughts on the subject:

      - A change so monumental as that away from fossil fuel dependency could be psychologically catastrophic.

      - That might necessitate preserving the outer resemblance of the oil age infrastructure while substantially and continually changing the means of subsistence behind the industrial facade.

      - The painter Cezanne advocated "doing Poussin over again from nature." To some extent, we need to do over industrial society without fossil fuels and only through the recycling of places and materials and ideas.

      - All demolition must end.

      The embedded ff energy in the existing infrastructure must be used to launch the new. The more the existing is preserved, the more energy to launch the new.

      - Animism, or the religion of existing things (something to be considered).

    9. -

      Well, it seems that I am a real lucky person, born in the Ghetto, still living in the Ghetto. I remember times of real hunger, no coal for heating, closet outside in the backyard, wearing the worn out clothes of my elder sister ect. Mother killed herself when I was 4, father when I was 15 ect ect ect. Death teached me. It is easy to stay away from too much money, when plain Death is your teacher. Death, without any compassion, ripped some real big, black hole into my soul when I was a little kid. And that hole could never have been filled out with funny money or any material things, never ever. Death was always with me, day and night. Therefore it was easy for me, not to cling to material things. I am grateful to have Death as my teacher all my life.

      You play the mandolin, that makes me happy, yeah! So you know, how much joy it is to play Music. Scales don't matter, only the joy of Music matters. And you sing. Great! It is sooo much joy, to sing. To me, singing is even more joy than playing any other instrument, because no instrument is so close to oneself than the voice.

      Mandolin, yeah, such a cool instrument, for playing the Blues for instance:

    10. -
      I was wearing those worn out clothes of my elder sister, but I am a he, not a she, hahaha... I will never forget that pink cardigan for instance. I will never forget, when I was around 5 or 6 years old, my father teached me how to make a bow tie for the first time on the cord that was on that cardigan... no, to be poor is no reason to be ashamed, no, never ever. I learned that the hard way and I am grateful. Yes, I am proud and grateful of my life in the Ghetto, I learned everything I ever wanted to learn, down there in Hell.

    11. Thanks, so much, for the Rory clip. Music is vast. I had never heard of the dude. I think I got stuck in a couple of styles (Bluegrass [plenty of Scot/Irish tho] and Southern Gospel) and never really expanded my interests.

      Never really understood the blues. A shameful blot on my soul. I do now, somewhat. No real exp. with it. I have never faced real evil and so am surprised at my intuitive bent for the oppressed.

      Where was ur ghetto? Warsaw, Harlem, Black Hills, Oakland, Cork, Arizona, Dauchau...too many to mention.

  9. -

    Gospel and Blues are relatives. The Blues is everywhere, never far away. The Blues is the root of any modern music, Jazz, Rock'n Roll, R'n B, Soul, Funk, Reggae ect. The Blues is universal, no matter, if rich or poor, black or white, there is a time of Blues in everyones life. The destruction of Mother Earth and NTE is kind of Blues too, isn't it? My Ghetto is there, were there are holes in the walls, many suicides happen, drugs, alcohol and violence, there are three hard-alcoholics living in the house where I live, two of them more dead than alive, one of them my ex-girlfriend (another song of the Blues). I don't know, maybe the english term "Ghetto" is wrong. The place I was born has been called "Obdachlosensiedlung", "Apachenviertel", "Asozialensiedlung", "Maumau" in german. I didn't say anything about "oppression", I said my mother killed herself when I was 4 and my father killed himself when I was 15 (I found his dead body), that would be some Blues for most people, no matter, if rich or poor, IMO. Have you ever lost any beloved ones? Then you know the Blues.

    @Satish Musunuru

    The Berkeley University has been involved in Koch financed climate change denial as well... why does the elite deny it's own (and everyone elses) demis?

    1. Btw, the root- formula of the Blues is C7/5b = Gb7/5b, the Tritonus, Oneness within Duality, Duality within Oneness, the marriage of Heaven and Hell.

    2. Maybe the Tritonus ("Diabolus in Musica") is the reason, why the Blues (and Gypsy Music as well) has often been called "Devil's Music"... yes, Music is vast.

  10. Dearest Mark,

    What happened to you re neo-nazis in Goslar? If you have the time, please elaborate.

  11. Since there is a lot of discussion of indigenous concepts here at kuku, I thought maybe I would post this here, a conversation I had with a friend the other day. I was looking for things to send to another friend, and I thought hey, I should just post this up at kuku. Why not.

    I wonder sometimes if that was the purpose of the native vision quests and the Australian Aborigine walkabouts, if it was exactly meant to show you that you don't die before it's your time, and that once it's your time, then there's nothing you can do to avoid it anyway, so relax. Going out in the bush and having a bird drop you lunch right before you're about to starve to death, or a bear show you where to find some berries, or a girl show up in a snowstorm to hand you a few hundred dollars for fuel and food.

    Take that knowledge away, the knowledge of how everything along your path through life happens according to something you decided for yourself anyway beforehand, in order to have a tailored experience here; take that understanding away, and of course you'll get a bunch of people going bananas grabbing everything they can get for themselves in desperation as if it's the thing that keeps them alive or doesn't. Which is bullshit.

    That's money, that's greed, that's hoarding resources, that's thinking you can buy or earn or bargain your way out of your destiny. That's our world today.

    I wonder if that's why they did the vision quests. To demonstrate to each and every person coming of age that you don't, can't even, die until it's your time, and not a moment sooner or later. Without that critical information, you have people believing that they can exert some sort of control over their lives, when you really absolutely can't.

    That's what I think the value of being dropped off in the woods at 13 to either live or die was. And of course you lived. And it was a valuable insight into the nature of our existence. Take that away, and you have Darwin's survival of the jerkiest.

    That's something I would reintroduce is the vision quest, it's a way to be forced to confront your spiritual nature.

    Peas and Carrots.

    1. Or maybe, to go with MO, one is merely repeating a performance until they get it right. The nearer to right the more synchronistic, the more everything fits and is timely. There cannot be any fear of death then, for "death" will only come when "you" are good and ready. After you have completed your song.

  12. NEMESIS - sir namaste - I'm so appreciative of your raw life truth. Sabine & I did some of that here last year. Very respectfully, you have been doing us so much honor to share facts about your experience. Your reality. Personally I always learn best when people will let us right into their shoes. Never could be completely in your mind or full physical experience...but you write it so rough and yet beautiful with the SIMPLE transcendence you see in it. Death without compassion. Wow I feel that black hole - but it can't be that dark inside you because your here. Your sharing really serious stuff. More truth comes from sharing who we are than all the concepts and critical things we think. Word's are a beginning to inluence and direct attention. But at some point we all have to do helpful things. (Including doing absolute nothing in Zen)
    Out of word count here but I will return to confess my bad stuff. Frankly I "joined" and blended in with the Nazi guys...for a block...till I could run from hiel hitler. Lucky I could pull a hood over my non-skin head. I was doing low budget TV work in Europe Sept 1990. Tons of stuff and money flows through me but ever since that year living out of a suitcase, everything I have still fits in a few boxes and 44ft boat. But God I'm always channeling tons of stuff to charities and parks & places. Like it or not it is a hassle but also a truth of a responsibility I choose. Sort of like a crab on the beach has the nature to sort bits of fish & floatsum everywhere. A crab sorts an ocean of stuff but keeps very little in it's hole.
    ARTLEADS - reality check. One choice. Wildlife park or Gas Station? On piece of land. One choice. I admire your list of mining ideas before. Most important keep hands on active with local issues. Even the way you once cleaned the Car Wash bathroom. ART in making things a bit better.

    1. @Sir Mark Austin

      " Wow I feel that black hole - but it can't be that dark inside you because your here. Your sharing really serious stuff. More truth comes from sharing who we are than all the concepts and critical things we think. Word's are a beginning to inluence and direct attention. "

      You hit the nail, dear Mark. Yes, I want to share my individual experiences with Death. Not because I beg for any consolation, hahaha, I don't need consolation, I am at total peace with my bio. As I said, I am grateful for my bio. The reason, why I share it, is because I think, that Death can really teach all of us a lot. At least, I learned a lot from it. I think, that modern man can learn a lot from Death, he MUST learn from Death. Modern culture is a Death-denying culture, while at the same time spreading Death and destruction all around the planet. Modern culture, modern man wants to live forever, but he does not realize, that there is only one way to achieve Eternal Life: Through Death, through letting go. All indigenous cultures know that. Also, ancient european culture knew it and manifested that knowledge in death-and-regeneration cults, mostly combined with sacred drugs (exactly like indigenous cultures).

      Death visited me through repetetive dreams in my childhood. It was a black silhouette, standing in the doorway, waving his arm and always saying the same sentence: "Come to work!". From a depth psychological perspective, this request to work was an invitation to dive deep into the subconscious reality, into the "otherworld" of dreams, visions, inspirations, creativity, all those parts of real Reality, that can't be experienced through rational, modern, intellectual thinking alone. Therefore, every bit I write here and at NBL is mostly for one single reason: To point to that real "otherworld" inside, within. I see myself as some witness of the real existing otherworld beyond modern, scientific rationality. Death is no final end, but it is our very own backside, it is our very own shadow, Death is a part of our very own being, no enemy from outside, but part of our very own, deepest Reality within. I found all answers to all questions I ever had within, inside. There is a place deep within all of us, that gives us all existential answers and foremost it gives peace, it gives us a real, natural, cosmic Home. This is my message to modern man. I don't see myself as a spiritual teacher, but much more like a singer, a musician, a messenger of the "otherworld" within. I want to communicate that "otherworld" within, to maybe initiate some communion, some common ground within, for all beings, no matter, if rich or poor, no matter, what nationality, race or worldview.


    2. N.(continued)It’s not about superpowers or becoming all-knowing in the ordinary sense. It’s not about “controlling” anything or “conquering” anything or “profiting from” anything. It’s about relationship. What is my relationship to it all, what is your, what is anybodies relationship to it all? And what kind of unavoidable responsibility is connected to that relationship? We have to look and listen deep, deep within, to find out…

      When we look at a tree, then don’t we often see more of our own, personal relationship to that tree, our own prejudices, instead of seeing the real tree? To say, that “this tree does only exist, as long, as I exist”, tells something about a certain kind of relationship to that tree. It implies, that the tree has no own life, that I am the creator of that tree. But I am definitely NOT the creator of that tree, but within myself I am the creator of my own relationship to that tree. I am not the creator, the father (or Mother) of that tree, but I am a brother of that tree. Maybe, that tree is just some “hallucination” of some brain? Some say that. But that kind of statements tell more about the personal, individual relationship to that tree and life in general, than anything else. From a depth psychological perspective it is an inflation of the Ego, to say that “the tree, the Kosmos only exists, as long as I exist, when I will be gone, then the tree, everything else, the Kosmos will be gone too”. It is great confusion, Ego-Confusion, IMO. But:

      The tree and I share the same source within. Like, as if the source would be a river and both, the tree and I, share the same source of life, this river, this water of life. The tree is it’s own being, I am my own being, but we share the same cosmic river, the same cosmic water within.

      We can call this source “Big Bang” or “God” or “Shunyata” or “Tao” or whatever, names don’t matter much. It is One source, but it creates Many things and beings. This source is anywhere and nowhere. It is the Cosmic Breath, that breathes within high tide and low tide of the oceans, that breathes within the circulation of the rivers on planet Earth, it breathes within the winds, it breathes within the circulation of the galaxies, it breathes within life and death, it breathes within ourselves and within Music. This Cosmic Breath, this Cosmic Source is within everything and all of us, within matter and beings, every second, infinitely. It is within the dance of the atoms and molecules and stones and bacterias and plants, animals, human beings, gods. We can’t find it through microscopes, large, larger, largest hadron colliders or Hubble telescopes, but we can find it in our own, individual, personal relationship to it all, within. Our relationship to it all defines, who we are and who we will be. Some call this unavoidable, individual relationship Karma/Vipaka. No chance, to run away from it, no chance, to run away from yourself.

      The most inner essence, the most inner cosmic source within can’t be destroyed, can’t die, can’t cease, can’t dissolve, for it is the source of it all, for it is everywhere and nowhere. Find out, what your most intimate, real, living relationship to that source, to the Kosmos is, from within. You don’t need any guru, any master, any scientist, any superpower, any money, to find your own relationship to it all, within. All you need is awareness.

  13. Mark,

    I seem to only be talking about myself. Narcissism very much! So when I hear your distress over the threats to that land, I think...well, I wouldn't get like that. I refuse to DO anything. Save anything. Agonize over anything. Unless I do, which is OK. Look at it with Maya Angelou. (Paraphrase) "The songbird doesn't sing because it has an answer; it sings because it has a song." So all my "activities" seem entirely effortless to me. I show up at county meetings, not because I expect success or anything specific. I attend just to show up, just as part of my song. I will not agonize over what commissioners decide, although I well might curse and spit. It doesn't matter all that much. I do what I do because it comes naturally.

    Thanks to NBL, I now am free. Nothing matters that much except me. I don't even care about wildlife after, supposedly, I'm no longer here. If you tell me that the universe isn't real, I am credulous. If you say there is no free will, I'm OK with that too. I am doing what comes naturally, what I discern as consistent with my song...

    So if a garage arises where once there was a park, I would (or could) look at it with wonder and amazement.
    So I see my awareness not as something with tangible physical aims, but much more like giving an artistic performance. Yes, it would be wonderful in its own way. But of course I would prefer a different outcome...

    For the world to be saved, it will have to save itself. I believe in the power of thought and intention. In my strange confusion, I believe in God, for whatever reason or justification. Who cares? It gives me comfort.

    1. Tao Te Ching

      from Chapter 55:

      "The Master's power is like this.
      He lets all things come and go
      effortlessly, without desire.
      He never expects results;
      thus he is never disappointed.
      He is never disappointed;
      thus his spirit never grows old."

    2. Dear Artleads,

      you are some very beautiful spirit.

  14. LWA

    Your thought on walk-about, destiny and vision quest are interesting. Here's my penny's worth:
    No matter how much we imagine ourselves into animistic (tribal. indigenous)human ancestors - and if we want to "understand" anything at all in order to talk about it as "modern" people - we will never get close. Certainly not by using the kind of mind we've been educated to use. That's almost an impossible feat. All we can do is intuit what it might have been like to live many 1000s of years ago - and then what? The "evidence" still to be found among living indigenous people is probably based on very distorted traditions. To me, that makes sense because most threads that make up the web which connects animistic people have been lost. How to get back there? Surely not by copying something like vision quest. Children (or was it only pubescent boys, I wonder?) lived such different lives in ancient times as part of the web of life, that this kind of initiation would have made perfect sense. Today, it would be madness or, to see it from a woman's point of view, just some stupid male competition event, a game, not a spiritual quest. We cannot resurrect such things. If at all, we have to create our own quests. Sorry to put it so bluntly. I don't think our very ancient ancestors needed much to be demonstrated because they lived connected "in the moment" whilst "knowing" what was within them AND outside them, and at the same time, experiencing IT as ONE and not.... I don't really know how to put it any more clearly - words are not enough.

    And that's where death comes in lieber NEMESIS. All truly connected people "know" that death is part of life (sorry about the cliché). From what you've shared here, you do too. However, this knowledge was only lost very recently for culturally "Western" people. The old customs surrounding death were still very much practised when I was child and teenager (in Germany, wie du?). People still mainly died at home and were "displayed" in open coffins, for all the relations, friends and neighbours too. There was a wake including laughing and drinking, remembering the dead person. Somehow, by the 70s, this became uncommon, and now many people are squeamish about death, having to think about it etc.
    I think about death everyday, and that's not only because I'm old now. I think about it in the same way as I do about my daily tasks - just one more part of reality. And I'm not afraid. That's not something I've ever been. Personally, I feel that's part of the confidence I have in living: confident that I will live another moment. What else is there? But that doesn't stop me from grieving about what our species had done/is doing to the web of life here on Earth or, to put it more scientifically our biosphere. I could grieve and rant about that every day - but yet I live in the moment and I don't "expect results". But all that without being depressed or cynical - therefore, maybe my "spirit never grows old" either and I'm very happy with my life which, in spite of everything, yields many small and pleasant "results". At least, that's what it feels like for me.

    And that one of the reasons why a person should live as well as he/she can every moment. And by well I mean, among others, do what you can, make moments better for other living beings, that's all. ARTLEADS, I think you do that too (as Mark reminded you) in spite of what you said here.

    Being like that (because it's about being not doing) while using the "Master's power" as quoted so well by MO FLO from the Tao Te Ching. For me, this is the most important verse, the most important message. A person without insight, reading this casually, would think of it as negative, but I feel that it's almost impossible to put something more positive into words. This is true wisdom.
    Thanks for quoting it mo.

