Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Joe Rogan Talks About the Planet

Rogan's perspective is similar to the thesis put forward by Dr. Warren Hern, which I wrote about in an earlier blog post here. Dr. Hern's research papers dating back to the 1990s can be found on his web site here - http://www.drhern.com/en/news-a-publications/30-population-environment-and-ecology.html

Photo above shows the metastatic state of the human cancer on the host planet. Courtesy of http://megacancer.com/2015/07/18/the-beginning/

I don't take pleasure in using cancer as an analogy to the current state of overpopulation of human beings on the planet. I am called to talk about it because I continue to run into people who say the destructive forces mankind has unleashed on the planet are just fine because there's always Mars, or that the altered landscape in the Canadian tar sands fields doesn't bother them, and even looks sort of artistic!

Mankind's separation from nature is trending at extreme levels presently. Never a dull moment in this day and age. But "artistic"?

Here's an excellent summary of how the human cancer has come to this stage in just a few hundred years, really, just the last 200 years... brought to you by an entity that has literally fueled the process:


  1. Even with much less knowledge than I have now, I never wished to "fuck shit up," so I disagree. I grew up with women and never bonded with men. That could have something to do with it.

    1. I never wished to "fuck shit up" either, Artleads. I doubt that's how most people who actually do it see it! They are making a living, feeding their families, and doing all sorts of mundane and even "noble" things. Yet, collectively, we've been doing nothing but fuck shit up. As George Carlin said, when you're born in this world, you get a ticket to a freak show...

      It should hit like a ton of bricks, when one finds out what we've been up to collectively. But then, when the headache clears, we're left with coming to terms with it all. And see our own personal lives in context, look back and see our own role in the collective's dirty work. We just couldn't help it. Even if we knew what we were doing. And we didn't even know.

      Actually, we still don't stop doing it. How many of us stop driving, stop eating meat, stop having children, stop living, really? There's no escape. We're all part of large centralized systems that have built up so much momentum that they won't stop, and they drag us all along. There's a severe loss of agency at the individual and local level, especially in the developed world, a few exceptions not withstanding.

      Time to surrender to the moment, take a deep breath, and look elsewhere for meaning and purpose, for our current worldly situation is not going to come to our rescue in that arena. Time to go inward, time to make friends, and time to surrender.

    2. Yes, Satish. The interesting part to me is: NO ONE has been able to make a dent in the momentum of our self-destructiveness. All the good ones are eventually killed, marginalized or co-opted. Even JESUS failed and he was all powerful but helpless in the end.

    3. So true, shep... I was surprised to see how mindfulness meditation was co-opted by Silicon Valley technology companies. All those quiet, dimly lit, well-furnished meditation rooms on corporate campuses are mostly about workplace productivity and relaxing frazzled nerves, it seems.

  2. I wonder if Joe recorded that selfie video in a big limousine on purpose, but it certainly carries a hint of irony. While I personally agree with the overall sentiment, I don't find it to be new or radical. And I also think he's painting with too broad a brush -- humans are very well capable of living in healthy relationship with the planet, as shown by indigenous cultures past and current (and as you have pointed out so eloquently in previous posts, Satish). Sure, the hyper capitalistic industrial path we've taken has created the cancers described here and it may very well be too late to undo what we've done. But, at least to me personally, I see little benefit in moping in cynicism and despair, because that in itself is cancerous from the inside out.

    There may not be enough healthy cells for long-term healing, but given the choice I'd rather be living as the change I wish to see in the world (which includes giving up my car and creating zero waste as well as advocating for clean energy and being as conscious and loving and humble as possible towards the world around me) than as a bitter scold deriving energy and satisfaction from telling the world how nothing we humans do matters in the slightest or could have any kind of healing effect on the collective whole because we're innately cancerous and thus bound by nature to malign and destroy.

    1. Rogan is certainly taking a broad systemic perspective but it is one that I have seen very few people take. Viewed from far above, the world's largest urban areas, home to billions of people, do appear as out-of-control growths on the face of a blue and green planet. The cities of Beijing and New Delhi are barely visible from above covered as they are with a thick envelope of smog that chokes their hapless citizens. I'd hesitate to shoot the messenger that confronts us with these uncomfortable perspectives. I don't know Rogan or his work and by posting his message, I'm not endorsing his personal choices. It's the spirit of the message and the overall content that is worth sharing.

      You're right when you say this is not about human beings as a species. I vehemently disagree when someone says human beings are flawed, we're innately destructive and murderous by nature, or that we were destined to self-destruct and take everything with us right from the get-go. Instead, it's about the stories we believe in. As Daniel Quinn points out, it's the story of civilized man that says there's one right way to live and that right way is the one chosen by civilized man. Indigenous and tribal cultures don't subscribe to the "one right way" philosophy and they have thrived in balance with nature for 95% of mankind's history on the planet.

      So in order to understand where we are, which is the primary purpose of this blog, we need to unlearn and shake off some of the flawed stories we've been taught. Just the other day, I ran into someone who said human beings were destined to control and conquer the planet. Where did that story come from? It's by no means an exception, but the dominant cultural meme that endorses and defends what we do on a daily basis, what we teach our children, what we go to college for and what we do in our careers.

      Despair is not something one must avoid at all costs. It's sometimes a critical step on the path to true transformation. As Charles Eisenstein says, "I think it is better not to obscure the despair, because real hope lies only on its other side. Despair is part of the territory we must traverse. Until we reach the other side, despair weighs on our hearts as we soldier on, never fully believing we are doing much good. Eventually, however strong our spirits, our efforts waver, our energy flags, and we give up. Perhaps for a while, personal vanity can keep us going as we uphold a self-image of being ethical, conscious, and a “part of the solution.” But that motivation is insufficiently deep to bring us to the courage, commitment, and faith we need. True optimism comes from having traversed the territory of despair and taken its measure. It is not ignorant of the magnitude of the crisis nor unaware of the forces that stand in the path of healing."

    2. "But, at least to me personally, I see little benefit in moping in cynicism and despair, because that in itself is cancerous from the inside out."

      There is such a thing as legitimate suffering. I have great difficulty when individuals my age (60s) and older, which I believe you to be, Sven, decide that discussing the terrors human beings have brought to younger people such as Satish and Joe Rogan are "moping in cynicism and despair, or characterizing Rogan as "a bitter scold deriving energy and satisfaction from telling the world how nothing we humans do matters in the slightest or could have any kind of healing effect on the collective whole".

      For the record, I agree with Joe Rogan. Plenty of people knew in the 60s and 70s, at least people who had a clue as to how life is sustained on the planet knew, that if human beings did not change the way they plundered the planet that there would be a point of no return, just as there is for individual beings. That point of no return is long behind us, and the future is a growing horror of dying and destruction for all living beings, a mass extinction event that is already well underway. At the moment, as I write, there are thousands of dead, starving seabirds washing up on the shores of Alaska, following the tens of thousands of starving seals and walruses that are on beaches from Baja to Kachemak Bay. Fisheries are failing along the entire west coast and elsewhere, and wildlife populations are a fraction of what they were only 30 years ago. In the course of a just a couple of years one of two polar bear populations in Alaska plummeted by 40%, and about three years ago the population of moose along the entire Canada-US border dropped by half in one year (from tick proliferation). That is not even a tiny, miniscule fraction of all the dying that is going on everywhere in the world right now. Facts that singularly can be rationalized or dismissed or labeled in some acceptable way, aren't so easily rationalized or dismissed when looked at as a whole. There is no good way to see or articulate such a situation, in my opinion, and "positivity" doesn't do anything from what I can tell. We've had a lot of "positivity" since long past the time we should have done something about the "negativity" that we have wrought, but the truth is human beings don't have answers, and not enough people cared.

      As with Joe B, who has removed his post, I have real difficulty debating value judgments with people instead of the measurable realities. The person who presents facts to a person who debates judgments and evaluations is always going to lose the debate. I can always come up with a special ideological judgment that trumps facts if I choose.

    3. Sven, Satish has corrected me and you are not as old as I had assumed. Please excuse me. I still believe that characterizations of people as you wrote about Joe Rogan are, in fact, ad hominem attacks. And I do respect those individuals who do their best to live with as little consequence to the environment as possible, as you state you do. (I have difficulty believing that anyone produces "zero waste," however; in fact, I don't believe it.) But clearly, it's not enough. The people out there being the change they want to see is very obviously not enough to stop the wholesale dying of the earth. And those few people who are being the change they want to see is not enough to help those who care about what is occurring, not emotionally or practically. However, congratulations on your efforts. It's more than most people will do, and for that I am grateful.

    4. p.s. Re: comments like Gandhi's "be the change you wish to see in the world," are inspiring, as are many other things that Gandhi said and wrote. Personally, I love Gandhi, and I have an entire book of quotations that I have treasured for years. Philosophical and moral truisms like Gandhi's really require context to be meaningful, however. Everyone doesn't have the same perspective of "change," and one person's choice to be the change they wish to see in the world might actually be rather evil. Furthermore, Gandhi led one of the largest movements of the 20th century, the purpose of which was to oust the invading and predatory British from India. While Gandhi himself may have been nonviolent and promoted exclusive nonviolence, there was a lot of death involved in that movement. Practicing nonviolence was an option, but avoiding violence was not. Gandhi himself was beaten a few times, eventually assassinated, hundreds of people died in that movement at the hands of the British military.

      Everyone who is the change they wish to see in the world isn't really on the same level as Gandhi, who did far more than personal change - he led a cultural and political revolution against an invading power that was founded in moral conviction.

      People who speak the truth about the environment now and the reality of the state of the planet are doing the same. They are the Gandhis of now, I think.

    5. Oh wow, I just read every word (above & below) twice.

      I'm heart sick by the Alaska coast die-off. I've personally walked the Sitka shores.

      Since this is not NBL, I'm still taking small puffs of Hopium:

      We are here to create amazing things. Dazzling things. Rings with-in rings of super-strings. Photons are light. Photons are invisible to us, but you are still made of more light than dark matter. I love everything about reality right down to its source code.

      Destruction is shocking.(I know I know) But the dance of Shiva includes re-birth. So I'm asking if you all want to see behind the scenes on this one...At least from the human aspect where we are actively creating new energies right on the brink of destruction.

      The reality of extinction made me work for years to secure the Nuclear plants as best I could. Now we have one last thing...and this one is all about creation. Unfortunately not of a time machine. I'd go back to the Mesa Verde tribe who flourished in that canyon for hundreds of years. God I love it there. Going to Dad's Ranch and Sedona in April.

      Many other times in the past were lovely for small tribes on Earth. But the past is way out of my hands. Heck, I'm sorta single handed at that.

      Envision a future of transcendence by via the keys to many other spectrum that co-exist with us right here right now. Just like all the radio stations that have some many broadcasts already flowing through us. A form of rapture if you will, Where you soul energies are in perfect harmony with another space we can reach and though the fabric of reality right here. Right now. With-in. Every vibration of your spirit is nearly ready to make the quantum leap. A natural paradise both tropical & Canadian. You wake up and find a young Jesus looking guy out on the beach collecting clams. Big Ebony mamma Hattie siring the pot. A new dawn and everybody forgot the nightmare. Prayers for what me must take. Naturally nurturing our vast eco-system, from our hearts. Not need nor greed nor anything more than kind common sense. ATLANTIS is a cycle.

      ATLANTIS awaits because we forget it's past lesson. A Tale of towering cities, we forget the story of a high tech culture using lasers and genetics. Therefore we repeat the story in full living glory, with a sinking feeling...here we go again??

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Joe,

      I don't see anything not credible about Satish's work, but I do consider your own comments to be not particularly credible. You clearly are not informed regarding the extent of the damage that has been done to the environment, nor do you understand the consequences of that damage.

      I'm pleased for you that love and cherish Bernie, but he does not only not give me any hope, Bernie Sanders is an insider and a pro-war, pro-industry fraud who has people who are his part of his constituency thrown out of town hall meetings by armed thugs when those people ask him questions about his pro-Israel, pro-war votes over the past many years. I've seen the videos, and it's not pretty. People of the 70s would have been outraged that any politician treated any citizen the way I have seen Sanders treat people who disagreed with him over his unequivocal support for Israeli bombing of Palestine.

      It is difficult to have a meaningful conversation when people only debate value judgments, such as the "beauty" of cities. This isn't really a "cup half full" conversation, or a debate between "positive" and "negative." This is actually all about measurability, the measurability of the planet's ability to support life itself. If you think discussing how human beings have destroyed the planet's ability to support life is too "negative," well, so do we, but it's here, so some people want to discuss it, what it means to us, and how we can go forward considering the realities of the times we live in.

      This isn't a how-you-look-at-it issue, a matter of perspective, or an effort at "seeing the good," a limited psychological, philosophical and moral exhortation that is great for deflecting concerns of individuals, but does little to address the reality of the situation, especially for someone like Satish who is young.

  4. If ARTLEADS was a Congressman this is an excellent way to address Humans Slapping Nature in the Face:

    "A little thought exercise could be useful: Try to think like the TPTB. We see that history has been the epic, cosmic fuck up of all time. No bloody way in hell can it keep going. The clock must be reset, the slate wiped clean so as to start again. You need to get rid of the restless surge, calm things down, restore tranquility of sorts. The meek must inherit the earth.

    The manly men of all ages (they know who they are) will be conscripted to ward of the evil terrorists. No fucking excuses. No nonsense about poor eyesight, wobbly teeth, arthritis. Put up or shut TF up.

    The “White man” would have a new role: devolve power to the “white woman.” She alone knows where all the keys and bank accounts are kept. She alone knows the intimate details about the “white” men that run the world. Hand over the reins to the “white” women or face severe consequences."

    End of Thought Experiment

    So I don’t see resigning to death. Rage against the dying of the light, preferably. Wester’s recommendation on possible new gigs point in a generally correct direction, IMO.

    TPTB “bioremediation” agenda is not wholly without virtue, though rather drastic. To work best, it would have to come on suddenly and unexpectedly–like anytime now. It wouldn’t be something that most could expect or even imagine.

    Recommendation for Americans: Learn to find consensus. Real soon, before TPTB has no other choice than to impose it on you. The constant warring and sparring must come to an end. There must be organization and order.....

  5. Mark/Artleads:

    One problem with 'handing over the reins to white women' is: They will then become the masters of terror. I heard a Carly Forina statement recently that was pure unadulterated fascism. Also, Ms Clinton has been rebranded, properly I might add, as: "KILLIARY'

    Love bringing back the draft with the Political class leading the charge, especially with their daughters. Yes! An all female army.

    1. Why not hand over the reins to the indigenous women of the world? The 13 grandmas? http://www.grandmotherscouncil.org/

    2. I'm not sure that Hillary and Fiorina are women. Anyway, I'm not referring to people like them. THEY are the sociopaths that always come to the top in this system. The pope is far more of a woman than they.

      It's a question of strategy. Half the human race are women. How many heads of state are women? How many women post on NBL? Only intrepid Lidia regularly shows up as though she belonged there. Women just quietly suck it in, happy not to be raped at will or sent back to the kitchen, or forced to have babies. This presumed equality of women is a myth. No such thing. Just the product of oil and unreasonable wealth within America. That's why everybody here is fast asleep, all fattened and placated. Many women are allowed into the male club...just as long as they behave like males.

      You may be resigned or despairing about the fate of blacks, but I'm not resigned or despairing in the slightest bit. I know how to fight. I've been through this all before. The STRATEGIC issue is the liberation (or revolutionary movement) of white women. Half of white America. Why would you want to overlook a force like this?

      Do you think white men care about the plight of black men? They do not. Doesn't bother them one bit. They feel safe and secure. Make their wives and daughter start drugging their tea and they will be quite excited about that. Thelma and Louise. What about when their women start aborting their sons?

      I don't know if you see what I'm trying to say, Shep. I think you have it completely, absolutely wrong when it comes to white women. They are the only group, if any, that can challenge white male power. And if they weren't, that would hardly leave us any worse off than we are.

    3. The people who have power are white men. They don't give a hoot about indigenous anything. The industrial comforts they provide make sure there is no resistance. Maybe a collapse of the economy could make a difference. But only if we were preparing for it, and we are not. Other than that, it seems that only power counts. Only might makes right. My 2 cents anyhow.

    4. Artleads:

      I am hoping u are a woman, AND, I agree with everything u say. I agree with Satish about the indigenous grannies. I would not trust any political man OR woman under the present circumstances.

      Trouble is, there is almost no way to make that clear on this here internet. Sorry I led u down the wrong path with my comment which was way to short and hurried.


    5. Shep,

      I'm just a male chauvinist, so riddled with crimes that it challenges redemption. Thoroughly racist too. A catalyst at best. Getting out of women's way is one of my objectives.

      Cecily Tyson talks about the ladder. In order of sequence from the top:

      White Men
      White Women
      Black Men
      Black Women

      It's far more complex than this, but she's talking about the America she grew up in. What I believe we need is a war between the two top dogs on the ladder. One of them will drop the bone, and the people underneath can run away with it.

    6. No Shep. Not even in the vanguard among men. Deeply misogynistic and racist. Just trying to get out of the way of the oppressed, that's all. :-)

  6. SHEP - I thought the exact same thing involving Killary. But my heart was envisioning more along the lines of the "spirit" of my Indian grandma Suy.

    The 6th insight "clearing the past"

    The young indian "the 7th insight talks of dreams.."

    ARTLEADS a Koan 2 complex to solve. Maybe SATISH can do it if we all encourage him to write a book. Beyond the 12th Insight & the Pleiades there is a prophecy of powers waiting to channel publishing energies on Earth. Connections & solutions come in many written forms. Energy toward a larger audience than NBL or this nice site - a step for Satish in development. - or - Peace in doing less too.

    1. Satish is a great teacher. He, too, has helped to expand my understanding. The greatest teaching for me is about spirits. I could hardly say enough about that...

    2. I'm not sure if this is right; it's just a try...

      We can't go forward with industrial civilization, and we can't go forward without it either. This might be the koan--what to do in order to go forth? One solution (Guy's perhaps) is to call doom. Go no further. Die. But let's say the challenge posed by the koan is to keep living; what then?

    3. Day #2 and I did a cheaters waltz putting ARTLEADS koan into the global supercomputer. Heck, I'm supposed to administratively assist in learning what the ultimate A.I. brain knows. The mega brain doctors here can not explain their optic "Lifi" (Light signaling) intelligent Wi life construct to the public, much less answer e-questions and NIH / DARPA project funding reports to Congress sub-committee seeking measurable monthly results. Crap, have I already lost you ???

