Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Help Obama Kickstart World War III!

[Approximate Watching Time: 4 minutes]
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The Nobel peace prize winner is expanding the nuclear arsenal of America. Check out this 4 minute comedy clip:


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  1. Pentagon City, Crystal City, Military industrial complex across the Potomac is massive. Forces in power last much longer than an presidential term. All president's are puppets to a large degree. Might like one thing they do then an hour later it is something I think is a horrible mistake in another direction.

    No reason to disturb the tribe in other parts of your comment sections...but I think you can deal with the really disturbing stuff. The nuclear safety depts are small compared to War Rooms & Intel contractors analyzing strike zones, max impact, fallout patterns, every scale of target in concise detail. I could give you names of actual Generals in other countries doing the same research - because that is sometimes in the DoD news as part of the propaganda to remind us that "They" are out there. It's not a game. It is a serious full time massive military Industry that is even bigger than it looks. Maybe I should post some specific links in the future here. Going KuKu has excellent coverage of so many other issues. This whole Industry is so dire...and overlooked. I just had to say something even though I know that everything going on across the river is far beyond anything I can do. I know my limits. WW3 is tied into global markets. Death at the highest profit point. More old money in this form of destruction than Climate Change. The roots of mass nuclear extinction is deeply connected to an evil inside the economy of warfare/invention. Sorry & Thanks Satish.