  15. Hey, liebe Sabine (vertraute Sprache im "Ausland", hihi),

    I think, we don't have to become indigenous people, there is some "indigenous" spirit within all of us, deep down within, in the "otherworld" of everyones psyche/soul, IMO. And I think, that we don't need to imagine ourselves into some animistic vibrations, because those animistic vibrations are there all the time within all of us, hahaha. At least, from my perspective, modern man as well lives deep, deep in animistic mind with all his consumer fetishs ect, he just isn't conscious about it, hahaha. I think, the more one get's lost in rationalistic thinking, the more the other, suppressed, animistic side turns out, but unconsiously, in a more destructive, uncreative way. Don't live all children in a natural, animistic state of mind, until this side get's suppressed by modern education? This child still lives deep within all of us, this ancient, indigenous, cosmic, animistic child, IMO.

    I do often think about people, who work in some hospice- they tell very inspiring stories and I think, modern man could learn a lot from those people.

    " "The Master's power is like this.
    He lets all things come and go
    effortlessly, without desire.
    He never expects results;
    thus he is never disappointed.
    He is never disappointed;
    thus his spirit never grows old.

    Yes, it's the natural way of Nature, of Tao. It is the spirit of a cosmic, neveraging, never-old-growing child in some way... sometimes, I feel like a 1000 year old little boy, hahahaha

    1. Well Sabine, to be blunt back, your perception of this as some buck knife wielding camping adventure is laughable, and also typical for someone with your level of spiritual experience, and I have read about your rather pedantic views on that subject, or lack of views I should say, on the rest of this site.

      No shake and bake for you where reality was shown to you to be not at all what you think it is. And no, I'm not talking about drugs.

      Thanks for your opinion. I've set up my own vision quests a few times now in this life and survived though altering reality as was necessary. Many people take synchronicity adventures in our common day, same thing as the vision quest really. I am sorry your consciousness has never been exposed to such a grand awakening to spirit.

      I agree, you and Nemesis seem to have a lot in common. Thanks for your emphatic opinion regarding my comment. Ignorance abounds.

      I shall refrain from sharing any such thoughts here in the future. Bye all, that was no different an attitude than can be found at NBL. And by the wonder girl Sabine none the less, how droll.

    2. @Sabine

      Es spielt kaum eine Rolle, was andere sagen, hahaha. Du weisst es, ich weiss es und einige andere wissen es sicher auch. Entscheidend ist, was innen drin ist und DAS kann uns niemand nehmen. Dein Kommentar hat mich sehr inspiriert, danke dafür. Ich habe heute eine Nachricht erhalten, die ich mit Dir teilen möchte:

      " Death is our eternal companion. It is always to our left, an arm’s length behind us. Death is the only wise adviser that a warrior has. Whenever he feels that everything is going wrong and he’s about to be annihilated, he can turn to his death and ask if that is so. His death will tell him that he is wrong, that nothing really matters outside its touch. His death will tell him, 'I haven’t touched you yet.' "

      Alles Liebe für Dich!

  16. Replies
    1. All Foundations are evil. What tickles me are the mission statements that never ever produce the so-called desired results. Oooooo, they are all so soothing, meaningless and completely unintentional.

      They are sewers for their deposits and by law they only have to spend a small, small percentage @ year following their absurd missions.

  17. Peace, hold-on, moderation here. Frame of mind & misreading. Mistaken interpertation. LWA I will e-mail you so please just think about this with an open heart & mind first. Your type of Vision Quest and the wonderful thing you are developing is excluded from the "Boy Scout" general thing SABINE is talking about.

    SABINE is correct in the general truth of Boys in the forest with knives, sort of thing because I did that as a kid. And luckily I did get something out of the camp fire & learning pine cones, but the USA boyscout version of a vision quest was very distilled. Also I read very Satish style deep stuff into how even many indigenous cultures today are being (continue being) western adjusted and influenced by creeping mass media ideas. Yet of course way deep in the Amazon or maybe in a Siberia tribe very pure traditions do continue. Certainly a very in-tune person like LWA can connect with them metaphysically...but most of us (certainly myself) can only imagine & hope to get as close to those ancient realities as I can. Besides in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the most off the grid human culture I meet was at the end of the 91-93 voyage far far North China/Russia islands curving around to Alaska Alution island chain. But unfortunalely even my old half fiberglass boat & solar panels was an alien intrusion to the Yagal seal hunters. They were so curious & kind, but even my passing contact might have changed their vibes leaving bits of our modern world in my wake. Forgive me but my understanding is way to small to truly say I can be certain of the experience of ancient tribes. I study with great respect. I believe we all carry PAGAN fractions from the ancients with-in each of us. Even in the womb each of us has a reptile type stage of development. Yet on the other end of the spectrum most of us are now living in Microwave WiFi, Side effects of synthetic signals might even reach into the womb of women far away. For many people ancient insights are being altered by invisible electron energies. HEALTH, energy, everything effects our minds every minute. No fights because it is just fun to imagine how the collective consciousness is evolving. Working right now with the most advanced Ceberal Cortext Intelligent design...Here I am...D.C. funded my own job to help these scientists find how all transforming consciousness arrives from the quantum field. Everything about us, nature, reality is only a manifestation receiving signal. From a billion year old creature to future A.I. the ultimate operating system is beyond all minds. Everything is a receiver. Every idea has an element of truth in transition. Particles are like concepts forever colliding. In conflict. Big bangs and singularity nothing. Co-exist it all must.

    1. Actually, up here in Canada where I live, we have real Indians still. And they wouldn't mind me calling them Indians because I would sit with members of the Morley tribe every weekend in the mountains of Canmore Alberta when I played music for them. I certainly didn't sit with whitey and his coke habit friends, that's for damn sure.

      Then we went to a Blackfoot members house every Sunday after the club closed and played music until dawn, every weekend for years. His name is Two Dogs Fucking. Yes, that's what his dad saw out the window when he came out, so that's what he called him. He is a VERY wise fellow. He see's energy flows well.

      I have sweat with the Blackfoot in their lodge, and drummed with them in circle. Al, one of the musicians I sometimes played with out there is a Sundance dancer, and an amazing artist and cultural hero in the area.

      To think that some European twit from where, Germany? ... would presume to know fuck from fuck about any of this is beyond pathetic and rude.

      What a display of hubris and what did Nemesis try to stick on people like me at NBL this morning? ... Inflation of ego or infatuation of ego or something stupid like that?

      You people are lost, really, really, really, lost.

      Pathetic. This is a colossal waste of time for me. Some of you people talk to hear the sound of your own voices. What a joke.

      You're a real piece of work Sabine, you know that? No, you don't.

      Fuck you rude stupid people.

    2. @LWA

      " Fuck you rude stupid people."

      Wow, I didn't expect such wisdom here at Kuku! Now it's time to grab some popcorn, hahaha. Did you learn such widsom on some (certainly) original indigenous vision quest? Anyway, sounds too familiar to me here were I live, in the Empire City Ghetto, hahaha.

      " Inflation of ego or infatuation of ego or something stupid like that?"

      Oh, well, couldn't have said it any better.

      " What a joke"

      Yeah, sums it up perfectly. You make it real easy for me, to go silent now and put my precious time into some more inspiring things. Haaaahahaha, thanks for another enlightenment!


    3. LWA,

      If you're still reading here, I'd like to say I'm so sorry. See, this is what happens when there are words only. Online, we can only reply with words. Yet you and I know that there's so much more to communication among living beings. Had you said all this to me face to face, I might have reacted differently. At least we could have talked about it, and I would have been able to get the "bigger picture", what's important to you. And I would have realised that you're a sensitive person, maybe a little brittle for which you'll have your reasons. Reasons I don't know about. I was quite surprised that a few words from me, disagreeing with you (or not being supportive) would set off such a storm. But there you are, that's what happens in online conversations. I'd like to think that you're aware of that, make allowances for that, be a little turtle-like.

      Anyway, I wish you all the best - all the things you wish for yourself. And please, don't stop commenting here just because I'm "blunt" or even if you think I'm stupid.
      You're lucky to have indigenous friends, and you're right, what do I know! I only have my imagination and intuition. And, unlike you, I have to make do with that.
      Anyway, I'm not in Germany, just from Germany, but possibly, in your opinion, living up to my stereo type? There's one good thing about being a German abroad. If you want to survive, you have to develop a very thick skin. I've lived in the South of England with my British husband for over 40 years. The way I've experienced it here among the Anglo-people, being German is at best a joke, and at worst something sinister or better: untrustworthy. But I'm not complaining because I'm a woman who looks attractive and unchallenging enough. It would be more difficult for a man, I'm well aware of that. I can "hide" behind my femininity, ha, ha. Therefore, most people like me and are kind and supportive - once they get to know me. People just can't help putting other groups into convenient boxes. It takes a conscious effort and much practice to get yourself out of this state of mind. I've practised a lot but realise that others might not have done. I just accept that.

      Have a good day!

      Nemesis, bitte bleib hier! Du hast Humor und verbreitest Heiterkeit. Das ist bitter nötig.

    4. Sabine,

      I especially like the first paragraph. You understand so many things that it's important to hear from you now and then.


      Even if you go away for a little, I hope you'll come back.

  18. 36
    If you want something to return to the source,
    you must first allow it to spread out.
    If you want something to weaken,
    you must first allow it to become strong.
    If you want something to be removed,
    you must first allow it to flourish.
    If you want to possess something,
    you must first give it away.

    This is called the subtle understanding
    of how things are meant to be.

    The soft and pliable overcomes the hard and inflexible.

    Just as fish remain hidden in deep waters,
    it is best to keep weapons out of sight.

    The Tao never acts with force,
    yet there is nothing that it can not do.

    If rulers could follow the way of the Tao,
    then all of creation would willingly follow their example.
    If selfish desires were to arise after their transformation,
    I would erase them with the power of the Uncarved Block.

    By the power of the Uncarved Block,
    future generations would loose their selfish desires.
    By loosing their selfish desires,
    the world would naturally settle into peace.

    The highest good is not to seek to do good,
    but to allow yourself to become it.
    The ordinary person seeks to do good things,
    and finds that they can not do them continually.

    The Master does not force virtue on others,
    thus she is able to accomplish her task.
    The ordinary person who uses force,
    will find that they accomplish nothing.

    The kind person acts from the heart,
    and accomplishes a multitude of things.
    The righteous person acts out of pity,
    yet leaves many things undone.
    The moral person will act out of duty,
    and when no one will respond
    will roll up his sleeves and uses force.

    When the Tao is forgotten, there is righteousness.
    When righteousness is forgotten, there is morality.
    When morality is forgotten, there is the law.
    The law is the husk of faith,
    and trust is the beginning of chaos.

    Our basic understandings are not from the Tao
    because they come from the depths of our misunderstanding.
    The master abides in the fruit and not in the husk.
    She dwells in the Tao,
    and not with the things that hide it.
    This is how she increases in wisdom.


    here is another translation of the Tao Te Ching. Along with a brief intro. I like some aspects of this one better than the other one l linked.

  19. Thanks for this, MO.

    In art school back in the early 60s, I read some of this and things related. What amazes me is how deeply and permanently it sinks in...

  20. Sabine and Nemesis,

    Have you seen this?

  21. Thanks Mo, for that translation, I agree with you on some aspects being better. It's quite difficult to get the "feel" of a translation right. It's hard enough from closely related language like German (speaking as a translator myself)but Chinese...
    It's so worthwhile to go back to this collection of wisdom/truth time and time again. For me, apart from the natural world (for want of a better word), very little else is needed to contemplate and meditate on.


    I can't get into your link. Copying and pasting it back into Google doesn't seem to work.
    However, as I can see the word "Cologne" in it, might I guess that it is about what happened on the square next to the central station on New Year's Eve. If that's so, yes, I'm totally clued up on this incident and many others like it.
    This was not an isolated case and only stood out because there were so many women involved and because the police and Media were trying to ignore it initially.

    I'll tell you what happened to my sister, and to put it into perspective, my sister is lesbian has been in a good relationship with her partner for decades. They are both 64, in other words not spring chickens. In early December last year, they went to the movies in a medium-sized town (Bielefeld) near to were they live. On the way out of the theatre, they were surrounded by young men lingering htere who were obviously refugees, asylum seekers (same description as the ones in Cologne) who tried to and succeeded to grab at them. As an older lesbian couple, and as you can imagine, they were not really sexily dressed but also wrapped up in their coats. So, as with all abuse, it's not really about sex hormones (only) and having missed out on "opportunities" in their own countries but about deliberate humiliation which is always, and always has been, the main reason for such behaviour. In Sweden and Austria, the other countries which have taken in so many refugees, the same incidents have now been reported.
    Most women ordinarily don't report this sort of thing to the police because it's pointless. The police wouldn't really care. I's only talked about because there is so much of it.
    I came across this kind of humiliating grabbing behaviour for the first time in Paris in 1967, when I was only 19 and had hitchhiked there with friend. This happened on the subway, and the men were Algerians. These things happen because of patriarchal "attitudes" towards women and customs are still dominating human interaction all over the word. In the west, it's easy to forget about that and ignore it because of the "progress" we've made. It's just an aspect of reality that people like to deny.
    This dominant "attitude" is also on reason why feminism and the gay rights movement fought for right in tandem in the 70s. Patriarchal "straight" men, that was one of the conclusions drawn, would never tolerate anybody unlike them to be "equal". And then, there are all the "issues" of race, ethnicity, religion etc etc. All like layers of an onion: you start peeling, and there's always another layer. Anyway,you all know as much about this as I do - and more!

    It's really good to converse with men like ALL of you here on Kuku. You love and respect ALL living beings, at least that's what I feel in the vibrations coming across. It gives me the confidence to say what's on my mind.

    Getting back to my sister, who is very brave anyway but just in case, she's bought herself a pepper spray which is legal in Germany but not here on the little island.

    1. Sabine,

      As you know, I hail from a third world non-white country too. And here the complication begins. Who were we, growing up as we did in a severely stratified colonial society with a very huge majority "peasant" sub culture? Racialist and/or racist thinking was so profoundly integrated into the entire system that no one seems to have captured it in writing (to my knowledge). To write about it myself is too daunting to contemplate.

      The "underclass," at least (if not the entire society) has been described as matriarchal. But I don't understand how that works either. Women are routinely abused throughout the entire spectrum of the hierarchy. I suppose, as OGF has said of Native Americans, that the only system which the colonial masters could comprehend or sanction was patriarchy, and so decisive elements of patriarchy abound in all sectors, even if they hadn't been there beyond the historical colonial experience.

      But now, as I think is applicable too with the ME refugee men, class, culture and race all converge.

      I can't begin to describe the European-worship instilled into non-white colonized people of my experience. Movies, literature, education, the entire epistemological web is at work to enforce this "conviction" of white superiority (an unattainability). The downside to all this is that the colonized can't empathize with the colonizer class. And since sexual familiarity with white women is the strictest taboo within the colonial system, guess what? The colonized male (and this is perhaps more true the more colonized the *mind*) desperately craves sexual possession of the white privileged European woman that symbolizes acceptance. In a sense, colonialism comes back to bite the colonizer. But that in no sense excuses the low, venal behavior that the colonized males are programmed to stoop to. It is a legacy of shame, and the colonized male might perhaps escape by understanding the entire global thread of which he is a part. Too hard to do, wouldn't you say? And yet it's only one among a host of too-hard problems. The NBL community just throws up its hands and hollers doom before even approaching first base. Better to blame it all on human nature.

  22. Dear Artleads,

    I agree with you so much. You mention OGF's insight which hits the nail on the head. And your last paragraph, well, it says it all... Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this with so much clarity.

  23. Reinhold Niebuhr labeled this capacity to defy the forces of repression “a sublime madness in the soul.” Niebuhr wrote that “nothing but madness will do battle with malignant power and ‘spiritual wickedness in high places.’ ” This sublime madness, as Niebuhr understood, is dangerous, but it is vital. Without it, “truth is obscured.” And Niebuhr also knew that traditional liberalism was a useless force in moments of extremity. Liberalism, Niebuhr said, “lacks the spirit of enthusiasm, not to say fanaticism, which is so necessary to move the world out of its beaten tracks. It is too intellectual and too little emotional to be an efficient force in history.”

    1. Niebuhr has his finger on the pulse of the situation. Very well said. I am surrounded by liberals who count on "human ingenuity" to get us out of problems. The intellectualism doesn't go far enough, rationality is not taken to its logical end, and the servitors of Empire seldom question the very institutions that made them.

    2. "rationality is not taken to its logical end, and the servitors of Empire seldom question the very institutions that made them."

      I just cut and pasted (without proper attribution) from Chris Hedges presentation.

      And I like what you say about rationality. I've come to see it as less intellectual and more spiritual over time. Rationality seem to come from a spiritual flame that burns away the unclear the irrelevant, the untruthful...