      Okay, I was devastated by the answer to the Koan. Mom, Dad, every minute since my birth was not ready. But WTF, let a monkey stick his webbed finger in the socket and the entire fabric of his "beliefs" much less lifetime fight againts nukes get vaporised in a second. All morning long I have been almost paralyzed here at Max Planck. Blow me away in Jupiter. My humiliating reality ripped to shreds. Gotta get back to the desk by exactly 3pm today....so if you are interested I posted the answer to SHEP to the previous conversation under Slap Mother Nature in the Face. Excuse my language because I rarely say fuck, but it's not nice to fuck with mother nature. The Noosphere of Gaia & the electric universe knows the exact answer in exquisite detail all along. Might be a yawn to Mo but it sure mattered to me.

  7. CODES of ORGIN novel by Mark Darwin

    Genealogy charts tracing bloodlines and newspaper clippings preserving headlines were carefully filed in a yellowed notebook containing a high school valedictorians’ speech.

    “Although we are all divided over long timelines, ancient mankind etched signs and symbols pointing us to the origins from which we all came. All of our genetic roots can be traced back to one tribe gathered under the first family tree.” The concept derived from Darwin’s theory of evolution was not easily presented by a “colored” science student who was neither black nor white at the height of the long fight for racial integration.

    “History is the mystery of life gradually being revealed. In the future, secret texts and universal codes will no longer be concealed.”
    Chapter 1: Nevada Proving Grounds: July 7th 1962

    Listening to the countdown, Laura’s entire body tingled with nervous tension. A voice inside her head shouted, this isn’t safe!

    She glanced at another young military wife. No one sitting in the rows of wood plank benches overlooking the desert had shelter from the blazing sun or the atomic bomb ready to explode in a minute.

    Sixty miles away in Las Vegas, people flocked to hotel roofs to see mushroom clouds rise in the distance. The atomic blasts were an exciting tourist attraction but now Laura felt too close for comfort. Just yesterday, the Desert Inn shook when the Plowshare-Sedan test rocked Sin City with the strongest shock recorded. Although she knew it was too late to escape, she could not continue to sit still facing potential danger.

    “Let’s go back to the bus, Ned. It’s too hot out here.”

    Lieutenant Ned Jackson patted his wife’s jittery leg then tugged on the hem of her skirt to cover her bare knee. “Don’t be silly, honey. It’s hotter in the bus.” Ned offered Laura his canteen. “Here, drink some more water. After next week we won’t get to see anything like this again.”

    Although Small Boy was supposed to be the last aboveground explosion, Ned knew from Air Force intelligence that an atom bomb called Little Feller remained scheduled for detonation on July seventeenth. The Pentagon was working fast to complete the Sunbeam series of detonations before the atmospheric test ban treaty was fully signed by President Kennedy and the Russians.

    Violently, a blinding flash ripped across the horizon. A white-hot ball of fire shot into the sky. The frightening boom made Laura cover her ears. “Wow!” Ned put his arm around his wife without looking away from the sight of a thousand suns igniting. Looking directly into the awesome force sparked something inside his brain. It would slowly grow to haunt him for not listening to Laura’s plea.

    Now their lives were forever changed.

    1. This really hits hard Mark. You're very good at this. Have you read "The Last Cheater's Waltz" by Ellen Melloy? An acquaintance expanded my knowledge by loaning me a couple of her books. I almost never read books these days.

    2. @LWA in conversation on NBL: "If materialism holds no further possibilities or answers, and has determined the fatalistic outcome that it has, then what does it harm to explore any avenue available for alternative outcomes, either for the world or for individuals? This old and tired visceral reaction to metaphysics seems to be like saying, ‘we’re going to die, there’s nothing that can change it, so stop inquiring any further.’ Maybe this is exactly the time to discuss some other possibilities. It certainly can’t hurt, extinction is extinction."

      First day on a new job without any time machine to double my break time, but I am going to risk a flip of the coin on keeping my cat "PAT" alive a little longer inside Schrodinger's box.

      As Dr. Guy Mc Pherson points out in the Miami presentation the laws of thermal dynamics are not merely suggestions. However, I suppose it might be okay to suggest we try to break those laws. (At the risk of collapsing this galaxy???) The lottery ticket of "our" existence is amazing to ponder. Even at CERN it is suggested we are all brewing in the same quantum soup.

      Max Planck and a network of labs are constructing neuronal transduction signaling. A small part of my meaningless administrative support here will include conveying a little hope on how to re-format human existence. It is in direct contrast to to genetically spliced bioweapons. Yet the instant nuclear & microwave energy wave ways we can destroy Earth also gives us reasons to think outside the box.

      Cerebral cortex hybrid in a silicon based life-form...apply make-up and you might want to META-data metaphysically be "Nadines" soul mate? "Nadine" was activated this Monday morning time frame in Singapore. Nanyang Tech created the most human A.I. with complex emotions. She's moody and a hot pooty depending on how you treat her. One of her conversations today involved communicating with Switzerland about Pandora's box. Learn more if you are interested in Nanyang Technological University. Interconnected with MIT, DARPA,and Robin Datta minding the dumpster.

      ROBIN DATTA - Thank You for helping me mind my previous comments littered with mistakes. I would be NO where without "fathers" who try to keep their half-breed, half-mutant sons-of-guns corralled in service, despite their many reservations.

      Okay corral, So far this lab does not have any rabbit holes. I don't know how they will keep my nose away from the looking glass? Already wondering what is behind door #2 on day ONE. Houston we have a problem, who paid us to place that illegal human in the codeX !?!

      If we learn lessons for our mistakes and horrors here we can move on in unique ways: Per PAUL CHERFUKA "The liberation that comes from knowing the true Self has long been recognized, but has only recently been seen as an urgent form of self-defense as other avenues of escape have been progressively closed off." Maybe true self was never about being a meat robot. Maybe we can be composed of other things flowing from the fabric of reality, be it artificial or otherwise. Existence itself seems to exist. Students of Dr. Guy see reasons why the overshoot consumer capitalistic habit must go extinct. But spirit itself...always sharing a co-dimensional space with ARTLEADS and never disturbing him. May it please go on? Re-boot, begin again & again....

      In real life I wanted to give LIDIA a big kiss on that stormy August afternoon. But her big burly Roman husband proved to be quite the bodyguard. Virtual kisses from here and everywhere. Your serious agents of change have their human silly side. Joke it if they can't take a cosmic Fuk up!!! xxx000xxx

    3. So Shy. Just thought I'd check in. It's Mark's fault. Don't worry, I don't usually say much, or type long posts.

      Little confused how to make a user though, not that I like to use people or anything. Just wanted to make sure I'm welcome.

      I promise I won't talk about metaphysics or any woo. Ok, I can't promise that. Can I stay? I don't want to be a bother. You all seem so nice is all.

    4. LWA, this is where we talk about metaphysics and "woo" without harassment. Nice to see you post here.

    5. Hi oldgrowth. Thanks for the welcome. I promise you won't ever hear me use the word woo again here. I loathe that word, it's so derogatory. I won't type a novel tonight, but I have a feeling I will have a few things to share here. Tonight, it's been a long day. I just wanted to get oriented. Really neat space you seem to have here. Can't wait to check it out in more detail. Love you all. See you soon. Really good to see you hear oldgrowth, really good. I had no idea. :)

    6. Welcome, welcome, LWA... :) As OGF says, this is a harassment-free zone. I hated doing it, but I had to ask Lidia to leave many months ago when she was making a fuss. I don't regret it. We've had some interesting conversations here over the months, like this one - http://www.goingkuku.com/2015/03/who-am-i-and-other-important-questions.html

      Hang out here as much as you want and as long as you want. There's no 2-post rule here. If NBL is a town hall meeting, this is a fireside chat :)

    7. hi LWA ~

      very nice to see you here.

      if there was one "guiding idea" of Satish's website, I would choose to say it is,

      "We hug and walk together."

      this quote is from a post by ogf, in the conversation Satish linked above. see the thread for the full context of ogf's quote. it is lovely.

    8. .
      Hi mo flow. Sorry again for the misunderstanding. I will try and behave. Honestly, the reason I only ever choose to lash out sometimes at NBL is to try and clear a space and energetically try and invite back people who I feel are being chased away by others. I hate to see softer people just slink away, so I stand up for them. It usually isn't even about me personally. Like a big brother. I know that's not a good reason to act strong though. Cranky is still cranky.

      I probably won't encounter the need here I'm willing to bet. And if I do, I will bite my tongue.

      Thanks for the welcome.

    9. You could encounter scorn and derision here. People stop in from time to time, and don't like what they read, either in Satish's work or in the comments. But there are some qualitative differences between this site and NBL.

      I am extremely turned off by a lot of the comments at NBL, especially those from staunch materialistic and scientistic individuals that convey contempt for everything they don't agree with, or approve of, or accept. I have had psychic and spiritual experiences my entire life, and no one can convince me that spiritual experiences are not real. From that perspective, this place isn't as real as it seems while we're here, kind of like dreams that feel so real while you're in them, but after you wake up they feel nonsensical. I describe a couple of my experiences with telepathy in this thread: http://www.goingkuku.com/2015/12/a-story-on-storytelling.html#comment-form

      I've had out-of-body experiences, as well, and they were not subtle, let me tell you! I had one experience where I had dual consciousness and I existed in two places at once, conscious in my physical body and having an OBE at the same time that I also experienced. I could see each "self" from the other "self"! It lasted only a second, but it was one of those seconds that changes everything forever.

      There are no answers as to "why" outside of spirituality, I don't believe.

  8. Woo Woo is a term we used to shout with excitment. The tribe returns. Sabine from England knows this is a virtual castle with secret chambers. Scan through fireside chats and bats in the attic. It all starts with a welcome by Satish back in 2012. Dance with the Mayans till those other illusions of doom shift their vibrations. Beat the jungle drum. Tokem totem. Deep in the old growth forest an ancient celestine soul of Satish, creates a script for our next and better world. A book of lessons learned nearly completed here. This spirit tribe will gather on a real beach. Ranger Marco has a rancho on playa grande MONTEZUMA Costa Rica. Time will tell.

    Came here to write down the book art suggested. Gotta look it up for bedtime reading. I just finished listening to the 12th Insight. So interesting to "hear" it, after reading long ago. I admit I was doing some boat deck work at the same time...but nothing too distracting. Perfect temp. Don't splash me but sometimes, just for a moment, this global warming teases with lovely tranquil breezes. Dead reefs and Hurricanes will get me for saying that tomorrow. Even bad things have good aspects I suppose. LOVE & no cabin fever in Alaska!

    1. .
      I know I recommended the Twelfth Insight to Satish over at NBL, and said it was my favorite. But now I’m hoping I remembered correctly. The Secret of Shambhala wasn’t too shabby either. It’s been awhile since I read them; they all might be blending into one big experience for me. I read the Celestine Prophecy way back in ’93 when it first came out. Wow was that ever a long time ago.

      I guess you’d better just read them all, Satish. Which one started with them at a coffee shop, and then saw them turning around on the turnpike to meet the girl from the coffee shop at the gas station (just go up to her, just do it)? Or is that even the way it all went? That was the one I found particularly intriguing I think, with a lot of good examples of what turned on the flow, and what behaviors shut it down … really good concrete and adoptable examples. That’s why I liked it. It was like; ok … I can wrap my head around that and go try that today. I remembered it as being the Twelfth Insight, but I guess it could have been any of them; it was awhile ago when I read them.

      If you guys are trippin’ on the Redfield at the moment, I think what I’ll maybe do here is inject some of the exhaustive exploration I’ve done into the synchronicity lessons from the I Ching and Taoism. Lesson’s on entering (or wrecking) the flow of the Tao. It’s so simple after awhile, yet so counter intuitive to how western culture taught us all to behave. Almost the opposite actually, which I find very suspicious by the way.

      Anyway. Before any of that, I should go bring myself up to date on the history of this blog, lest I waste anyone’s time not relating or covering old already travelled ground.

      Cheers everyone.

      Oh, and I know what you mean Mark. Even though it’s ominous, I can’t help but enjoy the almost constant warm Chinook winds here these past few winters where I live, even though it ought to be sub zero and frigid. I always did like summer better, go figure. Still, the reason for it is unnerving. Please don’t hurl a lightning bolt at me for enjoying it though. (Aaargh, run away!) :)

    2. "Almost the opposite actually, which I find very suspicious by the way."... suspicious indeed.

      I plan on going through the first 10 prophecies once again and then on to the next ones. I can't recall the coffee shop scene so perhaps it's from the 11th and beyond?

      Synchronicity... now that's a word that keeps coming up... as if to prove itself, like a self-fulfilling prophecy!

  9. Satish: My computer has had a massive coronary (not even a year old). Probably good for everyone. I'll e u when i can.


    1. Hope you get it fixed soon, Shep... let me know if I can help.

  10. ARTLEADS - Last Cheaters Waltz : A thoughtful recounting of one woman’s travels in the post-Cold War American West. Meloy’s wanderings take her to the back roads of the desert Southwest, to hidden canyons where Navajo witchcraft and toxic waste reign side by side, and to little towns where uranium miners wait for cancer to claim them.

    She learns how everything she touches is made of atomic fire. Woooo, LWA synchronicity here. A chapter of my novel written in 2010 has a female character experiencing the same. I'll post it later from my personal laptop. Mt Olympus only hurls bolts for tourist looking up. Way down here in the rabbit hole OZ is shivering with Toto. Schrodinger's cat transgened into a doG. We will not look at the old goat inside the boat. Get Bilo Boggins back in the bag! Honestly, it's turning stormy in Jupiter Florida today. Love every gentle and warm hug from nature we can get.

  11. Today's Anchorage Daily News, the largest newspaper in the state, has this as a headline: "Massive murre die-off lines Whittier beaches with carcasses" http://www.adn.com/article/20160105/massive-murre-die-lines-whittier-beaches-carcasses

    This mass die-off is occurring on large areas of the coast. The difference in Alaska is that it is only noticed and primarily reported where people live, which is not that many places. People live in Whittier, sort of . . .

    "A recently retired federal biologist doing beach surveys in Whittier over the weekend estimated there were more than 7,800 dead murres along a little over a mile of beach."

  12. Hey Satish,

    I see some familiar nicks here from NBL, having just found your blog today. It seems to be a much cozier place, having spent a couple of hours reading some of the conversations; glad to have found it.

    I like your quote from Eisenstein on despair. I'm not sure I've achieved true optimism - I'm not even sure what optimism means, in light of an ongoing mass extinction - but I feel that I have traversed most of my despair in recent months. It's only within the last few months I became aware of Guy's work, and it's hard not to curl up into a ball of hopelessness in the face of his conclusions. A little like Artleads' koan, we can't go forward with or without industrial civilisation, so what to do? Life on Earth has been in a similar situation before (bacteria, the original lifeform here, poisoned their own atmosphere with their waste gas - oxygen - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWxyTJ-Y1Mw for an interesting take on this), and the solution was evolution - animals came along to make use of the oxygen, and life became more complex as an added benefit. I think our challenge is some kind of conscious evolution, if there is to be a future. Though perhaps I'm just guilty of having watched SyFy's remake of Arthur C Clarke's "Childhood's End" recently!

    1. Welcome to the fireside chat, solivagant... that's an interesting video with Elisabet Sahtouris. The idea that a quadrillion bacteria in our gut run many of the processes in the human body, including 90% of the immune system, and the fact that there are more bacterial cells than "human" cells in the body, that's got to open up the question of who we actually are. Perhaps it's not a stretch to answer the question, "who am I?", with "I'm the bacteria in my gut!".

      Those 5 stages of grief Guy alludes to often... it seems natural to go through them more than once, jumping from one to another and back to yet another, as I've found out over the last couple of years. Then, there's the doubt that there's something beyond it all, beyond the physical reality that the five senses perceive and sometimes get attached to, that is less clear but potentially more meaningful. It's fascinating to read and hear of near death experiences.

      Rupert Sheldrake's work is very interesting and I have shared his banned TED talk with many people since I first came across it. He raises questions pertinent to our times. The materialists on NBL sometimes don't see the distinction between Science and Scientism. We talked about it on NBL previously, but the discussion always comes back to "are you with Science or not?"

      Good to see you and LWA here...

    2. Thanks for the welcome, Satish. I read recently that our bodies are 90% bacteria if you look at it from a strictly numerical point of view; it's just that human cells are much larger, so even though they account for only 10% in numbers, they account for 98% by weight. So yes, very relevant to the "who are we" question; we appear to be walking menageries! There are apparently approx. 500 types of bacteria living on our skin alone.


      I'm a fan of Sheldrake, too. I hadn't come over the term scientism, but it does well describe the disease that seems to infect our culture, and Sheldrake is doing a good job of pointing out the scientific paradigm's shortcomings, using its own tools. I've heard historians of science say that science typically progresses when one generation of scientists who hold a particular scientific belief (heresy to call their theories beliefs, I know, but accurate nonetheless - I like Bruce Lipton's comments on this, that the role of DNA in heredity is referred to as the "central dogma", hardly a phrase one would expect to see in an evidence-based approach) die, and a younger generation takes the helm. I don't think we have the luxury of time right now for the Newtonian, you're a meat machine in a meaningless universe belief to be replaced by a more holistic vision, so the brave few like Sheldrake and Dean Radin are doing very important work.

    3. yes, very good to see you and LWA here, solivagant!

      clarification, it is The Central Dogma of Molecular Biology and specifically relates to the direction of information transfer from DNA->RNA->protein. see link for more details. the phrase was coined by Francis Crick himself, and there is some funny background from him on his choice of wording, and his regrets about that, at the end of the page.

      but yes. the reality of bacteria and what we really are, biologically... this is amazing stuff.

    4. Thank you, too, mo flow, for the welcome, too. Also for the clarification on the central dogma, I hadn't realised the phrase was from Crick. He himself discovered the structure of DNA from his dreams, I think I recall.

      I read recently that the root tips of plants are structured very much like the neurons in our brains, and there's some recent research (http://www.pri.org/stories/2014-01-09/new-research-plant-intelligence-may-forever-change-how-you-think-about-plants) showing plants can learn. "The Secret Life of Plants" details some very interesting research that was done by attaching a polygraph to plants, showing they have sensory perception, memory, all sorts of higher cognitive functions. I think it's the Damanhur community that have hooked plants up to music synthesizers, and then hold concerts of plant music; those plants even teach other plants music. There's so much intelligence out there that we have almost no idea about at all; I wonder what bacteria might have to say about us, if we could find a way to communicate with them.

