Thursday, January 14, 2016

What is Life?

The other day, I came across a paper by Erwin Schrödinger , first published in 1944, titled simply, "What is Life?" I didn't read it and have no intention of reading it. And I highly recommend you not read it either!

According to Wikipedia, Schrödinger is known for his "Schrödinger's cat" thought-experiment. He was a Nobel Prize-winning Austrian physicist who developed a number of fundamental results in the field of quantum theory, which formed the basis of wave mechanics: he formulated the wave equation (stationary and time-dependent Schrödinger equation) and revealed the identity of his development of the formalism and matrix mechanics. Schrödinger proposed an original interpretation of the physical meaning of the wave function. In addition, he was the author of many works in various fields of physics: statistical mechanics and thermodynamics, physics of dielectrics, colour theory, electrodynamics, general relativity, and cosmology, and he made several attempts to construct a unified field theory. 

In other words, Schrödinger is an intelligent and accomplished man! Or is he? After all, who are we to question a Nobel Prize winner who has contributed so much to the advancement of Science in the 20th century? I'm not trying to be flippant here. The reason I question his thesis on life is the same reason I question modern civilization and its stories. In his book What Is Life? Schrödinger addressed the problems of genetics, looking at the phenomenon of life from the point of view of physics. And therein lies the problem: looking at the phenomenon of life from the point of view of physics.

I wrote about Scientism before where I question the applicability of Science beyond the world of the hard Physical Sciences. Indeed, it was another Nobel Prize winner, an Economist, who brought this to our attention. Friedrich A. Hayek, who is also Austrian, argued against applying Science to the field of Economics. And just as well, Science is not applicable to an understanding of existential matters.

Schrödinger's thesis on the definition of life falls squarely in the madness of Scientism. How did civilized man decide that Science has an answer to such questions? And how did civilized man even come up with questions like that? I wonder if this is yet another artifact of the process of separation from nature and from our true selves that civilization enables and is enabled by. It wasn't always this way. We didn't ask questions like this before, much less proceed to employ arbitrary tools to answer them.

There is no Scientific explanation for the origin of the Universe... there is the Big Bang theory but what was there before the Big Bang? Rupert Sheldrake jokes about this. He quotes Scientists as saying, "give us one free miracle and we will explain the rest." :)

How did life originate? That's a central question for many Scientists. But first, how does one go about defining "life"? Somehow, we have a definition for what's life and what's not life. And according to modern Science, at some point, ages ago, non-life became life, non-alive chemical molecules got together to have a party and decided to become "alive". One wouldn't need to ponder over this too long before one realizes that the notion of "alive" is rather arbitrary. It's as if we write up a research paper and viola, we have drawn a distinction between what we will now declare to be alive and what we will now declare to be not-alive. So we have taken the creation around us, and drawn an arbitrary line and went around marking things as alive and not-alive. This is the work of fiction, not Science. An indigenous person would laugh at such insanity. He would say, all of creation is alive. Alive and vibrant, every stream, every mountain, every rock, every molecule. Even every electron, as the double-slit experiment amply shows.

Modern man would rather run around in circles trying to explain how life came from non-life, asking for a free miracle, but would never admit that the very distinction between life and non-life itself is rather arbitrary, entirely made-up, conjured out of thin air... OK, right, written up by a civilized Scientist called Schrödinger.

Once we make that distinction, a whole hierarchy starts forming... humans at the top, of course, animals next, plants, multi-cellular organisms, single-cell organisms, etc. Again, who's to say a human being is more alive than an animal? That a cow is more of an animal than a fish? When I tell people I am vegetarian, sometimes I am asked if I eat fish. I tell them no, because a fish is an animal. Then they tell me that a fish doesn't have as many feelings as a cow, so it is more like a vegetable than an animal. Where do people get these ideas from, I do not know! Chickens are less than cows, they say. And plants are the least because they don't move. We're obsessed with categories and hierarchies. Guess that's pretty much the way of Empire. A king is more alive than the commoner, right?

I am not sure we need to make such arbitrary distinctions. The indigenous person who lived in harmony with land for 200,000 years never made such distinctions. The indigenous person is an animist at heart. He saw in things a certain spirit that we don't see. They are alive in their own way. Just like the Earth is alive. Scientists would deny that. An indigenous person wouldn't.

Calling something non-alive or dead points to something in our own psyches, our own consciousness that is dead. Not being able to see the entire Universe as alive and conscious is a symptom of our own impaired consciousness. Calling a rock dead and inanimate points to an ossification of our own minds, a hardening of our own otherwise soft nature. It takes being partly dead to see death.

Things mean a lot to me. I try to fix things before tossing them in the garbage. I reuse paper napkins multiple times, if I have to use them at all. Those things came from living trees. There's hardly a distinction. Everything is made of the same elements which go round and round making one thing today and another tomorrow. Any distinctions we make point to our own fragmented minds.

Things are as alive as people, maybe more so... Love them with all your heart, if you're so moved to! And they will love you back!


"Animism encompasses the beliefs that there is no separation between the spiritual and physical (or material) world, and that souls or spirits exist, not only in humans, but also in some other animals, plants, rocks, geographic features such as mountains or rivers, or other entities of the natural environment, including thunder, wind, and shadows. Animism thus rejects Cartesian dualism. Animism may further attribute souls to abstract concepts such as words, true names, or metaphors in mythology. Some members of the non-tribal world also consider themselves animists (such as author Daniel Quinn, sculptor Lawson Oyekan, and many contemporary Pagans)."

We live in a conscious Universe imbued with spirit and we can participate in it just as other life forms do. And everything is alive. This, we have known for a long time. We just need to remember it.

Check out this fascinating film: The Animal Communicator and find out what else we've forgotten.


  1. Dear Satish, Your words above are so good you might have written us into a corner with no more to say. Maybe just us folks trying to live day to day.

    Some little God somewhere, gave up scripting the movements of every living particle, forming everything. DETERMINED to relax and float in a sea of phospherscent stars the little God tinkerd with Intelligent Design (ID) Let there be FREEWILL. Let it go, let it all Flow. With omnipotence ID insures any element can and will intercede...if you please.

    LOVE do not fight, the creation of Poetry in motion and Physics and Photons and fishy physical things are what the waves of manifestation form. Easy breezy to look behind a billion big bangs. You have total freewill to determine what you can and cannot see. Little little little fractals - forever - in an infinite sea.

    Determine what you will, or be very still, your floating in it. Composed of it. Physics and LIFE OF PI...Cosmic oceans of fishy things. LOVE it all --- if you will ()

  2. What is life? It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is the breath of a buffalo in the winter time. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

    Crowfoot, of the Blackfoot Nation, 1821-1877

    Native Americans have long viewed the animals as 'nations' and 'societies' unto themselves.

  3. NOTHING elite about living forever. EVERYTHING does.

    Eternal Entropy recycling every type of Energy. Transforming spirits & souls & your essence. Scanning sorting and completing lessons. Higher Education I.D. LOVES to invite you to better planets. They pre-exist. Something for everyone...Some keep their populations and problems very small. You can get there from right here. When your truly ready, you will make the quantum leap from with-in.

    Are we, are we, are we ourselves?

    Well most spirit returns
    Now maybe we've learned
    To stop this whirl of a lie
    To this earth we are bound I ask you

    Are we, are we, are we ourselves?

    A planet with perfect land use already designed by you, for you, from the one you artfully drew from thin air.

    Honey, your poodle was more than a little doG. Your puppyman and farm friends were always reading you. Now you know, what you always knew,they were hatching love places...Running wild & free, together, reunited to the one where you really want to go.

    No more trauma in store. No more glass ceiling or ocean floor. No Marco. No polo after the dark matter and blue sky collide.