    3. Artleads and Satish,

      What a coincidence! I had not heard a lot about Reinhold Niebuhr until recently because he's seen as "influential" only in the US where I understand he's influenced the thinking of many Americans

      He sounded interesting, so I thought I might find our a bit more about him, and have been reading some of his essays. Therefore, I'd like to share my thoughts, my very personal opinion of him here.

      My overall impression was of a man with a mission, a preacher, first and foremost a Protestant theologian who writes extremely well and sounds profound. But I didn't find anything very original with regard to insight, especially when considering how venerated he seems to be. I was quite disappointed how much was just dressed up in very good language but always one mission, the Christian one. But of course, no surprise, he is a Christian, a Protestant, in other words the "highest form" of Christian. (I should know as I was brought up in German Lutheran culture which revels in hubris.)
      To me, his writing only makes sense in this context. It fits in very well with the American political mission, fighting for good, the right side etc). Don't forget, Communism was the great enemy during his entire lifetime. No wonder (American)politicians admire him so much.

      "Without the presupposition of the Christian Faith, the individual is either nothing or becomes everything."
      Now, what does that mean? It sound very profound, insightful - but is it? I don't think so.

      "History moves towards the realization of the Kingdom of God".
      By that he surely means the Christian god as revealed in the scriptures. Armaggedon? What's happening now in the Middle East? Is that part of the historical mission? One could interpret it like that now - maybe some US politicians do...

      I know Niebuhr abhorred fanatics and extremists, at least that's what one could come away with after reading him, he often sounds very reasonable. He seems to appeal to reason all the time but I find him deeply troubling.
      This one is from a critique of what he calls naturalism and I call animism, a subject very close to my heart."...if, however, the eternity to which the individual flees is an undifferentiated realm of being, which negates all history and denies its significance, the individual himself is swallowed up in that negation, as the logic of mysticism abundantly proves. Consequently, it is only a prophetic religion, as in Christianity, that individuality can be maintained."
      He goes on even more disturbingly:
      ...the pride and power of man, who surprised himself by the influence of his decisions upon history and the power of his actions upon nature, who discovers himself as a creator, is a this-worldly version of the Christian idea of the significance of each man in the sight of God."
      All this is "proved by the fact that neither non-Christian nations nor Catholic nations - in the culture of which Christianity was modified by classical influences - participated in any large degree in the dynamics of modern commercial-industrial civilisation" (Nature and Destiny, I, 66). I could go on and quote much more like this but it would become tedious. Note his observation about Catholic culture " modified by classical influences". For "classical" read "pagan", and there you have it: typical protestant superiority which surely influences all his insights, his profundity.

      I find a lot of it quite disturbing but then I'm not a Christian and a part of what he calls naturalism.

      I can see why American leaders are inspired by him. Everything he writes has the veneer of a rational narrative, argument but he is a Christian dismissing (obviously) everything but a path of redemption and salvation. Once you're on this path, you have a mission and can create a "good" world. I can't read anything else in his writing because everything that might seem profound is overshadowed by such statements as quoted above.

    4. Hi Sabine, I was referring to just those couple of sentences about liberals. Chris Hedges also talks about careerists in a similar vein. But I don't agree with everything he says, especially his stance on the occupy movement. It's hard to find any single person who I agree with completely. But in Niebuhr's case, it looks like there's only a little I endorse.

    5. Sabine,

      I'm humbled. You have much superior abilities to suss out BS than I. You point to the Protestant Christian mission that I wouldn't have noticed. (I'm hopeless with reading, and believe everything I read...or at least have no ability to analyze and criticize it.) The fact that he is so popular with neocons is a most important caution.

      As to what I believe about civilization and its comparative philosophies, it's pure mush. I really believe everything, and can't choose between any. So the only clear thing I'm aware of is the trajectory to extinction. I absolutely DO believe that religion and art--what Chris Heges terms transcendent disciplines--are more important than intellect for addressing such a predicament. And the fact that Niebuhr saw this, so applicable to the predicament--at the time when he wrote, is quite impressive in and of itself. I know of no respected intellectual who ever said a thing like this (although some surely must have). So, if this is what a Protestant Christian intellectual can bring to the world, I accept it gratefully without thinking much more about it.

      In fact, by not reading analytically, and only for what sparks some form of inspirational thought, I would tend to conflate paganism with "religion." To me, they both come from a place of intuitive understanding, which I see as needed. I see no virtue in distinguishing between them. I have a singular POV: what drives us extinct, and what does not? To me, intellectual analysis is rated on how it affects that dichotomy. Pro-extinction; anti-extinction. So far, in that limited sense, Niebuhr is anti-extinction. But I'm completely open to greater understanding on the matter.

    6. Dear Artleads,

      Please don't be humbled. Self-deprecation is part of your very "sympatico" character, I know, but I would hate to think you humbled by anybody. Your intuitive understanding is spot-on. Don't change!!
      I'm intuitive too. My first impulse is always one wanting connection with what is inside and outside, really like yours. It's one that relies on imagination (which everyone here has a lot of). I think that's why we like each other.
      I mean that in an entirely positive way because I feel that without imagination, there can't be any true connection, no feeling of being part of something.
      Which gets us to "inspiring thought",but thought is an intellectual process which can be used to influence and abuse. That's one of the reasons why I try and engage my intellect (my rationality) too, when first reading something that might be inspiring. I try not to be too enthusiastic (curb my impulse), and that's why I can't help noticing details. Having worked so long as a translator helps. You automatically analyse language more because that's part of the job. So, decades of doing that give you ample opportunity for reading and taking in details without getting fatigued and switching off.
      Churchill, as an example, said many "inspiring" things, and look what an outright racist he was. He also thought of the white protestant version of humanity as the "highest" form of life. Niebuhr was, of course, nothing like Churchill who put humans on a scale, and I leave it up to you to imagine how this "worthiness" worked. In spite of fighting fascism, which in his mind wanted a slice of the pie of domination, there's nothing good to say about him. But yet many British people think of him as the greatest British man who ever lived.

      I first became aware of Niebuhr a few months ago when I read that Hillary Clinton was inspired by him. As Hillary might very well become the next president, and because the POTUS is one of the people who decide the fate of the world, I've been reading quite a bit about her lately.
      Had it not been for that, I would never have come across Niebuhr, apart from maybe inspiring thoughts the way you pick mentioned them here. And I would have thought very much like you.
      I agree with you on Chris Hedges' way of looking at transcendental disciplines. He's right.
      You say that you conflate paganism with religion. It is, of course, in the most literal sense as in (re-ligare) to reconnect to the, lets call it Tao. Therefore, I prefer to call it spiritual connection rather than religion which, for most people means the established world religions.
      I'm happiest when I can connect to the living world around me but also the geological world on this Earth of ours and the universe and beyond (for me, the unnameable). I think you feel the same. My heart is animistic and my most important connection. That means I can cope very well with my own physical extinction but not with the extinction of the biosphere as we know it. Even though I'm sure that this will quite likely happen in my lifetime, it still makes me angry and breaks my heart.
      To live my life from moment to moment, I do what Satish does: witness, be as aware as possible at all times and take pleasure in "small things", try and have a smile and a good word for every human I meet (there are exceptions!)and generally just BE. I'm quite good at all that now, feeling and intuiting my way around.

      Have a good day!

  24. Hi Nemesis - Yes, I noticed the attack on you on kuku's site. Sometimes just below the surface of someone claiming to stand on higher spiritual ground, there is a lot of anger and ego waiting for a chance to come out. It's a shame that often sensitive truth speakers are silenced by this sort of baseless attacking behavior. The best policy seems to be to ignore their presence after calling them out for what they are - clueless trolls just trying to muddy the waters of serious discussion. After identifying them and their pointless game, it is better to just ignore them, however much they may continue to fume at you and try to draw you into their angry narrative.

    One characteristic of real Love is that it refuses to be derailed however many ugly attacks are made on it. The Truth and it's expression needs to be invulnerable. The forces of lying corrupt egotism are furious at anyone who threatens to expose them.
    Refusal to hate and retaliate is really our strength. We can regard those who launch these ugly attacks as sick people, and feel compassion for how low they have sunken, and how cut off they are from the Truth and the Love that is the ultimate Reality.These folks are the expressions of and the carriers of the toxic viruses cultured by our sick culture.

    I hope you will continue to share for the sake of us who are nourished by your words and your loving presence. With Love from your friend, mike k

    PS - On second thought I am going to share this now on kuku. I think people trying to nourish the delicate flowers of an open, spiritually oriented forum need to be aware of this threat to their valuable walled garden made for deep mutual trust and precious sharing.

    1. Dear mike, I feel honored by your comment here. I do also feel honored by Sabine (liebe Grüsse aus Deutschland!), who wanted me to stay here. I have to say that I don't even know why LWA posted that strange comment, I have no idea. Maybe it's a problem of my bad english, I just don't know. I am just loosing words more and more in this strange world. Does it matter much, if I go silent? I think that Truth in the long run will always win anyway, with or without my comments. Those, like you and some others, who know the truth, never hurry to speak out.

      " the Truth and the Love that is the ultimate Reality"

      Yes, my friend, you are so right Thank you very much for your kind comment.

      Love and Respect!


      " Rationality seem to come from a spiritual flame that burns away the unclear the irrelevant, the untruthful..."

      This is one of the most inspiring statements I have ever seen!

    2. Mike K., Good to see you again here. Thanks for saying this - "I think people trying to nourish the delicate flowers of an open, spiritually oriented forum need to be aware of this threat to their valuable walled garden made for deep mutual trust and precious sharing. "

  25. " The water in a vessel is sparkling; the water in the sea is dark. The small truth has words which are clear; the great truth has great silence."

    Rabindranath Tagore

    1. Dear Siegfried, you are most welcome to receive anything I can do for you. We have to stand up for anyone who is the target of abuse. Silence is complicity in such a case. A group is like a living organism - it must have ways to defend itself against those who would violate it's spirit and principles. In living organisms this is the immune system which acts to counter dangerous intrusions invading it. Every member of a spiritually oriented group, even if it exists in cyberspace, is responsible for responding to threats to the group's health and survival. If we let people abuse others in our group, we threaten it's survival as a healthy resource for those who need a non-threatening place to share their sensitive thoughts and feelings.

      This does not mean that controversy is forbidden. But there are ways to question another's ideas without insulting or demeaning them. One of the reasons we come together is to learn to treat our differences with loving care and consideration. Otherwise we just bring everything down to the level of the street with it's ugly and abusive language and war of egos.

      I am again going to publish this response to you on kuku, because I feel that venue is too valuable not to protect itself from some of the rampant egotistical violence that occurs on all too many sites of the internet. It will be interesting if those sharing on that site have some opinions on what I have shared.... Love, mike

    2. Mike K., thanks for saying this...

      I am again going to publish this response to you on kuku, because I feel that venue is too valuable not to protect itself from some of the rampant egotistical violence that occurs on all too many sites of the internet. It will be interesting if those sharing on that site have some opinions on what I have shared

      I have wondered if it's time to take a long break from this site. But seeing your comment above, I don't think that time is here yet.

      As insightful and heartfelt the comments here are, as wonderful and nice the people here are, there are times when we run into trouble with understanding each other, and where we are coming from, it seems. Folks have come here, contributed and left. It's not necessarily a bad thing for people to leave in a huff but I do wonder what we miss when that happens. At the same time, I try and be a witness and try not to judge the situation.

      I am leaning toward a more hands-off approach and let things unfold. On the one hand, I feel responsible for maintaining a safe space for everyone to share what's on their mind and on the other, I think any interference, even mildly, would be too much for any responsible adult to bear.

      Thank you all for the community here, as we rush through the age of extremes! What a ride! Some turbulence is expected. But please let's welcome new/strange viewpoints and treat each other nicely. What's the point of it all, otherwise? After all, we could have been born as that other and be living the other's life, in the other's world.

      I want to see you.

      Know your voice.

      Recognize you when you
      first come 'round the corner.

      Sense your scent when I come
      into a room you've just left.

      Know the lift of your heel,
      the glide of your foot.

      Become familiar with the way
      you purse your lips
      then let them part,
      just the slightest bit,
      when I lean in to your space
      and kiss you.

      I want to know the joy
      of how you whisper
      ― Rumi

    3. whatever approach you choose to take, I will chime in and say directly: I LOVE your voice, Satish. I would sorely miss it if you dialed back in any big way. I love your recent "listening to the Earth" comment on NBL. and I love the wonderful space you have created here with Kuku, and the people that are here, and that have been here.

      please know that whatever energy you put into nourishing this space is greatly appreciated and cherished.

    4. Thank you, mo! I feel grateful. Glad to hear how you feel. I really appreciate your support.

  26. NEMESIS - Your guitar, your words, your superstrings, reach us readers. Even in silence you are heard. Your every word is on record...the things you say last in many ways. Time does not pass in cyberspace as long as the electrons allow this to flow & connect where ever we go.

    LWA - you should see the fit's I've had. Nukes and Corporate Sharks and things very dark. Bang your drum to kingdom come. We learn from the explosions as well as the peace. Nothing to forgive. Conflicts happen where ever we live.

    SHEP - I LOVE THIS from you last week on NBL

    evidence gathered in the development of quantum mechanics indicates that subatomic “particles” constantly appear to be making decisions! More than that, the decisions they seem to make
    are based on decisions made elsewhere. Subatomic particles seem to know instantaneously what decisions are made elsewhere and elsewhere can be as far away as another Galaxy! How can a subatomic particle over here know what decision another particle over there has made AT THE SAME TIME THE PARTICLE OVER THERE MAKES IT? ALL the evidence belies the fact that quantum particles are actually particles.

    So maybe, just maybe there is something besides classical physics. (I read a whole book on this recently) We all know there is a conciouness field but it is fun to find the evidence while we briefly have the tech at such great cost to achieve on the edge of extinction.

    ARTLEADS - You and I believe in everything. Infinity and truth in every odd aspect. No conflicts just a zillion ways to see and be.

    I delight in the personal e-mails too, especially since we can't post pictures here. Still so much beauty to SEA...a flow of infinity forever deep inside everything. SABINE's garden always grows in my heart. Happy Valentines...a place to start.

    1. Yes, that's a great comment by shep. To think that every particle has life, and agency when it's by itself is intriguing. I wonder if the physical Universe is formed by these sub-atomic particles giving up their free will temporarily to form a bigger something, and that bigger something gives up its own free will to form an even bigger something and so on. To the point that when we look at the human organism today, the whole 7.3 Billion of us, we have formed a massive planet-wide organism where we have given up most of our free will, subject to the system we're a part of, in order to build something bigger than ourselves. What this organism has achieved, is, of course, debatable, but this pattern of organization seems prevalent in nature where higher forms are formed by lower forms by giving up their agency either voluntarily or involuntarily.

    2. " How can a subatomic particle over here know what decision another particle over there has made AT THE SAME TIME THE PARTICLE OVER THERE MAKES IT? ALL the evidence belies the fact that quantum particles are actually particles."

      Interconnectedness is the key. Particles are just one side of the coin, the other side is waves, a web of waves, a web of vibes. When we look at the Ocean, we see water and waves and fish and plants. But at the same time the ocean is One big living being. There have scientific explorations been made that prove it. The same goes for a swarm of birds. There are single, individual birds, but at the same time they act like One big living being. The same for Mother Earth, the same for particles, the same for the whole Kosmos, One big living Kosmos and many living beings at the very same time.

      There is a constant paradox at the heart of the percievable world. Through the organs of perception we constantly flip the coin of Oneness and Duality, because there is always that distinction/contradiction of subject and object in our perception at work. This distinction brings further distinctions of near and far, particles and waves, determinism and free will/Agency, life and death, awaken and dreaming and countless other Dualities. There is no particle in the whole Universe that isn't connected to all other particles. How does the heart know, what the brain does? How does the left hand know what the right hand does? They just know it, because they are part of One big entity, the body.

      " So maybe, just maybe there is something besides classical physics."

      That's for shure :D Otherwise, classical physics would be finished, complete. But it isn't finished, there is no TOE yet. Physics can only explore parts of the Universe, but not the complete universe, because our own subjective experience is part of the universe and the inner experience can't be explored by physics or mathematics. Shure, the brain can be explored, brainchemistry can be explored from outside, but inner experience can only be explored from within. Physics simply ignores inner experience and attempts to explain the world without it (wich is impossible), therefore it can't deal with the invisible, omnipresent cosmic spirit, the base of all particles.

      " We all know there is a conciouness field but it is fun to find the evidence while we briefly have the tech at such great cost to achieve on the edge of extinction."

      Tech can't help to find the Heart of the Universe, we have to find it within.

    3. You say it so well, Nemesis. The feud between the advaita (non-dualism) and dvaita (dualism) camps is interesting considering each needs the other to define themselves. There's no music without the gaps between tones. And there's no knowing night without knowing day.

