Tuesday, December 8, 2015

350 and Other Such Numbers


  1. Sadly, not that far from reality!

  2. Mark,

    Congratulations on having completed your arduous journey. Wishing you godspeed as you turn the page, take a deep breath, and start again. :-)

  3. It's my last night in D.C. but I'm like a kid who won't go to bed at Christmas. This Jack-in-a-box can't wait to drive his car onto the Autotrain toward Florida tomorrow!!

    Aspects of what SATISH said on NBL weeks ago have been floating around in my brain. train of thought:

    Possibly our endless multiverse was created with Intelligent Design.

    "Design" because universal laws are set to the most precise trillionths of a degree to construct our reality...Yet Paradoxically...Infinity is so vast that it would eventually randomly create these exact conditions anyway...Oh but isn't that INTELLIGENT INSURANCE to design infinity that creates all conditions for anything & everything in its flow. Fun stuff!!!

    I suppose even entropy must eventually be subject to entropy. The evolution & dissolution of everything suggests nothing is static, not even Truth.(unless a state of universal Truth hits an ultimate point where entropy has nothing left to dissolve) yikes!

    Roots of Epistemology - how do we know what we know?

    My heart is so happy Sabine has returned. 12-12 All aboard. sailing south

    1. Mark, congratulations on sticking around as long as you have done and to do the best you could have. I hope you continue to visit the Internet spaces where you have been sharing your concerns. Have a safe trip down South and keep us posted on the thoughts that enter your brilliant mind.

  4. Big news about Pacific storm. On the TV radar it looks exactly like a Hurricane in Dec! in Alaska! Extremely wild. Hope OLD GROWTH FOREST is safe.

    Sunny Sunday morning in Sanford Fl. I'm waiting for my car to be unloaded from the Autotrain. Trunk full of junk transported from D.C. Will spend tonight with a lady friend who works for NASA Cape Canaveral. Then on up to Jim who has the boat anchored in St. Augustine.

    We will be spending some portion of this winter working on a water safety project for the Manatees who huddle in the outflow of the Fort Pierce nuclear plant. Mutant radioactive sea-cows..oh dear!!

  5. Mark,

    It's really nice of you to tell us what you're up to. Your life is so much about doing, so many really interesting to know what happens next. I mean that without irony. So much in these virtual conversations we have could be misunderstood but I'm pretty sure that you know what I mean.

    My life is mainly about being, not so much about doing, at least not in big spectacular ways that might be interesting for people to know. Just being aware and witnessing as Satish says.
    You're a star, keep on going and doing.

  6. Sabine,

    So good to see you here again. I agree that Mark's presence has been exceptional. In my case, it's what we make of it that counts (or doesn't) now.

    I very much appreciate what you say about being. I can't say for sure whether I'm similar or different. Or whether I fall somewhere in between you and Mark. I too am primarily guided by intuition. (I have an interesting audio on intuition that I mean to send you soon.)

    Mark's work has given intuition more to go on. He describes privileged and adolescent white males with thick boots and expensive toys. Just who you want to to run the world, right? Yes, right.

    Meanwhile, the rest of the planet sits entranced, thinking SOMEBODY must know what's up, and surely they will see us through. Just keep watching TV, just keep shopping. All will be well.

    Defining my position came up as a result of A recent Paul Chefurka post on NBL. I keep thinking how to define that position. Maybe my position should be defined by what I don't know. I don't see where all the "certainty" and "clarity" around me leads. This certainty and clarity does nothing to avert catastrophe. Of this I'm fairly certain and clear. So, yes, true, I know nothing about anything, and that's acceptable for now.

    I don't know if marching in the street for this, that or the other noble cause is helpful or not. What of Bill McKibben or Naomi Klein? Don't know. Are NBL-ers right to be so caustic? Don't know. I try just letting all the hugely divergent perspectives just sit, and maybe the intuition will help to sift through them? What intuition tells me is that everybody must somehow be on the same page, for discordance is fatal. Whatever else is fatal is know by the clear and certain people, although not by me. I only know about discord.

    I try to switch the conversation to land, for land is pretty neutral in all this.
    I don't understand how any unit of land that is lovingly cared for/governed/managed can accommodate any of the myriad environmental (or social?) crises the planet faces. And nuclear plants and chemical weapons exist only on land. I see it as a race, a contest, between chemical weapons developed and transported on land and something else which the land might prefer--the subsidence of the wild human passion to dominate and destroy. Human in this case is really more the trance of industrial capitalism. Overly simplistic, surely. AFAICS, there is ABSOLUTELY no effective or aware resistance to this. For there to be, there would have to be unity, for there is strength only in numbers. Elite westerners who know things for certain while 99.99 percent of the planet is supposedly clueless, merely clutter much better removed, religious nuts and fools...that is NOT resistance.

    I have no idea how you oppose the smart white boys with the heavy boots. They have technology to monitor my every breath, perhaps every thought. Can I ban their biological weapons, or stop them from drilling through the earth? I think not. But I can give it my best bet as to how to think globally while acting locally. :-)

    And where are the white women when we need them?

