Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Funeral for Everyone

A guest post by Mike K. (originally appeared on Nature Bats Last)

[Approximate Reading Time: 5 minutes]

I woke up this morning and realized that I needed to have a funeral for humankind and its civilization story. Since I will probably not be around to witness the last human’s death, I need to mourn our losses and celebrate our victories before I leave. On reflection I realize also that the last human will have no way of knowing that she/he is truly the last of our species. But for me or anyone to know by science and understanding that our collective time on Earth is now short should be sufficient reason to have a funeral before the fact.

The funerals that I have attended that were deeply meaningful were those relatively small gatherings of friends where we recalled our loving relationship with the deceased and celebrated the good things we had shared together. Often people would share their feelings of grief and perplexity in the face of death, but also their more accepting and philosophical stances about the great mysteries of birth and death. There would be some humor and laughter about our departed friend to leaven the sadness we were also feeling. But the essence of these funeral sharings and remembrances would be that at their conclusion we all felt a sense of closure and were grateful to share our grief process within a supportive community of friends. Often afterward we would have a meal together at a really good restaurant in commemoration of our friend’s death and as a final tribute to the blessing of our friendship with him/her, and in gratitude to each other for giving her/him a proper and loving sendoff.

But I have a problem. Even though I have tried to share my knowledge of the near certainty of our near term extinction with some close friends, none of them have really grokked it at the level that I have. Often I get the feeling that they put up with my pronouncements in this regard out of friendship for me, but they don’t really buy into my “doomsday” thinking. I have finally had to accept from my side that they are not going to join me in my dark view of our common near future, and that my best course is to accept their puzzling attitudes, as they have been gracious enough to accept mine. So there is really no question of inviting them to civilization/humankind’s funeral.

So I have decided to invite all you folks on this blog, who are gathered around a dying fire on the beach of doom, to join me in a funeral sharing dedicated to the dying of our species and many others we are taking with us. I will start off with my thoughts and feelings about the great dying we are witness to…..

I have had a problematic relationship to my birth in this realm from the beginning. I am told that my mother’s milk “went sour” and I was weaned early. The philosophy I was subjected to as an infant was designed to make me “grow up” as quickly as possible with a minimum of mothering. I was often left to “cry myself out”. The idea being to make me strong and independent as early as possible, and prepare me for the arduous struggle my parents saw as my destiny in a harsh dog eat dog life ahead of me. This ill conceived treatment almost killed me.

I was intellectually precocious as a child and was bullied at school and at home constantly; my life was a nightmare. I sought refuge in books and fantasies. By the time I entered the seventh grade I had withdrawn from talking to anyone, and constantly wished for death. I was taken to a child psychologist who became the first in a long series of benefactors, and gradually drew me out of my withdrawal, and encouraged my intellectual pursuits. Nevertheless I had many problems ahead of me including alcoholism and other addictions. When I arrived on the doorstep of AA at the age of 28 my life was a total disaster. In addition I was a complete atheist and did not really feel at home with what I took to be a bunch of ignorant believers.

My route into recovery was facilitated by my intellectual curiosity, which had been a constant feature of my life since early childhood. I developed an interest in Zen Buddhism when I had been in AA for a while, and began to explore the vast field of spirituality with the same enthusiasm I had shown in discovering science, music, literature, psychology, and many other areas. I have read and studied thousands of books in my life, and reading is part of my daily routine still.

What I have shared is in order to explain how deep is my love of the highest accomplishments of those best human products of civilization who have shared with us and enriched our lives immeasurably. This was the shrine I worshiped at. This gave me a meaning and a goal for my life. Of course I deeply wanted the best of our global culture to lead us to the highest possible realization of our potentials for knowledge, love, and a mutually shared utopia….

I guess it is apparent that my bright hopes were in direct contrast to the dark years I suffered early on. This deepened the bitter disappointment of the growing realization that those dreams would never be realized.

For again there was a problem: War, Auschwitz, Hiroshima, man’s inhumanity to man, capitalism, the destruction of nature, hubris, violence, lying, insanity…. And now the culmination in NTHE (Near Term Human Extinction). I spent years getting deeper in touch with the dark side of our species. It drove me to despair again and again. Finally I have had to face our awful, total, tragic failure to create a mutual life based on love, truth, and beauty.

So what can I say to this culture and my fellow humans who have succumbed to the worst possibilities within ourselves, and have doomed this beautiful planet to a barren and perhaps lifeless destiny in the near future? I have run the full gamut of dark emotions and dashed hopes about this unhappy affair of our planetary story. Now that it seems nearly over, I simply want to celebrate what was good and forgive what was not; rest in peace all my sisters and brothers….

So if anyone should be moved to say some requiem words and share some feelings and remembrances of their time here on the late great planet Earth…feel free….


  1. Mike K., that was a very moving funeral rite. I can feel the hope and pain you have experienced through your words, and through getting to know you through the comments you have been making here. I feel fortunate to be in your (virtual) company on these pages. Thank you.

    I’ve seen those programs on Discovery channel and National Geographic, where they show a lion chasing after deer. There’s that one deer that the lion has picked out from the herd and the chase is on. The deer gallops at full speed, weaves in and out but the lion isn’t fazed. The chase continues around the pond and away from it, dust kicked up, hearts pumping furiously, a question of life and death.

    Sometimes, I wonder if the chase is a necessary prelude, a pre-kill funeral rite that the predator offers its prey. If you’ve ever been chased around as a kid by a bully or a parent until you could run no more, you’d know the feeling of surrender that comes upon you as you collapse and give up, breathless, gasping for air. I wonder if the deer feels the same in its last moments, having run its course, with no end in sight, and with death as welcome as the next breath, a sense of freedom, a sense of surrender. A deep feeling of surrendering to the inevitable and the freedom it brings with it.

    They say the one who dies with wishes still in his heart will come back. Perhaps the chase is a way to reach a state of acceptance. And perhaps this is true of all living beings, in that they are better off surrendering to the moment when death knocks on the door. And take all the help they need to get there.

    A time like that might just come about in our species’ future when we collectively heave a sign of relief, having run our course, having escaped our final destiny for so long through means that have meant so much pain and suffering for so many of us and so many other beings. A time will perhaps come when we are ready to give up and surrender. A sense of meaning that has been lacking in our daily lives will finally dawn on us. There’s an agency involved in surrender that is the ultimate agency. It’s sometimes easier to go fighting than to accept and reach a sense of tranquility in the final moments. I hope those moments will come to our species too. I hope we don’t go down fighting, with hopes and regret and guilt still in our hearts. It’s up to us to orient ourselves and prepare psychologically and emotionally. It’s up to us. We have a choice. But a good chase by Mother Nature will definitely help. Thank you, Mother! We will give up soon, not just yet. But soon. Keep at it. We have a few more breaths remaining until we collapse like the deer. But once we collapse, make it quick, would you, just like the lion would?