    4. Smile... You say so much inspiring stuff here at Kuku and you are some real open minded, free minded Spirit.

      Gautama Buddha would have said that the feud between advaita and dvaita and countless other feuds are "just a thicket of opinions and sentiments!", hahaha. You know, that he always advised to stay away from extreme viewpoints, to not cling to any extremes, but to stay on the middle path. His teaching is kind of a compass to me (among my own, independent inner experience and several other spiritual teachers).

      It is just amazing to have conversation with people like you and all the other inspiring people here at Kuku. Yes, there darkness and there is light.

      " There's no music without the gaps between tones. And there's no knowing night without knowing day."

      Wonderful :-)

    5. " The Measure of Man

      The Four Seas—are they not to the universe but like puddles in a marsh? Is China itself—compared to the surrounding ocean—not like a single seed in a granary? Of all the myriad created things, the human animal is but one. And of all those who inhabit the land, live on the fruit of the earth, and move about in cart and boat, an individual man is but one. Is not he, as compared with all creation, but as the tip of a hair upon a horse's skin? The succession of rulers, the contentions of the kings, the griefs of the philanthropist, the labors of the administrator, are but this and nothing more. Poh I refused the throne for fame's sake. Confucius discoursed to get a reputation for learning. This over-estimation of self on their part, was it not very much like your own in reference to water?

      Very well, replied the river, am I then to regard the universe as great and the tip of a hair as small ? The ocean replied, not at all. Dimensions are limitless; time is endless. Conditions are not invariable; terms are not final. Thus, the wise man looks into the universe, and does not regard the small as too little, nor the great as too much; for he knows that there is no limit to dimension. He looks back into the past, and does not grieve over what is far off, nor rejoice over what is near; for he knows that time is without end. He tries to understand fullness and decay, and does not rejoice if he succeeds, nor lament if he fails; for he knows that conditions are not invariable.

      What man knows is not to be compared with what he does not know. The span of his existence is not to be compared with the span of his non-existence. To strive to exhaust the great with the small, necessarily lands him in confusion, and he does not attain his object. How then should one be able to say that the tip of a hair is the ultimate smallness, or that the universe is the ultimate greatness?
      Dialecticians of the day, replied the river, all say that the infinitesimally small has no form, and that the infinitesimally great is beyond all measurement. Is that so ?

      If we regard greatness as compared with that which is small, said the ocean, there is no limit to it; and if we regard smallness as compared with that which is great, it eludes our sight.

      - Chuang Tzu

  27. Satish what you just said above is so beautiful in it's truth. We breath here now because millions of years ago cyanobacteria bloomed in mass altering the atmosphere into Oxygen. I release my battle with radiation for it may be the key to a future beauty I can not yet see. Funny fat Tardigrades with AI blue beam telaphy. A future of thousands of years in purple seas, DOLLfin hybrids telling the story of what they learned at the darkest point of Shiva's dance...just before the dawn. Light at the end of the tunnel. Great spiritual evolution from evolution. As long as there is some kind of atmosphere here a new form will appear.

    As SABINE said: "I can cope very well with my own physical extinction but not with the extinction of the biosphere as we know it. Even though I'm sure that this will quite likely happen in my lifetime, it still makes me angry and breaks my heart.
    To live my life from moment to moment, I do what Satish does: witness, be as aware as possible at all times and take pleasure in "small things", try and have a smile and a good word for every human I meet"

    In a way it does not count, because I am only a sample of one...but I survived the great pandemic of AIDS, 65 million dead, by finally turning of the crisis entirely in my existance. I know that crisis still many do...but at some point I just had to will it away for ages. And during that time of disconnection from horror, almost every waking moment was about giving smiles. Nothing but good energy till 9-11 was a catalyst to pull me back again. But somewhere in the quantum, there is a power in just a few of us forming an entire new perspective. A small collective focused on a better reality. The evidence has always been there --- it just takes an enormous amount of disbelief, to believe. A leap of faith. ONE more time.

  28. There's a very interesting book on the subject of quantum physics which I read not too long ago called "Meeting the Universe Halfway, quantum physics and the entanglement of matter and meaning."

    Its author, Karen Barad is a professor of feminist studies, philosophy and the history of consciousness at Santa Cruz. She has a doctorate in theoretical particle physics (quoted from the back of the book).
    As you can see, she is well qualified to write on this subject.

    Here's quoting from the preface:
    "This book is about entanglements. To be entangled is not simply to be intertwined with each other, as in the joining of separate entities, but to lack an independent, self-contained existence. Existence is not an individual affair. Individual do not pre-exist their interactions; rather, individuals emerge through and as part of their entangled intra-relating.
    Which is not to say that emergence happens once and for all, as an event or as a process that takes place according to some external measure of space and time, but rather that time and space, like matter and meaning, come into existence, are iteratively reconfigured through each intra-action, thereby making it impossible to differentiate in an absolute sense between creation and renewal, beginning and returning, continuity and discontinuity, here and there, past and future."

    It's quite an extensive work but extremely well written. However, like anything on this subject, it needs careful reading and a good attention span, but you can read it with very little fore-knowledge.

    For lay-people interested in such entanglements and physics/philosophy,I think this is one of the better books to read.

    Dear mo flow, I had to think of you a lot when I read it.

  29. .
    Hey Satish.

    Please don’t interpret my leaving your cyberspace as someone just stomping off in a huff. That would be an unfortunate view to take regarding my withdrawal from your space. In the interest that some people might acquire some clarity, I’ll attempt to offer some here. It will also be helpful to move on without the need for any melodramatic tomes of hyperbole such as the ones mike has so eloquently spun up for us here lately. (Ha, good ones mike; touche. Two whole posts diving into the same pit you admonish everyone else not to dive into, bravo. I love it)

    Just stories though. Although, you may paint as you wish with your palettes.

    The actual real deal with me is this; I’ve determined these textual exchanges to be not my cup of tea anymore. That’s all this is about. I’m going to return to my pastime of twiddling my digits at my pianos. As we slide into extinction, I would prefer to retire into my music at this point, and to completely stop typing at this computer and on the internet altogether, At this point I can still do that, and so I will, and that is what I choose.

    The metaphysical conversations I would want to have just get bogged down in yes or no debates anyway, or into definition debates, and they never do move into the sorts of discussions I would prefer to be having, which would be application debates. One’s forming an entire new perspective, as Mark so nicely put it. I wonder sometimes if these sorts of discussions don’t in themselves just betray the whole uniqueness and individuality of the single point of consciousness experience anyway. At any rate, I no longer desire to spend my time typing at a computer keyboard engaged in such discussions. That’s what this is all about, and nothing more. I’m choosing to ride out the remainder of my tomorrows in the monk-dom of my musical self and also my metaphysical selves; that guy back at the piano privately bending quantum. It’s as simple as that and there’s really nothing more to it. There’s no fuss and no huff.

    Regarding any issues I may have had with Nemesis, and for some closure on this for him; someone else here knows all about the Bob S. -- free speech incident, which arose after some people at NBL had tried to, and how does mike say this (and I’m paraphrasing here). ‘to grow a flower of a community in this harsh digital sparring zone of the internet.’ Ya, so I was guilty of taking the community aspect of NBL a little too seriously and it got a little political. Go figure, this is still 3D reality after all. I actually was intending what I said in a similar spirit to what mike has displayed here himself just now; I was calling somebody out on something. It’s no big deal though. That’s in the past now, I’m over it, and hopefully you can be too Nemesis. Forget about it. It really doesn’t matter anyway and never did. So please just move on, as I’m sure you already have or will.

    And Sabine. You seem like the type of girl who doesn’t need closure on this sort of thing, but in case you do; please be over it in the same way that I’ve asked Nemesis to be over it too. It’s really not even worth having a second thought about. After dueling it out for a ‘space’ to bring metaphysicians into the extinction discussions over at NBL for so many months, I was indeed stressed out, and I lashed out at you like a wounded child. You called it correctly; it was a being ‘skin thinned’ thing for sure. Thinned out and done, actually. So sue me. Ha ha, little joke there. Don’t sue me. I’m broke anyway, so ha, don’t even waste your time suing me. All joking aside, just forget about it; it’s in the past. I love that you love your plants. I love my plant peeps too. Carry on and don’t mind me or any of my fleeting and meaningless words.

    I’ll finish this up in the next 4096 characters as a reply to this post …

    1. .

      You know people, I’ve really only even been in cyberspace for a little over six months now anyway. I didn’t ‘do computers’ up until then after bailing on my own foray into empires professional IT bullshit back more than a decade ago. Even back then I had only just ventured into pro IT because of how my whole long music career before that had ended. I had bitterly stalked computerization ideology into the field in order to understand this ghoulish goliath. I did this after watching the advent of digital drum and rhythm section machines wipe out a long culture of local musicianship in my local community; one that had evolved through threads of ancient continuity, and one whose history had once helped form our local musical reality through its participants. Poof ! Bravo to you Kurzweil, and touché to you too ! So once again, as I’ve done before, I’ll turn off this entrainment machine and instead entrain my mind on something different.

      Anyway, I have digressed now into meaningless nonsense and babble on.

      I’ve said a bunch over at NBL already. It was what it was. I want to go now to my piano keyboard and not sit at this particular style of keyboard anymore at all. So, don’t take it personally. And really, you don’t have to write it up into some sort of story either about how this maniacal violent blog terrorist went tearing off in a huff after trying to nuke the whole place into a smoking ruin (was that the star wars inspired version or something there mike? Hahaha, again I say touché.) Although, I actually think my melodrama was far more subtle than the melodrama mike just presented to us. But, regardless and independent of all that, it’s really just about the piano keyboard time and metaphysical headspace entrainment time for me, it’s that versus this other keyboard time and its headspace time at this point as I move forward now. That’s what this is about for me. I’m simply choosing to noodle on another set of keys as this all unfolds is all. So that’s what I’m going to do. That’s my simple choice. There really is no huff.

      Please do carry on, and no hard feelings anybody; it’s in the past already. I’ll retire to my vibrations, for me this is about choosing my own headspace; a small collective focused on a better reality, as Mark Austin put it. Pegasus has nicely saddled up my merkaba for me using the power of her enormous disbelief, so I shall mount it and ride it off into the quantum sunset.

      Onward kuku people; from and into the quantum we go!

      Remember to be mindful of what you focus on though, because that’s what’ll probably manifest around you. Don’t dream it up too nasty for yourself, or I suppose do if you like that sort of thing. It’s your free will choice after all.

      And there you go mike, this was some good melodrama I just wrote up for you here, lol. My ego is my business and not yours anyway, so just worry about yourself. In the end, I don’t think even love will remain, just the quantum. Do be nice to chickens and pigs and cows though please, they’ve been through a lot. Oh, and don’t vote for Trump either; it won’t speed things up, it’ll just make it hurt that much more. You can do better, and things can always get worse. In fact, there’s often quite a propensity for it to do so, especially if you don’t take complete and full control over your own reality.

      Adieu peeps.


    2. @LWA

      I think that mike's intention is a good one. Nobody wants to hear "Fuck you, stupid retard", do you?

      Anyway, if you leave, I'd miss you, we had some good conversation I can remember.

      " My ego is my business and not yours anyway..."

      Com on, yes, right, your fego is your own business. But that's just half of the coin, half of the truth, the other half is inter-connectedness. Yes, you are alone, I am alone with the Ego, we are all alone with our egos, but that's just half of the Truth and you know it :-)

      " Music fills the infinite between two souls."

      Rabindranath Tagore

    3. Nemesis, I would never use the word retard. Don't libel me now, just let it go.

      I wouldn't have even replied to this except for the retard implication.

      This really will be my last post, and to think I used it up refuting a charge of using the word retard, as if I were a bigot.

      Cheers folks, acts over. I won't be replying to any further comments. Hugs.

    4. Cheers, LWA. May the Music always be with you. Amen and out.

    5. ... a songline comes to my mind:

      " There's a crack in everything
      that's where the light comes in.

      Strangely enogh, though... all laughter, all joy, all pain, all misunderstanding of the whole Universe is somewhere within all of us. There is an infinite gap, an infinite Abyss between ourselves and others. And at the same time we are all closely, intimately connected, we share the same cosmic breath. Being alone can be dreadful, being connected can be dreadful. Yes, life and death is dreadful, because we are nacked, we all share the same cosmic, infinte nackedness.

      " Love is the only reality and it is not a mere sentiment. It is the ultimate truth that lies at the heart of creation."

      Rabindranath Tagore

    6. I'm not alone Nemesis, nor disconnected, not by a long shot. Now enough, moon.

    7. I didn't say you are disconnected. But I think we are all alone in some sense. At least, I feel alone and like like that. To be alone can be dreadful, but it mustn't be dreadful, it can be joy also. Same with connectedness: It can be joy, it can be dreadful.

    8. Oneness in some sense is being Al(l)-One. So, being Alone is no desease or something. It is the Universe as a Unity, as an In- dividual.

    9. I like this teaching, Nemisis. Thanks.

  30. Thank you for the clarification, LWA. I just read your comments here the other day. Irrespective of how your interactions with others have been like here or on NBL, you certainly had some very interesting things to say, talking about your experiences and worldview. Thank you for that. I doubt it has been a waste of your time to engage with us. It all happens for reasons we may not understand just yet.

    Thank you for coming back to bid farewell. It's definitely a better closure this way. And yet, there's no closure and no need for one in this connected Universe where space and time don't exist, and you playing the piano are only a quick thought away. Feel free to drop by anytime.

  31. “ Spirit in its human manifestation is man’s response to his You. Man speaks in many tongues - tongues of language, of art, of action - but the spirit is one; it is response to the You that appears from the mystery and addresses us from the mystery. Spirit is word. And even as verbal speech may first become word in the brain of man and then become sound in his throat, although both are merely refractions of the true event because in truth language does not reside in man but man stands in language and speaks out of it - so it is with all words, all spirit. Spirit is not in the I but between I and You. It is not like the blood that circulates in you but like the air in which you breathe. Man lives in the spirit when he is able to respond to his You. He is able to do that when he enters into this relation with his whole being. It is solely by virtue of his power to relate that man is able to live in the spirit.”

    ― Martin Buber, I and Thou

  32. Nemisis,

    I loved your 4:21 AM post on NBL. I concur entirely.


    Your message to just BE clicked into focus yesterday. Although I'm still ever the proselytizer, I think I see a way to tone it down a notch, and raise up BEING to a similar degree. Not one or the other. Very helpful message.


    Proscriptive vs Prescriptive (I hope I'm using these terms correctly.)

    Proscriptive = What you don't want, what you say no to

    Prescriptive = What you want, what you say yes to.

    A great deal of bureaucratic language is (or seems to be) proscriptive. So the heart and imagination are never involved. No one can SEE what the results of compliance will be. Everything is abstract, left brained.

    Mark might remember my communication re mining. Among my suggestions was to screen the operations from public view, using boxed plants as screens. I'm now considering making that my strategic issue within public input on a mile-long set of lawyerly BS that the county planning department puts out on mining rules.

    I want to test whether it could work to throw in a single PRESCRIPTION, and stick with it like a dog with a bone.

    I also believe that positive (prescription) is stronger than negative (proscription).



    If we are promoting change, we need to be strategic. We can't change everything in one fell sweep. The US president's race is a case in point. We want to chose a candidate who will change the world single handedly. We should know by now that that won't happen. But could we get them to do, say, three things, things we believe will have a domino effect on other things?

    I see three strategic issue for America, and perhaps Europe:

    1) A liberation movement of white women
    2) Saving the last remaining large wild animals in Africa and Asia
    3) Securing all our nuclear sites, including a long-term plan for doing so post collapse.

    More later.


    1) A liberation movement of white women
    - abortion and birth control
    - equal pay for equal work
    - older women go for Hillary, younger for Bernie (where is the unity?)
    - child welfare (we need children who can adapt to collapse, but how?)
    - inverse hierarchy--white women, gay & ltgb (educated, powerful), non-white women, non-white men, white men (opposition)
    - adaptation to possibly catastrophic economic situation--collapse of bau might bring total chaos (avoidable?)

    2) Saving the last remaining large wild animals in Africa and Asia
    - who comprise the global coalition to do this?
    - possibility for a blanket campaign (based on land planning) that ropes in all issues and constituencies
    - working with those who are already in the field
    - working with Asian governments and influencing groups

    3) Securing all our nuclear sites, including a long-term plan for doing so post collapse.
    - who comprise the US coalition to do this?
    - possibility for a blanket campaign (based on land planning) that ropes in all issues and constituencies
    - working with those who are already in the field
    - unlike with the African animals, one senses a diabolical opposition in US that is death oriented

    This preliminary fleshing out of the list already points to a complete global program. Just through the prism of three programs. It seems completely impossible to do, but this is only a thought experiment...