    1. Artleads,

      Please post the Intuition Audio here. Tks.


    2. Here it is:


  7. my life is about doing, like doing a lot of drugs. one of my favorite activities is doing sweet fuck all. I actually take dog fucking to extremes until couch sores drive me out of the house.

    I like laying on the couch surfing the net, making outrageous comments to lighten my manic mood swings.

    even though I only know like 3 chords, I like to play guitar while high although i'm tone deaf, got no rhythm and am all thumbs, but I never let that stop me, as my poor wife can attest.

    I am a lazy crazy booze pig,

    good alternate site for you guys!

  8. Great additions to the site, Satish! I love Prince ea. Thank you for introducing us.

    We're beginning to see snowfall from the storm. Most of the snow had melted away recently and there were a lot of bare patches on the ground, but that is all being covered up now with a light but steady fall. I love the quiet that snowfall creates.

    The dogs are bored but content curled up inside. I offered to let them out, and they looked at me as if they were thinking that I surely had better things to do. Arlo is having an old-person (in his case old-dog) nap, Blue is chewing firewood into slivers, and I am happily tending the indoor garden.

    It is nighttime nearly all the time now. And the days are like twilight with the storm overhead. It's a strange life in the north . . .

    1. Good to see you here, OGF... I think Blue is making you some kindling :)

  9. "It is nighttime nearly all the time now. And the days are like twilight with the storm overhead. It's a strange life in the north . . ."

    I don't blame the dogs! Especially if it's not only dark but also cold outside!

  10. Happy laugh & hugs, LOVE it when I'm not doing anything. Love reading each of you. I read ARTLEADS with such appreciation but never know how to express it. Naturally if there were only a few thousand of us on Earth taking it easy all would be fine.

    Last few days easy sail from St Augustine to Satellite Beach Cape Canaveral this evening. looking forward to being on radio with Guy this Tue. I guess communication about the bad stuff might reach the right young ears who will do something. Talk is a step. There would have been no civil rights with out motivation to march.

    Been working on subject matter for radio show with Guy: $ 5.3 Trillion spent globally on fossil fuel subsidies, will not subtract 100 billion metric tons of carbon that could be released from permafrost. The 300 billion metric ton carbon budget to burn at 12.1 tons per year is not combined with other natural & man made greenhouse gasses. The invention of A/C heat vacuums at Sanford along with progress toward carbon reducing chemicals are more likely to happen than a mass scale shift in human habits. Easier to develop technological solutions rather than alter the perception of freedom and rights to unlimited consumption. Understandably there is a fear of big government & communist principals dictating control over limited resources. Accidental De-population by pandemic during terror events, could buy time for condensed C.A.P. cities to re-structure more sustainable systems. If a crisis of extreme overheating does occur Geo-engineering methods will be conducted, if possible, in a last attempt to prolong life in some regions.

  11. Unfortunately Satish's own site will not allow me to post his full NBL comment worth saving here.
    I think human beings are great at telling stories. We have always had a flair for the art of storytelling. I am not saying humans are the only species that tell stories, nor even that we tell those stories better than other species. A paleontologist might hear a hundred human-told stories and still think the story told by a fossil dug up five months ago beats them all. Much of it has to do with the listener. And this is exactly what makes me wonder how the act of storytelling might have evolved over our history – the identity and role of the listener. To be honest, as much as I comment here, and as much as I like writing, I’m always uncomfortable knowing that I don’t know the reader. Traffic data and visitor analytics don’t scratch the surface. Such impersonal information doesn’t come close to the kind of rich highly personal rapport our story telling ancestors had with their listeners.

    The tribal storyteller of yore lived an altogether different reality from the modern storyteller. They were part of the tribe, they lived with their fellow tribesmen, and they knew each and every one of their listeners in a very personal and intimate way. They knew, much better than any modern storyteller can hope for, the way their stories came across to their listeners. The gap between what they said and what the listener heard was arguable small. In any given tribe, the members all had the same creation stories, the same day-to-day life, similar routines, the same environs and knew the same people and their stories, all of which provide for a far richer context. And isn’t context everything for proper communication? In such a setting, stories have an easier time getting passed down through hundreds of generations almost verbatim. This is how we have lived for 95% of our time on Earth.

    Things have changed so much lately that the most popular stories of today, like those mentioned in the scriptures, classics, fables, etc. find multiple interpretations. Every now and then, someone comes out with a new interpretation that they claim is more accurate considering the times that the stories first emerged in. Much is lost in translation, much else is mixed in and what ends up being passed down is neither here nor there. Even stories invented in modern times have messages that vary widely.

    The modern storyteller hopes that the words he speaks or writes land on the audience just as he meant them but the takeaways vary widely given the diversity of context. Words don’t mean the same thing to everyone anymore. Being multi-lingual or multi-cultural robs the modern man of being rooted solidly in any one context. The challenges for the storyteller and the listener abound. So if I feel a certain uneasiness writing these words, not knowing exactly who is reading, what their background is, and how they are interpreting it, well, I tell myself it’s just one of those many modern problems humanity is facing! It’s not unique to me. It’s a problem human beings face in the last 1% of their time here.