    Mo oh Mo, Welcome to the worm's a bit cozy as time flies by out there. Both hot & cold, you know how troubles grow old. So good to see your human side - test after test your strong heart is always in the right place. Face to Face I shake hands in a new place with you. No more secrets left to reveal.

    Shep - A crystal river of love flows to you. The past is present. This weekend I go with the flow to visit your childhood place. Here we are but ghosts in a machine. But in full living reality your footprints and imprints on the Crystal River ways "our" existence is too hard to explain. From Cotterell to Kierkegard you touch on it all. I leave you all here (for now) as the Crystal River nuclear plant decommissioning is nearly done. Be fearless, Be happy, A universe of other kingdoms will come. One for the Kogi, ONE for all. It is now completely up to each of you to choose. You have every free option & determined belief in your heart. Very big & very small.

    1. Mark, I love the way you weave poetry into your discourse. I picture sitting with you at a table and hearing you casually speaking like this. You're Mark-speak is what inspired me to post my poem below. Please don't ever stop being Mark.

      And Satish, your blog post topic today has spoken to my most passionate cause; the questioning of scientism's over emphasis on reason and logic and the negative influence that was brought to our global culture as a result.

      Once the scientism worldview became imbalanced and exclusive, we were set upon a dark path indeed. It never should have been used as an exclusive worldview, it was just another tool. Instead, it became a religion, one complete with its own priests and even its own inquisition too.

      Thanks for commenting about it.

      And Mark, more poem speak ... I love it!

    2. " became a religion, one complete with its own priests and even its own inquisition too."

      LWA, yes, Scientism is the new religion. The Richard Dawkins' of the world, its high priests and pontiffs. And modern schools the temples where children are immersed in a STEM-heavy curriculum.

      First graders in Silicon Valley are being taught computer programming. A whole generation of machine men in the making. They'd know all about spaghetti code!

      We had some interesting discussions on Scientism along similar lines on NBL last year. Plenty of apologists for this religion!

    3. They'd know all about spaghetti code!

      You know, the other day I had to resist cracking a joke about how 'of course I know what those things are.'

      Nuclear reactor software needn't be precise, only just accurate.

      And spaghetti code is a party where a bunch of software engineers get together and eat spaghetti instead of pizza for a change.

      Dude, I was in that industry!

      But then I thought, naw, it's not a good enough joke to use in a gum fight, lol.


      I'm so glad to be speaking with a group of people who can identify this false road we went down. I read a book once (don't ask me what it was though) that delved into symbolic thinking, sort of like Jung was into. It posited that 'reason' was actually like a sickness that crept into out minds somewhere along the way.

      Imagine if it was true that we lived in a sort of holographic quantum universe where manifestations were purely generations produced from or in our subjective minds. If this were actually the case, then reason and objective science would be the ultimate delusion and mental illness indeed.

      My view is that at the very least it shouldn't be the exclusive determinant for defining our universe. All things in balance and moderation, at the very least. And Dawkins is certainly not moderate.

      As a matter of fact, every time I hear Dawkins pontificate, I never even hear him make any actual arguments anyway. He's always just performing to his crowd by placing his hands on his forehead dramatically, or sighing, or cracking an insult at someone for the laugh it gets him from his audience. What's up with that?

      I use reason, and I'm not a fundamental religionist either, and I just don't get the guy (Dawkins.) Maybe his books are different, but unfortunately his behavior and debates have discouraged me from ever reading one.

      You know, come to think of it, for proper andante noodles, spaghetti does need to be cooked more precisely than accurately. Damn dude, I passed their cheesy tests. Mmmm, drippy cheesy spaghetti code, yum.


    4. LWA, allow me to return the favor, if only to a small comparative degree. I've read some Dawkins, and watched several of his debates. Don't go there. It's painful how little he understands, and how often he lies and just makes stuff up. He made a statement something to the effect that if there was a God, he was more incomprehensible than any theologian ever considered. Well, the unknowable, incomprehensible, mysterious nature of God is a pretty well established theological and general religious foundational precept. Anyone who knows anything about religion knows that. There is even an ancient Latin term for it, that I can't find at the moment; I tell you, Google has gone to computer hell lately.

      He made another comment once that really caught my attention. He talked about how complex the universe is, how incomprehensibly large and complex, and if there was a God, God would have to be more complex than the universe by far, and how was that possible. Or something very close to that.

      I was stunned that he misses entirely the elegant simplicity of the universe, its fundamental forms, its basis in the most dense, fertile simplicity that is replicated and adapted. The universe isn't founded in complexity, but simplicity, replication, and consciousness, all within a larger context of ongoing change. At least, that's how I see it.

      Anyway, he is the worst philosopher I've ever had the misfortune to listen to. Not as bright as he and his followers think. I'm not qualified to judge his work as a biologist, but as a philosopher and deep thinker, he's remarkably limited. His logic is lacking, too.

    5. Thanks oldgrowth. I agree, I only ever watched a few of his most very brief clips, and it was to be able to debate 'about' him with some people who seemed to be fans of his. So I watched a few clips.

      I agree, and that's exactly what I meant; he seems to make no real logical arguments at all.

      What seemed to me to be impressing these fans of his was exactly what I described above.

      'Well you're a fool'

      Hahahahahaha goes the crowd.

      'Well that's preposterous.'

      Hahahahahaha goes the crowd.

      'It boggles the mind.'

      Hahahahahaha goes the crowd.

      And I was left thinking, sheeesh, I don't even see an argument here, he's just a boorish comedian is all. He just hurls insults and acts all exasperated.

      So ya, no worries. I've been thoroughly turned off of Dawkins, and it took very little to do it too. I just didn't get him at all, or what the big deal was about him. People must think being the biggest ass wins the argument. Okey dokey then.

      Thanks oldgrowthforest for making sure I didn't hurt myself with him, lol. :)

  4. A "radical" commentary about human behavior toward animals that was on AlterNet today.

    1. Shockingly, there are registered non-profits that promote hunting for fun...


      This was quite moving when I first saw it - Earthlings - a documentary that shows the many ways humans mistreat and murder animals.

      "Earthlings is a 2005 documentary film about humanity’s use of animals as pets, food, clothing, entertainment, and for scientific research.Since we all inhabit the Earth, all of us are considered earthlings. There is no sexism, no racism, or speciesism in the term earthling. It encompasses each and every one of us, warm or cold-blooded, mammal, vertebrae or invertebrate, bird, reptile, amphibian, fish, and human alike.

      Powerful, informative and thought-provoking, EARTHLINGS is by far the most comprehensive documentary ever produced on the correlation between nature, animals, and human economic interests. There are many worthy animal rights films available, but this one transcends the setting. EARTHLINGS cries to be seen. Highly recommended!"

    2. This is going to be hard, isn't it? :(

    3. Yes, OGF. The friend I watched it with covered her eyes many times.

    4. Well, even though I know about and already have opinions about everything I saw in that video Satish, I watched, every bit of it, without looking away once. I guess all I can say about it is ... I watched it.

      You don't need to see it oldgrowthforest, how about we just say I watched it for the both of us and leave it at that. It's the sort of thing that makes one pray for extinction, real soon. I am at a loss for anything more to say about it.

      Love's a bit low at the moment, so I'll just sign off for now I think. Peace and love gang.

    5. -
      " It's the sort of thing that makes one pray for extinction, real soon."

      I have seen that "earthlings"film too some years ago. I was extremely shocked, shocked like some little child, angry, sad and extremely shocked.

      No matter, how disconnected from Nature a person has become, you will always find suffering at his core. Adolf Hitler was a suffering person, disconnected from Nature, disconnected from his own Heart, from his own emotions, disconnected from empathy. Adolf Hitler was a suffering person. We can find many of disconnected persons in modern society. No matter, how criminal and shameless they are, you will always find some suffering little child at the core of their hearts. When someone does evil to other beings, then because he is disconnected and suffering. To be disconnected means to suffer for shure. A person who realized real freedom and peace within, won't do evil to others. A real free and balanced person does not do evil things to other beings. A joyful, peaceful and free person wants to share joy, peace and freedom.