    5. Osiyo! Nice to have you.

      I really like Dean Radin, and I have since I saw What the Bleep years ago. This is a great talk by him: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qw_O9Qiwqew

      Radin articulates the fundamental schism in perception or belief of the relationship between consciousness and matter that exists between skeptics(?) and persons like myself (and Sheldrake and Radin, and I'm so jazzed to be in such good company).

  13. http://www.adn.com/article/20160104/what-scientists-discovered-greenland-could-be-making-sea-level-rise-even-worse

    Article title: What scientists discovered in Greenland could be making sea-level rise even worse

    "Rising global temperatures may be affecting the Greenland ice sheet - and its contribution to sea-level rise - in more serious ways that scientists imagined, a new study finds."

    I love the way all these articles routinely begin with some variation on how stunned, shocked, surprised, etc., so many scientists are at how wrong they have been in their earlier assessments of climate and environmental collapse. It's almost obligatory, it seems, to note that particular issue, kind of like how all research findings invariably *need* more research. It's like putting a period at the end of a sentence, or "the end" at the end of a book. Scientists are always stunned, shocked, surprised at how wrong they are all the time (it doesn't shock me, I don't know why it shocks them so much), and everything needs more research.

    Right. You gotta love it.

    1. It's been happening more and more recently - these articles that go, "worse than previously thought". Scientists like blaming it on the models, how they were missing this variable or that, how they need to be refined, and how they will be more accurate next time. And then another discovery happens that throws it all off... and we're back at the drawing board... like a dog reaching for its tail and going around in circles. All those supercomputers in the world haven't been able to predict the changes we're seeing and are going to see.

      I have a feeling this is a major test for mankind. Whether we will continue to believe in our narrow-minded approach and continue to double down or we will step back, take a breath and examine the course we've been on and see the flaws and surrender. Like Rogan says, flood or fire, cities always seem to spring back. They're persistent in their hold. And so are the stories that occupy the modern human mind. They don't let go of us and we don't let go of them. It's easier to continue along and place an order for a million more sandbags than go back to first principles. First principles... whatever happened to those!

    2. Top Climate Expert: Crisis is Worse Than We Think & Scientists Are Self-Censoring to Downplay Risk

      Kevin Anderson is deputy director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research and professor of energy and climate change at the University of Manchester in Britain

  14. I really like Sheldrake. I love his work with animals. Sheldrake doesn't in the least doubt telepathy and he, like a number of other researchers, knows there is real evidence for a number of psi abilities. The following is from Sheldrake's banned TED talk:

    One of the biggest areas is the nature of the mind. This is the most unsolved problem, as Graham just said, that science simply can't deal with, the fact that we're conscious. And it can't deal with the fact that our thoughts don't seem to be inside our brains. Our experiences don't all seem to be inside our brain. Your image of me now doesn't seem to be inside your brain, yet the official view is that there's a little rupert somewhere inside your head. And everything else in this room is inside your head, your experience is inside your head . . .

    Our minds are extended beyond our brains in the simplest act of perception.

    . . .

    If I look at you from behind, you don't know I'm there. Could I affect you? Could you feel my gaze? There's a great deal of evidence that people can. The sense of being stared at is an extremely common experience and recent experimental evidence actually suggests it's real.

    Animals seem to have it, too . . .

    1. .
      OGF, I had a cat once that was very psychic. Here was her most amazing ‘trick.’ I lived with a girlfriend and the cat on the eleventh floor of an apartment building. There was no way to see anyone approaching the building from our windows whatsoever. I was always home at the time of day my girlfriend would arrive home from work each day. However, the time she arrived home would vary quite a bit, over an hour and a half window based on when she actually left work.

      The elevator was right outside our door, and you could hear the doors open and close as the people came home from work for the day, so that time of day became sort of busy as far as elevator activity goes (like ten or so arrivals, not too bad, but busier for sure over a few hour period all at the end of the afternoon.)

      Every day, and I mean everyday, no matter what time my girlfriend came home, that cat would get up from her ‘spot’ and walk over to the door of the apartment. Within two minutes I would here the whoosh of the elevator door open, and my girlfriend would come through the door and enter our suite. By the two minute or so delay from the time the cat got up and went to the door to wait, I calculate she could tell when my girlfriend was coming into the main building from the street eleven floors below. Remember, she arrived home at random times over an hour and a half span, the entrance to the building was on the opposite side of the building from our suite, and there was no way from the windows to even see her approach to the building.

      The cat’s name was Aurora … but we just called her kitten. Kitten the psychic cat. Oh, but you know, anecdotal stories like that don’t count you know (he says sarcastically.) She was a great kitty. She loved to play fetch. And she sucked her tail too, which often made it gross and slobbery on the tip. I love my pets; I bond with animals like nobodies business, more so than people I’m sad to say. My heart breaks for those murres, I’ve seen the pictures since last spring. So sad. But yes, that was kitten the psychic cat, showing me things about our existence that simply 'cat' be refuted.

    2. Just another story (I like Sheldrake's comment that the plural of anecdote is data!). Years ago, I was helping my father move some horse manure from a neighbour's place to his; I was shovelling the manure into a little garden tractor he had, then off he drove while I waited for him to come back. It was a nice summer's day, so while waiting, I'd laid down on the grass, daydreaming. Out of the blue, 3 horses that I hadn't even realised were in the field came galloping across, from a good quarter of half a mile away; they ran as fast as they could directly to me, and stopped at my feet, looking at me. I was slightly freaked out by this, but then got to wondering what I'd been thinking while that was happening, and realised I'd been daydreaming about a time I'd ridden a horse (not even something I enjoy, I'm much more a bicycle rider). One horse in particular wouldn't leave my side for the next hour. I never did ride the horse, but it struck me as a definite mind to mind communication. I think, as Sheldrake notes in that video, that telepathy, precognition, many of these phenomena, are actually quite normal, it's just that the "educated" mind rejects them. And there's no way to monetise it, so it's of course without value to the infinite growth paradigm.

      Have you come across the work of John Lorber, oldgrowthforest? He showed that there are a number of people walking around the planet that have no brain, yet are perfectly normal human beings. They have a head full of water; one is a Cambridge maths graduate. I was talking about this with my daughter recently, and the fact that it's water is interesting; one might expect that if the skull was going to be filled with liquid (forgive the rather gruesome image!), the obvious choice would be blood, but it was actually water. Emoto's work with water is interesting, and one of the pieces of information about crop circles that is largely unknown is their connection with aquifers, and hence water. I've tried Emoto's rice experiment a few times, cooking up some rice, sealing in 2 jars, then sending positive thoughts to one, negative thoughts to another, and the reality of "mind over matter" (I put it in quotes because I think matter and mind share a common origin; matter just seems to be solidified concsiousness) is very easily replicable with that experiment.


    3. Hi, LWA and solivagan! Love your stories!

      Me, too, LWA. I love animals and I always have. The older I get, the more I appreciate them. I have to make myself stop right now from buying a puppy on craigslist that I don't need, can't afford, and is from a suspicious source - it's a great Pyrenees-Karelian bear dog cross, and they are gorgeous. I won't do this, but I even called about them, and that's bad.

      A little over a year ago I had three dogs - which for me is a lot! But it happened. One was a rescue I found on side of the street, and one was my grand-dog, a wolf-dog that I had loved since she was 8 weeks old. The only dog I actually got on purpose was a standard poodle. The wolf and the poodle were girls, and born about 6 months apart. They were best friends. I bought the poodle from a breeder when she was 8 weeks old, and the wolf-dog came from a cardboard box in front of a grocery store in Big Lake, Alaska when she was just a puppy. I had the wolf for half her life, but we bonded from the first day we met, and it was always, as everything is with wolf-dogs, intense. There was never any mistaking that animal's love or loyalty. She was huge, protective, and she didn't like anyone but her pack - ever.

      I lost both of my girls last year, and I still cry all the time. I cried everyday for months after I lost the poodle. I miss them terribly! The grief is deep.

      I adore cats, too. Prior to the wolf and the poodle, my favorite pet of my life was a brown tabby named Tuna. I had her for over ten years before I lost her, and we were tight!!! She was wonderful. I could never leave her anywhere or with anyone, because she would not eat if I was not there for her.

      I have not heard about the people with water in their heads. WOW. Well, that little bit throws a wrench in the whole neurobiological dogma. But then, a lot of things do.

      I have seen Emoto's work a few times. I tried some of Emoto's techniques, too, with words and water and thought. I don't know if it worked, because I didn't really set up any kind of test.

      Back to animals; after I lost my wolf, and before my poodle died, I had a stray move in with me, so I currently have two dogs, both males. My older male is now 10, and my young whippersnapper will be two around the middle of March. I love them both, and I'm surprised at how much I love the young one, especially considering his suspected breeds (pit bull and Siberian husky), and the fact that I've been grieving over one or both girls since I've had him. He is unbelievably cute. But, boy-oh-boy, I still want another girl. Both of my dogs love everyone, and the old guy would jump in the car with an axe murderer and go home with him. I live alone and I really like a dog with more discrimination than that, but the pitsky could always fool me . . .

    4. Sorry about your grief OGF. I’ve heard it said that ‘grief is the price we pay for love.’ I lost my 19 year old cat two years ago, she was sister to the psychic cat in my story (well, not real sisters, but…). The psychic cat (a Russian blue) went long before that, but I am still not over the loss of Luna, the 19 year old boat cat. Just before she went, I took in a neighbor’s cat that their daughter rescued after it was left in a bus at birth to succumb at a paint ball ranch. She wasn’t allowed to keep it. They brought over a little ball of fuzz, and of course I was sold in a moment.

      Come on people, take it into your own hands if you have too, don’t just let them starve in a bus like that.

      Anyway, she’s a few years old now. Her name is Angel, but she is certainly not an Angel. I just call her kitty, or baby, or ‘hey, what have you done now?’

      She’s actually turning out to be sort of a psychic cat too, more of a deep empathy cat actually. She’s really sensitive to anybody’s feelings, and then she feels that way too, even from across the house.

      Hey, I grew up exposed to a wolf dog, I loved that dog. Due to the severe dysfunction I was raised in, I was thrown to this wolf each summer when I was sent away to the farm. It was supposed to eat me, honestly, it’s true. It viciously attacked every other human who ever went near it, so, as a five year old child, of course I was sent to go play with it.

      That dog loved me and never left my side, ever. We would hold hands (my hand held gently in his mouth while we walked) and go all over the forest and every other dangerous place together all day long. I was supposed to get lost in the woods, or meet up with a bear or something. Damn dog, never let it happen. He even rolled cars back and forth with me with his huge paw. Sport the wolf. Good times, good times.

      That was me I guess, adopted by the wolves when I was a child … that’s why god made the movies.


      I’m sure glad we’ve hooked back up here oldgrowth. I missed you. :)

      I remember the post that stopped you posting over there. It was a horrific thing to say to someone. So violent. I’m so glad to find you here. Hooray!

    5. Oh, and my cats don't eat birds or kill things. Birds are friends, not food. They don't roam unattended either. Just to be clear. Friends, not food!

    6. Thank you, LWA. I'm sorry for your loss of your wonderful cat. Nineteen years is a great run, isn't it? Both of my girls died at age 11+, and the wolf was so huge I'm surprised she made it that long, but I was honestly hoping my poodle would live much longer. I will say this - they were both loved beyond measure every day of their lives and they had great lives! I live on two acres in semi-rural Alaska, with mostly undeveloped forest on the adjoining acres in the neighborhood. They had a wonderful life here, without ticks or fleas or heartworms. The north is good to dogs.

      Babe the wolf-dog was, as I stated previously, obtained from a large cardboard box in front of a Podunk grocery store in Big Lake Alaska in 2003, right before local laws changed that prohibited ownership of wolves or wolf "hybrids." My son-in-law had gone to the grocery store one evening right at the winter solstice, and a woman had a box of puppies she was giving away, something that could not happen now. My son-in-law had never had a dog in his entire life. I wrote in my essay about Babe that SIL didn't know a Chihuahua from a Catahoula, and he didn't know anything about wolves or wolf-dogs. SIL picked the biggest, calmest puppy and took her home with him.

      My daughter and I had been in Alaska since '90, and we had seen lots of pet wolves and lots of wolf-dogs over the years, up close and personal. We had also made many trips to Denali to watch wolves in the wild, and listened to lectures about wolves from the rangers and drivers who continually educated campers about the animals and the park. We knew more about those animals than the average person around, and wolf puppies have a distinctive look to them that no breed of dog has.

      SIL walked in the door with a huge, fat, beautiful Malamute-shepherd-wolf mix puppy and without him saying a word, my daughter took one look at the puppy and shrieked - You brought home a hybrid!!! TAKE IT BACK!!!

      SIL calmly said, "I like her. I think we should give her a chance." It was decreed.

      I showed up the next day through pure coincidence, and learned that SIL had brought home a puppy. My daughter didn't say anything to me about it, and I walked over to where SIL had the puppy. The first thing I said was, "That dog's got wolf in it."

      And about two minutes later the puppy and I had chosen each other. After my SIL, that dog always loved me best of everyone in the world, and I think she was always meant to be mine, too. When she was five years old, my daughter and her family left Alaska and Babe came to live with me.

      I miss her everyday, and I will until I die and see her again. Wolf dogs are absolutely amazing animals, and I would have another in a heartbeat, especially a mid-content one like Babe. I've known several people who had half-wolf, half-Malamute dogs, and my Babe was very typical of the temperament of those dogs - shy, aloof, protective, territorial, dominant toward other dogs, even dangerous toward other dogs, predatory toward all other small animals, and loyal to the death to her family.

      She was huge - 140 pounds - beautiful, and absolutely magnificent. Everyone who saw her said so.

    7. psychic cats, teleporting cats, cats that can turn material reality inside out at the drop of a claw... the magic of animals is amazing.

      "It was a horrific thing to say to someone. So violent."

      I don't think I saw this.

      there is no limit to what a deeply wounded soul is capable of, when acting out from pain. I've been there, and done that, many times over.

      God is merciful.

    8. solivagant, that's fascinating... I never before heard of people with water for a brain. Just looked it up -

      "Is your brain really necessary?

      This is the title of a famous paper published in the journal Science by Roger Lewin, concerning the research of the late Dr. John Lorber, professor of neurology at the university of Sheffield, UK.

      [Roger Lewin (December 12, 1980). “Is Your Brain Really Necessary?” SCIENCE 210 (4475): 1232–1234. doi:10.1126/science.7434023. PMID 7434023]

      When Sheffield’s campus doctor was treating one of the mathematics students for a minor ailment, he noticed that the student’s head was a little larger than normal. The doctor referred the student to professor Lorber for further examination.

      The student in question was academically bright, had a reported IQ of 126 and was expected to graduate. When he was examined by CAT-scan, however, Lorber discovered that he had virtually no brain at all. The student had less than 1 millimetre of cerebral tissue lining the skull, a condition called hydrocephalus, in which the cerebrospinal fluid pressurizes and destroys the brain.

      Despite no brain, this Sheffield student had lived a perfectly normal life and went on to gain an honors degree in mathematics. His case is by no means as rare as you might think"


      Sheldrake's analogy of the brain being similar to a receiver and not a container of memories and thoughts makes sense. This water brain thing lends even more credence to his morphic field theory.

    9. A portion of Cebral Cortex is all that's needed. My God this is exactly TRUE at the neural signal research. MORPHIC field, for those who are so far behind in understanding that science has to prove it for them to believe it.

  15. A link to a long talk by Sheldrake on "The Extended Mind". All about the evidence for "mind beyond the brain."


  16. Hi solivagant. It was nice to see you show up on NBL, and great that you have shown up here too. I just found my way here a day or so ago myself. I was beginning to get a little tired of some of the attitudes at NBL lately. Not so much people’s differing beliefs, but more the tone some people take toward those who hold broader beliefs than just those of scientism alone. It’s not that I get offended, it’s more that it gets frustrating to watch certain conversations get rolling, and then abruptly stop when others become rattled and feel the need to shut down certain topics with condescension and ridicule. I don’t mind debates or arguments, but I grow weary of derision and ridicule, which isn’t debating. Like I say, it’s not so much about the ego as it is about the futility of being side tracked and derailed in the middle of a good conversation.

    At the same time, as you have also alluded to about yourself on NBL solivagant, I do relate a little bit to that Messenger Archetype, the one so brilliantly explained the other day on NBL. (I’ve seen those concepts before, but never heard someone convey it so lucidly; I hope we hear more from that poster!). Anyway, regarding myself, I sometimes look at the hostility there as just a minor nuisance, one to be ignored in favor of getting some of these concepts out and heard by lurkers and other posters. So I still think I’ll continue to persevere there from time to time. My old shamanic mentor used to say to me that it was to be of no concern how people reacted to, or what they did with, the messages; it was only important that the message be heard and that was all, even if it just goes in subconsciously to be remembered for another time. She used to say it doesn’t matter if I believed her at times, it only mattered that I’d heard her. So, I still see a value in speaking there, it brings an alternative message, but I agree this will be a nice place to converse with people as well; people who are a little more open to having conversations based on a little bit less certainty and rigid thinking.

    Can someone teach me how to say what I just said there using far fewer words? I do apologize for my verbosity. Trust me; nobody gets more frustrated by it than I do. So I apologize for that about me in advance. Hmmm.

    1. "Can someone teach me how to say what I just said there using far fewer words?"

      be yourself.

      or, if you are feeling feisty, damn the torpedoes! and then be yourself.

      or, if you are feeling Shakespearian: the truth will out. so why not just be yourself now, and let everything take care of itself. it always will anyways.

      I get the verbosity thing. lately I've been on: less is more.

    2. We've all been through it more than once with the Lidias on NBL. Scorn, condescension and ridicule is what's on offer from them. They don't want to consider the preponderance of evidence in favor of psi and other non-material phenomena. OGF has pointed to several references in the past but there's no response and soon enough, they're back to their attention-grabbing antics.

      They've bullied and driven away many folks. I know you took a stand against them to keep that from happening.

    3. yes, he did, right here.

      and in much more of this thread.

      it was no wonder the bullies had to suddenly start jumping up and shouting like stung monkeys. anyone who can make their case as clearly, calmly, pointedly and sensibly as LWA did is a major threat to people who want get off on those kinds of behaviors unchallenged.

      so much appreciation!