  2. Thanks, Mike K. I hope you stick around. My childhood was close to identical to yours. But there were no books around, and so I dwelt in my imagination. I started reading books early on in high school (boarding) away from my very non intellectual guardians. I took home books from school, but around age 14 was forbidden to read them. I begged the school to keep me for the holidays, but in vain.

    It wasn't I alone who had alcohol problems. The intellectual blight (and other dysfunction) of my class/nationality propelled all the males to drink excessively, hopelessly. Study abroad (non academic, studio-oriented) somewhat rescued me, but so too did years of therapy.

    But maybe it's my absence of reason that I value most. It doesn't occur to me that what it is thought has happened to others has to happen to me. My only concern is what I feel and intuit. I do not feel and intuit NTE. In that regard, I'm like the masses of people in the West. And not. I don't know of anyone who has been as driven to change paradigm as I. For at least 50 years, I've been very clear about that. And that quest has been driven largely by feeling and intuition.

    I share your frustration with the peers who feel no urgency at anything. Life seems quite OK to them. Such dullness and hardness of mind and spirit seems inconceivable. But therein is a silver lining. I have to learn to take it one step at a time. There is drought. They can't deny that. No one is saying whether it will end. Ditto. There is conflict over water. Ditto. Weather is chaotic. Can you hear me now? I need to learn not to try and go beyond the obvious. There is peace and joy in that. Peace I say? No. It's more like a war, and I attach myself to the forces that will clobber these people about their stupid heads. No mercy. And then not. For I ceaselessly think of ways to help everyone. I never despair that they will get the message, get religion... So maybe there's in me a mixture of the cruel and spiteful, and the benign and trusting. So be it.

    As a species we haven't remotely begun to fight. We are using very, very little of our capacities. I tend to believe, ironically, that common sense and simple logic will go further than tons of data and scholarship.

  3. Dear Mike K,

    Your last sentence: "Now that it seems nearly over, I simply want to celebrate what's good and forgive what's not; rest in peace all my sisters and brothers" is the only way to end - your essay and what's in store for all of us.
    I've been reading your posts ever since you arrived on NBL, and I'm delighted that you're posting here now.
    Your replies and comments contained many clues about your life, the things that had happened to you, your quest, your journey.Two words I don't usually like to use because they can sound empty, over-used, hollow. But in your case they seem apt.

    You were told that your mother's milk went sour. Reading that made me gasp. I feel very sad for that poor little boy.
    My story is very different. I was very lucky because I was brought up by a very loving mother, surrounded by a large extended family which provided all the security and emotional support a child needs to grow up with confidence. But I married a man who suffered a very similar childhood to yours. There are so many of you out there, Artleads too...
    My husband is the middle one of three children, and his older brother and younger sister both died of liver failure brought on by alcoholism. They didn't make it like you. I'm glad you did!
    Yet that's another thing that our culture is in denial about promoting the image of "happy families" everywhere.
    When I think about my childhood and compare it to yours, it makes me think, maybe that's the reason why I was spared so much suffering. With no bullying and no addiction, I was probably able to develop my intuition with confidence right from the start, therefore avoiding so many pitfalls. My life has been a smooth ride so far (cross fingers). I feel blessed.
    Yet here we all are, arriving at this point from all these different paths.
    I feel just like you, only my biggest sadness is the demise of all life on our beautiful Earth. Life as we know it, and in my case, as I imagine it could have been for our remote ancestors. But I never had dreams like yours, dreams about humans making a better world. Of course I would have wanted that! It would have been a nice surprise. But somehow that kind of optimism has always seemed excessive to me. Could it be because my people caused the nastiest holocaust of the 20th century? It's why I could never get the American "can do", we can make the world a better place attitude. Maybe it's a blessing, maybe not....
    In the end, you can only ever make your life and that of the life immediately around you better because to make something better, you have to have intimate knowledge, special awareness. You really have to feel it being part of you... being you. But you know that. Your path has led you there too.
    For Red Fox, who used to comment here and on NBL, this was the land base, and it's related to the "land" Artleads talks about. This is the connection which most of us have lost. Our connection to our Earth which gave birth to us and sustains us and all life. Something we forget at our peril.

    But like you, I also love the best of our human "accomplishments", and for that reason I'm pleased I was born human so that I could have a chance to appreciate them. And like you, I read every day.

    So for the funeral, I would like to bring all the flowers in my garden, and the delicate butterflies I've seen today too. Aren't they symbolic for the souls of the departed? And maybe some treasured books too...
    At my father's funeral, we had so many late flowers (it was August) which attracted dozens of butterflies. I loved my father very much, and the sudden appearance of these beautiful creatures gave me solace.

    So let there be flowers, many of them, another season of them, before we collapse, and yes, make it quick!

    Thanks Mike, for your requiem.

  4. Hello Apneaman - Thanks for sharing. I still put a lot of stock in deep sharing. Even if it does not solve everything, it is a worthwhile experiment in these days of our possible mass extinction. And it helps us feel not so alone with our dreadful knowledge of this relentlessly approaching doom. Our lives together still mean something, and to go silent and alone into what is unfolding is an unnecessary exacerbation of our suffering.

    You say - “Peace I say? No. It's more like a war, and I attach myself to the forces that will clobber these people about their stupid heads. No mercy. And then not. For I ceaselessly think of ways to help everyone. I never despair that they will get the message, get religion... So maybe there's in me a mixture of the cruel and spiteful, and the benign and trusting. So be it.”

    Exactly. I am like that too. I admire you being aware of your inner multiplicity of “I’s” as Gurdjieff called them. Many live in the conceit that they are simply one consistent person. Being aware of our complex makeup allows us to accept the situation and work with it if necessary. To pretend is only confusing. My anger knows no bounds, and also my compassion. The world does not send us simple messages, we need some complexity to be in touch with reality.

    There are some problems with trying to share on the net, but then communication under any circumstances is not easy. The Tower of Babel is an archetypal story of a basic problem we must confront and solve if we are to live in peace and happiness together.

    Many of the Holy Ones
    Have we named
    Since our life
    Has been a conversation
    And we have been able
    To hear from one another


    Thanks for coming closer Apneaman. I have been listening to your sharing for a while now…. Mike k

    1. Hi Mike K. Welcome to kuku...
      I'm wondering if you meant Artleads above when you say Apneaman.

      We (Sabine and I) were just talking about the Tower of Babel recently in the context of the book "Ascent of Humanity" by Charles Eisenstein.

  5. Dear Sabine,

    Thanks for sharing. Sometimes friends have questioned my preoccupation with the dark side of ourselves, and our world. Once in Hawaii a friend and I were sitting in a patio looking out on the garden of a radical church in Honolulu. Apropos of nothing he suddenly said, “Mike I think you are the kind of person who is going to seek the truth, no matter if it blows your mind and everyone else’s.” After a brief pause I said, “You are right.” And I realized as I said it that he had gained a deep insight into who I was and what my life was about. The blessing and the curse of my life neatly epitomized.