      Buddha for example said, that we should try to have some empathy, compassion even for evil beings, because those beings are badly suffering beings, but at their very core there lives some cosmic spark, some cosmic essence, the same cosmic essence that is within ourselves, within everyone, everything. I have to remember this every single day when I feel hatred against the machine, against Empire, against others, these evil, suffering beings. I have to learn that Balance anew every single day, like some Yoga.

      I bow before the Kogi, who showed so much compassion, even for their stupid, little, younger Brothers _()_

    6. Sorry, I wanted to speak to LWA with my last comment.

    7. Apologies, LWA, if the video drained your energy... I mean, how can it not? I watched it twice over the years, once by myself and once with a friend. It's terrible. Just grotesque. Worse than "The Cove".

      I think I sometimes think of this blog as a place that provides cookie crumbs for that person who's a bit lost. He/she would somehow land here, go through the posts and the comments and start putting together a picture of just what goes on in this world. Not just the ugly parts, but the beautiful parts too. I was closed off to both for the longest time, and only in the last few years did I start seeing the connections between the dots.

      I am certain those of us who are here now are well aware of the extent of the predicament we find ourselves in. Most of us, anyway. But I have a feeling that once bizarre things start happening, people would want to know what's going on, how we ended up here, etc. Of course, by the time we get there, we will have crossed the point of no return. So all that will be left to do is to understand (intellectual work) and pray (spiritual work). Assuming we will have more than one shock along the way, there will be opportunities for people to try and get closer to their true selves. My hope is that all that we discuss here, all the thoughts and ideas we commit to the space here, all the energy we put into the morphic field via this and other blogs will one day serve others, when they need it the most.

    8. No problem Satish, it was my choice, even though I was already aware of everything it covered. After meditating a bit on it, I came to realize why I stayed watching it. I don't really wind up doing much that doesn't turn out to have some reason or another as to why, I have pretty solid guidance in that regard. So, no worries. It's all good.

      I admonish oldgrowth not to view it though. No deep animal empath should ever view that.

      Cheers Satish, it's all good. Energy is more or less back now. It was just a temporary despondency. ;)

    9. Thanks for your wise reminder Nemesis. Forgive thine enemy. I agree, at the core of every freak is often just a suffering abused person who is only just lashing out.

      Thanks for reminding me too, Nemesis, that I have yet to watch the Kogi videos. I know, I know, where have I been, out partying or something? I think tonight might turn out to be the night I settle in and check those out, so I thank you for bringing that back into my awareness. Thank you for having this message for me.

      Cheers Nem, get off your computer and get wanking on that guitar already ... emote, emote, emote, Quas-emoto ! :)

    10. Nice! And maybe this would be a good antidote to Earthlings - Anna Breytenbach interview (in case you haven't watched it yet) I just watched it. Anna is amazing... I like how she explains the process of inter-species communication in plain English.

    11. Yeah, those Kogi videos are worth watching a few times... thanks, Nemesis, for pointing us to them. And thanks, OGF, for introducing us to Anna Breytenbach.

    12. @LWA

      " Thanks for your wise reminder Nemesis."

      It was a reminder to me as well ;-) Man, sometimes I feel like I will grab that long, heavy sword and clean that evil bastards off the planet 8-)


      Thank you for your comforting thoughts about this place here.

      Yeah, these morphic fields. I read some book written by Sheldrake many years ago. It is about resonance, morphic resonance (isn't Music the same in some sense?). When I saw the video about the "Animal Communicator" that oldgrowthforest posted, I thought of morphic resonance too. These indigenous people in the film talked about it as well in some sense:

      The world, the Kosmos is like a net, everything inter-connected through morphic resonance like a web, through all times and spaces. Some noise, some vibration here makes some noise, some vibration there. The Kogi tell us about Aluna, the Great Mother, who weaves the Web of the Kosmos, the Cosmic Web. Maya too weaves her cosmic web. Mayas/Alunas web isn't just illusion, you only get lost in her web, when you don't respect the Dharma, IMO. This web is the Dream of the Great Mother (Nagual/Intuition), she gives birth to the Spirit (Tonal/Ratio). These ancient caves, with all these wonderful paintings from the stoneage in it, tell the same story, I think:

      The animistic interconnection of beings and things within a web of natural, cosmic, morphic resonance, Natural Mystic so to say.

      When times get real tough, when times get "bizzar", then people could start to panic. When people realize, what direction we are heading to, many of them will start to panic, that's one of my big concerns. When too many people panic, the situation gets completely out of control. No, I am not in panic for now, I studied the weird, modern planetary situation my whole life, so I got used to it. But I smell upcoming panic in the not too distant future out there in the streets. Climate change gains momentum ever more, when this just goes on exponentially, many people will start to panic. Panic transmits via morphic resonance very fast, like shock-waves moving through some swarm of birds. This will be the moment, when civ finds it's end. Maybe good for the planet, but shurely bad for all the children of this world.


      Hey, thank you very much for "Animal Communicator". It touched my heart and bones. I liked the black leopard the most, "Diabolo", hahaha, later "Spirit". I love both names. I feel like some diabolic, spiritual black panther sometimes, hahaha:

      " His vision, from the constantly passing bars,
      has grown so weary that it cannot hold
      anything else. It seems to him there are
      a thousand bars; and behind the bars, no world.

      As he paces in cramped circles, over and over,
      the movement of his powerful soft strides
      is like a ritual dance around a center
      in which a mighty will stands paralyzed.

      Only at times, the curtain of the pupils
      lifts, quietly--. An image enters in,
      rushes down through the tensed, arrested muscles,
      plunges into the heart and is gone.

      Rainer Maria Rilke

    13. Sorry, the title of the Rilke poem is "The Panther".

    14. Nem ~ that has been one of my, if not my very most, favorite Rilke poems for a long time. I also completely loved your post of the Maya Angelou poem previously. that one is so diamond good.

    15. @mo flow

      Glad you liked "Still I rise" by Maya Angelou. I will never forget the victims of Empire. I was always extremely sad and angry about how Empire grew big through slavery and exploitation.

      " I’m a black ocean, leaping and wide,
      Welling and swelling I bear in the tide.

      To me this is more than just about the black people. To me it's about cosmic Blackness, the Nagual, Kali, the Great Mother, who gives life and takes it. To me the color of Empire is just grey, ugly, lifeless, nagging grey. Those buisy men in their grey 1000$ suits, with their grey faces, their grey bloody money, their grey, machinelike hearts and minds. I like black very much, black like "Diabolo/Spirit" in the "Animal Communicator".

      "The Panther" is one of my favorite Rilke poems as well. Everybody knows what it's about immediately. Living in a prison, on prisonplanet. But there is this image, this remembrance of freedom, freedom is still alive within that Panther, not forgotten, not dead. Freedom lives on, even behind bars (like within Nelson Mandela during his time in apartheid-prison):

    16. I have suspected that it's easier for Germans than anglos to appreciate blackness.

  5. .

    Hopsilophodon hops along.
    On three toes he goes; grubbling.
    And the hummina-hummina hums and numbs and hums and numbs,
    Like summoned drums,
    As hopsilophodon hops along.
    On three toes he goes; grubbling.
    And the hummina-hummina is all around him.


    (Grubble – to feel or grope in the dark.)

    A Hypsilophodon was a little three toed, bipedal, vegetarian dinosaur that existed during the cretaceous. Hypsilophodon may have foraged around at night to avoid being eaten.

    This is a poem I wrote many years ago as a metaphor for incarnation. I thought you all might enjoy it.

  6. "all of creation is alive"

    oh yes. all of creation, every last electron, is part of the One.

    and the One is most definitely alive!