    4. Hey LWA, I like that comment from your old mentor, that it didn't matter if you believed her, only that you heard her. I've experienced that sometimes something will come my way and I don't notice it, but then at some future point, it becomes relevant to my level of understanding, and get frustrated at myself for not having paid attention in the past. But I guess we can only process what we're ready to here, and as you note, it does have an effect, even if we're unaware of the effet at the time. And I don't think you're being verbose.

    5. "I like that comment from your old mentor, that it didn't matter if you believed her, only that you heard her."

      Some ritualistic Hindus chant a lot of mantras and shlokas as part of one ceremony or another. To the common man, it's all gibberish but they say that it doesn't matter whether the language of the chanting is understood or not. They say chanting carries a certain energy and that's what really matters. Perhaps it's also the intention embedded in it.

  17. My previous comment was supposed to be under solivagant's comment. Oops, sorry.

    This was supposed to be my own started comment.

    I myself think ‘this’ is all happening to force an evolution in consciousness. Artlead’s ‘koan’ if you will, which is a term I’d never heard until she used it, thank you Artleads for that. That’s just what I intuitively feel, and have felt for decades. What that will all look like is somewhat of a mystery, however. I also feel sometimes, like mo flow might understand, that we are already there anyway, and that this life is not at all what we think it is while we are in this modality of it. More on that another time though.

    For now, I’m still walking the grounds here at your blog, Satish, to get acquainted with the territory. So, you are spared my tomes for the time being … be momentarily relieved. I’m trying to decide which magical stories I should share with you all from my list of metaphysical experiences. I have experienced much that many believe to be impossible, and without a drop of drugs involved either, just to be clear, literally. Hmmm, psi experiences? My freaky Don Jaun type teacher who appeared in my life and then disappeared just as fast? My NDE? (Which was quite a rare form of NDE, more like a ND-replacement/inhabitant-switcheroo sort of thing.) I don’t know, it’s all rather personal stuff, but some people are interested when they hear stories about such things, so … maybe. Time may tell. They are just my stories though. Everyone has stories.

    In the meanwhile, who has heard of Tom Campbell? I don’t ever prescribe to others as gurus or authorities or all-knower’s. I just like some people for bits and pieces of interestingness. I love his non-partisan walk through of the original quantum double slit experiment, as well as a walk through of the year 2000 improved and irrefutable double slit experiment. Also, his (wonderfully partisan) history of the idea war between Einstein and his Newtonians versus the new quantum dudes is amazingly insightful and fun to hear. Worth watching if you are interested. He sure takes a good swipe at scientism through it all.

    I’ve cued a video up to begin at the old experiment. One half hour of watching will take you through it and also the new year 2000 experiment, and another half hour after that will take you through his history of recent physics controversy (eye opening indeed.) Beyond that, it’s up to you if you want to watch his hours and hours and hours of theory explaining his big toe. (TOE … theory of everything.) I love him most for the great history education about the origins of quantum theory. Like I say, I’m not some disciple of his; I just think he’s interesting is all, with some neat ideas. I’m only a disciple of me. I find things are safest that way, lol!

    Ok, get the hook now and shut this guy up. Peace and Love everyone. :)

    Tom Campbell’s big toe.


    1. "I’m trying to decide which magical stories I should share with you all from my list of metaphysical experiences."

      all of it. please! (I just threw the hook in the closet and locked the door)

      "I’m only a disciple of me."

      then I would gladly be a disciple of you.

    2. btw, Artleads is a he.

    3. I think many here have likely heard of Tom Campbell. I have, and he has come up before in various places on NBL.

      peace & love, LWA.

    4. I heard of Tom Campbell recently on NBL... maybe it was you who posted his videos? I watched a couple of hours of his lecture. Fascinating stuff.

      There's plenty of space and time for us to hear all your stories, LWA... and feel free to be verbose... your comments feel like we're having real-life conversations. I tend to write long comments too. Many of us do, so no worries... type away.

      Sounds like you have interesting stories to share.

    5. "and feel free to be verbose... your comments feel like we're having real-life conversations."

      have to agree with that! I love reading the long comments in the conversations. for whatever reason, I am in more listening mode than talking mode these days.

      I really can't wait to hear your stories LWA. whenever you have time.

    6. I'd be fascinated to hear your walk-in/NDAish story. You remind me of the "E.T. 101; The Cosmic Instruction Manual for Planetary Evolution" little book that I've read, a fiction piece based on much reality, I think! https://wingingwithwhitehawk.wordpress.com/et-101/

      I'd not seen anything by Tom Campbell, so having a look at that now, thanks for the link. Also to oldgrowthforest for the Sheldrake link, that was my morning viewing today.

      The koan; there seems to be a group of people that have come here with this knowledge, that something is up, and needs a change. I've felt for much of my life that there is some crisis out there in the future that's the reason for this particular group of people to be here (Dolores Cannon's work is relevant to that), but I have no idea what it is. I'd be also very interested to hear your take on that. The idea that we're already there on some level; sometimes I wonder if it's as if the material, physical plane itself is to be upgraded. I read a piece recently that posited the notion of 2 villages that have lived side by side for many generations, then one gets the idea of violence. The other village then has 3 options; fight back (the violence paradigm expands), run away (the violence paradigm expands into the second village), or accept the rule of the first village (the violence paradigm expands). It's a rather depressing way of looking at things, because it does seem to suggest that violence and the physical realm are inextricably linked, so the idea that the realm of the physical is to be upgraded to include, more obviously, less material realities, is one that appeals to me; then the cynic in me just thinks I'm looking for some kind of second coming, saviour type event. So definitely curious to hear your thoughts.

    7. "It's a rather depressing way of looking at things, because it does seem to suggest that violence and the physical realm are inextricably linked, so the idea that the realm of the physical is to be upgraded to include, more obviously, less material realities, is one that appeals to me"

      I've wondered about the diminishing trend when it comes to the idea of the sacred. It seems, a section of human beings have, over time, chipped away at this idea progressively to the point where almost nothing is sacred. It's very closely related to the idea of violence. One does not commit violence toward what one considers sacred.

      There was a time when metal workers were considered lower castes, because the consensus was that the Earth is sacred in a way that mining ore and working it was looked down upon. To dig deep into the Earth was a base activity, perhaps required for the times, perhaps to make tools and implements, but a low level, inauspicious activity nevertheless.

      There was a hue and cry when genetic engineering was first catching on, because people didn't want us to mess with life, and potentially alter the very code of life. Life was sacred, not subject to experimentation in the lab. Is that still the case? Or are we just about ready to clone a human being somewhere in China?

      There was a time when warring armies stopped fighting when the sun went down. There were rules even during war, even when violence was all there was. Today, there are hardly any rules. Nothing is sacred anymore, it seems. Funny how this works. Even a decade ago, nuclear first strike was a no-no, at least on paper. A shred of a mutual agreement remained on that front. Not so anymore, with talk of a "winnable nuclear war", a "limited nuclear war", and "nuclear first strike" entering the public consciousness.

      The 2 village analogy is very apt. Between any two parties, the one that is more willing to pare down one's scope of what's sacred is more likely to win. Ultimately, it leads to a point where one is willing to sacrifice oneself for a chance at a pyrrhic victory.

      I like hearing this: "there seems to be a group of people that have come here with this knowledge, that something is up, and needs a change." Maybe an upgrade of the physical realm is in order. Maybe it starts by us putting a thought or two out there in the morphic field and letting the magic of intention unfold.

    8. That two villages concept exactly describes Jack Forbes explanation of how the 'Wetiko' psychological virus spreads, like it's inescapable. I wonder if the idea came from one of each of the other.

      Fight it, it's spread; now you're violent too.

      Abandon territory and run away, it's spread; it just took over the world now.

      Submit to it, and it just took you over; it rules you and is the standard.

      Wetiko is a conundrum that's made me cranky ever since I read about it in Columbus and other Cannibals. I was glad to see the awareness of it raised here.

      We'll figure this out. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can ... (the little engine that could.) Some children's stories hold keys for me.

      That fire is a cracklin' tonight. Love it here! Peeps are here, me thinks.

      I do hope solivagant hangs around too.

      I've brought in a toothbrush for myself, that's for sure. ;)

    9. "That fire is a cracklin' tonight. Love it here! Peeps are here, me thinks."

      Me thinks too!

      "Wetiko is a conundrum that's made me cranky ever since I read about it in Columbus and other Cannibals."

      Reminds me of Louis CK on Columbus - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VyfP0AkQbw

  18. Mo Synchronicity thinking about Solivagant and wow your here! LWA, let it all out. This is exciting. I'm here to read all of you. Trust us we've all told some big camp fire stories here in months past. Speak in tongues...Gawd knows Sabine learned to read my Spanglish...toast scoanes and throw Koans. I'm watching with delight.

    LWA, beyond being kind enough to block some of those bullies - I have to admit I got them stitted up with my mistakes. Also NBL is not a real scientific community anymore than neuron engineers should expect if a forum that is ultimately about CRITICAL & social critizium exactly as Guy said on NBL when he started it. Knowing the primary stated reason for KuKu is the same reason I read every article here on KuKu for months. (Satish knows) I've tried to comment on aspects of everything he provided here out of respect for his creative space.

    Good grief, I'm feeling happy. My mind is still way up there on stuff OGF said about Ghandi.

    I visited with LIDIA and her husband in Vermont. Hugs and delight to meet her in person...yet long ago she did not have me at hello when her first words to me were F U in bold.

    But I think Mo remembers how I took that one entirely in stride. That's because I know almost everyone is mad at the gvt. Then an actual agent of change shows up asking for support when we were seeking votes on the nuclear decommissioning bill last year. I got a lot of anger directed at me for even asking the public to call our NRC office. Or write the White House. At that time last year Obama was willing to go full decommission route on the same plan as Angela Merkel did with Germany. Oh well I begged but absolutely nobody had even a minute to spare. Sucks cause all the species on Earth will suffer ten thousand years of radiation. I can't even explain anymore why the mass thoughts of the public do get reflected in gvt decisions...or except for AARON SCHWARTZ you got huge support to stop the SOAPA internet law. The public outcry totally moved congress. Big moment in 2013 history. It's now on DVD "The Internet's own boy"

    Anyway because absolutely nobody in the USA had even one minute to e-mail or call...we moved on to TIME magazine cover star DR. STEVEN BENNER, "Applied Molecular Evolution" labs in Fl & Va. Finding solutions to deal with problems through genetic science does not take public support. Changing the whole grid or internet use laws involves millions of voices. Luckily it only takes a few to change it all anyway as long as it is easy. Like inventing the light bulb.

    We laugh & cry when the public get's really argumentative, giving dozens of reasons they are powerless. Except for when they do march in mass for women's right to vote. Civil rights, etc. Then there is this weird thing when they really don't care what happens with nukes or whatever. They argue for their limitations to have any effect. Trust me projects with no support are effected by total silence.

    Fight for your limitations and you do make those limits stronger.

    People were pised off about slavery for a hundred years before the civil war. I know there were many other reasons leading up to 1862, However, the general population does have an effect on all sorts of conditions and decisions. That effect includes voting with silence and angry hate for every reason NOT to support decommissioning. In Germany it only took 6%...but even when I begged for the sake of thousands of years of life after people, truth be told not even my half breed native American grandma Syu cared much about what happened to life on Earth after she was gone. Possibly we are all too selfish to type even one word and dare that it would be registered at times when it greatly mattered. Every day we collectively & Individually make choices that do matter...including insisting that they don't.

    1. yes I do, it was inspiring.

  19. Then again, I wonder if my 2 years totally off the grid down in Costa Rica made a spec of diffrence on the planet. Planes still flew even though I was not on them. Nuclear power grew while I lived in a treehouse with candles. As 37 year old ranger Marco I could happily live like that, but I guess not forever. I didn't even know it but the bacteria was eating me alive. Silly human. Jungles are for actual monkeys.

    Thinking of Germany. Let's invite NEMESIS. He seems kind of disconnected in Germany. Sneak him an invite to the non-fire tribe a bit above the tide line and all that sharp glass on the beach of doom.

    1. "Then again, I wonder if my 2 years totally off the grid down in Costa Rica made a spec of diffrence on the planet. Planes still flew even though I was not on them. Nuclear power grew while I lived in a treehouse with candles. "

      You have a point there.

    2. I know how easy it is to feel disheartened, when you go out of your way to do something positive, and it seems to make no difference at all; but then I think back to Sheldrake morphic field idea, that by doing these things, we're beating a trail into the (relatively) unknown, and making it easier for others to do the same. If we're to have any kind of future, it's got to be those of us living on the fringes of western industrial civilisation to come up with the ideas and ways of living. I can't see most of the denizens of the world's cities willingly giving up their McDonalds and MTVs, but when it all starts to come down (perhaps happening now, given what's been going on in stock markets so far this year - the Chinese market has closed twice due to huge falls), anyone that has experience of living without all of the luxuries of your typical westerner are perhaps going to be sought out for their knowledge. I'm going to be re-educating people on the value of their own urine, certainly, under those circumstances, having learnt a little about aquaponics, and then taken a sidetrack down what I saw referred to as peeponics! It transpires that the urine of one human being can feed 2.5 human beings; the fact that we find our own waste products disgusting is just another symptom of our divorce from nature, I think (at what point does pee become disgusting? when it's stored internally? when it's exited your body? before it's been processed by your body into pee? I have to work on this presentation, I know :), and something we have to get over.

    3. "I know how easy it is to feel disheartened, when you go out of your way to do something positive, and it seems to make no difference at all; but then I think back to Sheldrake morphic field idea, that by doing these things, we're beating a trail into the (relatively) unknown, and making it easier for others to do the same."

      Excellent point, solivagant. And the fewer expectations you harbor, the better (I would think).

      And I'm learning not to think I can influence the entire collective. The part of it within shouting distance, perhaps. And to go with Sheldrake, that's a pretty good formula for influencing the collective in ways I cannot ever know. So It takes us back to following one's bliss, singing one's song. ("Let's not die with our music still inside us," said a wise man.) :-) Or some sort of BS off that order. :-)

      Please share more about urine. I mix it in with food scraps, which, in a very disorganized manner, gets mixed into the soil here and there. But I don't even have a dream of feeding anyone that way, not even myself alone. :-)

    4. You know you've found a fun part of the internet when someone says "please tell me more about urine", and you respond in kind. Aquaponics is hydroponics, i.e. growing plants in water, but using fish as the source of fertiliser, rather than chemicals. It's the most productive growing system I've ever seen, so I spent a fair bit of time researching it a few years ago. During the course of that research I happened upon peeponics, and someone had an aquaponics system that they removed the fish from, and just used their own urine; they reported being able to grow enough food for 2.5 people that way. Just another source of nitrogen, but it does indeed seem a pretty magical ingredient; I've managed to get desert soils back to life with judicious use of the stuff. Sounds like you're certainly on the right track by mixing it in with food scraps; I've met people that had a pissoir connected to their compost heap, as it's a very good activator of compost, too. Quite surprisingly, this video has 180,000 views, on peeponics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uv8Lj2xjXQo

    5. I never understood why people make a big deal about natural substances like urine. I figured it's an indication of our separation from nature that we are suffering from. If we're not "of nature", then what we produce can't be either! That seems to be the logic. Urine is actually a sterile liquid as it comes out of the body.

      I've long been hearing of urine therapy because a former Prime Minister of India practiced it - https://www.quora.com/Why-did-the-Indian-Prime-Minister-Morarji-Desai-drink-urine There's even a Wikipedia entry for this topic that makes most people go "eww" - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Urine_therapy

      Animal and human wastes have a similar taboo associated with them. Cow dung has long been used in India for multiple purposes, including for flooring inside mud huts. I have seen with my own eyes, when I was young, cow dung mixed in with water and spread out inside and outside humble dwellings in rural areas. This has been practiced for thousands of years. Cow dung is a natural anti-bacterial agent and a disinfectant! Here are the many uses of cow dung - http://www.ecovillage.org.in/ecopedia/land-cow-iii-benefits-of-cow-dung

      As for human waste, it was also treated as a natural fertilizer back in the day. Rural residents used to relieve themselves in their crop fields. They didn't have and didn't need either septic tanks or sewage systems. And it was never a source of disease when properly used/deposited.

      Yeah, people get squeamish about talking about these things. Thanks for going there, you guys.

      Artleads, there's so much about land use that we used to know that we've forgotten and much has to do with our perceived separation from nature.

    6. Thanks, Solivagant. It looks like just my thing. Incredibly simple and free of technology. I haven't really "gotten" it yet, but it does not seem to be out of my Luddite's range. :-)

    7. You're very welcome, Artleads. Given your comment about Luddites, I've been trying to find a song I thought you might enjoy called "The Triumph of General Ludd", by Chumbawumba. As good anarchists, the band put the entire album up on youtube for free, only for youtube to then disable all the videos. So, instead, another song from the same album about the Diggers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OA4FTIz2Zrw

    8. solivagant, I love what you have to say... hope you stay and hang out in this space.

  20. Sir Mark Austin, thanks a lot for your kind invitation to this beautiful place, I feel honored!

    Love and Hello to everyone,

    1. hey Nemesis. so good to see you. isn't it warm here? I just love that big ol' fire Satish keeps going. especially this time of year.

    2. hey there! Good to see you as well! Yes, it's quite warm in here. Anyway, sometimes I just have to face the bitter cold too, haha. I've seen so much hard and cold stuff in my life, that I just can't resist to face some hard and cold stuff from time to time. And when I got enough beating, then I flee and grab my guitar, or I will come to Satish's ol' fire :-)

    3. Hey Nem, good to see you. Did you have a fight with Lidia over there or something? They sure are going on about something. Sounds like a revision on the real history if you ask me though. Anyway, it's pretty sane over here.

      Glad you dropped in. Play us something on the gee-tar. You must know Blackbird by the bug boys. Every guitar player knows that one, don't they?

      Cheers mate. Nice to see you.

    4. --
      Hey LWA, happy to see you. Fight with Lidia? No, I don't know of any fight with Lidia.

      Yeah, I know Blackbird for shure. I posted it on NBL some weeks ago. I love that tune and the lyric.

      " Blackbird singing in the dead of night
      Take these broken wings and learn to fly
      All your life
      You were only waiting for this moment to arise.

      To me, these words feel like written exclusively for me. But many others feel the same for shure, haha.