    1. Hi Mark, I will have this all up as a new blog post. Glad you think it's worth preserving.

    2. And it would be great if we were an actual tribe on the beach in Costa Rica. Meeting with Lidia in Vermont was such a nice personal step. Also talking with OGF on phone. A reason I'm doing the radio show with GUY is the sound and energy in voice tones says so much more. Then again I laugh a lot more in real life than I would on a show about deadly serious matters. Hopefully we all have many aspects that make us as human as possible sharing our KuKu lives & times. I always read your entire site as my way of seeing all you share. Many thanks.

  12. Easy motoring down the inside waterway to INDIAN RIVER SHORES today. Anchored rather than docked. Vero Beach just had hottest December day on record!!!!

    After 14 years of involvement with Nuclear power plant safety issues, I am most grateful that Dr. Mc Pherson is one of the few respected professional voices who reminds people how 400 future Fukishima's = ionized ozone extinction.

    On a sub-contract, this winter I will be overseeing a small installation at the Fort Pierce FPL nuclear plant. Since 2013 Atlantic ocean acidification, SLR & salinity changes are also impacting the Miami Turkey Point nuclear cooling system. Climate change effects on the nuclear stations are not a secret. I'd be happy to broadcast the problem far & wide. Further awareness might make some difference if more decommissioning can be done to reduce radioactive mutations passed on to other species after we are gone.

    Just in case our species plunders along for another decade, I do not want to risk losing my early retirement pension, yet I do feel compelled to explain portions of the 5.6 billion dollar Bio-terror viral weapon plan. Not even Congress knew much about the plan when Congress members blindly approved B-X7 a few weeks ago.

    The 2016-17 C.A.P. cities (Contagion Action Plan) has a dangerous history - 239 documented cases of tests conducted on the general public. Bacterium releases were conducted & monitored in NYC subway system, San Francisco & Minneapolis. Future levels of induced pandemics are profitable for pharmaceuticals, respondents & many others. Obviously Earth would benefit from population reductions. It only takes small teams (supplied to radical militants) to spread "Applied Molecular Evolution" strategies. ALEC & Rand Analytic provide constant up-dates and evaluations on potential population control measures ready for release.

    Before the next election there is an elevated potential for DUGWAY PROVING GROUNDS in Utah to "biocap" in conjunction with the Chinese military who are training in cooperation with the U.S. Army bio-war unit for the first time in our history. You can fully verify the info I am sharing, nothing secret, yet most of these new & rapid developments in biowarfare are not common knowledge.

    Manipulated conflict & eugenics are an early stage of extinction level events in progress. Feedback loops include cold minds calculating hot zone war fare multipliers. Glad to provide you all the supporting evidence that I possibly can.

    Hope to see you if you are in Miami. I'm looking forward to getting away from D.C. "security clearance" approvals & constant restrictions.

    Dear Mark,

    Along with co-host Mike Sliwa, I have a one-hour radio show on the Progressive Radio Network. We would love to interview you on the show, which broadcasts live at 3:00 pm each Tuesday on PRN.fm (Gary Null's network). We have openings as early as early as 22 December 2015.

    We have interviewed a few people you might know. You can find all our shows in the archives at http://naturebatslast.podbean.com

    Your "insider" perspective on the machinations of the U.S. government are particularly interesting to us. In addition, you've known me for a long time. Our approach is to highlight the work of our guests in pursuing topics of their interest.

    Looking forward to the radio talk with Guy next Tue.

  13. 400.350.org Your report on the BAU truth behind most of these environmental "masking" groups was excellent.
    Rockefeller oil guilt & tokens to cover industrial strength corruption!

    I will complete my attempt to post evidence of coming bio-war plans by this Tue or shortly after the radio show in case there are any extra factors I should include.

    Army Seeks On-Demand Mass Casualty Biologics, Chem-Bio Closure Systems

    U.S. Army Small Business Innovation for CBRThe U.S. Army has released new topics for potential funding via the Department of Defense FY2016 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program.

    Focus areas related to Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) defense or biotechnology applications include:
    On-Demand Cell and Tissue Biologics for Mass Casualty Response

    On and off the battlefield, mass casualty events involving radiation exposure, chemical or biological agents, and explosive or incendiary devices can create a diverse range of injuries requiring both urgent and continuing care. Mass casualty events place enormous logistical strain on medical infrastructure, overwhelming personnel and rapidly depleting available medical supplies. This necessitates the stockpiling of medical supplies and therapeutics for on-demand use in the event of a healthcare surge.

    A capability is sought to ensure off-the-shelf, large volumes of stockpiled cell and tissue biologics that would be in high demand following a mass casualty event in military theaters of operation, in humanitarian response operations, or events on the homeland.
    Particulate Delivery System for Next-Generation
    - See more at: http://globalbiodefense.com/2015/12/14/mass-casualty-biologics-cbrn-closure-systems/#sthash.mSAvwOEQ.dpuf

    Docked near the Fort Pierce Nuclear plant tonight.