    Satish, your commentary on this issue really hits home for me. the life/non-life distinction that science tries to define is so much at the heart of where things have gone wrong for us.

    we (western civ science we) first give ourselves the right to make that definition. then we forget this was completely arbitrary, and created out of thin air, and then we give our definition the power of God. and we now have that power, ourselves! voila, and we get to mold and move the world as we see fit, based on this definition. isn't that a niftly parlor trick?

    like you say, this is not Science. this is completely fiction. the worst kind of story making, because it is both unconscious, and driven by (deeply unconscious) ill intent ~ the desire to control, at all costs.


    lwa, I love your poem! very evocative of your metaphor, and also harks nicely to the jabberwocky, one of my faves.


    "No more trauma in store. No more glass ceiling or ocean floor. No Marco. No polo after the dark matter and blue sky collide."

    more poetry! so beautiful, this whole post, Mark.

    1. @mo flow

      It is my fault on NBL, I know that. I invest too much time on the internet while my guitar get's very jealous, she demands lots and lots of devotion, she is more jealous than any woman I ever met :D So I guess that I secretely/unconsciously dare to get banned on NBL. I also seem to seek farewells because of my own bio. When one had to say farewell to so many people during a lifetime, you start to seek farewells all the time, it get's repetitive. At least, that's a big part of my sometimes strange personality, kinda firebug, burning down everything all the time, leaving everything behind all the time, clinging to nobody and nothing. But I know that this is not Balance the right way. I think, I should leave NBL alone for a while and just write some spare comments here on Kuku. I feel more comfortable here, more at home.

    2. hey Nem ~ I knew exactly what your secret desire was, and why. the way you said Please alone was enough to clue me in, but I kinda caught on a while ago about certain things you mention here ~ knowing your bio as you have mentioned it on NBL.

      you are right. it's not balanced.

      but what exactly does it mean in today's world to find true balance? is this actually possible?

      it is about peace, that much is clear. peace within flow. I'm working on this all the time.

    3. -
      @mo flow

      Yeah, you know me quite good. And you are right, it's about Peace and it's about Balance. And yes, it is hard sometimes to stay in Balance in today's world. An important things seems to be Comprehension. You got Comprehension and I appreciate that very much.

      It's late in the evening. I am sitting here with guitar in one hand, coffee in the other hand and trying to get the next song into flesh and blood. My fingers are ice-cold, that makes it harder, the heater shut off automatically already, I am freezing actually, brrrr.

      It is one thing to learn lyric and chords, but it's another thing, to breathe Life into a song. Well, I am on track with Satish's essay now, cool- "What is Life?" From a musical point of view, one has to breathe real Life into a song. You need to be in Balance. It's not enough to learn the chords and the lyric. It can be just one easy chord and one simple line of lyric- if you don't breathe Life into it, it sounds lifeless, stiff, mechanical, without breathing, without vibration. The air must vibrate, there has to be a certain vibration, a certain Resonance (hat tip to Rupert Sheldrake). You can feel, if a song- performance is alive or not. When it's really alive, then there is a certain kind of communion between the performer and the audience, a certain vibration that vibrates in the air, forth and back between audience and performer, they actually become One on some level, on a musical level. That's why a life- performance is called "life-" performance.

      In communication it's the same, I think. "Comm- unication", "Comm- union"... quite the same, isn't it?

      Thank you for your comprehension, dear mo flow!

      ... brrrr, it's real cold now here in my little living-room... brrrr... I have to get more coffee now, brrr


    4. Resonance, yeah... Re- sonare

  7. Dear Satish,

    I've haven't looked here on your blog for a long time, and I'm so happy that I did! What a wonderful essay. You say what I feel and know to be true.

    I don't think I could watch "Earthlings" because I've seen too much already and my imagination makes me see the rest. For example, every time I see a horse (or a donkey), I can't help but imagine all a cruel ways these lovely, powerful animals have been exploited and misused for the "benefit" of man, especially in all those "glorious wars".
    I'm just re-reading Tolstoy's War and Peace which contains some very explicit scenes of how horses were used like (throw-away) machines. They way they went through artillery horses, so many of them just for servicing one gun - utterly dreadful. This is not the sort of thing they show in movies or TV adaptations.
    But yes, that's the reality when humans are disconnected from life. Cruelty and exploitation becomes second nature.

    And dear Mark too, I agree with LWA, you have a truly lyrical way of expressing yourself.
    Remember last year, at this time, I said here that I live from season to season? You picked up on that in your poetic way.
    So here we are again, another season, a very early spring. I have some lovely hellebores (Helleborus orientalis)or Lenten roses in the garden. They don't care about the deluge-like rain we have here or the cold and look positively exotic, more like plants from a tropical climate. The cold makes them bend their heads to the ground but as soon as the sun comes out, they stand up straight again, drinking in the light with pleasure. I'll send some pictures to your email address.

    And OGF and MO here again. I've missed you both!

    1. .
      Hi Sabine.

      I think we spoke face to face on NBL just once. I've read a bit of you here on kuku's past threads, and I just wanted to say hi. So ... hi!

      Nice to see you drop in again. :)

    2. Welcome back, Sabine... so good to see you here again :) I don't think it's a random coincidence that we were talking about you here and you decide to show up and say Hi. There's more going on here.

      It looks like your approach to taking it season by season is becoming the norm for all of us. May we all have one more season.

  8. Sabine! so good to see you here again. I've been thinkin about you, and wondering how you are doing. great to hear about your hellebores. yes, please stay FAR away from Earthlings. I am not going there, myself.

    Satish, solivagant, all ~ here is something from the Bhagavad Gita, that goes straight to the heart of what we were discussing in the previous thread. I am moving this discussion here to make it less unwieldy.


    from The Ninth Teaching ~ The Sublime Mystery

    (Krishna speaking, paragraphs 8, 9, 10)

    Gathering in my own nature,
    again and again I freely create
    this whole throng of creatures,
    helpless in the force of my nature.

    These actions do not bind me,
    since I remain detached
    in all my actions, Arjuna,
    as if I stood apart from them.

    Nature, with me as her inner eye,
    bears animate and inanimate beings;
    and by reason of this, Arjuna,
    the universe continues to turn.


    so in the paragraph 8 here, we have, perfectly, the idea of both "freely create" and "helpless in the force of my nature". meaning, in a very real way, helpless as in out of control.

    this is exactly how it was. as I was describing previously, when the One surrenders to its own nature, it is utterly helpless. it is completely caught up in the force of its own nature. that force is extreme, beyond all conception.

    interestingly, relating to this current thread, paragraph 10 here talks about animate and inanimate. but says first he is behind all of this, with his inner eye. by reason of his own living nature, it all turns. it is all alive.

    Krishna specifies over and over, in various ways, that he is the Creator, without being Identified with his creation. earlier in this same chapter, he says "my self quickens creatures, sustaining them without being in them."

    this is absolutely the case. there is no way the One, the true being of Krishna itself, can be IN nature. every atom would be instantly annihilated with the extreme force of that Being, if the One itself lived in that atom.

    the One supplies all the life force that is behind everything, sustaining everything. and the universe turns, alive.

    1. I love the Bhagavad Gita.

    2. Hi, Sabine! I mentioned you in a post just last night, and here you are. So happy to see you here. I hope you watch the Anna Breytenbach documentary if you haven't seen it before. Are you familiar with her? I thought of you and your love for nature when I posted it here.

    3. mo, that's quite interesting... what you experienced being articulated by the Gita. I am going to be pondering over this for a while, of course... for now, these thoughts comes to mind... there has to be a seed, a very small seed of non-control, of agency, even when we're very much out of control. It's like a thin thread that sprouts and becomes a rope strong enough to reel in an otherwise out-of-control scenario. It's as if the yin has shrunk to an infinitesimal size while the yang is fully expressing itself, as fully as it can while still leaving a little space for a diminutive yin. Without that almost non-existent yin, the yang wouldn't know itself anyway. And the yin will never yield completely. And when the yang is done, when it has had enough fun, when it is ready to return to balance with the yin, the seed of yin sprouts and grows and occupies the space that the yang is relinquishing, and they are back in balance, until, of course, it's time for yin to express itself fully...