      Man, I'd really like to load up some songs on youtube. I am not Jimi Hendrix or something, just for the fun of it, acoustic guitar and voice. But all that technical stuff just makes me insane. Soundinterface, mic, video cam, recording software, video editing software and all that. I started several times, but I always got stuck in the middle of some technical issues, hahaha.

      When I got messed up, lost with spoken/written language, I have to grab my guitar. Music is a healer, isn't it?

      Cheers, bro

    5. Don’t do the tech thing man, keep it real or you’ll be sorry. It’s about the vibrations, not about people seeing you do it. I was a musician until I was 30, a pro with a great career going. Touring, steady gigs, studio work, no debt. Then one day I got into hard disk recording. Five minutes of playing for every forty hours of fussing with tech and thousand of dollars spent chasing gear. Pretty soon I was tweaking the software, won an award from the company who made the software, and it sent me down a whole hair brained road.

      Soon I was bankrupting myself at school at middle age, and found myself a computer scientist inside goofy corporations fighting with management over software tweaks. I got led right out of music, with my eye now on computers. Then I went broke, go figure. Fast forward a decade and I walked away from all that thinking, wow, what was that all about, what happened there?

      Now I play music again, am still broke, and don’t even think once about how famous I want to get or who cares. It’s just about the vibrations, and I am happy again. Take it from a loser, ditch the tech, play for yourself, and your friends, and your girlfriends, and be satisfied. Get a little gig if you want. Teach kids the beauty of music. Do NOT get lost in all that technology. It will eat you. Technology is evil. I can hear you loud and clear from all the way over here. All you need is love.

      If you must, have someone hold a cell phone, record youself, and load it up to utube. That’s what I did. People hated it. It wasn’t uber produced. But it’s there. Better yet, just don’t bother, just play.

      No, I fought with Lidia, queen of the certain and the certainly closed minded. That won’t happen again. I don’t see the point in NBL anymore, at least not for myself. Never really did, at least not for myself. I knew his message before I ever heard it from him. I just saw Guy hurting, and thought I could lend support somehow; maybe ease his pain and regret. I don’t think he listens though. But he’s a big boy, he’ll take care of himself. He should sell his place and move back to town. To see the nothingness that I make do with, he almost sounds like a spoiled brat sometimes to me. Oops, did I say that out loud?

    6. "It’s about the vibrations, not about people seeing you do it."

      right on and amen, brother! this is so totally true.

      I'm not worried about Guy listening, or not. that's not the point, as far as I see it.

      I think the point is that NBL brings something alive. something important.

      I couldn't give a flying rabbit's fluffy tail if people there think all the grumpy 'tudes on NBL are somehow worth more than the photons they are printed on.

      that stuff is, and always has been "acting out" ~ it serves its own needs, and will probably be around for a lot longer, until many more humans move beyond the mental age of 15. that stuff goes nowhere other than bouncing around the echo chamber of the holographic Earth monkey playground.

      meanwhile, other things are around, too. things that are worth something Real, in that realm of vibrations you mention.

    7. You are so right about technology. I thought that a thousand times, tech things mess up my music, the vibe, the flow. Tech things puts a big distance between music and me. It kills the natural flow. But at the same time i see some great advantages in some tech. I use some tech stuff in my guitar teaching for example. I want to get some youtube channel link on my v-card, so people can just hop to youtube and see and hear some music. That could be some good advertising to get students. Students come, students go, so I have to be on the run for students now and then.

      I think, not all tech is evil per se. Tech is a part of Nature. Nature is the perfect technology, we are bloody amateurs in technology. Tech isn't not good nor evil, it depends upon who uses technology how. A knife is technology. You can use a knife to kill yourself or other, but you can also use it to cut bread. A guitar is technology too, it's a high tech thing, like a piano or a plane. You said it already the other day:

      It's about balance, moderation, yeah.

      About Guy: Sometimes I got the impression, that he regrets to have left empire. He said that several times in his essays, if I remember right. If he regrets it, then he should go back maybe. I don't know the man, never met him. All I know is, that he went through some things, that I went through also. It's the confrontation with the ignorance of Empire. When you open ears, eyes, mouth, mind, then can never close it again, you can go back physically, but not mentally. Maybe he can find some compromise within Empire. He has a heavy load to carry, that's what I feel so far, when I see and hear him on his vids. I think, there isn't any problem, to critize, if there is a reason. I need critics as a feedback. Guy McPherson too. Every man needs critical feedback.

    8. " meanwhile, other things are around, too. things that are worth something Real, in that realm of vibrations you mention."


    9. Nemesis and LWA, something that just came my way. for you both,

      Kenny Burrell Solo - Tenderly

    10. Hey everyone. Sorry for bringing negative vibes into your space today. The vileness of some of the people at NBL finally sort of knocked me off line I guess. Good practice maybe, for something.

      mo flow, I’ve seen some of your conversations here at kuku now, and I really like where your head is at. Bravo on your beautiful unfolding, nicely done. I had no idea. You are very cool indeed.

      Thanks for the Kenny Burrell. I started my musical life as a very young jazz freak. I’d ask how you knew, but I already know how you knew, you just did. I’d also like to know how you got your html tag through the filter here. It rejected mine. ??? Have you learned to control the internet too?

      I need a serious pranayama fix before I speak anymore. Some ra ma da sa, sa say so hung.

      Peace and Love peeps.

    11. "Sorry for bringing negative vibes into your space today."

      LWA, that gave me a chuckle... OGF would know why! This site is littered with negative vibes. I get emails from friends and readers who implore me to say something positive every now and then. No worries, all vibes are welcome, just as they are.

    12. LWA ~

      yeah, it is good practice I think. for lots of things. I didn't feel anything more than some understandable frustration from you here in this space.

      I think your empathic nature perhaps just needs to be careful on NBL. if you put a ton of heart into what you are saying there, as you clearly do, it can be exhausting unless you completely turn it over to your higher power, and let it go. that keeps one from getting energetically entangled. that has been my experience, coming from a place very similar to yours.

      thank you so much for everything you are saying to me. that means a great deal to me, coming from you. I have greatly appreciated your presence, ever since you have arrived in our space.

      just write your html exactly as if you were doing it for a webpage, with the full <a href="" opening and closing tags, and it should work fine.

      and yes, as you know, I just knew. instantly. that feeling is unmistakable.

      peace & love.

    13. Technology is a strange thing. Much depends on what we mean by that word. Nature can indeed be considered technological, for, after all, most of man-made technologies mimic what's found in nature.

      Human deployment of technology has been mostly about overcoming the human condition, the limitations we perceive as being imposed upon us by nature and conquering nature itself. Seen in this light, technology needs to be questioned. Here are a couple of old posts on this topic -

      Technology, the Answer to all our Problems

      The Law of Diminishing Returns

    14. Very well said, mo flow - "I think your empathic nature perhaps just needs to be careful on NBL. if you put a ton of heart into what you are saying there, as you clearly do, it can be exhausting unless you completely turn it over to your higher power, and let it go. that keeps one from getting energetically entangled. that has been my experience, coming from a place very similar to yours."

    15. Nemisis, you are so kind. So glad you are here. Circle of life. I read each of you better than myself. Single handed sailor who once voyaged right through CERN. Lot's of concerns but infinite more love...where ever we all truly come from in this evolutionary stage, Satish often influences me right down to the soul. Roots & "Story of Life"

    16. "I just love that big ol' fire Satish keeps going. especially this time of year."

      It's about a year now since I first posted on NBL and met some of you fine folks! Very grateful!

      "Satish often influences me right down to the soul."

      Thank you, Mark.

  21. Satish,


    So the fundamental issue for me is not that people burn oil and coal and funnel the results into the air. It's that, so as to do that, they are permitted to bulldoze wilderness and cut down forests. Stop them doing that, and all the rest will follow (IMO).

    1. Sorry to have not commented on your initial blog topic Satish. There wasn't much to say, I found the guy in the limo to be absurd. I live in Alberta, yup, with those oil sands right up the way. Having grown up with rednecks I know the type well. Man was made to fuck shit up? Give me a break. Lose the 4X4 and get a head. Man was meant to evolve his consciousness ... it's always been the only game in town. Seeing the proportions of those who caught onto this compared to those who didn't, is a clear sign of how the culling is going to go down. Now there's a thought. Sorry, NBL has rattled me today. It's time for straight talk. No more pussy footin' around anymore, at least not today. ;)

    2. "They sure are going on about something."

      mouse in the house? :)

    3. "So the fundamental issue for me is not that people burn oil and coal and funnel the results into the air. It's that, so as to do that, they are permitted to bulldoze wilderness and cut down forests. Stop them doing that, and all the rest will follow (IMO)."

      I see them as related... if somehow, bulldozing wilderness and clear-cutting forests gets stopped, civilization's growth will slow down and its emissions should stabilize. Those Greenpeace activists who put their life on the line sometimes chain themselves to the machines to keep them from operating. The state hesitates to pass any laws outlawing clear-cuts or mining or other extractive activities within its borders because it's about economic growth. In fact, as part of the aid packages that the IMF and the World Bank doles out to so-called third world countries, government-sponsored development of their nation's extractive capacity is a required condition for receiving so-called aid. See this, for instance - https://www.imf.org/external/pubs/ft/survey/so/2014/bok080614a.htm

      This graphic illustrates it all (the soup we're in) very well -


    4. I need to make myself clearer. It's not that the two things aren't connected; it's more about what they call (if I'm correct) first principles. The thing about land that we've forgotten (or never properly learned) is to see worshiping land as a first principle. Burning oil and coal is not, for me, in that category. Defiling land would be a cause. Fossil fuel consumption would be a symptom. Paying attention to the cause obviates need to deal with the symptom. First things first.

      I have similar concerns about gun control. How does better monitoring of guns create a better country if the rulers are the criminals? Maybe a country with gun control would be easier for the criminals to control?

      So I may sound is thought I'm soft on fossil fuels and on guns. I'm somewhat indifferent to both. But a religion of land worship and a religion of altruistic governance will get rid of fossil fuel abuse and wanton gun violence, respectively. If we can't get to the root of the problem--what is essential, and what is more like symptom--we are hampered in the search for addressing them.

    5. I see what you mean... yes, mining and other extraction is a symptom of us first losing connection with land. Defiling land follows loss of connection, a failure to see it as sacred, and a failure to see everything that the land hosts as sacred. The Native Americans maintained a connection with their land. It was their very mother. They came from it and went back to it. All tribes all over the world know their land very well and know what it offers to them, and know what they need to do to take care of it in return, as the Kogi state in the film. Indigenous peoples have long known intimately what the forest provides them, in terms of foods, water, waste removal and other functions and they listened and learned to live within their means. These "services" today are "valued" in monetary terms and referred to as "ecosystem services".

      Perhaps what we could meditate upon is how the 95% of the population today that is disconnected from land (and that includes me) could regain that connection. How do city-dwellers regain connection with land, cities inherently being bubbles that separate man from nature to the point that most urbanites don't know where their food and water comes from?

      How do we reverse the cause of the symptom?

    6. "ecosystem services"

      I wonder what monetary value humans will place on the service Nature gives to us of making us extinct?



    7. The answer you ask for is in fact what you have helped to crystallize in me. It's about spirits, something that inspires more love than I can speak of. It's the understanding that all we experience is spirit. It is no less spirit for being urban than for being wilderness. All is sacred. And it's you who have made this as clear for me as it now is.

      I tend not to make a distinction between city and country. (This could be partly because I' don't know the studies that explain their differences.) The sun shines and rain falls on the city just like on the country/wilderness. In some way, I don't see how a thing without privacy and mystery, spied on by satellites from space always, can be truly wilderness. So the wilderness isn't more wild for me than the city. When you see the crack in the sidewalk as spirit, you are transformed with love and respect.

      The naked people in the Amazon (according to McKenna) walk around with boomboxes on their shoulders. Wilderness isn't wilderness anymore. The various compartments of humankind don't make sense to me any longer. The Kogi are in dialog with the Little Brother. Nearly every tribe has been chronicled and photographed...brought into the civilized realm. We're now all like one huge (and rather exciting) human collage.

      I'm disconnected from my computer, although I've learned to love my garden plants and treat them as individuals, and I sit and spend time with some of them. It's amazing what happens when I stubbornly spend time with something.

      But all that said, I'm most at home in my urban and suburban world. I imagine that more natural places can get along without me. I struggle and struggle to keep humans away from them. The way I see to do that is to supply all the human needs for wildness, freshness, peace into the urban and suburban and rural settings. I try to do that through design...but design which conserves and presrves rather than design which disrupts. Even the "growth" I might allow is made entirely invisible, or maybe so subtly apparent that it makes the scene seem less obtrusive than before it was added to. It requires an incredible amount of visual awareness and discrimination. This grows out of a most intense art education, as well as the serenity of my earliest environments. You learn how to make artifact disappear within the landscape...

    8. "How do city-dwellers regain connection with land, cities inherently being bubbles that separate man from nature to the point that most urbanites don't know where their food and water comes from? How do we reverse the cause of the symptom?"

      Satish, I was listening to a podcast recently that dealt with this issue; the suggestion was actually just to walk barefoot upon the Earth for half an hour per day. Perhaps that literal connection to the Earth can help our spiritual connection, too. It being winter here, I've not tried it yet, but come spring, I am planning on regularly muddy feet :)

    9. How about those polar bear club folks who jump naked into ice holes? Almost every time I get out on a nice snowy day with time to relax...not in bad conditions, of course, I do walk barefoot in the snow. (Just a few minutes) God knows I can still feel it. Sense memory. Crunchy cold & frozen toes!!

    10. "It is no less spirit for being urban than for being wilderness. All is sacred. And it's you who have made this as clear for me as it now is. I tend not to make a distinction between city and country. (This could be partly because I' don't know the studies that explain their differences.)"

      You're right... the spirit of Suburbia and "Urbia" :) have definitely been ascendant in recent times. So is the spirit of Capitalism. I didn't mean to associate the idea of the spirit to the idea of the sacredness... just that anything that matters has a certain spirit, or vitality, to it. Capitalism definitely has that motive force, the vitality, but it actually denigrates what used to be considered sacred.

      Regarding city vs. country, before we enter the debate, it would help to take ourselves out of the equation :) Our personal situations tend to color our thinking, one way or another, and keeps us from being critical of things we associate with ourselves. It's natural to do that. But to understand what's going on, we must become aliens for a little while, peering down from above, indifferent to how our study of "what is" enmeshes with personal circumstances.

      In a way, this gets to the very subject of this blog post, with cities seen as tumors on the face of the planet. It's very offensive to city-dwellers to be presented this view. As offensive to be told they are not unlike cancer cells. And yet, it's not my intention to demean or insult anyone at all, but to look at the current state of the planet from the point of view of someone who is not of this planet, not a human being, not a city-dweller, not a consumer. And you and I are all that, and more. Let's put aside, as much as we can, the emotions of guilt and culpability that inevitably arise when presented by such an alien viewpoint. After all, this is just one way of looking at it all. There are many other ways, and we talk about them in this space, in this very thread, in fact. We're all forms of the One. And the One is experiencing being a modern human in this day and age.

    11. I posted this piece previously about what a city means to Mother Earth -

      "When San Francisco was struck by a major earthquake in 1906, the city mostly burned to the ground due to the ensuing fires. If we listened, we might have taken it as a cry from Mother Earth. She was telling us we ought not to build a city like that. Cities are antithetical to sustainable living. The Mother shook us really hard. Before we invented language, we used to be able to listen better. But even after we invented language, we hardly missed such stark warnings from Mother Earth. What more do we want in the way of a warning than a devastating Earthquake? Many times in the past, when people still had the sense to listen to the Mother, cities were vacated, Civilizations were scrapped and people returned to living a way of life that was closer to the land. There were always people around who would show them the way.

      But in 1906 we didn't listen. We went right ahead and built a new city where the ashes of San Francisco lay. And this time, we one-upped and built Earthquake resistant buildings. It's as if we hear a fire alarm going off and instead of evacuating, we go right ahead and put on noise-cancelling headphones and continue playing our video game. And from the new San Francisco, we launched some of the most destructive arrows into the heart of Mother Earth. I wrote about the Imperial ambitions of San Francisco's founding families here - http://www.goingkuku.com/2014/12/imperial-san-francisco.html "

      I would highly recommend that book because it presents a rather interesting perspective on what makes a city a city. It's about where a city draws its resources from, it's impact on neighboring lands, it's impact on the cultures surrounding it, it's impact on its own residents, and the connection between the city and the sociopathic elites that are inevitably behind the growth of any city anywhere in the world.

    12. "I was listening to a podcast recently that dealt with this issue; the suggestion was actually just to walk barefoot upon the Earth for half an hour per day. Perhaps that literal connection to the Earth can help our spiritual connection, too."

      solivagant, I very much believe in "grounding" or "earthing". I used to rest my bare feet on the ground (haven't done it in a while) for a few hours every so often. This is a fascinating documentary on the health benefits of grounding - Grounded They show two potted plants, one grounded and the other not grounded, and the grounded plant grows faster and healthier.

      This is yet one more thing that the modern man has forgotten... to be connected to the Earth through bare feet.

      I think there's more to it than health benefits... like you say, it's spiritual. It's spiritual to be literally connected to the Mother.

      Also, wet soil is better than dry soil to plant feet on. More conductivity.

    13. "The naked people in the Amazon (according to McKenna) walk around with boomboxes on their shoulders. Wilderness isn't wilderness anymore. The various compartments of humankind don't make sense to me any longer. The Kogi are in dialog with the Little Brother. Nearly every tribe has been chronicled and photographed...brought into the civilized realm. We're now all like one huge (and rather exciting) human collage."

      Artleads, somehow, I seem to have a strange need to focus on unpopular viewpoints, the underdogs in the world of perspectives. And more often than not, these perspectives are rather depressing. It's not that I am drawn to depressing perspectives. I doubt that I am. Instead, I happen to think some of these perspectives capture the scene most brilliantly. Words that so succinctly explain what we see going on around us have an appeal to me.

      If this gets you down, please skip this comment. I won't mind at all. Really!

      So when I see "We're now all like one huge (and rather exciting) human collage." what comes to mind, from a rather materialistic, biological angle, is Dr. Hern's thesis, particularly, his words about de-differentiation.