    This was in the 60’s. Much later I came to realize the truth that Freud and later Jung had sensed - that we may be living out a story, a myth that has archetypal significance without being conscious of it. Why had the myth of Icarus and his ill fated fight always resonated deeply in me? And what of Prometheus who stole fire from Heaven? Or Pandora, whose curiosity loosed untold ills on the world? I was always poking my nose in where it was not supposed to be. A secret was a challenge to me to uncover it.

    I have always felt that there are hidden truths whose discovery and sharing are essential to the survival of the world. My heroes are those who in many ways are on that crucial treasure search. One reason I am here on this blog is that I sense kindred spirits who are awakening to the total leap beyond our fatal limitations that are set to destroy us all. It has been puzzling and frustrating to me that there are so relatively few awake to our desperate need, and devoting themselves to discover the new ways needed to avoid our dark fate.

    The human world we live in is based largely on abuse of power. It is the opposite of love and wisdom. I know Sabine that you feel you have been spared some of the cruelties that many have endured. But as you know living in Germany your life has been in some ways a very minority circumstance. As James Joyce once said, “History is a nightmare from which I am trying to awake.” My dream is that all people may have a happy life in a loving and supportive global culture. To even say that makes anyone living in the world we have now think that I am a hopeless idealist and romantic totally out of touch with “reality.” However I refuse to give up my dream in spite of all evidence proving it to be impossible. That is the nature of my karma, my dharma. I am double-minded as Apneaman shared above. I realize our situation is hopeless, but I will not give up hope. I still feel there is a way to get the goose out of the bottle without breaking it! mike k

  6. Satish,

    Thought you might find this interesting:

    1. Thanks for posting this, Artleads... the links are on their way to some of my friends at Google and a few other folks.

      I touched upon this issue here and the first time I came across the deleterious effects that tech companies in the Bay Area are having on the local population was through this article by Sven who comments here occasionally: What's the matter with "The Google Bus?"

      East Palo Alto, as you know, is right smack in between the campuses of Google in Mountain View and Facebook in Menlo Park.

  7. Satish, it's so good to let things die. In fact, I feel that our fear and denial of death has in many ways led to the destruction of the planet. As we've lost of our ability to be at peace and even celebrate our impermanence, we have replaced that gaping whole in our hearts with material possessions to chase after. We're literally accumulating crap as if we could take it with us, which makes absolutely no spiritual nor logical sense. So, I think celebrating our impermanence and letting go of our attachments including our worldly bodies is a huge step towards healing and understanding how the earth and the universe, and thus we ourselves, operate at full capacity. So thanks for dying with us, it's a really good thing to do.

    Couple things you might already know about that come to mind:

    Have you heard of the Dark Mountain Project?

    Have you read "A Year to Live" by Stephen Levine? A few friends of mine have done the group-guided experiment of living as if they had just one more year, one of them blogged about her experience:

    Anyway, just some late night thoughts. Love you and all that emanates from your heart and soul.


    1. Hi Sven, I heard of the Dark Mountain Project just a few weeks ago and read the entire manuscript. It captures a good portion of my worldview extremely well. I just looked at - fascinating. I've always wondered what it must be like for those who are terminally ill, or for those on death row. In a way, we're all counting our days.

  8. Apneaman, Artleads - Apologies for mixing up your names. Since I like and respect you both, maybe I can be forgiven? Besides, proper names are a problem for me to remember. I can be introduced to someone, and five minutes later I have no idea what their name is.

    Sven, you say “It's so good to let things die.” You are so deeply right. In our grasping at what is fleeting we forget that death is one of the greatest necessities and blessings of our manifested existence. To grasp this one has only to imagine what a living planet without death would be like. A nightmare really. Makes me think of the movie Zardoz, wherein a technological elite has achieved immortality, and then finds themselves longing for death… So much for the nonsense from Ray Kurzweil and other AI enthusiasts. It would be nice if they would turn their gifts to more human sized endeavors, like finding ways to reverse our dash to collective extinction. mike k

  9. Dear Sabine,

    Let me recall your recent post at NBL -

    Sabine Says:
    May 2nd, 2015 at 4:14 am
    Mike K,
    You’re right. When I used the word “know”, I meant a particular kind of knowing, nothing to do with our usual human “quest” for knowing. A knowing springing from personal experience.
    I’m constantly aware of what we understand as infinity and what that means for my tiny self. I’ve always been able to see myself in perspective. A little like the Zen kind of being you’re familiar with. All this is difficult to put into words because, as usual words abstract, distract and can be misleading.

    I want to reply here, where it seems more protected from the harsh winds of materialist deconstructionists.

    The ancient image of a tree with it’s roots in Heaven and it’s branches being all things in the Earth below is a metaphor for the Ray of Creation. This understanding stands materialism on it’s head. It assigns the foundation of everything to a subtle realm, with the gross world being largely derivative and totally without any independent reality apart from it’s emanation from that higher source, and the subtle connection to that source that gives it being.

    For the dedicated materialist, that there are subtle dimensions from which all the phenomena we are ordinarily aware of emanate is heretical nonsense. But what if one who manages to slyly slip loose from the constraining restraints of the sensory model of reality, and even reason itself - should begin to cognize dimensions far beyond the ordinary, and cognize Beings far more advanced than we humans? Initial visitors to these realms would tend to clothe these Beings who are in truth beyond physical embodiment with more familiar and accessible material forms.

    Although the frontiers of physics have told us that there is enormous energy and significance at the quantum level of reality, most of us still behave as if this was untrue or irrelevant.

    What if further, one should experience that our whole reality is arising in a field of intelligence, power, and inconceivable love that is the reality of every single thing that we experience in our world including ourselves? Even the shit stick in the outhouse (no toilet paper back when) as Zen so charmingly puts it. What then? What to do with this confounding and mostly incommunicable knowledge? Can we make Satchidananda relevant to our modern crisis, bring help desperately needed from another realm, which is really the foundational reality of this realm….?

  10. "Singh added that residents would not only be consulted but informed about the risks. 'I understand people who live in the vicinity of the rail line want to know the concerns,' he said. 'Anything that will come down the railroad here ... is going to be safer passing through any neighborhood than the standard industrial cargo.'

    The commenter was unmoved, saying, 'You've got your work cut out for you.'"

  11. Dear Mike,

    You put it well. It's so difficult to express these thoughts and experiences but they are mine too. Your question "What if further, one should experience that our whole reality is arising in a field of intelligence.....? That's exactly how I feel it must be. Just putting it into words, which by their very nature abstract and are therefore not well suited to express these feelings, experiences, sometimes irritates me. But you've expressed my experiences exactly. The others here would agree, I'm very sure. And it is mostly incommunicable knowledge and precisely what I meant when I said the "you know". I know that I will never need our science to explain these things to me. Our science was not designed for that and never will be. That's where acceptance is vita, I thinkl.