      In that eternal vibration, pictured as a wave, there is still a force that acts at the extremes, one that seeks to restore balance. In fact, the force is maximum at the extremes.

      So, I wonder if, if anything is out of control, if there's something that we cannot escape from, it's this duality itself. We simply can't be totall
      y out of control, nor can we be totally in control. Now, that idea, that phenomenon is perhaps the only thing that is out of our control. We simply can't vanquish the little seed, whether it's the yin or the yang.

      As usual, I seek to relate these musings of the cosmic game to the story of humanity. And I think of sociopathy as that seed that was ever present in the best of times, in the most harmonious and balanced periods of our existence on this planet. The seed must have existed all along, throughout our evolution, and it had finally sprouted at some point along the way, whether it was 10,000 years ago with the dawn of agriculture, or even further back, with the invention of language and the beginning of the loss of telepathic abilities. At some point, that seed sprouted and what we're seeing today is the full-blown expression of sociopathy and all that it engenders. The sheer virtue and skill of our indigenous ancestors was in knowing about this seed, and keeping it from sprouting just yet, which they did by ostracizing, banishing, or killing the one or two sociopaths that showed up in every tribe every now and then. But at some point, the sociopath ran over his tribe, perhaps when the tribe was caught in a state of weakness due to a natural calamity or some such situation that threw the members into a bit of a chaos when they couldn't keep tabs on the sociopath. This is perhaps the "out-of-control" aspect of the One. And it answers that question, "why would a decent God let the world go to hell?"

      It's also interesting to see that in current times, the indigenous peoples and the meditators and the monks are the ones who are being the most resilient in their psyches and minds, because, at some level, they understand what's going on and the inevitable nature of some of the ongoing events.

      Well, those are just some thoughts... I don't know if that's the way it is. Although, I never stop looking for "the way things are" despite my doubt that there is a way that things are :) OGF would know what I mean!

    4. I like your thoughts here, Satish.

      "But at some point, the sociopath ran over his tribe, perhaps when the tribe was caught in a state of weakness due to a natural calamity or some such situation that threw the members into a bit of a chaos when they couldn't keep tabs on the sociopath. This is perhaps the "out-of-control" aspect of the One. And it answers that question, "why would a decent God let the world go to hell?""

      I want to be careful about this one idea you mention.

      the "helpless in the force of my nature" ~ meaning out of control aspect of the One ~ creates everything. every manifest thing, and every unmanifest possibility, arise out of that.

      the infinite ways a system could achieve different forms of harmonious balance, for an arbitrary amount of time, arise out of that infinitely "surrendered to" force of the One's nature.

      this is a key way I felt the infinity of the One. ALL of manifest and unmanifest Creation has to happen right NOW.

      the only way that is possible is if the One allows its INFINITY to dominate all other considerations. infinite force, power, foresight, intelligence, sensitivity, and who knows how many other aspects of its true nature that we have no words for whatsoever.

      yes, that a sociopath could arise out of this infinitely forceful creation is definitely part of the deal. but everything else that exists, or might exist, also arises out of that same infinite creation.

    5. mo, you seem to have experienced the tremendous power and strength that's behind all of creation, that gives life to everything, life not in biological terms, but that spirit of existence to everything. It's as if a little piece of nuclear fuel can be demonstrated to be made up of an immense amount of energy. But that is still physical energy, measurable in kilotons or megatons, and there's something even more powerful about the kind of force you perceived, it being infinite.

      It's interesting to imagine all of creation as being due to the out-of-control nature of the One.

    6. infinitely satisfied and infinitely hungry for MORE! the definition of OC peaceful paradox. that's me.

      But you cannot see me
      with your own eye;
      I will give you a divine eye to see
      the majesty of my discipline.

      Krishna speaking to Arjuna, from The Eleventh Teaching ~ The Vision of Krishna's Totality

      If the light of a thousand suns
      were to rise in the sky at once...

      the Vision of Krishna's Totality is a powerful, if very poetic, description of "seeing from the outside" the true nature of Krishna's Totality. it is so powerful and complete, and accurate in some key nuances of detail, that taken along with everything else in the Gita, I am convinced that the original author or authors of the Gita new from the inside exactly what they were talking about.

      anyone can be there, or be IT in Totality, as ultimately, we arise from IT, and our awareness is IT's awareness.

      that's really the only point of the Gita and all similar works. just to communicate the reality that you are IT, and you can know this again, in complete Truth.

  9. Dear SABINE, I wanted to be sure to remind everyone on NBL of you as we started this year. I something along the lines of "If Horton hears a Who, I hope SABINE is out in her garden praying for one more year."

    Both NEMESIS & LWA are so much like Mayan reflections of myself. I feel like I can read them rather than write. I love it how each of them is so wise, yet down to earth stumbling around making the same mistakes I do in comments last year. Yikes, now I just stepped in it again saying that. Praying my brothers above know exactly what I'm trying to say here with a laugh. Very stormy on the other side of Fla tonight. Earthings & The Cove are horror movies. Worse yet the COVE slaughter has increased. I try to balance with the art & poetry aspects to reflect what beauty there is all over the world. I'm at the Crystal River lodge in this amazing cypress jungle. Thunder & wind. A vase of fresh lilies on the table. A flickering candle in this old cabin room. Thinking of how some future advanced intel might be able to read what we recorded about these times. I might not spell this right but I bet each of you has heard of the Akaskic record. Since everything in space is always in motion, all you have to do is capture exactly where every star and atom is at right now...and wow...that a perfect code system to return to this exact moment in time. I used to say that only radiation would remain when I was dealing with that very serious issue. However, tonight I'm sure the force of love does last longer. Stronger. Strangers in the night we will all begin...again.

    1. You didn't step in it, Mark. But I did over there. Then I smeared it all over myself and ran around naked right through the center of the place waving my arms and shouting. It was all in good fun though.

      I like your mental picture of the Akashic record. It's also sort of based, I believe, on there really being no time anyway. No future, no past, just now. Shamanic time. All of it happening right now. And me covered with it and running around naked waving my arms.


      Don't blow away Mark, we need you.

      Peace and Love All.

    2. Of course that was love I smeared myself with, and I was only naked underneath my clothes. Jeepers people. But the arm waving was a bit weird.



    3. @Mark Austin

      " I used to say that only radiation would remain when I was dealing with that very serious issue. However, tonight I'm sure the force of love does last longer."

      Shure it does. Yes, Lake'ch, I and I

  10. About Life, Balance, the Self, Individuation, Duality and Oneness:

    " C. G. Jung - The Self"

    C. G. Jung about Synchronicity:

    1. -
      SYNCHRONICITY, the constant, meaningful, conscious, spiritual relationship between inner and outer world- this, the inner and outer relationship of Psyche and Kosmos, is exactly what the indigineous people, the Kogi never have lost. But modern man lost this Lake'ch, this meaningful relationship to himSelf, to others, to Nature, to the Kosmos.

      There is a crystal-clear relation between the destruction of the ecologic web and the psyche of modern man:

      An eco-spiritual crisis, the loss of Balance between inner and outer world, psyche and Nature/Kosmos.

    2. "There is a crystal-clear relation between the destruction of the ecologic web and the psyche of modern man"

      Yes, this is indeed an eco-spiritual crisis we're going through. I like that term. Our collective psyche, currently wayward, is related to the ongoing destruction on the planet. A disconnection from source, one that leads us to a rather restrictive and limited worldview that characterizes the richer aspects of the Universe as superstition, is similar to the disconnection from Mother Earth, from Earthlings, from Nature and from all of Creation.