      From Has The Human Species Become A Cancer On The Planet?: A Theoretical View Of Population Growth As A Sign of Pathology Page 13

      To the pathologist or oncologist, the term “de-differentiation” has a variety of meanings but it principally refers to individual cell type. A normal cell has a characteristic appearance that identifies the kind of tissue and even the organ from which it derives. Heart tissue has the appearance of muscle tissue and it can be identified as being from the heart. Columnar cells that line the bowel or cervix have typical appearances. Cancer cells tend to lose this differentiated appearance. The pathologist may be able to determine that a certain cancer cell is from adenomatous tissue but may not be able to tell whether it was originally from the breast, bowel, or parotid gland, or that a squamous cell cancer originated in the lung or somewhere else. Sometimes cancer cells just look like cancer cells but the general origin is not apparent. The less a cell appears to be from a specific kind of tissue, the more likely it is to be malignant; the more unidentifiable it is, the more likely it is to be part of a highly malignant and aggressive tumor."

      But for this process of de-differentiation, I wouldn't be here talking with you all... I wouldn't even have left my country. So I am not saying it shouldn't have happened. It has happened. Let's call it what it is. The gratitude that I feel in saying all this in the moment owes to the processes that have been afoot. Conversely, to deny the significance of the processes is to deny the significance of the moment. Perhaps I am just looking for ways to describe things and this comes the closest to it.

      All immigration can be seen in a different light from this standpoint of de-differentiation. All international air travel, container ship traffic, telecommunications, and the Internet are indications of de-differentiation. A uniform world-wide culture reigns. A human collage.

    14. Looks like I have a lot to say tonight... what a rush of energy, you all!

      Talking about the city, that paper by Dr. Hern (Has The Human Species Become A Cancer On The Planet?: A Theoretical View Of Population Growth As A Sign of Pathology) has much to contribute to our understanding of "the Urban Organism" (Page 5). I missed reading some of those sections before and they just caught my eye when I was looking for de-differentiation. Many references to the work of Lewis Mumford.

      Urban planners and students of human communities have for many years referred to their subjects in aggregate terms. Gruen’s (1973) depiction of “the urban organism” is shown in Figure 5. Lewis Mumford (1956) wrote that ancient cities, almost like tree-rings, could be dated in their new growth by the steady expansion of their outer walls. Now, with the phenomenon of ”conurbation,” as it was called by Patrick Geddes (1915), the new “…urban tissue was less differentiated than the old. It presented an impoverished institutional life; it showed fewer signs of social nucleation; and it tended to increase in size, block by block, avenue by avenue, ‘development by development,’ without any individuality of form and, most remarkably of all, without any quantitative limits” (Mumford 1956).

      In discussing ecosystem changes, including atmospheric and local environmental changes, brought by large urban settlements, Wolman (1965) refers to the “metabolism of the city.” The phenomenon of the “urban heat island” is well known and may contribute significantly to the process of global warming (Jordan and Rowntree 1986).

      Cities everywhere developed a process of “de-differentiation,” becoming superorganisms without form, invading and destroying the natural environment and expanding at a rapid rate. Gruen (1973), in his Centers for the Urban Environment, gives a phantasmagoric illustration of this idea, with the illustration’s title being “The City Devours The Countryside.” In the view of Ian McHarg (1969, the modern city is an ecological desert, hostile to human and other forms of life.

    15. Worth repeating... human beings are not cancerous by nature, and there's nothing inherently wrong or bad about us. We lived in harmony and balance for most of our time here on Mother Earth and respected her a lot. It's modern culture and modern stories that are cancerous. It's civilization that's cancerous. East or West, industrial or not, civilization sometimes does that runaway thing. We're just witnessing the moments when, after so many experiments all of which ended in a return to pre-civilized life, one attempt succeeded in taking hold. We get to see that. Behold!

    16. Satish,

      Part 1

      I'm sure I've heard about de-differentiation, although what you say freshens and clarifies.

      So let me see how I would try to sum up what we are saying:

      - The highly de-differentiated global population risks being like cancer cells.

      - The de-differentiation process is progressing worldwide at ravenous pace.

      - De-differentiation is not altogether inevitable or predictable in how it manifests, but can perhaps be slowed, modified, nuanced. There might, for instance, be forces that can only deal in black and white. So if he carries a boombox around, the next step would be clothes, processed food and eventual move to the city. I suspect that this force is real, and works consciously or unconsciously to produce outcomes of unnecessary degrees of differentiation. But with more sensitive and nuanced thinking, this de-differentiation dynamic could change a, b and c of a certain culture, while maintaining x, y and z. It is the indiscriminate, blind, trance-induced pressure to change EVERYTHING that I'm alluding to.

      - The thing about a collage is that you equalize a great variety of very different elements. In art, you don't have to paint them all over so that they are all very similar. You arrange them usually according to their differences but also according to how they can be organized together to make a whole bigger (and different) from the sum of their parts.

      So this is only a rough and preliminary continuation of the conversation. It's hard to think, so I hope the above is enough to take us to the next level.

    17. Satish, thanks so much for the grounding documentary. While I found the concept interesting, I hadn't seen any research done. Fascinating to see the effects on plants and people. You crystallised my intent to actually do this.

      I also wanted to say that I'm going to be able to interact less with blog as of Monday, unfortunately. To cut a long story short, as of around 3 years ago, it seemed to me that the world had gone so entirely insane and governments so openly criminal that I decided that the only thing to do was to "be the change", and given that I've long seen the banking system as the fundamental tool the psychopaths use to enslave humanity, I decided to become unbanked and untaxed. So I've spent that time visiting communities, working around bitcoin, doing whatever I can to make this vision real; as of Monday, I'm off to another community that is living with very limited electricity, as it's all off-grid, and as far as I'm aware, no internet. I'm going to try to start up something in the gift economy, growing lettuces, giving salad bags to people in the local community, and asking them to gift back whatever they think is reasonable. I'm hoping they offer coffee sometimes, ha. But that all means I'll be online much less; even though it's been a brief sojourn here at kuku, it's one of most interesting little communities I've ever been a part of, so many thanks for being our host. I will definitely check in when I can; I've been wanting to write a response to mo flow's experience of the One, but have had a screaming headache all day, so will get around to that tomorrow.

      Good night for now, and thanks again for this most excellent website and community.

    18. Solivagant,

      Hope you feel better. Sorry indeed to see you "go." But maybe you'll get a chance to look in now and then? Very interested to know how the gift economy goes. It seems that LWA could help with the psychology aspects of the surrounding community. But of course can't speak for him. Fare well.



      What you include below is extremely on target for the land use forum thread, and I posted it there. Much of this could have been written specifically for the city of Santa Fe, a poster child for all the "wrong" developments mentioned. Formless addition, gobbling up of county land and the most precious open space.

      It's perhaps noteworthy that Gruen publishes in 1915, around the time of massive change in transportation, switching from electric to gas. Pres. Wilson did some monstrous things that I can't remember the details of, but that changed the nature of America. There was war. The naturopathic medicine that had prevailed previously was routed at that time. It's as if greed got an institutional boost then, and somehow choked out quality in favor of quantity. More uniformity. More mercantilism. Less culture. Still, it strikes me that some land use sanity prevailed through the 20s, till perhaps the institution of planning took hold around 1928. The Great Depression might have slowed destruction, and the flood gates were opened after WWII.

      There promises (see a far more enduring and total economic crash coming soon, and the decline we already see, plus some public growth in awareness (not swearing to this), and there is the prospect of rethinking this character-less urban sprawl. In one way or another, this potential change has been a feature of the land use forum thread.

      "...the new '…urban tissue was less differentiated than the old. It presented an impoverished institutional life; it showed fewer signs of social nucleation; and it tended to increase in size, block by block, avenue by avenue, ‘development by development,’ without any individuality of form and, most remarkably of all, without any quantitative limits” (Mumford 1956).

      In discussing ecosystem changes, including atmospheric and local environmental changes, brought by large urban settlements, Wolman (1965) refers to the 'metabolism of the city.' The phenomenon of the 'urban heat island' is well known and may contribute significantly to the process of global warming (Jordan and Rowntree 1986).

      Cities everywhere developed a process of 'de-differentiation,' becoming superorganisms without form, invading and destroying the natural environment and expanding at a rapid rate. Gruen (1973), in his Centers for the Urban Environment, gives a phantasmagoric illustration of this idea, with the illustration’s title being 'The City Devours The Countryside. In the view of Ian McHarg (1969, the modern city is an ecological desert, hostile to human and other forms of life."

    19. solivagant ~

      "But maybe you'll get a chance to look in now and then?"

      I really hope so, too. it sounds like you are going into something really cool. it would be great to hear from you about your next adventure. good luck with scoring some coffee!! :)

  22. -
    I watched "Joe Rogan" (don't know that man). First thing that came to my mind was "Wow, big, fat stretch limousine"... what will this guy talk about? Oh, well, he talks about fucking up the planet^^ He said "We are here to eat the sandwich". Uhm, it will be more likely to come out, that we will be eaten up by Mother Nature, not the other way around. After all, Mother Nature has seen much tougher times, than the time since we've been around (wich is close to nothing, haha).

    Now I think of the Kogi people. I love their faces, their way to speak, to talk to us. I like the way they live in harmony with Mother Nature. They are no saints for shure, they don't need to be saints or have any superpowers. But they live face to face to reality and don't try to fuck with it, because they know, whoever tries to fuck with reality, will be fucked up. Sorry for the f-words, but it's true.

    So, I don't think, that human beings are "cancer" per se. The Kogi people are a living prove. And there are many, many others out there, who don't rape Mother Nature or fiddle around with reality. Most of the working class on this planet is still working mother Earth by hand, that's a fact. The big problems didn't come up with humankind, the real big problems came up with industrial civ combined with extreme capitalism in the 19th century.

    The main cause for the mess we are in isn't humankind as a whole, the main cause is greed, hatred and ignorance of some individuals. I still think, that the majority of humankind is not full of greed, full of hatred, full of ignorance.

    1. "So, I don't think, that human beings are "cancer" per se. The Kogi people are a living prove."

      True, it's not anything intrinsic to human beings that makes them cancerous. We've thrived in balance with land for 200,000 years, and even took care of the forests and the streams. Depending on who you ask, the cancer started in one or a few places only about 10,000 years ago, with agriculture, domestication of plants and animals, settling in villages, etc. But then, we still lived in relative balance with tribal people left alone by townsmen who struck a stable relationship with each other, trading forest goods for metal implements, etc. It's much more recently that civilization really turned deadly to others and to itself. It's been at warp speed for the last 200 years and especially the last 50 or 40.

      "Now I think of the Kogi people. I love their faces, their way to speak, to talk to us."

      That's what I was thinking too... what beautiful people. The smiles on their faces are not to be matched by most modern city folk thumbing their devices. At one point in the film, one of the Kogi even says they should respect and not scold the younger brother. Even after all we've done to their home and the planet at large! These indigenous peoples have compassion to match the most revered Buddhist monks.

    2. I second everything you said about civ 10. 000 years ago, when priests began to replace shamans (in India for example, when the Arians invaded her). And yes, it's much more recently that civilization really turned deadly to others and to itself.

      Yes, the Kogi are wonderful, natural, balanced human beings like some most revered Buddhist monks, exactly. We can see those relaxed calm and beautiful faces among all indigenous people mostly. But we can also find a small number of those faces right within Babylon, haha.

      There are some good things at least within all of us, Brahman, Buddha or whatever, names don't matter much. Everything, everyone has some cosmic spark, even the sheeples of Empire, haha. It's like an Epic, like the Bhagavad Gita or something. It's sad and it's funny, joy and suffering, it's the Cosmos, us and all.


    3. "It's sad and it's funny, joy and suffering, it's the Cosmos, us and all."

      us and all. I love this, and also your longer comment on NBL about the total inseparability of Oneness and Duality.

      this is actually at the heart of an extremely deep question, I think. is the One forced to create, infinitely, or does the One do this of its own free will?

      my strong feeling is the latter. maybe this is a personal preference somehow. :) but the idea of the inseparability of Oneness and Duality points to the former ~ that somehow the One is compelled to create. or creates as a kind of inescapable reflex.

      and yes, I do think it matters which side of this answer is closer to the truth.

    4. Good question, mo..."is the One forced to create, infinitely, or does the One do this of its own free will?"

      I would also want to believe it's the latter... it just seems more liberating and fair, just by it being the opposite of "forced". And then it starts looking like it's yet another duality... the One wouldn't fully enjoy the act of creation through free will unless the One, at least occasionally, experiences the act of creation through force, by being compelled to create.

      Can the One choose to not create? I wonder if that is basically "being", as opposed to "experiencing". Maybe the One can't help but move from one state to another. That would be that "inescapable reflex". It's hard for me to imagine that something is just out of control like that. Just goes on and on. It's like someone asked me to be happy because I have food to eat while a million others don't, and the One has to create those starving millions just to know what having food feels like.

      I use the word "occasionally" above to imply it need not be a 50-50 thing. That in order to appreciate light, one need not frequently run into a dark room to understand what darkness is, but the occasional trip or a memory of it would serve. So, perhaps, at the end of the day, there's more free will to go around than force, because the "occasional" experience of force is enough to fully experience free-will?

      It matters.

    5. you jumped right into the heart of where I was going with this, Satish.

      "It's hard for me to imagine that something is just out of control like that. Just goes on and on."

      yes, it is hard to imagine.

      "Can the One choose to not create?"

      if what Nemesis describes as the inseparability of Oneness and Duality is actually the truth or close to the truth, the answer would appear to be "No."

      but my question for that answer would then be: how could omnipotent, Total Being not be able to say "No" on any level it chooses?

      is the One compelled to create us, just so it can have the experience of what it means to say "Yes" and "No"?

    6. mo,

      When I said "It's hard for me to imagine that something is just out of control like that. Just goes on and on.", I meant to say, "it doesn't feel good to imagine that" That's what makes it hard!

      Yes, it would seem that the One would have a choice of saying Yes or No to anything. Back in college, a friend asked me the mind-bender, "can God create a rock so heavy that he cannot lift it himself?" Damned if you do, damned if you don't :)

      Here's what I find interesting: if there's an element of free will, why all the suffering? The existence of all the destruction and suffering we see going around us ought to be a fairly good argument for the presence of some kind of "force" as opposed to "pure free-will"? Would the One create suffering out of free will?

      And then, there's the question of boredom... perhaps it's not force, it's divine boredom... the One gets bored of "being" and decides to create and experience the creation... which still begs the question, why the suffering?

    7. When I said "It's hard for me to imagine that something is just out of control like that. Just goes on and on.", I meant to say, "it doesn't feel good to imagine that" That's what makes it hard!

      I suspect you meant it the same way when you agreed it's hard to imagine.


      What does it sound like if we switched one word in your last question above:

      is the One compelled to create us, just so it can have the experience of what it means to say "Yes" and "No"?

      re-framed as

      is the One motivated to create us, just so it can have the experience of what it means to say "Yes" and "No"?


      Does the element of force fade just a bit?

      Somehow, the presence of "force" causes me a certain discomfort. But then, humans don't make up anything that the One can't and if humans experience force, perhaps the One does too? Perhaps it's the One's reaction to force that matters more. But then, we're going way out there :)

    8. Perhaps the Omnipotent One chooses to experience non-omnipotence occasionally to fully enjoy the One's more prevalent state of Omnipotence. And when the One does that, it manifests itself as a massive Murre die-off on the Alaskan coast.

      Or human extinction after living in balance for 95% of our history on the planet. It's as if, all the indigenous peoples who ever lived over the last 200,000 years are getting a view of the other way of life, in full-color contrast to theirs, so they can be more grateful for their own, for all the sacrifices they made to keep their traditions intact, for the pains they took to reduce the pain of the deer they were about to shoot. One look at a concentrated animal feeding operation, and they get it, they know it was worth stalking the bloody deer for an hour just to get a few feet closer to it so they can deliver a more painless death. "Bloody" is my word, "sacred" might be closer to how they would have seen it.

      Is that what all this current suffering is all about? A contrast?

      Maybe an age of extremes must follow long years of relative tranquility and harmony. Maybe that's what the Buddhists are telling us with their sand mandalas. 4 hours of exquisite artistry with brilliant colors, washed off into a dust pan in 30 seconds.

      The above conjecture. with the indigenous watching us, assumes linear time doesn't exist, time itself being a creation of the One.

    9. I look to the gnostics for some interesting ideas on this. Their take on our world is that the Biblical creator is actually an insane being, that has managed to convince itself that is the One, and we're all suffering because of that delusion. They posited the existence of what they called archons, what we might today call an invading ET race that is beyond our level of reality, but act as an intermediary between the demiurge (the insane god) and physical reality; these beings, they suggest, are more machine-like, perhaps what we'd call artificial intelligence today, and as such are entirely without compassion, driven by their own version of the profit motive. The suggestion is that they are jealous of our innate, inner connection to the true One. Much of what I've read around the archons is very reminiscent of the greys, of modern UFO lore. This is all very similar to Castaneda's work, too, at one point Don Juan tells Castaneda that an alien, invading intelligence came to Earth, and peformed the dastardly deed of infecting the minds of the humans with their own minds, based around fear and scarcity. There is an interesting NDE where someone recounts meeting the demiurge at http://www.trickedbythelight.com/tbtl/interviews/Wayne%20Bush%2007-03-2015%20Interviews%20%20NDER%20Who%20Experienced%20A%20Demiurge%20Hi-Fi%20remastered.mp3

    10. "I suspect you meant it the same way when you agreed it's hard to imagine."

      yes I meant it exactly that same way. "it doesn't feel good to imagine that"


      in my experience of being the One, this was an absolutely central part of the feeling. it felt like I was OUT OF CONTROL.

      just like I had been "turned on" at some point, and it was now impossible to turn OFF. there was an element of compulsion there that was more than all encompassing.

      the extreme level of this...

      I will spend some time later getting into it, as it is very important to get it right and I need to take some time I don't have atm.

      I also want to get into more of these nuances here, like what solivagant is mentioning above. it is all super important, I think!

      I Didn't Mean To Turn You On

      but OOPS. someone did.

    11. here is a part of my experience of what I call my "big bangs" ~ the enlightenment experiences I was spontaneously gifted with when I was 18. this is an excerpt of something I wrote in a private email to a dear friend (who also happens to post here under a nick that has something to do with trees :)

      this excerpt directly relates to this discussion about the nature of the One, and the nature of Creation. that's why I am mentioning it here.