  34. “Forgiveness is the answer to the child’s dream of a miracle by which what is broken is made whole again, what is soiled is again made clean. The dream explains why we need to be forgiven, and why we must forgive. In the presence of God, nothing stands between Him and us – we are forgiven. But we cannot feel His presence if anything is allowed to stand between ourselves and others..”
    Dag Hammarskjöld, in his journal, 1956

    I want to apologize to you LWA for calling you a troll. That was not true. You are not a troll - you just lost it for some moments just as I often have. I am engaged in the long process of learning how to get along with others, and still make a lot of mistakes. I have been taking part in face to face groups of seekers of various stripes for over 50 years now, and am still learning a lot about myself and the ways of loving relationship.

    Reviewing my own outburst at you, I was jumping to the defense of my friend Nemesis with inappropriate vigor. Also I was recalling the groups I have been in where the violent behavior of one participant was not openly processed by the group and eventually caused the group to founder and fall apart. None of that was in danger of happening here, so I again apologize to you and to this group for overreacting.

    I greatly value the kind of serious spiritual discussion that takes place here, and hope it continues for a long run. And I join with those who invited LWA to return to the conversation if he should be so minded.
    mike k

    1. My beautiful friend mike, it is always so much joy for me to read your writings. I learn so much from you. And I am so happy to know you, it is a real honor and such a great inspiration for me. You are a Great Man.


  35. In these times modern man lost it's conscious, spiritual connection to Nature, to life and death, to the Kosmos, the "Uni- verse" (a poetic, a musical term). Modern man clings to materialistic, physical things, because he denies the none-physical things. He denies life after death for instance. Modern man cannot imagine what life after death could be like. Modern man sticks to the phenomenal world, but cannot realize and re-connect to the true source (wich transcends life and death) of it all.

    "Everything is just matter! Everything is materialistic physics, nothing else! So let's live a material life and rob the Earth, tomorrow we will be dead!"

    That's the modern, materialistic paradigm. How to explain the mystery of death to modern, materialistic man?

    " Dreams

    Those who dream of a banquet may wake to lamentation and sorrow. Those who dream of lamentation and sorrow may wake to join a hunt. While they dream, they do not know that they dream. Some will even experience a dream within a dream; and only when they awake do they realize they dreamed of a dream. By and by comes the great awakening, and then we may find out that this life is really an extended dream. Fools think they are awake now, and flatter themselves they know if they are really princes or peasants. Confucius and you are both dreams; and I who say you are dreams- I am but a dream myself. This is a paradox. Tomorrow a wise man may come forward to explain it; but that tomorrow will not be until ten thousand generations have gone by.

    Once upon a time, I, Chuang Tzu, dreamt I was a butterfly, fluttering hither and thither, to all intents and purposes a butterfly. I was conscious only of following my fancies as a butterfly, and was unconscious of my individuality as a man. Suddenly I awaked, and there I lay, myself again. Now I do not know whether I was then a man dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly dreaming I am a man. Between a man and a butterfly there is necessarily a barrier. The transition is called metempsychosis.

    - Chuang Tzu

    1. One of my recent friends confided to me that he was “bipolar” and was taking medication to deal with it. Below is what I wrote in response:

      Our entire culture is ‘bi-polar’. What does BP mean? It means alternation between being unrealistically positive and inflated, then crashing into depression, then getting pumped up again etc. The stock market is a perfect example of this. As we grow up in this culture we are given two messages: you can be number one and do anything you set your mind to do, and on the other hand you are a complete failure if you don’t become number one. We are set up to oscillate between these two extremes. Then to top it off we are labeled and stigmatized as mentally ill for manifesting this culturally created behavior in too obvious or extreme degree. The culture is OK with the ordinary level of discomfort induced by it’s contradictory messages, but seeks to cover up the casualties who took the suggestions it put out too embarrassingly far.

      Our parents as agents of the culture that formed them, put these impossible demands on their children and implant a sense of shame and guilt to ensure them being internalized. It is an unacknowledged attempt at mind control of the child. And of course the child grows up trying to reconcile these contradictory inner imperatives.

      The ugly American carries this inner conflict into her/his affairs in the world. And it is this half-baked egotism that others deem ugly.
      When we tell other nations they must be free and at the same time be totally obedient to our directives, we are operating from the same painful complex of impossible demands. Parents do the same. On the one hand they demand total obedience from the child, then at the same time expect creativity and thinking and deciding for oneself to also occur.

      So, as in many cases modern society and it’s psychologist establishment creates an invented label of BP to cover up the problem that society has created, and offers false and inadequate ‘solutions’ - at a price - to fix it. The individual is supposed to blame themselves for the problem that society has created, and accept society’s phony solution which only embroils the poor victim deeper in the programs of a sick culture.

      We live in a mentally ill crazy-making culture. This culture seeks to condition us to impossible fantasies and unrealistic goals, then punishes us if we pull back the curtain and reveal the real source of our seemingly insoluble problems. We are trained by advertising to be addicts, then blamed for our addictive, unrealistic behavior. The only help we are offered is the same ineffective, toxic crap that made us sick in the first place. Drugs are recommended to fix drug addiction for example. When will we wake up and realize that our culture is the problem?

      When nearly everything your culture has told you is a toxic lie, it is difficult to realize this. One entering into this realization will often feel that they are going crazy, becoming insane Without some support from outside oneself this awakening seems more like a personal disaster than a possible journey into real sanity. All to often one awakening seeks professional help for their discomfort, and is only more deeply embroiled in society’s toxic process as a result.

      PS - The only reason I post as anonymous is that I can't figure out how to post with mike k before my post?

    2. mike k ~ select Name/URL under "Reply as" and then fill in your name in the top part where it says "Name." leave URL blank. identify a couple of trees as trees, or soups as soups, or RVs as RVs, and viola, you are in with a name.

      I'm curious ~ how did your friend take your comment about BP?

      (fish! there's one, there's one...)

    3. True. The individual is a reflection of the bigger social structure. But I just realized--forcefully--how long ago the gig was up. This show, with its photos of the late 19th century built environment was an alarm bell ringing.

      Murder of a President, PBS re assassination of James Garfield:

      A schizophrenic hears the voice of god telling him to kill the president. But then you wonder if the embedded, profound evil of the greed-besotted privileged men of the urbanizing civilization wan't somehow that voice in his ear. Even more than that, you see that the country was already way too big.

      So how do I explain to myself my appreciation of cities and, at the same time, revulsion of the interconnected urban culture that was being created then--for the first time in the US, there were more people in cities than on the land. That was a microcosm of the global situation today, when now, for the first time, there are more global citizens in cities than on the land. Is it that, just as we consider ourselves doomed today by civilization, a prescient person back then could see that America was similarly doomed?

      Maybe there's a way in which some cities settle down and morph into a kind of survivable organism. I've been suggesting that we must regroup into smaller pods, even within this see of endless cities. Pods of 2-3 hundred, somewhere along the lines of aboriginal bands. But then I imagine Jane Jacobs looking through her NYC window and seeing this beautiful organic unfolding as children played on sidewalks, and adults went about their work. (The Death and Life of Great American Cities: Jane Jacobs)

      But seeing those pictures in the PBS story made me perfectly convinced that nothing could ever have come of such a disease-like, overblown civilization. I only state this because I'm confounded by the contradictions in my own views.

    4. Artleads,

      You say: "I only state this because I'm confounded by the contradictions in my own views."

      I think most people today are confounded by all sorts of contradictions in their worldviews. Contradictions are very obvious these days for those who are listening. I wonder if their blatant presence is itself a matter of significance. Could it be that we're so accustomed to coherence and clarity that ambiguity and dissonance stand out like a sore thumb? Modern worldviews are carefully and logically constructed over decades of cultural influence and pretend to be self-sufficient and complete. When one brought up in our culture looks a little farther, all these dissonant perspectives come into view. When that happens, most people look away, and go back to the safety and familiarity of the mainstream. But then, some of us here are convinced that the mainstream perspective is not complete, and in fact, outright unstable and in-congruent, not to mention illogical. The stories of progress and advancement, of greater and rising intelligence, of human ingenuity and inventiveness, are under question.

      It's a very special time to be noticing all the contradictions. My suggestion is to savor them, wonder about them. There's no urgency to resolve and reconcile. Let the opposites co-exist in your consciousness. Go back and forth between the extremes. Perhaps the contradictions will become starker as time goes on. Perhaps more of the contradictions will come to light. What a journey!

    5. Satish,

      I thought of all you say here as we went shopping in the city today. The car that sticks in my mind was the one with icicles, like stalactites, hanging from the front bumper. It was in a row of cars parked in a shopping area. I thought how valid it was not to look at the entirety of any car--to just look at the row of bumpers (and grills), mostly grayish, mostly muddy, all embodying a cacophony of meaningless differences. Just the bumpers in a row. And it was good. I'm laughing as I write this. So nice to have you to talk to.

  36. mo - Thanks for the name tag assist. The friend I shared my insight re: BP strongly resisted my ideas.
    For instance he said that "millions of people were born with BP" - thereby implying that it has a genetic basis. He is a social worker who is wedded to the mainstream psychological complex, and takes medication for his "BP'. I work with my fellow alcoholics mainly by AA methods, and run into how many of them are sold the brain chemistry imbalance story and hence the need for corrective medications. This story the way it is told is untrue, and the drugs only "work" by attempting to cover up one’s symptoms, but do a piss poor job of that, and end up making the real problems worse. I know this by personal experience and lots of observation of others on various psychotropic drugs. It is truly impressive seeing the ferver those on these drugs put forth justifying their usage, and the anger with which they will attack anyone who questions it. The diagnosis of BP and the treatment that supposedly cures it has become part of their identity and the meaning of their life. If you challenge the diagnosis or the drug treatment plan, they perceive it as a threat to their very existence!

    It’s not too different than the response of an American citizen to being old that their country is the number one terrorist nation on Earth, and is leading the forces that are destroying mankind. And BTW I have also tweaked my new friend with that one, resulting in an avalanche of patriotic babbling and fuming. You may wonder if our friendship really has legs. I wonder too…... :)

  37. Lieber Nemesis, ich mag mich eigentlich nicht in der Rolle einer Lehrerin, aber ich muss dir eine kleine Lektion geben.

    I'll keep to English, if you don't mind, because writing in German would be impolite to all the others.

    Your English is excellent, really, really it is, but there are some mistakes cropping up in your writing which are easily avoidable.

    As a German, I know you won't take offence if I give you a tiny lecture:

    its and it's:

    "Its" is a pronoun (Pronomen) and like his and hers a possessive pronoun. You wrote it's (possessive) when referring to "modern man" (it should have been "his" in that case: man/masculine). "It's" is short for "it is", just like "that's" and "that is". Just the same as in German "das war's für heute" for example. An apostrophe is used to compress two words.
    It's easy once you know the difference.

    The same goes for the misuse of the apostrophe when making a plural for an abbreviation. This misuse has become a perfect plague. People write
    DVD's, CD's, the 80's, the 1900's etc, etc but it's wrong. When it is more than one DVD - therefore obviously a plural - it must be written as DVDs, just as you would write humans not human's. Unless you talk about a human's capability to write nonsense. Then you need the apostrophe (because the human "possesses" this capability). See what I'm getting at?
    As there are more than one year in a decade when writing "eighties" as a number, it must be 80s.
    People are unsure because they see this sort of thing being used incorrectly all the time, even by people who should know better. Seeing misuse all around, it becomes normal, it "looks" right - but it's wrong nonetheless.

    Just remember, when you're (you are) using a pronoun, it's "its", and when you want to shorten "it is", it's "it's". (I enjoyed writing that!) Confused? I hope you're not.:)

    And plurals are the easiest in the world. They are always added without an apostrophe. ALWAYS, no matter what you see on the internet.

    There is, of course, another reason to use an apostrophe besides compressing two words (as in it's/it is), and that is the good old genitive (possessive). I don't have to explain that to you because, as a German, you're well acquainted with that little grammatical device.

    One more tiny thing: A very illogical (to Germans) spelling in English is the word "sure". You tend to spell it in a much more logical way: "shure". It's the "sch" sound that probably gets your brain to insist on this spelling.

    Sorry about this little lesson but I had to vent my spleen on this subject of grammar.
    I know that no one is perfect, and I don't claim perfection - far from it!! But no matter how good one's (possessive) second language is, a little improvement can only do good - and I'm probably the only person who would be "impolite" enough to tell you.

    1. -

      Don't worry to teach me, I never hesitate to take good advice! I am not perfect, nobody is perfect and I don't want to be perfect at all, but I am always willing to learn. In fact, I am thankful for your english lesson. I learn a lot (hopefully) when I read and write english. But don't tell me that my english is "excellent", hahaha, I know that my english is rather bad ;-)

      Thank you very much for your lesson about "its", "it's" and the none-use of abbreviation with any plurals! About "shure":

      mike k already teached me to write "sure" (similar mistake is "proove" instead of "prove"), but sometimes I am just unconcentrated and then slips of the pen happen.

      Also vielen Dank nochmal und liebe Grüsse aus Deutschland! Ich will versuchen, mir Deine wertvollen Tipps zu merken!

    2. -
      @mike k

      Mental illness is part of the system, but the rulers of the system want to blame all mental illness onto solitary individuals. They say "It's your brain, it's your biography, it's your illness, it's all about YOU!", hahaha. And when it comes to therapy, then it's mostly about how to make you fit for the system again, to make you a good soldier of the herd again. And beside that, the pharmaceutic industry makes billions of dollars, hahaha.

      How to be healthy in a sick system? Only through disobedience, IMO. It is about Individuation (C. G. Jung), mental growth. Crisis is part of Individuation, crisis has always been part of mental progression, crisis is part of the evolution of mind. Mental crisis is a big part of the Shaman's quest as well. We are all somewhat "crazy" in some sense, IMO. Craziness is part of evolution, part of creativity, part of mental/psychic metamorphosis, metempsychosis. I had some socalled "psychosis" several years ago, but I was lucky enough to go my own way of health, my own way of mental/spiritual growth and I stayed away from the psychiatric machinery.

  38. More on why it is so difficult to dislodge folks from their established worldview. In his book The Master and His Emissary, Iain McGilchrist explores how the left brain developed in our history and has taken over the governance of our lives, betraying the leadership of the previously dominant and guiding right brain, and now constitutes a major factor in our coming species collapse.

    Putting this together with Jean Liedloff’s book The Continuum Concept - which examines how far we have deviated from the ancient patterns of birthing and raising children, a picture begins to
    form of how and why we are all victims to one degree or another of a culture which has severed it’s connections to the ancient ways of our species and created a world of inhuman practices and damaging abuses.

    If I throw in Alice Miller, Derrick Jensen, and Charles Eisenstein - one can begin to see that our unnatural civilized culture has left the vast majority trapped in a machine of death without a clue to what it really is, or how to get free of it.

    “Ye suffer from yourselves. None else compels, None other holds you that ye live and die, And whirl upon the wheel, and hug and kiss Its spokes of agony….” (Edwin Arnold) Our dark destiny is hidden deep within ourselves. Recovering an adequate portion of Nature’s original wisdom is our sole possibility of healing. Our chances of finding and resuming those ancient ways is fast fading in our world of blind and reckless speed…..

  39. This is from a comment at NBL:

    Every action we take requires energy and it’s the consumption of energy that’s the tap root of every other dilemma, and lying to ourselves seems to be the only way to sooth our culpability.

    I replied to that comment this way:

    Consumption of energy lies at the root of the Universe it’self. Life is consuming energy, death is consuming energy, everything throughout the whole Universe is consuming energy. There is no evolution, no nothing without consuming energy. The Veda call this consuming fire “Agni Fire”. To me, the question is:

    How do we relate to that ever consuming fire? Do we take only what we need or do we hort material things like crazy? Do we cultivate a mindful, conscious relationship to that fire or do we blindly consume. When I try to reduce my consumption, then I don’t do it because I want to save the planet in the first place. I do it because of egotism. I can’t save the planet, but I can save myself, I can save my freedom. To me, satisfaction doesn’t come with fulfulling as many wishes as possible, but through reducing my wishes. The less I need, the more I am happy, the more I am free.

    You say that we are all lying to ourselves. How can you know that? Are we lying to yourself, when we realize the condition of the planet as miserable? None of us can save the planet, but every single one of us can make the situation around himself a little better or much worse. Every smile, every compassion is a key to a better condition, a step to a life of excellence. A life of excellence is no miracle, it cannot protect from Death (or from extinction). But it can just make your personal life so much better. It is not about performing miracles, it’s just about doing the best one can do in the face of inevitable Death. No matter, what we do to the planet or not do to the planet, no matter if NTE or not:

    We will all have to face Death, soon, very soon. When we REALLY realize that factum, we will gain peace, we will learn to let go, to let lose, to go with the flow. You think you realized Death enough already? Then go to some hospice and talk to the people and you will see, that there is much more to learn than senseless Nihilism. Nihilism is not the teaching of Death. The teaching of Death is to let go and to let go is the base of Life, the base of energy, the base of the cosmic Agni-Fire. When we really meditate Death, then we will not lie to ourselves anymore. Death is the ultimate lie-killer. When we really meditate Death, then we will gain real freedom, freedom beyond Death.