    3. Exactly. And modern, purely materialistic science or technology can not solve that crisis (allthough not all modern scientists are purely materialistic). I like, what Jung said about the relationship (meaningful syncronicity) of inner psyche and outer matter:

      It might be one and the same entity, just viewed from within and viewed from outside. Alunas web connects both through syncronicity in a meaningful sense (Love? Consciousness? Inter-connectedness). The inner and the outer world mirror eachother.

  11. Kundalini Yoga meditation for atomic radiation.

    It can't hurt.


    1. Yogi Bhajan is the person who brought Kundalini Yoga to the west. I wrote briefly about him in the previous thread.

      One of Yogi Bhajan’s sutras for the Aquarian Age is “Recognize that the other person is you.”


      All these old cultures seemed to know this. Cheers other me's.

    2. " “If your inside is in a turmoil, this meditation will prevent you from dying. It can be done anytime, and its effect will be to calm you, to energize you, and to relax you.” – Yogi Bhajan"

      Yes, mon! Calmed, energized, prevented from dying and relaxed now I can read the more toxic, radioactive comments on NBL without reacting to them, cool 8-)

    3. And yes, I am born under the sign of Aquarius, coincidently. I am baptized in the waters of the black river.

    4. The black river Styx:

      To me, Death is a big part of Life. When I was baptized in the black river Styx, I found out, that the source of Life and Death is within, manifested as/within Breath (Anima, Psyche, Odem), within the eternal tides of breathing in and breathing out, the tides of the oceans, the tides of the Kosmos. This Breath wanders, travels around eternaly, but it doesn't get lost while we travel the passage of Death, for womb and grave are the same, fertile humus.

    5. Nemesis, thank you for sharing all these gems of spiritual insights here. I connect with them. You have said it very well about the inseparability of Oneness and dualism, the relationship between and inseparability of the inner and outer worlds, etc.

    6. Satish, yes, I enjoy to share this joy. If I ever babble too much, then please give me a hint. I get out of control sometimes, swept away by inspiration poaring itself into words ;-)

  12. -
    Still comments on NBL that try to "prove scientifically" that every single man, that humankind, Homo Sapiens (that's how science calls it) as a species is a beast, cancer all in all, who exploits and destroys and kills everything, ha ha. Comments, that try to prove that those who respect and handle Mother Earth with care and live in Balance with the Cosmic Law, are the same like those, who rape and exploit and destroy Mother Earth.

    There have always been countless tribes, countless human beings, who respect Mother Earth and prove those "scientific evidences" wrong. And they still exist today. There is no scientific way to turn a lie into truth.

    1. -
      These Agents of Empire, who say that all human beings are unballanced rapists, beasts, thiefs, exploiters, liers, cheaters ect, suffer from a psychological projection. Those people didn't integrate their own shadow (dark side) of their psyche and therefore project it onto all others and everything else. And they end up saying stuff like that:

      " The only thing naked apes do that is sustainable is bullshit and moralize."

      This quote implies two things:

      That 1. sustainability is futile/impossible and that 2. trying to live sustainable means to "moralize", to "bullshit". This a perfect example of ignorance, Donald Trump, every redneck and alike would be proud of. What does "moralize" mean here? To live in Balance with Nature? Not to exploit and rape Nature? To warn about the consequences, if we don't live in Balance with Nature? Then "moralizing" to me is a very good thing.

      Let me quote Guy McPherson here:

      "... Instead of changing, people embedded within the dominant paradigm prefer to disparage others. “China is horrible,” they proclaim. “They’re burning all that coal, polluting the air.” Or maybe it’s Brazil this week. Or India, using all those “resources” we need here in the homeland."

      Exactly. And one could add:

      " And all others would have done the same as I do, as we do, all indiginous people, bullshit, no matter who, all human beings, all naked apes are as ignorant as I am, as we are. All the same. Period."

      Yes, an ugly, bullying, psychological projection that is.

      " Carl Jung – Shadow Projection":

      The "Bardo Thodol" tells us in a more mythical language, that, in the Bardo of Death, we will be inevitably confronted with our own, inner shadow. In fact:

      " Any state of consciousness can form a type of "intermediate state", intermediate between other states of consciousness. Indeed, one can consider any momentary state of consciousness a bardo, since it lies between our past and future existences; it provides us with the opportunity to experience reality, which is always present but obscured by the projections and confusions that are due to our previous unskillful actions."

      See you in the Bardo,

    2. hey Nem ~ really loving everything you've been saying here. keep it up!

    3. hey mo flow, glad you can relate to it. The way, how Empire clings to denial, is just insane, suicidal. Empire will just go on with denial, until it's end. Well, that's the way, Samsara (fueled by greed, hatred, ignorance) works.

  13. What a wonderful way to laugh till I cry. Waving my arms and yep I'm actually naked but fully clean and showered. Hot & Muggy after the rain.

    Gosh I was going to say something serious about the Decommissioning tour today, but I just read a letter from MO about not caring...and well I have to admit all my 6 dollar bionic bits are too tired to care about big stuff anymore either. I've seen more than I ever imagined I could in this life sailing the seas. D.C. ABC Cern, cc me on all of infinity. Still I have this wild spark of love for everything. Now how can I possibly love a dolphin slaughter,,shit,,I don't - I'm just grateful that I got to witness so much. Certainly learn what I would not do if I got to create another tiny speck like this just across the galaxy. The Milky Way is so vast. Forget the universe. Just the scale of our own solar system is really really huge. So I guess it only makes sense that just for a nanosec infinity let technology and everything go. It just blinked. That's all. And it still has no idea what we are experiencing here. Blogging isn't even real shouting. Oh but LWA you sure made me laugh out loud and now I still feel all happy and cozy out of no where. Maybe it's only the feelings that matter? I do not feel like an Illusion. LOVE everything said above. Nemesis warm up your guitar fingers. Nothing Mayan tonight. This is real and real can be really nice despite all it's deadly flaws. Better cover my thighs with diamonds, the spirit of Maya Angelou just told me I look like a manatee...oh dear me...not even diamonds are forever. Does love radiate?
    "there has to be a seed, a very small seed of non-control, of agency, even when we're very much out of control. It's like a thin thread that sprouts and becomes a rope strong enough to reel in an otherwise out-of-control scenario. It's as if the yin has shrunk to an infinitesimal size while the yang is fully expressing itself, as fully as it can while still leaving a little space for a diminutive yin. Without that almost non-existent yin, the yang wouldn't know itself anyway. And the yin will never yield completely. And when the yang is done, when it has had enough fun, when it is ready to return to balance with the yin, the seed of yin sprouts and grows and occupies the space that the yang is relinquishing, and they are back in balance, until, of course, it's time for yin to express itself fully...

    Once I sailed all day thinking I was on Autopilot, but when I went to switch the autohelm off I discovered it was a rare occurrence of every sail, rope, wench, wind waves everything pulling together so perfect that NATURE was the autopilot.

    I should write something beautiful about how stunned I was to discover that harmony.

    But the biggest lesson was that I only knew it at the END of that perfect balance day on Banderas bay.

    1. .
      I think even better than Mark’s know it poet speak, is his sneaky speak. It’s almost like that tiny spot of yin barely detectable in the teardrop of the crying, hurting yang.

      Maybe it's only the feelings that matter?

      You know, one thing I’ve learned from my magical mystery tour, and I told mo about this once, is that being able to stay still with the love and the peace, and to still be able to find the beauty and the ability to have compassion, while right in the center of hell, is somewhat of an attainment of sorts. It could even possibly win you a prize somewhere down the line. Maybe you could win a small candy treat or something by staying with the love.