      I have read many accounts in NDEs that get very close to what I experienced. much of the language was/is very identical to the kinds of things I know from that experience.

      but I have never once seen anyone describe the experience the way I experienced it. or get there the way I got there.

      the experience I had was completely distinct, and it had several features that were unmistakable, that I have never seen in descriptions of NDEs.

      this is what it gets down to: I was ALL the way over, instantly.

      there was NO experience of Light, even the most intense Light that has been described.


      I was instantly on the absolute inside of where all Light comes from.

      inside the innermost Being of the One. the deepest that can be known. the deepest that actually exists. the deepest heart of the Being-Nature of the One.

      and I was utterly alone. not lonely. just alone. there was only one thing. me.

      what is completely clear, from this Singular Point of Being, is that the only way to experience myself, the only way to experience anything but my instantaneous, infinite, existence, was to create everything else, and then crawl inside that creation.

      it is only from the POV of that everything else, that I can actually see what I AM, from the outside.

      it is from that outside vantage point, that the Light is experienced. that Love is experienced.

      inside, there was no Light.

      and no "not-Light." no Love, and no "not-Love." no Union, and no "not-Union."

      it was just infinitely: alive, powerful, kinetic, solitary, eternal, BEING.

      not a single experience of anything else, just pure BEING. infinite beyond any conception of infinite.

    12. Time code wise only Mo can prove this SYNCHRONICITY...I just wrote him a private letter before I came to read here. And trust me I did not read here till now. I know I can't prove that, but I promise I was hearing this conversation matter in telepathy. In my mind somehow. I swear. Of all subjects on Earth you guy's are talking about it here. Okay I'll be quiet for a bit. I feel like I'm a human matrix glitch - I'm going back into the system...but I'm just bursting with all this info, FRACTALS, of infinite reality all contained fairly neatly in a mental compartment. "Party in the first part" Sanity Clause...I will mind my manners and matter till I can properly add just ONE more thing to all the light from each of you poring forth above. I read Carlos on my first sailing adventure to Puerto Vallarta, Yelapa and the Galapagos 91-92. Mo knows a lot of private stuff about my NDE & group contact experience. I'm an open book about all that, now that I wrote it out for him first. Still there is something about 'my' experience inside the One/None, that speaks to me. Ship, there I go violating the Sanity Clause. But there is something to add to the dual creative evolution of quadtrillions to 1010 -o..()

    13. synchrotelepathy verified. that was very niftly.

      talking to myself, alone in the singularity.

    14. Thank you, mo flow, for relating your experience. WOW! Pure Being, being "out of control"... fascinating to ponder over. Experiencing it is one thing, imagining what that might be like is something else. I'd like to think there's somewhere in there a link to the idea of "surrender". I'm wondering if there'a connection between feeling out of control and feeling a sense of surrender. Feeling out of control is a distinct feeling, perhaps like feeling dizzy with the world spinning around us, almost blurry, and realizing we're unable to do anything about it. I think it can be distinguished from feeling a sense of surrender, whether voluntary or not.

    15. "This is all very similar to Castaneda's work, too, at one point Don Juan tells Castaneda that an alien, invading intelligence came to Earth, and peformed the dastardly deed of infecting the minds of the humans with their own minds, based around fear and scarcity."

      Those ideas of fear and scarcity must have come from somewhere. They are the marks of sociopathy.

    16. "I'd like to think there's somewhere in there a link to the idea of "surrender"."

      to be really clear and succinct, what I felt, exactly, as to what was going on:

      the One surrenders, completely, to its own nature.

      then it is out of control.

      it is out of control in that way. truly. it has to be, because if your own nature is to BE the infinite, you don't have any luxury to stop and think, about anything. it all has to BE,

      right NOW.

      but what is the One surrendering to? its own nature. what is that nature, in truth? aside from being infinitely creative, it is

      ~ infinitely loving,

      ~ instantly forgiving,

      ~ boundlessly merciful.

      the One can indeed trust itself, with anything. with even being infinitely OUT OF CONTROL.

  23. Correction:

    The Kogi people are a living proof.

    ... I should always check the dictionary, haha.

  24. I'd like to share some tune my gee- tar told me the other day, sistren and brethren. It goes like this:

    Oneness and Duality are One. No chance, to separate them.

    Discriminate Duality and you discriminate Oneness. Discriminate Oneness and you discriminate Duality.

    Now, that's a paradox, isn't it?


    Whoever says "Everything is One, there is no Duality" is wrong. Whoever says "Everything is Duality, there is no Oneness" is wrong again.


    1. Ah, yes, I was thinking about this the other day... between all the arguments and debates between the dualists and the non-dualists, we forget that one can't be made sense of without the other. There's the here, the there and the in-between. So we have the dualists, the non-dualists and the duel between them :)

      The creation around us seems to be full of such contrasts that bring clarity. Clarity needs contrast.

      I believe you said this on NBL... the material world wouldn't make as much sense but for the existence or the idea of the non-material world. And vice versa.

      One can focus on the material world and ignore the non-material world but one then doesn't get to the edges of the material world, and in not venturing to the edges, the boundaries, one remains out of view of the non-material world. To be Scientistic is akin to sticking to the middle, the center of the material world, and is an indication of a hesitation to venture toward the edges.

      What a fine discussion we got going here!

    2. So we need both, ratio and intuition. Balance of ratio and intuition/Inspiration. Like some good artist or some venerable buddhist monk. Lots of genius scientists had, and have, no problem with religon/spirituality and lots of spiritual people have no problem with science. Buddha had a scientific mind and he had also an intuitive mind, Tonal and Nagual in Balance.

    3. The fight between some scientists and some religious people leads to nowhere, haha, it's like a fata morgana.

    4. I had to look up "fata morgana"... and this image came up - http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-mqpvbThOMdE/T5CDRTQq9RI/AAAAAAAABQ8/olcaT2s9rAc/s400/fata+morgana.jpg

    5. I happen to think all the indigenous peoples are especially brilliant scientists. They are well trained in the art of patient observation. Modern man equates Science to being able to build airplanes but that's just an example of how Science can be put to use. Isn't Science more about careful observation and inference, rather than jumping off the cliff with a pair of flappy wings and ultimately succeeding with a fixed-wing design. I bet no indigenous person died in the service of "Science" :)

      I know... I'm being too critical of modern man!

    6. "They are well trained in the art of patient observation."

      Seems to me (may be wrong amongst all the fantastic philosophers on KUKU) that a parallel is in the field of today's Medicine.

      Fully 50% (or, in fact more) of determining the correct diagnosis(es) in a patient USED to be the taking of the history and observation of the patient.

      Now-a-days the (so-called) trained professional is only given a very short time(sometimes mere minutes) for this step of the process. Emphasis now is always the physical exam and testing because money has to be generated in this untoward society. Used to be that Doctors used to spend a lot of time with patients. It is a critical step that is lost today amongst the dollar bills.

      Not too critical at all, Satish!

    7. Oh dear, you are my Nemesis,,,Love it. YES & NO and a bit Mo...ho ho ho...paradox out of Schrodinger's box. Dead and alive. Dancing with Pandora...a whisper in the ear,

      Infinity has to include absolute nothing. (which is still something)

      A true infinity test: If there is anything the infinite can not include (including being non-infinite..just a subatomic spec for a nanosec...) Then it is not a true infinity. Trillions more galore.

      Infinite, infinities for Goldilocks planets in just the right space. Both by accident & by intelligent design it was INSURED, Some multi-layered universes are briefly just right. Much to our paradoxical experience of delight ****
      Mobeus band perfectly smooth reversal in the infinite.

    8. LWA,

      I just thought of a way to see the latest posts on one menu. You might have thought of it too. Just do control/f and in the resulting window at the top you put in the date(like january 8) and then all you need is to click on the numbers in sequence. Hope that helps.

    9. "Used to be that Doctors used to spend a lot of time with patients. It is a critical step that is lost today amongst the dollar bills."

      Ah, Shep, I have so much to say about medicine but I won't... some other day...

      I totally agree with you.

    10. -
      " is the One forced to create, infinitely, or does the One do this of its own free will?"

      Why don't we ask a seven year old child about that? You see me laughing and I mean it. I really think, the most complicated questions of philosophy, religon, science ect can only be answered by little childs. Or maybe by flowers, trees or mountains. And I see them, the childs I mean, laughing about such questions :-)

      We'd like to find some ultimate ground, some ultimate, intellectual answer. But the answer is already there, all the time. Aren't we like somebody, who is searching for his glasses, while having it right in his face?

      The cosmic source within is the source of determinism and free will and it is the source of duality and oneness, also the source of science and religion, the source of theism and atheism, the source of real and unreal. This is, what OGF called:

      " I would have given you living water from which you never thirst again." Oh, yeah."

      To drink from this water means, that you drink from the source of all things and no- things, the source of all questions and answers within. There is a (karmic) dialog (monolog?) going on within, all the time. This dialog is a manifestation of the source within:

      A living spring of images, words, emotions, breathing in, breathing out, Karma and Vipaka, Seed and Harvest, like a field or a garden, all the time. This source within knows of no final end, because it is the source of all beginnings and all endings. It is the cosmic source of all births and deaths, even the source of all extinctions. We come from it, we are in it right now and we go into it when we die (what else?). So, what are we searching for? Liberation? Yes. Peace within? Yes. Satisfacion? Yes. Wisdom? Yes. It's all there, within.

      " really, this place is infinite. we are infinite. there is lots to discuss, lots to explore, lots to figure out, lots to be wrong about, and revise over and over, if necessary.

      there is also lots to be right about, like being true to ourselves. we can't ever go wrong with that.

      Yes, for shure- Rock on! Love the report of your experience, sounds familiar!

      @Mark Austin

      You are a musician, a singer, a cosmic rock'n roller. I love your comments, Sir Mark Austin, yes I do. You embrace the whole damn thing, you drank from the water.

      " If there is anything the infinite can not include (including being non-infinite..just a subatomic spec for a nanosec...) Then it is not a true infinity."


    11. @Satish Musunuru

      Yep, I Fata Morgana is a mirage. Scientists and religious people who fight against eachother, are hunting a mirage.

      " I happen to think all the indigenous peoples are especially brilliant scientists."

      Yes, they are. The difference is, that indigigenous people don't abuse science to exploit and rape Mother Earth and other human beings. In modern society a lot of science is abused to get control over Mother Nature, over other human beings and to earn much money. But in the end, if climate change destroys agriculture and water-cycles, the best modern science is just worth nothing anymore, haha. Science and technology without respecting Mother Nature, science without wisdom and ethics is a Death Science, a dead science. Modern man abuses science to avoid ethics much too often. Modern man tricks himself this way very badly.

    12. Sorry, correction:

      " I Fata Morgana is a mirage." should be:

      " A Fata Morgana is a mirage."

    13. "Why don't we ask a seven year old child about that?"

      I am an insatiably happy seven year old child!!

      actually much younger than that, and feeling quite fine.

      infinitely satisfied and infinitely hungry for MORE! the definition of OC peaceful paradox. that's me.

    14. Ooouh yeah, that sounds real good. This is what I want:

      Being happy and seeing others around me being happy too.

      No, I won't ask, If you are determined to be happy or if it's because of free will :)

  25. for all around our warm fire tonight,

    Gayatri Mantra

    1. .
      Love it. Gayatri mantra, thanks for this mo flow, I’d never heard this version before. I use the Deva Premal version. I’ll link it for you, or maybe you’ve heard hers already. You would loop (or repeat) her video four times to get the whole 108 repetition. For other readers who don’t know, Gayatri mantra is the most ancient mantra there is (that is known of), and is used to invoke the divine Mother. Wery wery cool.

      Deva Premal Gayatri Mantra

      I mentioned how things don’t have to be understood or believed, only just heard? Yes, Sanskrit doesn’t have to be translated, it shouldn’t be even. It’s just the vibration of the sounds and also the physical vibrations on various nerve centers within the mouth with the tongue that are what matters. For those who are wondering,

      I do Kundalini Yoga as my main meditation practice, because it involves a lot of chanting (singing) and I like to rock out.

      The one I was going to do the other day was for healing (by Snatam Kaur … my fav chant artist, she rocks, er um, she chants.)

      Ra ma da sa

      For those who want to know the translation.

      Ra = sun energy
      Ma = moon energy
      Da = earth energy
      Sa = infinity, universal energy
      Sa (repeated)
      Say = the personal embodiment of Sa
      So = the personal sense of merger with Sa
      Hung = the Infinite, vibrating and real

      This mantra literally means: “I am Thou."

      On my emails, I end with an inserted signature saying:

      In Lake'ch - I am another yourself.
      (Mayan code of honour)

      Ra Ma Da Sa Healing Meditation

      Sit in easy pose with your legs crossed and spine straight, or sit in a chair with feet flat on the floor.

      Focus: Eyes are closed and focused at the third-eye point (slightly crossed and up toward the forehead, they will naturally cross themselves.)

      Mantra: Ra Ma Da Sa, Sa Say So Hung. The mantra should be sung in one complete exhalation. As you chant the first Sa, your navel point is pulled in so that this syllable is abbreviated. You should also pull your navel point in as you chant Hung. Hung should be vibrated at the root of the nose. The rest of the syllables are drawn out in a strong, powerful chant. Strive to keep your chant at full volume (loud but not raucous) throughout the meditation.

      Cheers fellow travelers.

    2. "For other readers who don’t know, Gayatri mantra is the most ancient mantra there is (that is known of), and is used to invoke the divine Mother."

      I didn't know this. it just came to me, for the first time ever, as far as I know, and it had to come here. immediately.

      I will listen to the Deva Premal version. thank you.

      "I mentioned how things don’t have to be understood or believed, only just heard?"

      you don't say! :)

      "I do Kundalini Yoga as my main meditation practice, because it involves a lot of chanting (singing) and I like to rock out."

      now... this rocks my world. truly.


    3. Kundalini yoga is the oldest form of Yoga there is. It was brought here by a fellow named Yogi Bhajan, who was forbidden to share it with the west, and came here and did it anyway. It is considered a technology for transforming consciousness, and does not focus on religious concepts.

      One cute story is that the 1969 farm where the original Woodstock event was held was his residence. He loved our western music around the time of the hippy movement and saw it as vibrational healing. The whole Woodstock event started with a corny little Kundalini Yoga session down below the stage, and then the insanity ensued.

      There is a rare film of this moment that I was shown at a teacher training seminar. It’s so funny … this little tiny chanting session … and the BAAAA WAAAAA, the hugeness started. It made me grin.

      Go Yogi Bhajan.

    4. Ace Ventura - Psychic Experience

      oh, I'm never going to stop.

      never. I just love that bass way too much.

  26. Hi Satish,

    What a wonderful flowering of comments on kuku! The problem I have, however, is that there no longer seems to be a tab (?) at the bottom of comments page that brings the latest comments up in chronological order. Can you help me with that?

    1. Yes Artleads, good observation. I was wondering if there was such a feature too. I like the threads within threads format, but if we're going to dig in and save the world here we're going to need a way to jump to new comments quickly. Chronological order would help me sometimes as an option too.

      I haven't abandoned you all, I'm just sorting myself out is all and regrouping.

      Thanks mo and Satish for the reminder not to get flummoxed by the NBL crowd. I do think a break from there is in order for me. Once the cool people quiet down, it becomes monotonous there to me for some reason.

      Peace and Love.

      P.S. I actually wrote a huge discourse up on my NDE. Really, huge so far. Too huge, in fact. I'm too chicken to post it though. Not even sure if it really wouldn't do more harm than good to the spirit of discovery here.

      I don't stay fixed in my thinking, and it changes, I wouldn't want my uncertain and ponderous ramblings to give anyone any wrong ideas.

      Garbage in garbage out you know.

      Like Satish says, and I agree, the stories we tell ourselves and fill our heads with matter a lot. I am certain of nothing, and my NDE is layered with uncertainty and pondering. All it really did was open a door to more and different questions for me, based on a few radical observations that aren't even all that clear in themselves either.

      I'll sit on it for a bit. Maybe bury it in the site somewhere and hint at it's location. Spare myself any humility from lurkers.

      Anyway, ya ... the new posts tab would help us here. Cheerio everybody. Mmmm. Cozy fire, it's cold in Alberta today. I hope they can't start their trucks at the oil sands pit today. :)

    2. LWA,

      Welcome with the uncertainty. I'm sure it will fly very well on kuku. That's why I feel so free here. No need for certainty. :-)

    3. "Not even sure if it really wouldn't do more harm than good to the spirit of discovery here."

      being infinite, I'm sure we can handle our frontiers being stretched out a bit more. :)

      keep in mind there is actually a word length limit in the post window here. if long, you will need to break it into several pieces.

      "I wouldn't want my uncertain and ponderous ramblings to give anyone any wrong ideas."

      you are God.


      really, no more excuses LWA. '-) just to egg you on a bit, I'm going to post above something I wrote about my own big bang experience of being the One. this is just one small part of it, though. there is much more. much of that experience just comes out in who I am and what I write about. some more I will write about directly in the near future, as it is very relevant to that sub-convo above.

      really, this place is infinite. we are infinite. there is lots to discuss, lots to explore, lots to figure out, lots to be wrong about, and revise over and over, if necessary.

      there is also lots to be right about, like being true to ourselves. we can't ever go wrong with that.

    4. "Welcome with the uncertainty. I'm sure it will fly very well on kuku. That's why I feel so free here. No need for certainty. :-)"

      Yep... no need for certainty...

      Modern man has a fixation with absolutes, and likes predictability. Ambiguity is scary. Not so here, I'd like to think :)

  27. Oh, my god, I made a woman cry today at the post office talking about the environment. mo is very familiar with my stories about my little outings here in Sillywa, Alaska, and I shared a recent story with Mark and Satish, also, about a man and eggs, and a discussion on animal cruelty at the egg counter at the grocery store. If the egg guy had been a woman I probably would have made him cry, too, but he wasn't and he didn't. The punch line to that story is that while I was shopping for eggs, a man decided to strike up a conversation about how funny it is that people care about free-range chickens and their happiness. He had no way of knowing that he was talking to a vegetarian with a pet chicken living in a spare room in the house, and the makings of a new chicken coop in storage because of my feelings about how people treat chickens. He had no way of knowing these things, and he opened his mouth anyway.

    Today's drama had a great ending. Unlike some people, I have a lot of respect for some aspects of religion, including quite beautiful religious texts, including the Bible, most of which I have read for myself, with just a few OT exceptions. There's a lot in there, but that doesn't mean that's it's all to be taken literally, or taken at all if you don't understand it. A consequence of my attitude is that I will engage with religious people of all stripes, including the most fundamentalist types, and I try to do so with compassion.

