Thursday, January 22, 2015


[Approximate Watching Time: 5 minutes]

About an year ago, I let out "an existential cry" that pointed to the atrocities some of us human beings are committing on the rest of creation (other human beings, animals, plants, mountains, rivers and the very planet itself). We do this mostly unintentionally and unwittingly.

I've attempted to capture the same cry with images and sound in my first ever video compilation that I call "Geophilia", for love of the Earth. Here's what my friend, Marc, who I mentioned in the above blog post has to say about this video:
Congratulations !…. What you’ve created is E-X-C-E-L-L-E-N-T  !…. and in my opinion, of great significance, potentially of world-wide impact, should it manage to go “viral” !…

Not only are you addressing a life-and-death issue, but you’re tapping into our brain at the EMOTIONAL level (right lobe, the path to our soul) which, in the end, can be more powerful than the rational level (the left lobe, the realm of our egońęc mind). By the end I was choking and had tears running down my cheeks…  :)
Thank you, Marc, for your support, and for honing in on why videos like this make a deeper impact on our consciousness than any number of words. As it's said, a picture is worth a thousand words. So here are some pictures...

Please share as widely as you can!

[Update - 12/11/2015] Here's the video on Vimeo (YouTube has muted the video due to copyright issues around the soundtrack, regrettably, despite the credits at the end!)


  1. All your comments on NBL are excellent. Much appreciation for your thoughts & writing.

  2. Great video! It's terrible how we're treating the Earth. - Sonya

    1. Thanks, Sonya, for watching my video and commenting...
      Indeed sad how we humans have lost our way.