    But all this is better expressed here on Satish's blog. NBL feel too exposed. Too many are materialist deconstructionists, as you say or, like Paul Cherfurka, beginning to find their way into another "realm", hence his enthusiasm and need to express himself.
    I find that it's useless to try and communicate this sort of thing on NBL, and I'm very pleased that you are here talking about "it". Again, I have to use this horrible pronoun - abstracting....
    I have not "studied" and "practised" Zen, like you but know a bit about "it". My nature, I think, makes me sympathetic to this philosophy. When I first read the much quoted "carry water, chop wood", I knew immediately what "it" was trying to convey. I didn't find it confounding at all. That was a long time ago...
    One fascinating aspect of Zen is the "concept" of Hara for me. The belly as the centre for a person's being, balancing and connecting with the earth (our immediate reality). But we don't have the words to express this properly in most European languages. In Japanese, there are so many more subtleties when talking about Hara.
    I like the concept of Hara because it is the "earth entre" (connects you to your earth centre). As soon as I learned about that, it rang true for me.
    I came across Hara in a book by a German called Karlfried Graf Dürckheim (a German aristocrat) who studied Zen in Japan during the 1930s. He describes this concept very creatively - I was spell-bound. Whether there is an English translation, I'm not sure but his book certainly helped me seeing myself even more in perspective.
    Please share some more of your own thoughts and experiences here, I'll look forward to it.

  12. Mike,

    I didn't edit that comment, a few typos, oh dear! Hopefully, it'll still make sense.

  13. "I’m surrounded by educated professionals who are quick to defend a hierarchical society."

    This has been noted and discussed.

    And more on Anarchy.

  14. "I’m surrounded by educated professionals who are quick to defend a hierarchical society."

    Every now and again I like to stand back and consider how concerns like this measure up against society's (even progressive's) inability or unwillingness to put land first. For years on blogs I've been suggesting that switching off the hierarchies of human concerns (where they all of necessity are pitted one against the other) and switch on land, the very ground we stand on, based on the watersheds that sustain life, land which of necessity brings us all together in ways that subdue human hierarchies...and nobody ever disagrees with me; they simply ignore the subject, as if I were a ghost talking to myself, registering in their minds as something flickering and unreal. So either switching focus to the land, supplanting human concerns, makes sense and should be seriously endorsed, or it makes no sense, and should be refuted. But all I ever get is silence.

  15. New Mexico "Earthship" recycled houses with organic gardens inside on youtube. My little ship sailed fast in perfect conditions out across the Atlantic Ocean from Jacksonville to Charleston S.C. over the weekend. Jim & a friend will now spend the rest of this week cruising north up the intercoastal waterway so we can move onto the boat when it gets to D.C.

    SABINE - YES !@ "one should experience that our whole reality is arising in a field of intelligence."

    Mike K. - bring help desperately needed from another realm, which is really the foundational reality of this realm….? When the Polio vaccine was discovered Dr. J Salk said he was "UNCOVERING" an answer that already existed.

    Treasures await in the mystery of the morphic field. Like floating in a bowl of stars. I was touched to find MO FLOW had "An atom containing Infinity can be vastly helpful inside a singularity" on his InfantTryone NBL form. Never know where words will flow in time. Like his seeing the universe blown out like a candle....yet there could be a zillion more big bangs happening every instant. It's all out there....with a key to it all right here down to Earth showing with words & ACTIONS the worlds we wish to co-create. The realities we choose to focus upon.

    "our whole reality is arising in a field of intelligence, power, and inconceivable love that is the reality of every single thing that we experience in our world including ourselves."

    All my very best, including that "Dreamworks" production connection I made in full detail a few weeks ago to OLD GROWTH FOREST. I'd like to see her dream of being published come true while there is still time to unfold this fall.

  16. Dear Sabine,

    Thanks for your sensitive comments. Yes I have Karl Durkheim’s book Hara and a couple of others by him. I came upon him years ago on my journey, as I did many of the others mentioned in the wiki piece about him. There is an extended community among seekers who tend to span the vast spectrum of teachings East and West.

    When I was at the University of Hawaii studying Eastern
    Philosophy, I took up the practice of the martial art Aikido at the main Dojo on King Street. As I struggled awkwardly with another student, my Teacher would come by and just silently pat his belly just below the navel level. He was reminding me to let my mind and my action come from that deeper intuitive level of myself which is also the center of gravity of a standing person. On a more advanced level of training, the amazing things that Masters of this art could do would come from this deeper level. The name Aikido can be translated “harmonizing with and channeling the fundamental Love/Energy of the Universe.” The Master who brought us this way was inspired to do so on the basis of a profound spiritual experience while practicing traditional martial art moves in a forest setting. Suddenly he and everything was bathed in a radiant golden glow, and it was revealed to him that martial arts are based on love.
    Using Aikido one never tries to injure anyone. Aiki victory is when you have converted one who sought to be your enemy into your friend. This is the ultimate art of nonviolent persuasion.

    Love, mike k

  17. I've been stymied trying to consider ways to do things better. Part of the problem is that psychopathic behavior seems so built in to American society.

    A lot can be improved through free or affordable public transportation. We could get cars off the road. But could a driver be unafraid to pick up someone who called for a cab at 2 in the morning? Maybe if cabs were free there would be no impetus to rob them? Maybe each cab (minibus) would have two operators, to better insure safety? In extreme cases, maybe police could double as cab drivers after midnight? More questions than answers.

    But the psychopathy angle seems to be inherent in a society do atomized, with every conceivable type of person wandering around in a shared space, lacking the security of knowing your neighbors, never with a sense of safe neighborhood boundaries where strangers would tend not to violate.

    In any large city, it is routine for cabs not to pick up black people, especially black men. I suspect that this is due not so much to racism as to the perceived danger posed by blacks.

    To be continued...

    1. Artleads,

      Your comment made me think that your musings, as you like to call them, really have so many pearls of insight and wisdom in them. This last one is a good example.
      And the last paragraph: "in any large city, it is routine for cabs not to pick up black people...." made me think of an awful children's game we still played in the 50s in Germany:
      One child was at one end of the playground and all the others at the opposite end. The single child had to scream: Who's afraid of the black man? (he/she was the black man), and the group of children at the other end would answer: Nobody!!! Then the "black man" would have to ask: But what if he's coming to get you? And then the group would scream: Then we'll just run!
      Then they would run towards the "black man" trying to avoid him/her, and every child that he could touch would become a black man too, and on and on.
      Now where would we have got that from? There were no people of a different colour that we had ever seen in real life in our small town in Germany.

      Thinking of this made me think that you've hit the nail on the head. White Europeans are afraid. It's a deep-seated fear, really a phobia as it's totally irrational. It's the fear of the dark stranger which is almost paralyzing Europe at the moment because of all the migrants trying to make it over the Mediterranean from Libya, so many of them East Africans and Saharan Africans, most of them young men. Nobody wants them, and the ones that are making it are totally exploited.
      The people here in Europe are losing the compassionate veneer.
      I know this is a bit of topic but your perception is absolutely right. However, because it's a phobia which most people won't admit to, this will not get better. It also "explains" the persecution and shootings that are going on in the US, but black men suffer the same kind of insults to their dignity here, where the police are only slightly less violent and we have fewer men dying in custody. How shameful it all is.