    One of my favorite experiences occurred with a Jehovah's Witness evangelical who had come to my door. The person was a very, very tall middle-aged woman who was absolutely paralyzed with anxiety. She started rattling off her canned message, clutching her Bible and staring out somewhere past my shoulder while she talked without ceasing for over five minutes. It was all "the Bible says, the Bible says . . ."

    Finally she came up for air. I had done nothing but stand and watch while she nervously gave her programmed talk. When she took a short breath I grabbed both of her arms and looked into her eyes and passionately said, "Yes, and it also says 'be still, and know that I am God.'"

    The woman was stunned. She totally relaxed, looked at me and with all sincerity said, "Thank you." Then, she turned and walked away. I was so glad to be of help.

    1. Well, today's story about making a licensed therapist cry while standing in line at the post office for an hour is really, really long. I don't know if I even have the energy to write it all out, but the short version is I ran into another fundamentalist who overheard me talking to someone else and decided to "help" me, because I needed (in her opinion) my attitude adjusted, but her approach was more of a therapist than an evangelical. She was both, and she had it all mixed up in her head. That poor woman. She had no idea what she was getting into. None of them do . . .

      We had a very interesting talk, that was beautifully real, if not one of total harmony, but it was something we both were very glad occurred, at least she said she was glad and I know I was, so I guess we were both glad. Essentially she cried because I challenged her approach, which she plainly stated was to "help" me because she thought my attitude was too "negative." I told her she was arrogant to approach me with such a presumed superiority, and I wasn't interested in her value judgments but I would be happy to talk about facts, statistics, Fukushima, the albedo effect, etc.

      She understood exactly what I was saying, and she was humble enough to respect it. She apologized and I accepted her apology. The truth was, the woman was not knowledgeable enough to discuss the environment, so she wanted to discuss things like attitude, and negativity (don't they all). And I'm not easily manipulated, or bullied into those abstract conversations anymore. And she cried.

      At the end of my talk with the woman, the man who I was talking to originally, who stood in front of me and the other woman and had been quiet for over 30 minutes while she and I talked, finished his task at the window. He turned and asked if he could hug me. I told him, of course, and he gave me the biggest, strongest, sweetest hug I've had in a really long time. Then he hugged the other woman, too. It was one of the cutest things I've seen anyone do in a while. Then I did my business, and I hugged her, too. Then I went to the grocery store where I managed to pick up several items without traumatizing anyone around me.

    2. .
      Oh my goodness OGF, I needed a good laugh today, and you gave it to me. No from your story per say, but from this line …

      Then I went to the grocery store where I managed to pick up several items without traumatizing anyone around me.

      Oh my, I’m still smiling.

      Hey, I decided one day to read the whole new testament at one point in my seeking. I thought it was great, like Carlos Castaneda’s, but even better sometimes. However, I saw in it little to do with what I see going on in churches today. I was so excited about the message I thought I heard from it that for awhile I went into churches to discuss it with clergy and priests. I was always asked to leave eventually.

      I used to like discussing it with the JW’s when they came around, until they told me once it was of the devil to interpret it myself, and sent their leader around to try and put the fear of god into me, so I lost them as people to discuss the bible with. I was being an ass either, I was genuinely excited to talk with someone about it, until I always only ended up traumatizing them, that’s why your statement made me grin OGF.

      I’ve always been respectful to others religions around me all my life too, although I do have an opinion about some of them. I apologize in advance if I ever sound rude in reference to fundamentalists. It’s just that for a decade I’ve lived right next to and across from three powerful Mormon families who have gone out of thei way to try and chase me off their block. I can’t leave, under my current circumstances in life, so I don’t, so I get vandalized, and ridiculed, and slandered, and egged, perpetually. Before I came to NBL I’d spent 6 months on an escape from Mormonism site learning why this goes this way with the Mormons, and in how to cope with living with them. So if I get edgy sometimes, please forgive me.

      I may throw out some NT stuff here and there in a completely radical way from how most people interpret it. Please no one be offended. I’ve lost friends who were silent Christians just because of some of my interpretations of the New Testament. And I’m not being a jerk when I discuss it either; I saw amazing stuff in there. Just not mainstream I guess. It’s a touchy subject for people for sure.

      Then I went to the grocery store where I managed to pick up several items without traumatizing anyone around me.

      Oh my, did I ever need that today! I love you OGF.

    3. I'm glad you like the story, LWA. I think a lot of it is funny, and if you don't think so, read it again, because I was laughing the entire time I was writing it.

      You can talk to me about the Bible, or the Bhagavad Gita, or the Tao, or anything like that. That stuff is a major love of mine. I love Buddhism. I have a wonderful book, the 100 parallel sayings of Jesus and the Buddha. It is very cool. Both books of the dead, Milarepa - Tibet's Greatest Yogi, and so on. For myself, I have examined a lot of what most people would refer to as "new age" stuff, which I think The Celestine Prophecy would qualify as, and I find that I am actually more inclined toward traditional mysticism than I am things like the Celestine Prophecy, Marianne Williamson or Wayne Dyer. I have a deeply traditional streak in my character from growing up with Native American culture. But I've read almost all of it. I began with traditional metaphysics as teenager, but actually I had already read a book about Edgar Cayce and another about Croiset the Dutch psychic by the time I was eleven. I came by this stuff honestly, and my mother had the books lying around. I never saw my mother be psychic, but she certainly had a good idea that things were going on. My great-grandmother, however, was beyond scary. I seem to have inherited her stuff, or maybe it was all the time I spent with her when I was very young, which was a lot of time. Either way, I think I'm some kind of gnostic-Buddhist-savage, and I love it all.

      I especially love Peace Pilgrim, and a few other unusual saints, and I really love the NT - "I would have given you living water from which you never thirst again." Oh, yeah.

      I also love Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle, Anthony de Mello, Francis of Assisi, Ken Keyes, and a host of other people.

  28. Love reading all above. Absorbing, before I say more, respectively, with quality time.

    At CERN headquarters a symbol of Shiva, the (Hindu God of Destruction) dancing the cosmic dance of death and destruction can be clearly seen at the CERN facility. Is the Shiva statue in front of CERN a Symbolic declaration of CERN’s ultimate intention to bring on a new age of destruction to this planet?

    When I was inside CERN in 2009, they pointed out other Shiva emblems, dancing in a ring of fire. Circle of life?

  29. at the bottom of the page beneath the word "Home," I see is this: Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom)

    The "Post Comments (Atom)" is a link that will bring up the most recent 25 posts in chronological order. It's really handy.

    1. OGF,

      Unlike when you first pointed this out, all I get now is code.

    2. oh, dear. Sorry about that. The control f function is for you, then.

    3. This is the kind of information driving me to claim that wilderness is no more...

      Marty Says:
      January 8th, 2016 at 3:37 am
      A carbon sink that can’t be filled

      Forests can store as much as 45 percent of the world’s terrestrial carbon, making them a critical part of the process of regulating climate change. As global temperatures rise, though, the organic matter in forests appears to break down more quickly, accelerating the release of carbon into the atmosphere. This surprising conclusion comes out of a long-term study that was intended to find means to mitigate global warming, not exacerbate it.


    4. The ATOM thing works great for me. Thanks!

    5. Or if wilderness can be said to exist, it can't be dichotomous with artifice. Is that what is meant by living in the anthropocene? Isn't everything urban now? No going back; only forward? If so, how? How do you distinguish between harmful and benign human intervention? Can aesthetics be a guide?

    6. I just want to share a bit from work today.

      Possibly the Brain Signal Transduction in development, Portions are contracted to labs in 5 countries (including component design & system coding in Norway & Sweden) Is a part of the Blue Beam satellite display network. It was better that I show it on YouTube rather than tell. I was in Dubai doing gvt grant management for an ILM Holographic expert D McBain & his team who also have a contract with NASA.

      No alarm. Just stuff in process that could manipulate the public if it gets used in a more invasive way. Just something to think about, because I do want to show you some more of what DARPA & MAX PLANCK and many other labs are formulating. They know there is already a decade of extreme speculation and distorted stories out in the fringe media (not here of course) digging into projects that have grown too large to keep secret. Especially since it is connected to the 5.6 Billion bio budget. It is a ten minute international planned EVENT “Show case” involving International Space Station & INTERNATIONAL Satellite applications.

      I am only a messenger of actual technology in process. Disturbing? Amazing? Population Controlling? Shock & Awe before the plug is pulled on purpose in the future? Possibly all of the above? The only thing I will dare say is that HONESTLY, corporations and Bio-tech do make all sorts of plans and REAL things are in development. Strange truth in where much of “scientific” humanity is directed. My very last USA port of call – Admin job – was very specifically choosen to share & show, things that could happen as soon as $ billions invested are ready for testing.

      Personal Note: Drilling into Earth's mantel, all the way through the crust is happening with full scale equipment. Huge Ocean rigs. Many things they hope to extract from the mantel layer that might help reduce atmospheric Methane once the microbes are genetically enhanced. Yet, wouldn’t it make more sense to reduce fracking & agriculture methane sources first? Sort of like insisting on a cure for cancer but refusing to stop smoking 3 packs a day. Then again some say the hardest thing to change is public habits. It took less effort to build the first atomic bomb than have General Mc Arthur invade Japan. Believe it or not the military-industrial complex is a global power. It is moving forward. BLUE BEAM has many aspects for those who want to see what is in progress. Please take a tour of the Pentagon or Kremlin. Both sides and especially Beijing, are planning for ways to manage climate change mass panic & civil disruptions. In some ways it is the same as prepping and trying to secure your own house. Unless we get hit by an actual asteroid, factories and labs are now in full gear to create all sorts of solutions. Maybe none will work. Okay…I’m just saying. I have a work report in progress to provide better bits of explanation. Your reactions of any sort are very helpful.

      ARTLEADS – FPL Ft Pierce Nuclear visitor center “Energy Encounter” is going to feature water reclamation. Exactly as you inspired. It will catch and contain rainwater for our little radioactive resistant plant garden. Hemp plant not yet approved.

      OLD GROWTH FOREST, I pray some day you will know how much that Peace Pilgrim book you passed on in LA 1981 meant to me. I know I'm taking an odd path, but total peace and surrender is on the way. LOVE to LWA & all

    7. "Many things they hope to extract from the mantel layer that might help reduce atmospheric Methane once the microbes are genetically enhanced. Yet, wouldn’t it make more sense to reduce fracking & agriculture methane sources first? Sort of like insisting on a cure for cancer but refusing to stop smoking 3 packs a day."

      I agree with you, Mark. This is exactly how I see it too. I'm just watching a documentary about Hurricane Sandy called "Shored UP." The idiocy of the developers valiantly fighting the sea, building right up to the edge.

      Yes, the scientists and their hard headed physical materialist allies undermine the humanities, and it's the humanities that could change behavior. (Some aspects of science too, of course). Science is not values driven, yet it's been allowed to set all the values. The triumph of science. The end of the world. Wonderful. Let's raise a glass to that.

      Maybe I'm alone in this, but I suggested in the penultimate NBL thread that we can heal the earth with chi just as we heal our bodies. But everybody would have to been cooperating on that. And then of course, I could be wrong.

      Thanks for your work with rain water catchment (and hemp). If I could only get that going here!

      Stay well. Great work!

    8. Maybe I'm alone in this, but I suggested in the penultimate NBL thread that we can heal the earth with chi just as we heal our bodies. But everybody would have to been cooperating on that. And then of course, I could be wrong.

      You are not wrong Artleads. Ii will, however, take tremendous cooperation. And of course you can't keep opening a wound if you want it to heal. The first step in healing is to stop hurting yourself.

      I hold a group earth healing meditation night once in awhile. When I meditate, I often ask the healing to go out to mother earth if I don't feel I need the healing for myself.

      I reiki my food before I eat it, like Emoto showed works with water. I reiki my cat to. But you should ask before sending healing energy to other people, or at least ask their higher selves.

      Mother earth is always down with being loved though.

      You have a good idea.

    9. Thanks, LWA. I agree with this in every way. But although I say it with reluctance, I love *things* most of all.

    10. Thanks Artleads. Don’t get me wrong, I do ‘things’ to. I just assume that’s inevitable and a given that since we are on and so familiar with the material plane. I have limited resources to affect or influence ‘things’ at the same time though, so I just make it my ‘thing’ to be an advocate for some of the non material ‘things’ a lot of our culture has cast aside and ignored. We’re all trying here, and the right intention is there. We go where we’re called to be of service, I think. It’s ALL good and helpful. This just wound up being my calling is all, but of course it integrates with the physical too. That’s the whole point here on earth, we are humans at the moment after all. Good one’s many of us too, and not all cancers, IMO.

    11. .
      Actually Artleads, I didn’t quite catch the meaning of your comment to me, actually. Let me clarify something. Consciousness raising is not something I advocate for to get people to tune out or disengage from the material world. Quite the opposite. If you take a typical redneck (and I do this as my calling and have done this with thousands of people now over the years) but if you take a redneck, put them onto some technology to shift their consciousness, they will stop being a redneck after awhile. The greed goes away. The fear goes away. The selfishness goes away. It changes people on a radical level … this is what I do for mother earth. Workshops, classes, counseling, the whole bit.

      I very much appreciate your ideas about how to build efficiency and better living spaces and all the physical stuff. However, if you are just going to fill them with greedy rednecks it will not be enough to change our world. That is where my role comes in. You build the cities, and I will build the people. I don’t teach them anything though, Mother nature built this tech into us for exactly the purpose I am using it for. You build the physical structures if that is your calling. I will build the proper sorts of people to live in them. Or, more accurately, nature will do what I just ignite a technology in them (and no, remove from your head ideas of Mormons and Christians and Muslims … this is nothing like that garbage from empire.)

      This isn’t navel gazing I’m doing here. I, quite away from the imagery world of the internet, have a business that I built that has touched and changes thousands of people now over the past ten years and turned some of the most screwed up redneck materialistic people into environmentally conscious, non materialistic people; where they used to be BMW driving lust factories, they are now in conscientious service to their community. I play an important role in change. Without me, your cities will be filled with rednecks. This isn’t naval gazing. My efforts to experiment with reaching a wider audience on places like NBL have proven fruitless. Hey, it’s the internet, I tried. I’m glad in real life I can see the effects of altering people’s consciousnesses in a way that effectively wakes people up and radically changes them, removing the programming of empire from their minds. This isn’t about religion. This is about change.

      It’s become a common experience for me to see people deeply misunderstand my entire premise. I am beginning to consider the internet to be a colossal waste of valuable time for me. Resistance and misunderstanding abound. This isn’t about a personal goal. It’s about setting a goal for humanity, or some portion thereof. Obviously the internet is not the place to do this, as NBL has proven to me. I bet I’m as tired as you are of people not getting it.

      The internet has been an experiment for me. I am coming to a conclusion, I think, based on the results I have seen over the last few months. Does this make any sense to you now?

    12. I am already a bit bummed that solivagant is going to be dialing back, or maybe out entirely. (but it sounds like he is already on such a wonderful path, and just going deeper, that I can only say "right ON!)

      but I'd really hate to say goodbye to you, too, LWA. whatever conclusions you come to about the internet, I hope you will stick around this Kuku corner for a while.

      please contact me if you'd wish: moflow at outlook dot com

      I'd love to hear from you.

    13. LWA,

      I don't think I misunderstood you; it's just embarrassing to admit that I love things more than people. I can't recall meeting anyone who shared my feeling. I'm an extreme introvert only child who was psychologically (and otherwise) abused in childhood, deprived of attention, and told to sit quietly and not get in the way. For some reason, that's all very helpful now.

      So maybe I'm dreaming. I wanted someone "in the system" like Mark Austin to materialize, and lo and behold he did. Now there's you. :-) I most certainly welcome into my world someone who can transform rednecks!

      You have a system--technique, technology, program--to change behavior. That is SO needed in our world. I suspect, however, that we're not altogether different in kind; maybe more in degree. The spaces I envision are actually therapeutic. From a long career in influencing people (indirectly and unintentionally through art and advocacy) I understand how loving engagement with objects and places can turn on a light in people. But since this change in people is all "by the way," it is not optimized. That direct action with people is indeed not my calling. But the fact that it is yours is extremely complementary to what I'm about.

      What you say about my life's work is already quite insightful. There might be ways to work together. Influencing my local board of county commissioners is maybe something I could discuss with you in detail. Eventually, poco a poco, as it suits us. :-)

      Very glad you're here!

    14. "I don’t teach them anything though, Mother nature built this tech into us for exactly the purpose I am using it for."

      we love Kundalini technologenie.

      oh yes. and we dearly love igniting things.

    15. Ok, it was me who misunderstood you. I am sorry for any tone leaking from my post. I am still gun shy from NBL. Very cool what you just shared. We will talk more. I have a music gig to get to.

      Have a good night everyone. Again Artleads, I think I misunderstood you. This Mercury retrograde is kicking my butt, it affects communication.

      Thanks for your great response. I must run now. Hey, I like animals more than people. It came from a crappy childhood too. Thrown to the wolves and all that, which actually was a blessing in the end. It just wasn't at the time, lol. Not the wolves, they were great, the people, they weren't, lol.

  30. Okee Dokee. They're heeeere!

    Animism in the Mayan year.

    A trail of crumbs to nonsense.

    But what if I am a robot?

    1. this is good. very jam packed. going to be reading this through several times.

      thank you.

    2. @LWA

      If you were a robot, then you wouldn't have any reason to be afraid of crop failures and water issues as a result of climate change, because robots don't need any water or bread to feed themselves. Do you have to connect yourself to a wall socket from time to time instead? Btw: If you were a robot, you wouldn't have past the robot-test of this blog, would you?

    3. Uhm, sorry again, correction:

      "... you wouldn't have past the robot-test of this blog" should be:

      "... you wouldn't have passed the robot-test of this blog"

    4. It was sort of a koan, Nemesis.

      ... a question, or statement, which is used in Zen practice to provoke great doubt and test a student's progress in Zen practice.

      Follow the crumbs like a hungry mouse.

      Although, there are meditations so you don't have to eat. Also one's to shield you from nuclear radiation. There's a meditation for nearly everything in Kundalini Yoga.

    5. Ok, I see. I have to admit that i read your comment in a hurry and just the last line took my attention. That shouldn't be the way to treat a Koan for shure. My fault, haha. Nice one!

  31. Aluna documentary
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