      I’ve also seen that when collapsing waves of choice in the quantum, that it’s more the feelings that determine the outcomes anyway, rather than the intent or desire or the entrainment on something. Although, entrainment certainly can arise out of feelings, especially out of dark and scary ones. That’s why the fear has worked so well for the naughty masters. Specks of doubt are deadly little things, like pieces of plutonium. It’s not easy to trust and to believe, compared to the easy certainty of doubt. And above all, it’s tough to conjure peace and relaxation and love in the midst of pain and horror and the goings on at the likes of the Cove. But, if you slip into fear, then that’s what you’ll project and create around yourself … a fearful existence is what fear manifests. That’s why I think the following sneaky speak was such a powerful message from Mark.

      Once I sailed all day thinking I was on Autopilot, but when I went to switch the autohelm off I discovered it was a rare occurrence of every sail, rope, wench, wind waves everything pulling together so perfect that NATURE was the autopilot.

      I should write something beautiful about how stunned I was to discover that harmony.

      But the biggest lesson was that I only knew it at the END of that perfect balance day on Banderas bay.

      This is why I get concerned sometimes about all those nice folks at NBL, especially the thoughts of apneaman last night. So ugly and fearful. But alas, I’ve never actually been able to save anybody, really. Not a single one. Not even that fellow in the south of France who lost his girlfriend, and then his forest, and then his hope, and who then turned to dreaming of violence. But, with Lake’ch, maybe just getting myself there will be just enough to make a ripple that will grow and touch and bump, and without so much effort even.

      It wasn’t until I withdrew mentally from NBL a month back that I even found out why I was there to begin with. Just like your sailing trip Mark. Funny how that goes, like time running in reverse or something, the idea of retrospect. Seeing how it was all perfection to begin with anyway, and just needed to be left alone to fall into place, without the need of interference by conscious thought. No fussing required. I just needed to be willing to walk along the way was all, knowing it would all make sense later.

      “Certainly learn what I would not do if I got to create another tiny speck like this just across the galaxy.”

      Sneaky speak. I do love it.

      Chuck chuck chuck chuck … tee hee hee hee hee
      Ha ha ha ha ... Ho ho hoo HOO HOO

      (Oops, that was my outside laugh, wasn’t it? Sorry ‘bout that. Apparently I’ve gone kuku now.)

    2. "Once I sailed all day thinking I was on Autopilot, but when I went to switch the autohelm off I discovered it was a rare occurrence of every sail, rope, wench, wind waves everything pulling together so perfect that NATURE was the autopilot."

      Mark, you're absolutely incredible!!!!!

      And then, there were the comments of LWA. You guys are so amazingly "out there!" Nothing to say. Just glad you're there to light up the way.

    3. -
      @Mark Austin

      " So I guess it only makes sense that just for a nanosec infinity let technology and everything go. It just blinked. That's all. And it still has no idea what we are experiencing here."

      Yeah, despite all these shiny technology gadgets, they still have no clue, what "conscious experience" means. They can track the traces of conscious experience in the brain, but not experience itself. They are searching for consciousness within brains, within neurons, within time and space, but not within. They'd really like to grab that human spirit and put it in a box to fulfill total, infinite control. They will end up with their own human experience inside, from within, when times get tough and shiny techno-gadgets don't help anymore.

      " Maybe it's only the feelings that matter? I do not feel like an Illusion."

      To feel is a great gift. To feel means to be interconnected, connected to oneself and the rest of it. The ability to feel is vital in evolution, is vital for survival. Emotional resonance, balanced emotional perception is the basis of effective, rational intelligence, IMO. Without emotion and ratio in Balance, shit happens. Modern man can explain splitting of the atom, but can't feel the suffering of Mother Earth. They can fly to the moon, but can't reduce unnecessary suffering on this planet obviously.

      " Once I sailed all day thinking I was on Autopilot, but when I went to switch the autohelm off I discovered it was a rare occurrence of every sail, rope, wench, wind waves everything pulling together so perfect that NATURE was the autopilot."

      Sail, rope, wench, wind, wave, yin, yang, nature and you as One great stream of consciousness on autopilot. Great, inspiring image. When Oneness happens, when YinYang, the Tao is in Balance, I can't even say anymore, if it's autopilot or manual control, it just feels like this:

      The same when I breathe in and out like a swing: I just can't even say, if Nature breathes me or if I am breathing Nature, hahaha.

      Sail on, Captain Austin!

    4. "I just needed to be willing to walk along the way was all, knowing it would all make sense later."

      That's exactly it for me.. what doesn't make sense now will make sense later. That's part of the deal. Part of the infinite and unfailing justice that the Universe is made out of. Maybe there will be a point when it doesn't have to make sense, and that's good too, because there's enough going on in the moment that's more than good enough. It's like trying to remember something that was just on my mind, trying hard for a split second, before suddenly realizing that it doesn't matter because the current moment is plenty rich. And if it's important enough, it will come back. It all works out. Every time. Always.

    5. .
      Nature creates all beings without erring: this is its straightness. It is calm and still: this is its foursquareness. It tolerates all creatures equally: this is its greatness. Therefore it attains what is right for all without artifice or special intentions. Man achieves the height of wisdom when all that he does is as self evident as what nature does.

      For this very reason the earth has no need of a special purpose. Everything becomes spontaneously what it should rightly be, for in the law of heaven life has an inner light that it must involuntarily obey.

      Therefore in all matters the individual hits upon the right course instinctively and without reflection, because he is free of all those scruples and doubts which induce a timid vacillation and lame the power of decision.

      The I Ching (Wilhelm)

      A rather scathing indictment on the folly of reason, I would say.

  14. Nemesis and Mark,

    You both talk about yin and yang and express what I fell too in almost everything you write here, but from the point of view of an old woman, I'm not entirely happy with this symbol of Oneness. I have one or two thoughts on that I'd like to share.

    I'll get back to this tomorrow (17.35 h here) because I'll have to start making some food.
    Enjoy the rest of light for today.

  15. Hola Satish
    I hope the day finds you at peace.
    The indigenous person is an animist at heart and so am I! I remember a conversation with my daughter over a thanksgiving dinner many years ago about what is alive and what is not. I made the comment that even the plate she was eating off of was alive.... She called me crazy of course and we all laughed... I said that even though the plate looked solid and would break into a thousand pieces there where in fact molecules moving within the plate. Even a grain of sand is alive in the world. My daughter, my wife and I have all been Vegan for about 5 years now. We love and respect all life and it's creation in the world. I wish that everyone in the world could see life as the indigenous people see it. Humanity, for all it's good things, has failed to grasp this basic truth that our world is a living breathing entity and will in the end self regulate. We see it happening everyday. As your article states.... We will become another part of the great cosmic plan. Something to be joyful about!!!!!!
    Peace my brother

    1. Great comments. I have not read about animism, but seem to be thoroughly animistic anyhow. I suppose that not knowing how it's supposed to work gives me a chance to discover. I find that why I tend to ignore or mistreat my environment is that I have been programmed not to see it as living. And when (all too rarely) I see it as living, I'm considerably kinder and more careful in how I relate to it.

  16. -
    What is Life? What is the source of life? I'd like to share some further thoughts on that question:

    It is too obvious, that the environment isn't just some kind of "surrounding", we are a part of it, we share the cosmic essence with it, not just spiritually, but literally, it's all about sharing and inter-connectedness:

    We are connected to Mother Earth through the air we breathe, through the food we eat, the water we drink, the wind we feel on our skin, through just everything. We come from Mother Earth, we live now through Mother Earth and our body/mind will go back to Mother Earth. The indigenous people knew it always and still know it today. They had and have their rituals, often celebrated in caves. The caves are the womb of Mother Earth and the indigenous people (the people from the stoneage as well) see those caves as the place, where every life comes from and where any lifes goes back to. It's the Nagual, we call it "darkness", but it's the source of light and dark. The source, where also dreams, thoughts and feelings emerge. It's the inner, mental body, that Buddhists call the "subtle" body, but it's no physical body at all (but it's the source of the physical body and the physical world), it doesn't have any expansion or mass in time and space in a materialistic sense, it's middle is everywhere and nowhere, it is hidden within, therefore, modern, materialistic science can't find it, hahaha. But it's there, all the time.