    2. Thanks so much, Sabine. This is the kind of response to the "darkness" issue that I rarely see. Your little story is a jewel of sorts. However, blacks themselves (to some degree) have been infected with this fear of darkness. And it gets pretty murky as to when/how/whether that fear can be justified. Got to get ready for a visitor, but I hope we can talk more later.

  18. I consider myself a truth seeker, and like exchanging notes. What you say makes me pause and think. Thank you.

    I love this line of thinking: “One of the basic ideas I have had to consciously jetison is all thinking that the One is “perfect” or “absolute”. A basic reason for doing this is a proper humility regarding our qualifications for having and asserting those kind of permanent set in stone and eternal propositions. I do not believe we are truly in a position to assert ANYTHING with certainty.”

    Science does give us a sense of certainty in the physical realm. At least that formula that determines final velocity based on initial velocity, acceleration and time, works consistently, every time, time after time, in experiments conducted by different people at different times, so there’s something certain about certainty :) The problem arises when we expect the same kind of certainty from other areas of life some of which happen to be off-limits to the Scientific method. Even the notion of separation between the physical and non-physical realms is a bit shaky, and not very certain. Ultimately, one realizes that uncertainty and not certainty is the norm in this Universe, at least from an Earth-based human standpoint, at the very least, from my standpoint, because I can’t even say with any certainty how certain or uncertain life is for you :) I believe a certain level of safety and certainty is built in into the Universe or we wouldn’t put one foot in front of another without worrying if the ground will stand firm and not cave in. But strange things have happened. And there’s no guarantee. And this brings us to living in the moment, moment by moment, being alert and aware of our surroundings, not being wary and cautious necessarily but observational and attempting to connect with other beings, water, rocks, everything. To do this consistently every day is difficult. I believe there are people who don’t meditate in the usual sense of the term, but their waking moments are meditative, their life being a long meditation. They feel one with the creation around them and are able to perceive all the myriad connections everywhere, their own consciousness not limited to what’s going on in their mind, but empathizing with other beings they encounter, even rocks which tell a story of their own to the attentive listener. And like your Sufi teacher said, it can be a fun game. No game is fun without some uncertainty. It’s the nature of our Universe, it would seem. At least, it’s the nature of my Universe :)

    An uncertain Universe has room for certainty. It’s possible for an uncertain Universe to encompass parts that are certain within it and still be uncertain at large. But the reverse is not possible. A certain Universe doesn’t have any room for any sort of uncertainty within it or the whole thing becomes uncertain and its integrity is threatened. So when I say the Universe is uncertain, it comes from that part of it that is certain! That part of it that’s certain sees the rest as uncertain. And both coexist in harmony. If we only let them be. There are lots of things that remain uncertain. In fact, some of those things are more important, valuable, joyful and otherwise immeasurably key to existence than those things that we are certain about. It’s just our cultural obsession with the notions of perfection, absoluteness, omnipotence, omnipresence, omniscience, and all such things that we find alien in our experience. All these attributes, we lump them into this entity that we call God and put that God on a pedestal. I’m certain this is just a cultural artifact of Civilization. Tribal people have no such strange and bizarre notions of perfection. Our ancestors didn’t either. It all fits: It’s not a problem with our species, it’s a problem with our culture, with civilization. There’s nothing inherently faulty about us, it’s the stories we believe in. We’re nothing but stories. I’m certain about that, more or less"

    1. The above comment from Satish on NBL I wanted to copy it all here for savings sake, very sorry that this system cut it off without proper explanation or credit. Doubt I can save the world but maybe a few turtles and your wonderful insights. All my best

    2. Hi Mark - Thanks for your comments. I feel that uncertainty characterizes our current knowledge, due to the ever expanding rate of our awareness of the vastness of our ignorance. The more we know, the more we know of the more that we don’t know. With every expansion of our knowledge, we become more aware of our ignorance. In order to know anything with absolute certainty, it is necessary to know everything, including any possible new knowledge that might come along to upset our certainty. I would guess that we are a good long way from that hypothetical omniscience, and there may be good reasons that no intelligence will ever be in that position. Of course we are not in a position to venture more than a wild guess on this and similar very basic questions, which should tell us something about our assumed great knowledge and certainties, but often it doesn’t due to our deep seated hubris and self-glorification.

      We can’t say whether uncertainty is certainly fundamental to all our knowledge anymore than we can say that of certainty with any certainty. I’m getting dizzy with this, so I’ll stop before I fall over!

    3. "More seriously, at first approach I would say that bio-density is deeply connected with hydrology. Anyway, if you’re planning to survive during/after the collapse, looking for a reliable and safe fresh water source cannot be a bad idea."

      Dear Stefeun,

      Thanks for this, which gets down to basic reality: water=vegetation.

      And more vegetation = more water.

      More vegetation and more water = a cooler and more survivable microclimates
      Since the aggregate of cooler and more survivable microclimates MIGHT slow climate heating, it behooves the global community to equitably distribute water globally. Better distributed water leads to better distribution of optimal microclimates. Water that is equitably distributed must be used to optimize vegetation growth. That would obviate (in theory) many of the geopolitical conflicts (as in the Middle East) that I consider far less basic than climate catastrophe, which is the certain outcome of BAU.

  19. An Appeal From A Koasek Family

    By Nicole, Peter, and Seala​
    We are a concerned family, living in the terror of geo engineered skies, in the state of Vermont. We also belong to the Koasek Abenaki Nation in our state. Our ancestors passed down a strong understanding of the inter-relatedness between people and nature. Our lives would not be worth living if we spent every day extracting the vital resources of our planet and not giving back. In the summer our family plants trees, restores natural watersheds, and picks up trash from parks and roadsides. These morals are woven into the fabric of who we are. So to look up at the sky and not speak out or take action against the crime that is being committed would mean that we are complicit in this ongoing omnicide of all life on our planet, our only home.

    We’ve been watching the horror unfold in our state. First the big white jets fly in, then they turn their sprayers on and spray the sky until it is a thick toxic haze. Next, our faces are on fire and we are sick. And this spring, we are removing dead trees that should have lived another hundred years. There are no birds chirping. Nature is either dead or dying. And still, the jets continue to spray us.

    We couldn’t help but notice that the White House main Petition Page (shown here: did not have one single voice about geo engineering on it anywhere. Not to have a statement there, a petition representation to the White House, is just wrong. So we made a petition, (link below).

    We will consider this PETITION 1. If the 30 days times out and we do not have the 100,000 signatures required to get a response from the White House by the close date of April 24, we will restart the petition as PETITION 2.

    Success is not a guarantee. We still need your participation. And we may need it again, and again. The purpose of this project is to finally achieve the 100,000 signatures and to get this insane President to finally make a public statement about what is happening in our skies. The very least we can do is to represent on the White House petition page. Plus, this provides exposure of this issue to those who view the public open petitions for the first time and see our petition there. Most importantly, it represents the brave souls who will stand up, in every state of our great nation, and demand that the spraying stops at once.