    Gautama Buddha once asked a monk, how many times he thinks about death. The monk said, five times a day. Gautama Buddha said, that this is not enough. Ten times a day is not enough, hundred times a day is not enough. Every single moment meditating Death is sufficient enough, to realize that there is absolutely NOTHING to cling to, not even Nihilism is something to cling to, not one single emotion or thought or worldview or ideology or any single breath of air is something to cling to. There is absolutely Nothing to cling to, not even NTE is something to cling to, neither Life nor Death is something to cling to. If you realize that, then you will go beyond life and death.

  40. “Human beings live like knowers, striving toward absolute information, but death is a perfect insult that frustrates all knowing.” Adi Da

    Something to think about. Or better, to feel.

    1. Yes, modern man strives for absolute information outside in the material things to gain control over nature. But what is all material, physical information worth without a loving heart?

      " The Buddha taught some people the teachings of duality that help them avoid sin and acquire spiritual merit.
      To others he taught non-duality, that some find profoundly frightening.

      Even offering three hundred bowls of food three times a day does not match the spiritual merit gained in one moment of love.

      All philosophies are mental fabrications.
      There has never been a single doctrine by which one could enter the true essence of things.


    2. When we study sacred scriptures, when we listen to spiritual teachings, when we visit the graves of great spiritual men and women, we do always see only their footprints in the sand. But a footprint is never the real being, only a trace. All words of the past, present and future can never describe even One single blade of gras or One single being sufficiently. How then to describe the mystery of life and death sufficiently? How then to describe the whole Universe sufficiently? I don't know, I don't even strive to know, but I love Music and Poetry.

    3. Yes. I agree with Nagarjuna. The ultimate mystery is Love. In that State all questions die, and there is only infinite gratitude. Nowhere to go, nothing to do - one has arrived Home.

    4. "When we study sacred scriptures, when we listen to spiritual teachings, when we visit the graves of great spiritual men and women, we do always see only their footprints in the sand."

      It's as if the Universe leaves a whole lot of bread crumbs for the ants that we are to find our way to the source of sustenance. These bread crumbs are all over the place. An attentive observer sees them hidden away in the ancient scriptures despite centuries of half-truths and non-truths making their way into those books. They are also found in the uttering of men and women, be they spiritual teachers or the old lady down the street. Sometimes the old lady has more pertinent things to say than the advanced teacher, if only because the lady knows you that much more.

      So when the clues are everywhere and all around us, why then is there so much confusion? I believe it's because we're trained to ignore the clues, to listen to something else, to not listen to our personal experience in the moment. This is perhaps the biggest impediment to finding alignment with the flow of the Universe. Interestingly, there isn't much to learn but so much to unlearn! Unlearning is harder than learning to the mind that has been trained to learn, to add more and more to what's already there, to grow the knowledge base incrementally year after year. That's what school taught me. Unlearning is not taught in school. I must teach myself.

    5. "Interestingly, there isn't much to learn but so much to unlearn! Unlearning is harder than learning to the mind that has been trained to learn, to add more and more to what's already there, to grow the knowledge base incrementally year after year. That's what school taught me. Unlearning is not taught in school. I must teach myself."

      AMEN! It's why I don't read anything and don't want to be taught anything (unless I do).


      Just a practice run for confronting the ranchers who think that wolves are from the past, and no longer belong in their environment of cattle and sheep.

      Humans are exceptionally intelligent and technologically powerful. No animal is remotely comparable. But animals are important to humans, since they have retained understanding that humans need to endure. They also make the environment livable for humans and the web of life they depend on.

      But that is not all. Life is sacred, and all species are sacred. Humans have no right to destroy them.

      200 species go extinct each day, a rate thousands of times greater than prior to human civilization. Wild animals are disappearing at an increasingly fast pace. Half the wild animal population has been lost over the past 40 years. Over this identical period, human population has doubled. All creatures evolved because they has

      There is no shortage of people, but there is a great shortage of wolves. Religious teaching tells us to be good stewards of the Earth. Killing 200 species each day and eliminating wild animals is not good stewardship. It is not the animals who need to be controlled; it is the people.

      So what does a rancher do who is suffering loss through wolf predation of his flock? Suggestions:

      - Use your imagination
      - Move
      - Think
      - Learn
      - Find a different livelihood.

      Ultimately, responsible human behavior sees very clearly that there are a surfeit of humans and a deficit of wolves. It is immoral and irresponsible to continue destroying the wolves. It is also suicidal.

      Although you don't understand it, your behavior is ensuring that your children or grandchildren won't live to adulthood. Time and circumstances are not on your side. Change on your own, or be made to change by the needs of a living planet.

    6. Ranchers make for a powerful group. As land owners, they are part of the class that sits at the top of the pyramid. Cattle grazing is one of the most destructive human activities. It takes a long time for the top soil to regenerate after being stepped on repeatedly by cattle. Many ranchers are part of the industrial food chain.

      In some places, ranchers also get in cahoots with the local conservation agencies and non-profits and succeed in extracting monetary value from their land holdings. The conservation agencies raise money and buy conservation easements on sub-urban and rural ranches. Most ranches will never be developed, they will never see housing sub-divisions, however, by selling easements, ranchers get to make money while still being able to graze their land. After selling an easement, they can't build structures or roads on their land but they weren't going to do that anyway. The money that they get from the conservation organizations in return for the easement eventually comes from the tax payer or the gullible donor who happens to be an avid environmentalist. The conservation organization gets to publicize that they saved a ton of acres from development. Ranchers are a very clever group of people.

  41. Finally a quality moment to read all with decent comprehension. ARTLEADS - I do remember the way strip forest and thin nature was used along roadside to disguise mining & clear cuts behind.

    CONTRADICTIONS - wanting to say all sorts of things. Sometimes coming here is like a confession of my mistakes. Funny but I was never religious or catholic - but I see how being honest about my contradictions helps. So nice to read MIKE K & NEMESIS. I'm at a medical convention working on something special for Sabine. My sister will be in UK this April. I sail to Costa Rica when she returns to Fla. (I'm the dog sitter) Bigest complication for now is REINCARNATION.

    Trust me I know and understand that millions/billions of people do not believe. No problem because I think most are here for the first time anyway. Also wouldn't all those Buffalo that used to roam the plains now have no where to go but in large human form on the food court of mall of America??? Anyway, Jim is really radical about birth control but his daughter is now expecting a baby. Talk about complicated & controversial issues. But heck, If I died before the big extinction events I'd want to hurry back for the really big show. Billions filling the Earth just in time for Blue Beam, big bangs and big extinction lessons. Maybe even "Buffalo" people have something to experience after their first go round being slaughtered en mass by pioneers building the rail-lines west. Dumb stuff compared to cool conversations above. But I'm still some kind of Monkey in the middle ground.

    SHEP - Thank YoU:)"DANCING WU-LI MASTERS (1985) Gary Zukov is/was a life saver, huge change in my life from that book back then. One end of my spectrum is all about reality before it even forms the first particles. The ultimate truth of the unformed. The "un"? consciousnesses...wave before any form of physical reality.

    Then there is Monkey "me" smack dab in physical reality. Anteaters to Zinc. So much stuff to know, grow, remember, process, forget & escape.

    Finally: A book of all of SATISH comments on NBL would be great. Comprehension rather than volume of thoughts. What impressions are going deep rather than just billions of shifting subjects. Fractals inside fractals. What are we truly supposed to know...a bit MO ????

    1. " Bigest complication for now is REINCARNATION"

      Doesn't the whole Universe reincarnate every nanosecond?

    2. -
      "Matter" is the visible appereance of the Unvisible every nanosecond. The un-visible Eternal reincarnates in the material world, in time and space every nanosecond. This Eternal is the eternal Cosmic Fire, burnig down all forms, all thoughts, all emotions, all things and all not-hings, life and death. The Eternal is the ultimate "UN-", "Mu", "Shunyata", it is nothing but eternal burning FIRE. It burns within yourself, within all things and beings, within the whole Universe, it burns down all past, present and future, all forms. Some call it Love, others call it God or Ta, others call it Death. All I can see, when I stare deep, deep into that Abyss of Fire, is loss, Yes!, I will lose every thing and every no-thing, yes, I will shurely burn.

    3. That Divine Fire/Light/Love only transforms all appearances by revealing their Reality as Itself. Nothing is ever destroyed that is Real, only illusions are penetrated and consciousness and all its productions are revealed as That Divinity which they have always been in Truth. (But I forgot for a moment that I know nothing.)

  42. MO on NBL -if (1) is correct, then we now have found an authentic and objective basis for giving a meaning to our existence: adhering to this objective truth.

    but if (2) is correct, then we cannot allow for (1). it is impossible to assert a purely objective truth for a traditional nihilist, as the existence of the truth itself automatically gives life an objective meaning.

    Or (2b) Infinity encompasses the exact paradoxes of both co-existing. 2B and not. Duality abounds.

    1. Duality is an interesting thing... when taken to its extremes, we end up with the very duality of "duality and non-duality co-existing side by side".

  43. “For then I saw darkly, as in a mirror. But when True consciousness comes I will see directly as face to face…” Bible

    “In that State, everywhere you look you will see the Face of God.” Koran

  44. Just came across this - So, apparently, the non-profit Rockefeller Foundation owns the patent on the Zika virus that's making the news these days.

  45. This blatant statement by Rockefeller to the Trilateral Commission makes my blood boil:

    “We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost 40 years. … It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supernational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.”

    Anyone who thinks that the reality of these super powerful rich evil bastards trying to enslave mankind and rule the world is only a “conspiracy theory” and hence probably false, only proves themselves to be a victim of the smoke screen they hide behind. Unless we become aware of this major source of our problems, our actions will only be partial and avoid the real factor behind our descent into extinction. The rich and powerful have become the enemies of Mankind, and must be dealt with if we are to survive.

    Thanks for the link Satish. I won’t need to drink any more coffee today - I’ll just function on the angry adrenaline this info stirred up in me!

    1. Uhm, let's see what my venerable teacher has to say about that blatant statement of Rockefeller :-) ...

      Mother Nature is after them and they know it, muhahaha 8-)

    2. Thank you all. I get so tired on NBL when Lidia and others say there is not enough evidence. I promise I'm not stupid and I am still very connected to my co-workers in the Intel field. We have seen an enormous amount of legal docs. Trilateral, Rand, Brookings, Council on forging relations, etc. Okay, I will just try to be nice from here on, but I really was not joking or talking conspiracy when I did try to warn about sophisticated genetic virus now in mass development like never before. I guess the big population reductions need to happen...but then I sound like a hateful jerk if I choose other species over human expansion.

      So true: reincarnation is happing every sec inside cells. All energy is endlessly transformed. I'm both guilty and proud to have a hand in the nature of reality creating these synesthetic methods for rapid evolution. I will get off the grid, yet on my way out I really hope some other species will survive our mass radiation. I know it's my life/soul problem compared to others, but I'm really mad & sad at humans not making a better effort to stop building nuclear power plants. We are very much helping China go crazy building cheap reactors everywhere. I want to live for decades and Love the forest but the more we continue to build the worse it will be later after the meltdowns. Somehow I have to accept not fighting this fate. I guess if I really cared I would have stayed in D.C. and run for Congress when I had so much support and backing to register to run last year. No where to run but work on turning a blind eye. In a blink someday the actual stuff will get launched. Or maybe I am born crazy wrong about it all. Dancing with deadly matters till it matters no more. Hope our energy evolves to a more mature place. How many times does the Atlantis high tech destruction cycle repeat?

    3. -
      Population isn't the real cause of the global mess and therefore reducing population will not solve the mess. Malthus is outdated for quite a long time:

      You can track all population reduction plans back to right wing Eugenics, those "elite" people, who vote for population reduction, while procreating like hell, hahaha. The real problem isn't population, but extremely un-equal distribution of material commodities:

      " This research, based on year 2000 data, found that the richest 1 percent of world adults, individuals worth at least $514,512, owned 39.9 percent of the world’s household wealth, a total greater than the wealth of the world’s poorest 95 percent, those adults worth under $150,145. .."

      The same goes for CO2- emissions per capita for instance:

      It is about a sick system of injustice and inequality, a system of lies and auto-brain-fuck, that's the cause for the planetary mess.

      So, if you want to be effective with population reduction, you will have to start with those, who consume the most, the 1%, hahaha. And you will have to reduce population extremely carefully, because you will have to take the global dimming effect into account:

      The more you reduce CO2, the warmer it will get at first. If you can handle and balance that positive feedbacks, then you are the next canditate to be God emself.

      " How many times does the Atlantis high tech destruction cycle repeat?"

      According to some respected scriptures and my own experience:

      Eternally, infinitely.

      The Apokalypse isn't happening in some years, or tomorrow, it happens eternally, here and now. Babylon is Samsara and Samsara never ends, just like Nirvana never ends.

      Yeah, I see them building chariots, while they are killing the horses, hahaha. That's the game of Samsara.

    4. Correction:

      " The more you reduce CO2, the warmer it will get at first."

      Should be:

      " The more you reduce fossil fuel aerosols, the warmer it will get at first."

    5. -
      Do you think, you are here and now, right at the spot of the Apokalpse just by chance, by accident, by co- incidence??? Well, could be... you took the chance accidententally, co-incidentally, syncronistically to participate in the eternal Cosmic Theater. Enjoy.

      ... yeah, turn around all these words, all these thoughts, all these dreams and visions and concepts and chew them like One nasty, un-swallable, blistering, iron ball of Koan.

    6. Intuition haws never in the slightest suggested to me that population size was the problem. And Satish has made reasoned arguments about how little large-population third world countries contribute to warming.

      In California sometime back, I would see how Mexican immigrants shared space. A LOT of people lived in the same apartment. They tended to work different shifts, and would even share the beds and child care by shifts. Their impact on climate was negligible.

      Geoff Lawton, the MASTER of permaculture, believes we need all the people we can get. Is that because food production without fossil fuels require many hands?

      I'm trying to make habitable (or useful) structures out of cardboard boxes--using the boxes like strawbale. I use no tools. Utility knife, tape, glue. But it's VERY slow going, doing everything myself. Should there be a post-collapse phase of civilization that depends only on recycled materials to run, we'll need a great many more people to make the system work.

      I agree entirely about the barbarous consequences of inequality.

    7. I also don't think that working primarily to decommission nuke plants is STRATEGIC. Instead of picking the low hanging fruit, you're going right up against Goliath without a sling. You have to pick off the easy things first, and weaken the giant incrementally (if also urgently).

      Nuclear energy is a big part of the economic system. Those that profit by the system will obstruct nukes going away. The government system is so thoroughly dysfunctional that there's no telling if removing nukes wouldn't lead to some sort of apocalypse. But that's not even the point. It seems impossible to decommission them any time soon.

      What IS possible is to set up a management system for nukes that can survive post-collapse. THAT is hard enough to do. But, unlike with wholesale decommissioning, it's not impossible (as decommissioning seems to me to be) to do.

  46. THANK YOU both for the really sensible points.

    Thinking locally this is my VALENTINE to Earth. For now this is where I have been most successful in past preservation - come visit when I return to being Ranger Marco:

    Nicolas Wessberg Absolute Natural Reserve Costa Rica was established on October 10th, 1994 in order to protect tropical forest and beach areas at the southern end of the Nicoya Peninsula near Montezuma, Costa Rica. The edge of the reserve can be reached by walking 2 km along Montezuma beach. This protected area is dedicated to the memory of the great conservationist Nicolas Wessberg.

    Olof Wessberg (known as Nicolas) and Karen Mogensen arrived in Costa Rica in the 1960s in the pursuit of finding happiness in harmony with nature. They chose to establish themselves in the Nicoya Peninsula. Soon after establishing near Montezuma, they set up on an expedition to the Cabo Blanco area in search for native tree seeds to reforest their newly acquired farm. Upon arriving to the area, they were amazed at the abundant wildlife and the size of the trees in the area. This was like an oasis in the midst of a desert as all lands around had been devastated to give way to low-yield pasture and agricultural lands.

    This experience was what triggered their determination to save and preserve this “natural jewel”. With the aid of an international agency, they bought 1250 hectares of land in 1963 and turned these lands into the first protected area in all of Costa Rica. Nicolas died in 1975 and Karen in 1994. Their bodies are buried at the Nicolas Wessberg Natural Reserve which was the original farm they bought when first arrived in the Montezuma area.