    Do, for instance, stories myths, archetypes or does the web of culture, ideas ect have expansion in time and space? Well, obviously, in some sense. But that expansion, in a materialistic sense, just can't be measured exactly. But it's there. How big or how long or how heavy is a thought, an emotion, an inspiration? Do dreams have expansion in time and space? I think, that trees are dreaming, Mother Earth is dreaming, Nature is dreaming, Man is dreaming, the whole Kosmos is dreaming in some sense. Those dreams can't be found through microscopes or within some particles in CERN, hahaha. But it's there, it's all there, within. Imagination, inspiration, meditation, Samadhi. The timeless source of dreams and reality, the source of time and space, is within. There is a ultra-deep connection between the ancient, timeless, inner dreamworld and the real world (Syncronicity is part of that connection as well).

    Modern man got lost in physical, rational time and space alone, he lost the connection to his inner, im-material world of visions and dreams and inspiration and therefore, he lost the meaningful connection to anything else. He lost his soul, his self, his natural Home, modern man is a restless wandering orphan, searching for himself, but the faster and more remote he searches, the more he loses himself.

    When we look at Nature, when we look at that stunning, vast Kosmos, when we look at others, we see the material "outside" of the miracle, so to say. But to find the source of this miracle, we have to search within, we have to turn our sight inwards in the most intimate way, it can't be found in laboratories or hadron colliders, never ever. Whoever searches for that source within, will find it for shure, it's never gone, always there, the cosmic source, the infinite source. It's within me, it's within you, forever and always.


    1. Well said, Nemesis! Excellent thoughts. Very clear... Love it!

    2. Thank you very much for your positive resonance, Sir Satish Musunuru! I'd like to go on then with some further thoughts about our relationship to the essential, cosmic source within and our relationship to anything and anybody else...

      It's not about superpowers or becoming all-knowing in the ordinary sense. It's not about "controlling" anything or "conquering" anything or "profiting from" anything. It's about relationship. What is my relationship to it all, what is your, what is anybodies relationship to it all? And what kind of unavoidable responsibility is connected to that relationship? We have to look and listen deep, deep within, to find out...

      When we look at a tree, then don't we often see more of our own, personal relationship to that tree, our own prejudices, instead of seeing the real tree? To say, that "this tree does only exist, as long, as I exist", tells something about a certain kind of relationship to that tree. It implies, that the tree has no own life, that I am the creator of that tree. But I am definitely NOT the creator of that tree, but within myself I am the creator of my own relationship to that tree. I am not the creator, the father of that tree, but I am a brother of that tree. Maybe, that tree is just some "hallucination" of some brain? Some say that. But that kind of statements tell more about the personal, individual relationship to that tree and life in general, than anything else. It is a childish inflation of the Ego, to say that "the tree, the Kosmos only exists, as long as I exist, when I will be gone, then the tree, everything else, the Kosmos will be gone too". It is great confusion, Ego-Confusion. But:

      The tree and I share the same source within. Like, as if the source would be a river and both, the tree and I, share the same source of life, this river, this water of life. The tree is it's own being, I am my own being, but we share the same cosmic river, the same cosmic water within.

      We can call this source "Big Bang" or "God" or "Shunyata" or "Tao" or whatever, names don't matter much. It is One source, but it creates Many things and beings. This source is anywhere and nowhere. It is the Cosmic Breath, that breathes within high tide and low tide of the oceans, that breathes within the circulation of the rivers on planet Earth, it breathes within the winds, it breathes within the circulation of the galaxies, it breathes within life and death, it breathes within ourselves and within Music. This Cosmic Breath, this Cosmic Source is within everything and all of us, within matter and beings, every second, infinitely. It is within the dance of the atoms and molecules and stones and bacterias and plants, animals, human beings, gods. We can't find it through microscopes, large, larger, largest hadron colliders or Hubble telescopes, but we can find it in our own, individual, personal relationship to it all, within. Our relationship to it all defines, who we are and who we will be. Some call this unavoidable, individual relationship Karma/Vipaka. No chance, to run away from it, no chance, to run away from yourself.

      The most inner essence, the most inner cosmic source within can't be destroyed, can't die, can't cease, can't dissolve, for it is the source of it all, for it is everywhere and nowhere. Find out, what your most intimate, real, living relationship to that source, to the Kosmos is, from within. You don't need any guru, any master, any scientist, any superpower, any money, to find your own relationship to it all, within. All you need is awareness.

    3. This is an eco-spiritual crisis we're facing... there's no separating the two anymore... we have lived as if there's a great distinction between the worldly matters we face here and the spiritual matters we face inside, or after death, or anywhere but here and now, living in the world. The longer we go, the more we see them merge, the more we're confronted by their inter-relatedness, the more we're forced to deal with them both at once and see them as a single crisis. The ecological crisis is a spiritual crisis.

      "King’s sacred view of nature, based in African American tradition, aligns with African and other indigenous traditions, mystical traditions, and much of the eco-spiritual thinking that would later develop. “Although God is beyond nature he is also immanent in it,” King wrote. “Probably many of us who have been so urbanized and modernized need at times to get back to the simple rural life and commune with nature… We fail to find God because we are too conditioned to seeing man-made skyscrapers, electric lights, aeroplanes, and subways.”"


    4. -
      @Satish Musunuru

      Thank you very much for the information about Martin Luther King’s thinking and feeling! I find some inspiring similarities to my own thinking and feeling in your quote, I didn’t know of until now.

      Respect to Martin Luther King

      " This is an eco-spiritual crisis we're facing... there's no separating the two anymore... we have lived as if there's a great distinction between the worldly matters we face here and the spiritual matters we face inside, or after death, or anywhere but here and now, living in the world."

      Yes, that's my own thinking. We are connected to the eco-spiritual Reality through our relationship to it. But I see many beings, who all have their own life through their own, individual relationship to the same cosmic source we all share. I say, the source "within", because we cannot find this source without our very own, inner, individual relationship to it. I am not talking about seperation here, but about a respect relationship to all things and beings, I respect their own, individual Karma here. When I love a human being or any another being, then I love it, because it has it's own individual being, I love it for itself. Everybody has his own Karma, I can never experience anyone elses experience, I can never experience anyone elses Karma, only my own. But I can relate to other beings. You see it through your individual eyes, through your individual relationship to it, I see it through mine. You walk in your shoes, I walk in mine. We both walk on the same road, but everybody walks on his own trail. The fish sees it from below, the eagle sees it from above. This is my respectful relationship to all things and beings, I respect their own "So-Sein", their own, individual "Suchness", Tathātā.

      " In its very origin suchness is of itself endowed with sublime attributes. It manifests the highest wisdom which shines throughout the world, it has true knowledge and a mind resting simply in its own being. It is eternal, blissful, its own self-being and the purest simplicity; it is invigorating, immutable, free... Because it possesses all these attributes and is deprived of nothing, it is designated both as the Womb of Tathagata and the Dharma Body of Tathagata."


  17. Nicolas Wessberg Natural Reserve is part of the Costa Rican National Park System. It’s a gorgeous piece of beachfront land, just north of Montezuma.

    You can easily reach it by walking 15-20 minutes, just past Ylang Ylang Resort.

    Named for Olof “Nicolas” Wessberg, the Swedish man who lived in Montezuma decades ago and became the founder of the country’s national park system, this park was founded in 1994 as a permanent landmark dedicated to his memory.

    It has no services, camp sites, etc and is a “Reserva Absoluta”, meaning that no one can normally go inside except for park rangers. But, you can walk walk past it on the trail to Romelia park and Playa Grande.