    Thank you for taking a stand with us. Joining together is the only way to make a difference in this fight.

    The Hiltl-Mardin family, central Vermont.

    Petition Title: Geo engineering of our skies by way of aerosol spray coming from jet aircraft is genocide.

    Link – please sign and share:

  20. "1.Life is flow: all flow systems are living systems, the animate and the inanimate.[1]"

    1. and flow is life! :)

      thanks for that link, Artleads. totally fascinating stuff.

      "all flow systems are living systems"

      100% right on.

    2. You're welcome, Mo. And thank you for your teaching on the subject.

    3. Hypotheses re flow:

      - The ingredients that make for a survivable planet already exist. They don't work due to the absence of flow. Land use (as merely one example) lacks flow, since land should be continuous and not be fractured by governmental jurisdictions.

      - Chinese Feng Shui demonstrates the aesthetics of flow. Good design in any culture exemplifies flow.

      - Energy is best distributed when it flows (in myriad forms) universally around the planet.

      - Structures of thought--civilization based, etc.) abrogate flow.

      - Living in the now, as animals do, is living in flow.

    4. Artleads ~

      there is only flow. what Western civilized humans (especially our leaders) choose not to pay attention to, with all of our many abilities (intuitive, empirical, spiritual), was how flows were operating within the processes of civilization. the where and how of what was actually going on with flows in the systems we created.

      there were hints here and there (like with feng shui) that we could have really opened up to this knowledge in a powerful way.

      as Satish might say, those more powerful stories about the importance of flow never took deeper hold. with Western Civ, the story become conquer instead of flow.

      for any chance of real success at all, with anything like an expansive (but not overly expansive) "civilization program" (cities plus very long term survival of our species, meaning many millions of years), we would have needed to go very far with understanding flows, on every possible level.

      what other options are available to work with flow now, in any way where we have "a future on Earth"? in one way or another, we will find out, I think.

      and I am really liking what you are talking about above!

    5. edits: "chose not to..." and "the story became..."

    6. Organizations--schools, NGOs, government departments, corporations, etc.--all turn their backs on flow. It is always about one isolated issue or other, and never about (energy flow between) the whole.

      A community organization will typically select certain issues to prioritize. Everyone attends the annual meeting, hoping for some way to support their hot burning issue. The attendees will gravitate toward a couple of these, leaving the low-priority advocates high and dry. My way or the highway. WE have ordained these priorities, which WE deem to be of utmost importance. This is the way to do things efficiently. Focus (and all that). What is missing is the sense of a system where every individual's priority has a place, however small.

      One possible alternative to this paradigm is to begin with the geographic space of community concern. By looking at the geographic whole, all sorts of seemingly incongruous bits start to converge. This includes pieces supplied by the "bad guys" as well as the "good."

      For reasons of coherence (I suppose), the old mining town is sold off plat by plat. The bad guys insist there be an overarching community organization to govern those plats. This is proving to be an effective organizational tool for the good guys. It helps them to be obliged to see the place as a whole, to see the flow...

      (To be continued...)

    7. Flow vs inertia. How do they relate? I'll plunge in like the grasshopper Grant Schneider once described himself as.

      Mr. Obama approving Shell Arctic drilling seems like inertia. The beast of capitalism must run its deathly course. Aerosol spraying in the atmosphere? At this point, who knows?

      Mark, if you run for congress, I wish you good luck. I gather that it's very nasty business, and rips at your soul. I can't explain why, but I think of this: 'The Tao does nothing, and yet nothing is left undone'. Joyful action. The search for perfection in every single thing. Doing nothing. I hope that can work in politics.

      Saw two of my children last weekend. My daughter speaks of my dictatorial tendencies. Better believe it!

      The inertia (the flow?) of county government goes toward covering all the land with sprawl. The Californication of the landscape is the way things are done, right? Right. Where land is available, there must be sprawl. The rural landscape can't complain. And it's cheap, flat, and served by major arteries paid for by taxpayers. What's not to like here?

      But wait, there's hope! The term for it is "clustering." Clustering is when you aggregate rural-size lots and cluster all the buildings they are zoned for in one central area. The pathetic justification for this is that it "preserves rural character." A hearty joke! And mind you don't laugh so hard that you cry! The dense, hard, uniform, sterile buildings along the roadway are suburban at best; anything but rural in character and essence. And their new owners also expect every kind of suburban or urban amenity. They prefigure annexation by the nearby city.

      But whether promoted by the county or the city, sprawl pays taxes. No matter that promoting sprawl to pay taxes is like a dog chasing its tail, and that sprawl costs taxpayers more in order to service it.

      Why is "clustering" such a pernicious if effective ploy? On the surface, it is intuitive: it leaves more uninterrupted open space in proportion to houses built. But it omits one important fact. It is a tool to facilitate developers and enable inappropriate development. Developers can get financing to build hundreds or thousands of houses all at once that, without clustering, would be built incrementally, if at all, by private property owners on dispersed lots.

      Does New Mexico need a massive chaotic influx of new residents spread all over its land of enchantment? This is the flow or inertia of our situation. But that only can happen through cluster development. If we don't build it, they won't come.

  21. Flow. Alan Watts The Watercourse Way. The law of least action. Go with the flow (hippy wisdom). Taoism. Tai chi. Sufi whirling, swirling galaxies, atoms, dancing dna, strange attractors shaping changing patterns of chaos, blending, merging, becoming one vast pulsing always morphing into ungraspable otherness, continuing in always surprising newness forever irrepressibly alive….

  22. "In the chapter on 'Te-Virtuality' Watts offers us an overview of the contemplative way of life. A life of freedom from constraints and extremes. Watts had come a long way from the stuffy England of his youth. He had found an unforced way of living life that agreed with him. An artful way of being true to himself by living naturally; of being free to scream, or cry, or most especially to laugh, whatever is appropriate to the flow of the moment.

    In the 'Wu-wei' chapter Watts reminds us of the words of Lao-Tzu concerning wu-wei: 'The Tao does nothing, and yet nothing is left undone'".

  23. For those interested in the thinking of advanced physicists on flow and such, an article by “Mad Max” Tegmark, with interesting comments by his colleagues….

  24. Staying aware of the thinking of Max Tegmark and other advanced thinkers has paradoxically had the effect of helping me realize how far we are from knowledge of ultimate things. A great incentive to “keep it simple stupid” (KISS) Act on the basis of things I do understand. Many of our most pressing problems are incredibly obvious and easily grasped by almost anyone. Hand me that razor Bro. Occam and let’s get to work!
    mike k

  25. Mo Occam. braid-in-spacetime One possible alternative to this paradigm is to begin with the geographic space of community concern. With flow now, WE DO have "a future on Earth".... 100% sure it pre-exists. You will see. In time you will see (if you want to see) how all things come to be.