    The Nicolas Wessberg Absolute Natural Reserve contains a moist tropical secondary forest, with approximately 150 identified trees, where evergreen species predominate, but dry forest species are found as well, such as, the spiny cedar (Bombacopsis quinatum), the wild plum (Spondias mombin) and the espave (Anacardium excelsum).

    It serves as habitat for many animals such as white-faced and howler monkeys, White-tailed deer, pacas, armadillos, anteaters, collared peccaries, coyotes, porcupines, raccoons, coatis, ocelots, jaguarondis or margay cats.

    There are no public facilities at Nicolas Wessberg Absolute Natural Reserve. Other nearby Costa Rican parks include Cabo Blanco Absolute Natural Reserve, Romelia National Wildlife Refuge, La Ceiba National Wildlife Refuge and Curu

  47. There were no roads.

    There was no electricity.

    And once every week - provided that the ocean cooperated...
    Cabo Blanco House
    Living a Simple Life

    A boat would arrive just offshore from town... ready to collect fresh produce - corn, rice, beans, plantains...

    And to pick up passengers as well - making the trip back to the mainland.

    And yes, it was during this earlier time, when Nicolas - a former Swedish Air force officer, along with his wife Karen...

    Set out to follow their dream.
    Cabo Blanco Our Plundered Planet
    Our Plundered Planet

    And it was a dream of living a simpler life, in harmony with nature and the environment.

    As Karen had once mentioned, part of the inspiration for moving from Europe to Costa Rica - settling on a small farm on the Nicoya Peninsula...

    Was a book written by Fairfield Osborn.

    It's title...

    Our Plundered Planet.

    Spoken highly of by the likes of Aldous Huxley, Albert Einstein and others - the book went into great detail, discussing the impact that humans have on the environment, and the importance of living a simpler life.

    And yes - its message resonated entirely with the views of both Nicolas and Karen.


    And so it was - life on the Nicoya...

    For Nicolas, it was bliss.
    Cabo Blanco Nicolas Wessberg
    Nicolas Wessberg

    He always had a keen interest in tropical biology, one that led to a number of expeditions - exploring the peninsula bit by bit.

    And no - it wasn't long before he encountered the land that would one day become Cabo Blanco - an oasis as he described it, lying at the peninsula's very tip.

    A place unlike anything he had ever seen, it was teeming with life - wild cats, monkeys, anteaters, coatis - and numerous species of birds...
    Cabo Blanco Animals
    Animals of a Tropical Oasis

    It was remarkable.

    And there was no question in Nicolas's mind - Karen's as well... this tiny paradise needed to be protected - especially at a time when more and more forests were being clear-cut, making way for cattle farms.

    A way of life for many on the peninsula - agriculture was strongly promoted by the government during these times.


    Fast forward to 1963...

    On October the 24th, having sought out the help of an international foundation...
    Cabo Blanco Absolute Nature Reserve
    Forests Can, Do Regenerate! that shared Nicolas and Karen's views regarding the preservation of land on the Nicoya...

    1250 hectares of land were purchased.

    And as a result...

    The Cabo Blanco Absolute Nature Reserve was established -- first-ever protected area in the entire country.

    1. The mere fact that the 1250 hectares were available for purchase is lamentable. There is no escape from slimy Capitalism: The Merchant of Venice. I wonder who owned them and why the ground was available? It is a metaphor for Klinger.

      I'm so glad tho that the preserve exists but the world should consider the entire planet earth as a preserve. It's only the indigenous way that counts in the end.

      To be able to swing in a hammock and do nothing but praise the universe is heaven.

      From one of the most thoughtful individuals I have eve met: “Shep. We're tired. We're all tired. We're tired of the gross inequality, gross mismanagement, gross superficiality of culture, gross devastation of the Mother, gross apathy and indifference to the plight of her children, gross forgetfulness of our true nature and the very gross nature of gross reality. It's not our fault. We did what we had to do. We did what we could. We lived a life that was presented to us. We couldn't have done much differently...The indigenous person spends much time simply sitting or lying in his hammock.”

      Thank you my friend!

      The mere fact that the 1250 hectares were available for purchase is lamentable. There is no escape from slimy Capitalism: The Merchant of Venice. I wonder who owned them and why the ground was available? It is a metaphor for Klinger.

      I'm so glad tho that the preserve exists but the world should consider the entire planet earth as a preserve. It's only the indigenous way that counts in the end.

      To be able to swing in a hammock and do nothing but praise the universe is heaven.

      From one of the most thoughtful individuals I have eve met: “Shep. We're tired. We're all tired. We're tired of the gross inequality, gross mismanagement, gross superficiality of culture, gross devastation of the Mother, gross apathy and indifference to the plight of her children, gross forgetfulness of our true nature and the very gross nature of gross reality. It's not our fault. We did what we had to do. We did what we could. We lived a life that was presented to us. We couldn't have done much differently...The indigenous person spends much time simply sitting or lying in his hammock.”

      Thank you my friend!

      The mere fact that the 1250 hectares were available for purchase is lamentable. There is no escape from slimy Capitalism: The Merchant of Venice. I wonder who owned them and why the ground was available? It is a metaphor for Klinger.

      I'm so glad tho that the preserve exists but the world should consider the entire planet earth as a preserve. It's only the indigenous way that counts in the end.

      To be able to swing in a hammock and do nothing but praise the universe is heaven.

      From one of the most thoughtful individuals I have ever met:

      “Shep. We're tired. We're all tired. We're tired of the gross inequality, gross mismanagement, gross superficiality of culture, gross devastation of the Mother, gross apathy and indifference to the plight of her children, gross forgetfulness of our true nature and the very gross nature of gross reality. It's not our fault. We did what we had to do. We did what we could. We lived a life that was presented to us. We couldn't have done much differently...The indigenous person spends much time simply sitting or lying in his hammock.”

      Thank you my friend!

    2. "...but the world should consider the entire planet earth as a preserve. It's only the indigenous way that counts in the end."

      Couldn't agree more. I consider all current efforts to preserve land as commendable, but it's the whole global landscape that needs preserving too. They all need to work together.

      A new authoritarian light just got switched on in me. Whereas I have been mostly "respectful" of the white man's power and authority, I feel that "respect" slipping away. New Rule: Thou shalt not destroy the natural order of things. Thou shalt not hurt, brutalize and demean fellow humans and fellow creatures. I don't care who the fuck you are. My tolerance has dried up. This old behavior is no longer acceptable.

  48. Thanks Mark. Protecting a place where Nature is allowed to be itself functioning as it may. There is no greater love than this. Cherishing our beloved ancestors….

  49. “A special transmission outside the scriptures;
    No dependence on words and letters;
    Direct pointing to the mind of man;
    Seeing into one's nature and attaining Buddhahood.”

    It is not that there is no self. It is that there is no separate self. Your Self includes and transcends everything. I am That. You are That. All existence is That. And there is nothing other than That.

  50. A snippet from my long-running discussion with James about his dopamine driven energy addiction leading to extinction theory, over on CIC:

    Yes. Your forecast for our species would indicate that in the competition of higher motivations and lower drives, the lower will win out insuring our extinction. And that is a real possibility. But it is not a certainty. And whatever the odds favoring one set of variables over the other, we still have the choice of which forces we will choose to work for - those of a growing enlightened consciousness or those trapping us into a grinding descent into self-destructive barbarism.

  51. Explanation of Zen quote above:

  52. Volcanos, Tsunami's or just invisible pollution washing us all away day by day. Like LWA this is where I leave a bit of who I was behind. Not that it really matters, but i was here. Hello. Goodbye.

    Although I have written about all years living in Montezuma Late 1998 - until 9-11-2001) I realize my cares and experiences must soon die.

    Although Nick & Karen set up several National parks and made their property one also upon her death, a bad president tried to sell the property to Marriott. That President is still awaiting extradition from Switzerland to stand trial for his crimes in Costa Rica. I was the 1999 volunteer park ranger who spent almost 2 years in the effort to fight the illegal development action & prove the bribes Rodriguez took from Marriott.

    During that time they burned the forest and Karen's house to the ground, shot us, killed Albert & his wife. It's a big story from those past years in TV news & papers. I rebuilt the house to match the original historic structure.

    I decided to return to Washington D.C. after 9-11 however I have been the key person financing and protecting that property ever since. I go to my cabin there almost every year. Many changes since my first visit when Karen was still alive, but much of it has been peaceful & beautiful. But it has been much work to keep it paid and legally protected. All National parks are easily up for sale. When I sail there I live on the boat and ashore in the cabin. Alone I have picked up mountains of litter there that wash ashore. It is part of cleaning and protecting Turtle nests.

    Unfortunately no matter how many times I talk about my life and times down there as "Ranger Marco" it does not remain in memory to most people in real physical life. (not counting here) Undoubtedly because of my other adventures like sailing around the Pacific the first time (91-93) and many other things. But now that I hope to return there long term, starting this May, I'm hoping to raise a last bit of awareness about why local land use does matter. If we can't be kind, even in words, or care about one place how can we transfer that disregard to say it only matters on a global scale? Maybe it is fun to say a small forest home and the animals in it have no meaning now compared to building a strip mall. It's all equally disposable as many things continue to impact each wildlife reserve. Still I am very much the primary person in charge of a small NGO to protect a beach as long as I can. Not that it matters nor do I need anything, I guess it is just where I plan to come to an end. Of all the places and things I've done, that property might be most special in my experiences. Sort of my way of saying goodbye to the KuKu world. The end of my life story...come what "MAY" ?? So much of who we are and what we say is always lost. For what it's worth I've had a fantastic, fabulous, life and I guess writing a whole novel could never do it justice. LOVED it.

    Sand in my shoes, walked many shores, sands in the hourglass. The last of modern life has been wonderful. Beauty in the Technology. Beauty in the rain forest by the sea. A book of lives, a chain of people, eventually we are all forgotten. returning to oceans of time. Love & Peace (and one more decade would be great too.) But like LWA, it is time for my heartbreak and "story" of me to be totally forgotten...obviously, we die a bit every minute. But I loved it even when it hurts - being alive. Taking the pain into another zone.

    1. Mark,

      What you describe is bigger than I can absorb just now. Yous is a very BIG story.

      " If we can't be kind, even in words, or care about one place how can we transfer that disregard to say it only matters on a global scale? "

      But the vile and vicious people you describe aren't vile and vicious for no reason. They are reflecting the violence that has been done to them by Western Civilization. There is no separating social violence from violence to the land. You can't really save one piece of land. It doesn't work that way. It matters everywhere. There must always be a dialog between the specific and the general. I wish I could be more helpful.

    2. -
      Ranger Marco,

      your face is a stranger to me, I have never seen it. But I don't need to see, because I can feel you and I am thankful for your deeply inspiring and moving story.

      " It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye."

      Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The little Prince

      " I wish I could be more helpful."

      To me, you are extremely helpful. People like you are medicine for my wounded heart and mind. Thank you!

  53. Mark. I feel sad and worried for the piece of land and all the wonderful Beings living there that you are protecting, and sad that there are people working to destroy it and everything true and beautiful in our world. But I feel good about there being people like you who are willing to fight for what they love. Good luck in all you are being and doing.

  54. Mark, your pain is my pain, and the pain all of us who are sharing here feel, and many more around our world are feeling. We are grieving for the unspeakable tragedy being enacted against all life and all true values. But we are also holding each other and celebrating that we will never give in to these ugly destructive forces, no matter what the final outcome of this struggle may be. To resist is an act of love for everything that truly matters.

  55. Artleads said: can't really save one piece of land. It doesn't work that way. It [the land] matters everywhere....."

    Yes, yes Artleads, you are absolutely right. When you really, really trust yourself, you are very profound. It's just your (very nice) self-deprecation that gets in the way. The wise old man can't be kept down all the time. It's so nice to hear him!

    Nonetheless, Mark is doing the right thing. It's a true paradox, and that's what we here - who feel possibly more aware than so many - live every moment. It's a bit of a Zen/Tao thing, to me a philosophy much better at getting at the truth than anything else humanity has come up with...
    We know it's hopeless and yet we carry on "saving" (not destroying)what we can. What else is there to do but to do the "right" thing every moment.

    When I write something like this, it sounds like a worn-out truism. But nonetheless, it is a moral one an true.
    Words are ALWAYS inadequate. I'm sure we all agree on that. And it's always about experiencing, feeling, being aware of everything yourself rather than reading and quoting all kinds of ancient scriptures/tomes that have been interpreted and distorted by countless generations.
    As biological entities, we must use all our senses even if, as some maintain, they are ultimately an illusion. Living here and feeling the pain of the living landscape, they are NOT an illusion. To me, this is an easy way out, dismissing our beautiful Earth. First and foremost, she is our Mother, and we are her flesh. What happens to the flesh and the spirit within after we die is not relevant to the pain of the Mother here and now.
    And that's why saving even a bit of her flesh (a landscape, a garden for plants and animals etc), trying to get away from anthropocentrism, is the right thing to do.
    In my opinion, this is what Mark does intuitively: he is passionately aware, LIVES and tries to make a difference.

    Dearest Mark, you're one in a million!

    1. Sabine! ~ words or not, that is so beautifully, perfectly, well said. all of it. when it's that perfect, it is way more than adequate.

      First and foremost, she is our Mother, and we are her flesh. What happens to the flesh and the spirit within after we die is not relevant to the pain of the Mother here and now.

    2. I agree that it's not the final outcomes that matter most, that what matters most is the constant push toward the good, whatever the outcome.

      As we walked today at the mall, I was not swayed by the vile and vicious thoughts in my head. One allows them to pop up, and then one supplants them with better thoughts. Better still, one looks away and thinks of something else. One ignores temptation. It's as though for me--and I'm not surer that it isn't applicable to our damaged majority--it isn't a case of trying to be good. Rather, it's a refusal to do evil. As one of those unbelievably wise people I came across during my "Rasta" days said (an ex cop who got fired for slugging his boss): "We're not good, so we must be careful."

    3. What Mark is facing seems like a big--very big--and ugly mess. I would think that dealing with such a big problem requires a big ball rather than a small ball approach. It sounds like war. And win or lose, war requires strategy. One has to face it squarely, or else walk away. But then I talk a lot of bullshit without having much to show for results. :-)

    4. Costa Rica:

      Opinion: One must ask the park what its needs are, what it wishes to project. If it doesn't project upon the external world, the external world will project upon it. It must grow in some way--at least send out shoots and tentacles--or it must retreat and be imposed upon.

    5. Nature abhors a vacuum...of will.

  56. “We must become so alone, so utterly alone, that we withdraw into our innermost self. It is a way of bitter suffering. But then our solitude is overcome, we are no longer alone, for we find that our innermost self is the spirit, that it is God, the indivisible. And suddenly we find ourselves in the midst of the world, yet undisturbed by its multiplicity, for our innermost soul we know ourselves to be one with all being.”

    ― Hermann Hesse

    1. -
      How might it feel to overcome all pain, all suffering? How might it feel, to go beyond life and death?

      I don’t vote for self-burning, but one thing for shure:

      You can’t sit quietly without any movement, while burning down like a candle, without letting go, without overcoming all attachments, all life, all death. How many people are able to burn like this without the bat of an eyelid? I feel small, very small compared to that burning monk.

    2. -
      " Greater in battle
      than the man who would conquer
      a thousand-thousand men,
      is he who would conquer
      just one —
      Better to conquer yourself
      than others.
      When you've trained yourself,
      living in constant self-control,
      neither a deva nor gandhabba,
      nor a Mara banded with Brahmas,
      could turn that triumph
      back into defeat.

      ― Gautama Buddha

  57. In the cosmic context of eons, life is brief. Life is not about permanence. Everything is changing. The essence of life is in it’s constant dying away. In every moment everything is dying and emerging, constantly changing. Letting go is helpful in navigating the swirling currents of life and death. Maintaining contact with a quiet inner center avoids being swept chaotically away, hither and thither without aim or purpose….

  58. "I am going to be fifty this year. For me, it has only been in the last few years that instead of getting to the summit, the point has been to appreciate the beauty of this world and of the universe.

    How many people spend just one minute a day listening to the quiet? The quiet of their minds, the quiet of the universe"
    - Robert L. Reid (author of Mountains of the Great Blue Dream), Roderick MacIver interview

  59. " There isn't enough darkness in all the world to snuff out the light of one little candle."

    ― Gautama Buddha

  60. " If someone thinks that Love and Peace is a cliché that must have been left behind in the Sixties, that's the problem. LOVE AND PEACE ARE ETERNAL."

    - John Lennon

    “ Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”

    - Albert Einstein

    “ If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.”