    - Energy is best distributed when it flows (in myriad forms) universally around the planet.

  26. Premonition & common sense last month told us to start sailing the boat each weekend north toward D.C.

    Luckily after I left Jim last weekend in Charleston he keep it moving slowly north up the Intercoastal waterway route. IRONY of course that tropical storm Anna took the directly over the boat in route this week from Charleston to Wilmington N.C. Suffered only minor damage from bumping into all the other boats trying to escape the storm in the narrow waterway. Got only far as New Bern North Carolina yesterday.

    What a day back in D.C. with the Nuke plant fire in N.J. to contend with along with my father pushing me to register to run for his former seat in Congress. When it rains it pours.

    How about this UNICORN for McPherson ---- Nobel Prize winner Paul Crutzen (advanced chemistry) has been awarded major Stratospheric "control parameter" contract. Sulphate aerosols will do the least harm since we are required to approve a Anthropogenic research / test cooling project. Buying time or adding unknown additives to the hurricanes of the near future???

    my relatively special M-Theory: The paradox of Infinity has to include being non-infinite. Otherwise if there is anything infinity can not include...then it paradoxically can not be truly infinite.

    1. How true: The paradox of Infinity has to include being non-infinite. Otherwise if there is anything infinity can not include...then it paradoxically can not be truly infinite.

  27. Mark. Maybe you can understand this better than the rest of us. It is SO over my head. I was doing a search for the relationship between flow and inertia. Hoping your boat is fighting the good fight.

    "In atmospheric science, balanced flow is an idealisation of atmospheric motion. The idealisation consists in considering the behaviour of one isolated parcel of air having constant density, its motion on a horizontal plane subject to selected forces acting on it and, finally, steady-state conditions."

  28. Mark,

    I understand the non-infinite and infinite paradox but please tell us a bit more about Paul Crutzen and this "stratospheric control parameter" contract he's been awarded. That sounds very spooky. It's SO over my head too. I'll look up that "advanced" chemist. How frightening.

  29. Hi SABINE, basically everything we formulate comes from the roots of your garden knowledge. Ancient organic chemistry from Europe & Asia...just add electron microscopes & infrared molecular distillation. Luckily sulphate aerosols are both organic & natural. The compounds have been used for decades. Much worse chemicals are in jet fuel enhancers & toxic car exhausts. However, unless/until there is a huge paradigm shift toward simple kind common sense about how most people treat the planet....I'm afraid a few "Control Parameters" have to be used to buy time. Buying time for UNICORN miracles. Literally praying to the garden gnomes of "Uncertanity" to pop up with "cures" like your magic ferns as we face rapid carbon increase. But I'm like a kid in a disaster movie gasping for breath & fighting for tools underwater (Kate Winslet looking for those keys on Titanic) might as well die trying.

    Yet I am aware that when the first atomic power plant was tested in Idaho 1955 those scientists thought it would work out. I've been to that nice little historical facility in "Atomic City" Idaho. I could see how they thought they were on the right path --- when so sadly the road to hell is paved with such good intentions. (I can imagine Mo Flow & Satish warning me daily.) I also have the greatest admiration for all of ARTLEADS work on preserving land & watersheds. In truth none of this mess would have happened if we just treated mother Earth with common sense & concern a century ago. World War One was a big tipping point in 1914 toward all these chemical developments & abstract problems.

    A huge quake hit near Fukishima about 11 minutes ago. Sate Dept is making calls to Japan prime minister Abe. initial report of massive shaking at Honshu (6.7) waiting for report on cracks in reactor #4 at Fukishima. Sorry this is going to be so bad if Caliofornia Diablo Canyon gets hit. Also San Onofre is in de-comission process but it is still full of rods sitting on Pacific coast between L.A. & San Diego.

    My condolences to Satish who might have know the Google Executive Dan who died in Nepal. Waiting at my monitor station as these big quakes continue to hit us with shock & awe today. I'll have to get the brand new Fukishima damage assessment report ready for the Oval office tonight. I'll keep you posted. You are my KuKu tribe till the end !!!!

  30. Artleads - I wish you were our director of the Dept of the Interior.
    I've been thinking about your inertia question for days:

    I'm afraid the Shell oil contract is flow rather than inertia. Flow of the very powerful & bad system that also flows into the suburban sprawl habit.

    You are right about running for national level office destroying the soul. I was a bit surprised by the lure of the offer. Even more surprised that large powers are getting more open about pushing the United Nations AGENDA 21 plan which I do like regarding a huge reduction in land use.

    I think true inertia only applies to "An object at rest tends to stay at rest"

    Otherwise everything is in some state of flow. You know how they say rust never sleeps! Decay (Entropy) is always slowly at work in every form of energy field. Entropy might be so slow that it looks inert but technically the atoms of entropy are not inert as they decay.

    An isotope is a variance of an atom with a different number of neutrons in its nucleus. Some elements only have one isotope, some can have dozens. In the case of carbon it has three natural occurring isotopes and 12 artificially created ones. The natural ones are numbered 12, 13 and 14, the number of neutrons they have. !2 and 13 are "stable", not radioactive, and 14 is radioactive (that's one the one used for carbon dating.

    The funny thing is, living things can differentiate between 12 and 13, at the cellular level, and tend to absorb one over the other. And, decaying living matter also releases these two isotopes at different rates, so, you can tell, by analyzing the carbon in co2 (c is for carbon) where that co2 originated. So, if you look at the carbon of the co2 that has been added to the atmosphere in the last 1000 years or so,say (and scientists can get these old samples from ice cores from glaciers which are made up of ice thousands of years old) by comparing old air to new, all that extra co2 seems to come from one source, Fossil fuels, because the the ratio of carbon 12 to 13 in that new co2 matches the ratio found in the carbon component of fossil fuels. Pre-industrial co2 does not have the same ratios of 12 to 13.

    See how easy science is! I hope Sabine is singing in her garden **

    1. that's exactly the way I would have clarified flow vs. inertia, Mark. that plus the idea that 99.99% of the flow that actually matters is unseen directly by any known methods of science. there are a few ideas for detection (certain randomization/psi experiments come to mind) that have been tried. this only is the first hair's breadth distance towards what is possible, I think.

      no need to wait for science to catch up. more powerful and insightful experiments than CERN are available to any who wish to try them. totally free, no drugs required. just strap on a mantra, a visualization, any other form of inner focus, and a few dozen breaths, and away you go. YMMV, and practice, practice, practice.

    2. Dear Mark,

      All kidding aside, including passing on the DOE thing as I'm laughing out loud, I'd probably more enjoy a role as one of your campaign advisors. :-)

      Thanks for the exceedingly kind and patient explanation of carbon. It's very important for everybody to grasp. I can't say that I have it down, but then I was always at the bottom of the class in math and science. I do believe, however, that EVERY middle schooler upward should learn this lesson. IMO, people don't need the whole bag of knowledge (which they end up not learning anyway); they need to know one or two (strategic) basics such as you have imparted, and they need to retain it. Nothing more. Less is more.

  31. Is it just me or did the level of spookiness go up - "stratospheric control parameter", Agenda 21, etc.?

    Even Chomsky is sounding the alarm on nuclear war -

  32. Satish,

    Better than say it on NBL, and irritate people, I'll say it here. Thanks for your response there, however. Due to our conversations on Kuku, and very much to your insights, I've come to an exceedingly simple conclusion: Everything is alive and has a spirit. Being centered on the visual, that "everything" for me is weighted on what I see wherever I turn my gaze. This comes back to my love of the inanimate--things. Well...including and very much the dirt on the ground, and that is really not inanimate. I look where I'm walking--at the dirt mixed with pebbles and broken glass and straw, at the car, which now is happier with its fairly recent washing, which still has an aura of newness that is a sort of strength. I look at the posts of the carport, at the healthy leaves of the lilac tree. And I ask all that I look at for help. It often responds that I should clean it up and order it in some way, and my compliance distracts me from unwanted thoughts and feelings, makes me happier, as it probably does the things themselves...for what really is the difference? OK, got to go get some bottled water out of that car... :-)

    Just a bit of clarification: my interests are not limited to the inanimate; it's just that I seem to be more in tune with it than with the animate.

    1. Artleads,

      you are a poet and you're probably on the right track with our insight that nothing really is inanimate. We just perceive it like that in our reality which is nonetheless the only reality for us - or not. A paradox to be accepted as far as I'm concerned. "And I ask all that I look at for help" yes! This does speak to my earth-bound spirit.

  33. Hi Sabine,

    I don't know what the proper word for the similarity is. (Thanks, BTW, for the kind words.) Is it cognitive style? We seem to be "earthy" types. :-) My art is as much about the material I work on (discard) as what I put on it. So I see myself as a kind of material-ist.

  34. Beautiful weekend puttering northward. May flowers in all the abundant gardens along the river banks. The material-ist ART of 200 year old plantation homes. Colonial seaports. Stunning Eden harbor. Times past of pilgrims & plows. Virginia Jamestown colony where the fist settlers were saved by the native Indians. 1595 they shared troubles & connection to the land...for 5 years...then in 1600 the smallest push began. Larger fields. Stronger forts. Ships returning to Europe with tobacco.

    So from from Bangladesh harbors of mud where poor desperate people dismantle rusting tankers...I glide along in privilege. Satellite guidance & Satish at my finger tips. What a way to go. What a way to flow.

    Would love to save it. So much to loose.

    Did not deserve it, but I have Stratospheric control parameters to choose.

    A visualization, a form of inner focus, and a few dozen breaths, and away we flow. practice, practice, practice....row row row...gently down the stream. Something big is coming (it is not a dream)

    ---- nothing really is inanimate. We just perceive it like that in our reality which is nonetheless the only reality for us - or not. A paradox to be accepted as far as I'm concerned. "And I ask all that I look at for help" yes! This does speak to my earth-bound spirit.--- Keep growing Sabine.

  35. “ …nothing really is inanimate” Yes. The Universe began as a live birth, and nothing has really been dead ever since. Only life constantly transforming…. mike k

    1. mike k, modern man calls the vast majority of the creation in front of him as inanimate and then goes around looking for how and when "life" originated. It's harder to accept that all creation is alive than to accept that consciousness and life emerged from just the right chemical reactions under just the right conditions.

      Mark, glad you're not running for your father's seat. Somehow I thought you wouldn't be happy if you did.

  36. It is difficult to think of a military combat mission that requires the use of even one nuclear bomb. There has not been one in 70 years. Perhaps there is a mission that might someday require one bomb. Or ten. Or an arsenal of 500. But the United States has 7,000. This is beyond all logic and military need. Clinging to these obsolete weapons is a vestige of Cold War thinking propped up by contracts and the desire of those with nuclear bases to keep the few thousand jobs they provide. Pandering to these parochial motives and flawed strategies risks catastrophes whose financial and human costs dwarf any conceivable benefits.

  37. I can`t think of nothing else but our ability to perceive things as we do became obsolete there must be a higher level of perception in the making that makes us dispensable since the universe always looks for ways better to perceive itself . we basically have topped out here in the 3 dimensional space time conjecture . I Guess there is still some novelty to be completed but we are very close to completion .. We go and that is good so .. This enterprise also becoming to messy .to be continued .. Its all good folksS
    Summer's almost gone
    Almost gone
    Yeah, it's almost gone
    Where will we be
    When the summer's gone?
    Morning found us calmly unaware
    Noon burn gold into our hair
    At night, we swim the laughin' sea
    When summer's gone
    Where will we be
    Where will we be
    Where will we be
    Morning found us calmly unaware
    Noon burn gold into our hair
    At night, we swim the laughin' sea
    When summer's gone
    Where will we be
    Summer's almost gone
    Summer's almost gone
    We had some good times
    But they're gone
    The winter's comin' on

    Summer's almost gone

    1. It's about novelty, among other things, for sure. The separation we're experiencing is the flip side of non-duality. The world around us is so elaborate. So many things, so much going on, it's mind boggling. Such variety is the flip side of oneness. One doesn't exist without the other. One needs the other to define itself. Non-duality needs duality to perceive itself. Without contrast, beauty cannot exist. Without pauses, music doesn't exist.

  38. Love it. Music is all about space between the notes.

    I came here to share a bit from a Thanksgiving letter I just wrote to Lidia.

    Some of it belongs under story of man...while humans are here. Mo Flow too where ever you are in the stars:

    Over dinner with friends who work at the NIH they told me a head transplant is planned sometime in the next few years, I kid you not, a real head removed from a diseased body will be attached to a healthy body whose head, obviously, suffered a fatal injury. Attaching nerve fibers to electronics is possible and with the experienced gained from near future head transplants, at least for the living, attaching heads to robots will be possible.

    The big problem with this start ups idea is freezing the brain and so far companies that do this run into many problems. One of the complications is getting a certified medical person who can declare the individual dead in time, particularly if the person is being cared for at home. Another big problem is the freezing process requires chemicals to prevent damage to the cell brains. These chemicals take time to be absorbed and not all cells end up absorbing them.

    And finally the biggest problem: If you where Einstein there would be a huge public interest in reviving him, but for the average Joe or Jane that would not be the case. Also consider that such frozen individuals brought back to life will lack the modern skills sets of the era they are awoken in, so whose responsibility is it to educate them? Not only that but a person declared as dead, with a death certificate, may not have the same rights as the living...Something to think about...Certificate of existence issues just got more complicated. LOL !!!

  39. Brain cells - I said cells brains incorrectly above. A bit mo below about both Google and others who are designing the actual application.

    Los Angeles-bsaed Humai wants to bring people back from the dead using artificial intelligence. The firm plans to use artificial intelligence and nanotechnology to store data of conversational styles, behavioural patterns, thought processes and information on a person's body functions from the inside-out. Known as Human plus. "H+"

    Read more:
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