    ― Albert Einstein


  62. Pure carbon
    Is not life
    But simply

    Life is impurity
    An impertinence
    To a sterile

  63. Pure carbon

    Is not life

    But simply


    Life is impurity

    An impertinence

    To a sterile


    Silence stands

    Empty and mute

    Before the

    Beauty of speech

    To know is

    To be limited

    Only mystery

    Opens on infinity

  64. Time Waits For No One

    Yes, star crossed in pleasure the stream flows on by
    Yes, as we’re sated in leisure, we watch it fly
    And time waits for no one, and it won’t wait for me
    And time waits for no one, and it won’t wait for me

    Time can tear down a building or destroy a woman’s face
    Hours are like diamonds, don’t let them waste
    Time waits for no one, no favours has he
    Time waits for no one, and he won’t wait for me

    Men, they build towers to their passing yes, to their fame everlasting
    Here he comes chopping and reaping, hear him laugh at their cheating
    And time waits for no man, and it won’t wait for me
    Yes, time waits for no one, and it won’t wait for me

    Drink in your summer, gather your corn
    The dreams of the night time will vanish by dawn
    And time waits for no one, and it won’t wait for me
    And time waits for no one, and it won’t wait for me
    No no no, not for me…

    – Jagger/Richards

  65. The sobriety of truth is a higher form of intoxication. The satisfaction I feel in Chris Hedges debunking any idea that Bernie Sanders represents the slightest possibility of any real change is a kind of deep thrill of satisfaction that hearing and knowing the truth gives me. That there is an element of sadness and disappointment in this elation is part of the truth and reality of sobriety. Shallow exaltations lack this grounding element of realism. Wisdom is the willingness to know the whole truth, not just the aspects that appeal to us. Being able to bear the bitter aspect of truth without looking away or softening its sharp edge is the gateway to freedom from fear and entry into clear vision of Reality in all it’s shades of darkness and light, rejecting or distorting none of it. It is the gate to Universal Unqualified Love of Everything. That Kiss of Truth and Acceptance is the only solution to the menace of Evil. The kiss of Christ that undid the Grand Inquisitor. Tout comprendre c'est tout pardonner. “Resist not evil.” Love those who persecute you. Love transcends the trap of hating evil. Amore per Tutti!

    Mental health involves shaking hands with the Universe. But why stop there, let’s merge with it ALL in a whole-hearted embrace! Perhaps our mistaken divorce from everything into a not so splendid isolation is a root source of all our illnesses? In that case, a deep gesture of Love and Acceptance is essential to regaining our sanity. Maybe the crazy give-away of pure love is the way beyond the trap of our supposed reasonableness…..

  66. "I am all for a revolution, a word Sanders likes to throw around, but one that is truly socialist and destroys the corporate establishment, including the Democratic Party. I am for a revolution that demands the return of the rule of law, and not just for Wall Street, but those who wage pre-emptive war, order the assassination of U.S. citizens, allow the military to carry out domestic policing and then indefinitely hold citizens without due process, who empower the wholesale surveillance of the citizenry by the government. I am for a revolution that brings under strict civilian control the military, the security and surveillance apparatus including the CIA, the FBI, Homeland Security and police and drastically reduces their budgets and power. I am for a revolution that abandons imperial expansion, especially in the Middle East, and makes it impossible to profit from war. I am for a revolution that nationalizes banks, the arms industry, energy companies and utilities, breaks up monopolies, destroys the fossil fuel industry, funds the arts and public broadcasting, provides full employment and free education including university education, forgives all student debt, blocks bank repossessions and foreclosures of homes, guarantees universal and free health care and provides a living wage to those unable to work, especially single parents, the disabled and the elderly. Half the country, after all, now lives in poverty. None of us live in freedom."

    Some of this sounds as fanciful as Sanders. At best it seems like an exercise in sand castle construction, even as the tide is washing it away. Hedges is assuming that the system can be repaired, which I doubt that it can or should.

    We seem to be in the unenviable situation of trying to hold on to IC while also trying to let go. If we let go, we die, for there are no alternative structures in place for 7 billion people to move to. (The best I can see is to form self-sufficient hubs of around 200 people, with "trade" among them. Most of all would be need for a benign and altruistic global culture, where money was not a driver but perhaps could help grease the skids.) OTOH, BAU IC is also (longer term?) a terminal condition. Hedges doesn't appear to see the lack of of a tenable alternative.

    "This will be a long and desperate struggle. It will require open confrontation. The billionaire class and corporate oligarchs cannot be tamed. They must be overthrown. They will be overthrown in the streets, not in a convention hall. Convention halls are where the left goes to die."

    Hedges' prescriptions are for a centralized world, still industrial, still globally networked, still based on money and "big" (even if nationalized) energy. While I appreciate his expose of Sanders' bullshit, how about his own? I note that he doesn't mention gender, nor does he seem focused on issues of colonialism (as does Pope Francis) and suppression of the non-western world.

    1. Artleads - You have to read more of Hedges to grok his point of view. He is quite aware of and has written about the various lines of extinction bearing down on us. His prescription for the possible survival of a world and a humanity worth saving is a very long shot. On the other hand, do you know of any strategy that isn’t a very long shot? I don’t, but I am aware that his long shot is not the only one possible either. And there is no certainty at all of the time frame of our eventual extinction. To think so would be sheer guesswork at this stage of our feeble and faltering knowledge.

      I think RE had it right when he adopted “Into the valley of death rode the rode the 600 hundred” as a slogan for his own scheme. Hedges is on a suicide mission and knows it. What else is there to do - sit around and endlessly repeat “nothing works” over and over? Sartre’s prescription for those realizing the absurd was to invent a project for your life, regardless of it’s chances of success. Camus advised Sisyphus to learn to love rolling his boulder back up the mountain. Some of us spend our time writing these messages in vanishing ink to nonexistent readers….

    2. Mike K,

      I've seen a few videos by Hedges, and I usually like them, although the repetitions bore me. But I haven't seen him address the issue of alternatives to industrial scale. He seems always to be talking in terms of global scale, and that is primarily what I'm opposing.

      I also don't share the conviction that the human species is doomed. It seems to me that we could alter our fate if we chose to. But it's particularly hard for people in the west to envision an alternative to our deadly trajectory. And their arrogance and sense of being right is beyond comprehension. Still, I'm not convinced of human demise, although white patriarchy that runs the world is incapable of saving itself. Maybe it will learn to back off (for its own good) and let other people run the show. But you never know...

    3. @Artleads

      As long as the rich and strong nations do not change direction by 180°, we are doomed absolutely for shure. I don't see any change of direction, in fact, the opposite is true. I just have to keep watching the Keeling curve. Capitalism is suicidal, modern consumerism and ignorance-society is suicidal, IT WANTS TO DIE, IT YEARNS TO DIE and it will die soon.

    4. Just take a look at the conversation I had at Fractalplanet recently and you know what I mean:

      The end is near.

    5. Nemisis,

      That attack on you was disgusting, but softened by the evidence that the attacker is a fool, not really worth your time. The level of comments on that blog is deplorable.

    6. Well, after all, it's just the level of comments/replies I get all my life. The last comment at FP so far is about agriculture some 6000 years ago, hahaha. And you know what? They could even go further back in time, about 8500 - to 10500 years or so. Shit doesn't only happen today, shit happens all the time- That's what they will finally come up with, muhahaha. And they are right.

      Do you know the Epic of Gilgamesh, the king of Uruk, the eldest modern City of mankind? He was the first tyrant in human (written) history, he is the prototype, the archetype of a tyrant, quasi the father of modern history of oppression and exploitation (like Goethe's "Faust"). He slayed Huwawa, the king of the forest, to build his palace from the cedars of the Lebanon. And Huwawa and the gods maledicted Gilgamesh. The roots of the bible, the roots of the modern God and the modern Myth can be traced back to the Gilgamesh Epic. These are the roots of Babylon, the Empire.

  67. Until recently, we could afford to fight against each other to “gain profit”, but now there is a new, global challenge, that binds us all together for good or for bad:

    Mother Nature :-)

    It is the ultimate challenge that we can’t no longer escape:

    Will we work together in peace and love or will we go extinct as a species and leave the planet as a place of total devastation? Are we able to grow up as a species and become, what our name as a species implies?:


    As long as we are strong, we seem to can afford egotism in Life. But as soon as we get old, as soon as we we get weak, we will heavily depend on others, strong ones who take care of us. If we/others don’t take care of others globally/locally, nobody will be taken care of at all and then everybody will be in deep misery.

    There is no long term survival as a species without global/local cooperation, peace, love, wisdom. We all know that- if not, finally we will learn it soon, very soon. Evolution, Life, History does not forgive ignorance without punishment. You need to have Balance in human, global/local society, if you want to have a global/local balanced climate. The climate of human society and physical, global climate are deeply interconnected, as we can see unmistakable.

    There are Natural Laws that can never tried to be broken without heavy punishment, no matter how much human or technological power, no matter how much money, those global Natural Laws will get us all- That’s the unconvenient(?) lesson of science, the lesson of Darwin, the lesson of Climate Change, directed to us, directed to Homo Sapiens. Time waits for no one.

    In a globalized, completely interconnected world, you just can’t escape long term effects of any action anywhere else on the planet anymore. As long, as expansion of modern society was possible by simply conquering new territory, there was no need to think globally, ecologically, you could always just walk on and leave the damage done behind. That strategy just does not work anymore in a globalized world, where the climate is changing globally. Some still hope for a good outcome for themselves in terms of climate change. But there will be no winners of climate change, only losers. We can only lose, when we fight against others, when we fight against the environment. The children, the youth, the coming generations will prove us right or wrong, we are carrying a heavy load in terms of responsibility.

    No matter if you want to sustain civilisation or if you want to see it end- both ways you can’t survive without teamwork. When everyone just fights on his own, no one will be left. Civilisation could possibly break down soon. If so, survival will depend on decentralized energy production, local communities, local, small farmers and food production, who work together in peace, not against each other.

    If you want to sustain civilisation in the long run, you will have to support decentralized energy production, you will have to support small local communities, small farmers and global peace as well.

    Both ways, with or without modern civilisation, everything depends on decentralized teamwork and peace. I know, that sounds funny, but it’s true :-)

    1. You need to have Balance and Jusice in human, global/local society, if you want to have Balance in climate. The climate of human society and physical, global climate are deeply interconnected, as we can see unmistakable.

    2. Sorry, JUSTICE, not Jusice ;-)

    3. "Until recently, we could afford to fight against each other to “gain profit”, but now there is a new, global challenge, that binds us all together for good or for bad:"

      Although I think that bringing us all together is by definition good (hadn't thought otherwise up till now) I agree with this a lot. Assuming that people want to survive, the advent of NTE obviates any justification for not cooperating. Rich and poor alike. Nothing can be gained by not cooperating, sharing and helping. (I wonder if that's what Lee Scratch Perry means in "The Game Block?" Unfortunately, I can't find a link for it. ).

      If people try only to save themselves, such as in living in a bunker with year's worth of food, the chances are that they'll forget something essential, and succumb along with everyone else. Or if not, they would have a very constrained and pointless life. So even the most powerful must do as I recommend. Do what I say, or die. Assuming I have a good plan, of course. :-) This gives me peace, as I can be perfectly transparent and open, having nothing to hide, with only benign intentions for all.

      So it's good to see that you get this too!

    4. Yes, I see it this way:

      Your well being will be my well being, your suffering will be my suffering. I can see myself within others.

      " It is in the shelter of each other that the people live."

      - Irish Proverb

  68. How many of us alternative-anything types seem to feel kinship with and willingly choose the classic tarot image of the Fool, gaily about to step off a cliff, as our personal front porch flag. But there is something to be said for this Idiot, as Dostoyevsky reminded us. When we compare the Fool’s trip with the buttoned down BAU archetype’s deadly boring routines, who woudn’t choose to join with Rudolfo and his gang of Parisian Bohemians? Of course there is always a price to be paid…….but what the ‘ell Mihitabel!

    Perhaps as in Zen, it takes a crazy streak to escape from a deadend inevitable logical rational scientific super-max prison?

    1. Mike K,

      Ah, Rodolfo & Mimi. Great memories!! Have listened to them over and over during my years here.

      Not lately though...UNTIL your post. I thus found this. Check out the 3:46 mark, when the audience stops the goings on with huge applause for the high C. I have never witnessed this before.

      Then, at 4:20 – 5:02 the audience stops it AGAIN to rain applause on Rodolfo.

      Mimi then gets her due at the very end.

      I have never seen the beautiful lyrics before now.

    2. Thanks for the link Shep. Puccini was a genius. I remember watching Tosca back in the 60’s with a friend, high on mescaline. The tragedy of the sensitive loving artist in a world based on hate and ugly greed for power cut deep in me. Indeed that wound has never really healed. Somehow I don’t think it is supposed to.

  69. Ranger Marco,

    This is interesting:

    “...these big banks are like nuclear reactors. If a nuclear reactor melts down, it's truly devastating for society.”

    Neel Kashkari, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis,

    1. Yes, it is about extreme global socio-economic Imbalance, vertical exploitation instead of horizontal sharing. No balanced climate, no climate mitigation/adaption without balanced global socio-economic society. Dead simple.

      " Richest 62 people as wealthy as half of worlds population says Oxfam Business"

      And it is all mostly about this:

      Homo Sapiens can never survive this way, no species could ever survive this way.

    2. But they never listen to the warnings- instead they yell "Stop thief! Don't critize the Empire! You are a Communist/Socialist!"

      Hahaha, I never voted fo any ideology, any party, you know. It just makes no sense to fight them. But they will fall soon anyway. They just can't fuck Nature the way they fucked humankind. Mother Nature will teach them Balance, horizontal Balance, one way or another.

    3. Vincent Starry starry night

      Starry, starry night
      Paint your palette blue and gray
      Look out on a summer's day
      With eyes that know the darkness in my soul
      Shadows on the hills
      Sketch the trees and the daffodils
      Catch the breeze and the winter chills
      In colors on the snowy linen land
      Now, I understand, what you tried to say to me
      And how you suffered for your sanity
      And how you tried to set them free
      They would not listen, they did not know how
      Perhaps they'll listen now
      Starry, starry night
      Flaming flowers that brightly blaze
      Swirling clouds in violet haze
      Reflect in Vincent's eyes of china blue
      Colors changing hue
      Morning fields of amber grain
      Weathered faces lined in pain
      Are soothed beneath the artist's loving hand
      Now, I understand, what you tried to say to me
      And how you suffered for your sanity
      And how you tried to set them free
      They would not listen, they did not know how
      Perhaps they'll listen now
      For they could not love you
      But still your love was true
      And when no hope was left inside
      On that starry, starry night
      You took your life as lovers often do
      But I could have told you, Vincent
      This world was never meant for one
      As beautiful as you
      Starry, starry night
      Portraits hung in empty halls
      Frameless heads on nameless walls
      With eyes that watch the world and can't forget
      Like the strangers that you've met
      The ragged men in ragged clothes
      The silver thorn of bloody rose
      Lie crushed and broken on the virgin snow
      Now, I think I know what you tried to say to me
      And how you suffered for your sanity
      And how you tried to set them free
      They would not listen, they're not listening still
      Perhaps they never will

      Don McLean

    4. This is a very beautiful song. Yes, I/we suffered heavy for our sanity, but it was worth it every minute :-)


  70. It was indeed worth it Nemesis. Accepting the nightmare of my early life, some of whose wounds are still festering within me, and blessing the whole ugly affair is a step in transcending it. To continue in hatred and resentment of those who wounded me, only insures that I cannot free myself from all that, and become more the person that I really want to be. To simply try to forget the past will not work, but to bless it is to be free from it’s ugly tendrils. And to be able now to see through all the lies and illusions of our world is indeed a precious gift from all that suffering. Perhaps this is somewhat of what Dostoyevsky meant when he said, “ To become purified, gold must go through the fire.” He did indeed go through that fire in his own life. Maybe that is a why I feel such kinship with him.

    1. Yes, the Fire purifies our mind and soul. And then, finally...

      “ This universe an old enchantment guards; Its objects are carved cups of World-Delight Whose charmed wine is some deep soul’s rapture-drink: The All-Wonderful has packed heaven with his dreams, He has made blank ancient Space his marvel-house; He spilled his spirit into Matter’s signs: His fires of grandeur burn in the great sun, He glides through heaven shimmering in the moon; He is beauty carolling in the fields of sound; He chants the stanzas of the odes of Wind; He is silence watching in the stars at night; He wakes at dawn and calls from every bough, Lies stunned in the stone and dreams in flower and tree.”

      ― Sri Aurobindo, Inspiration from Savitri: Beauty

  71. Beautiful quote from Sri Aurobindo. He is my primary inner guide. That Reality he speaks of is always present everywhere. In a higher state of consciousness It can be perceived and known directly. Of that state the Koran says, “Everywhere you look, you will see the face of God.” Sat-Chit-Ananda. Being-Consciousness-Bliss. I am That. You are That. All of this is That. And there is nothing other than That.