Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Media Idiocracy


  1. N. Korea Nuclear missile test target launch toward Hawaii Navy base....ignored on same night as Bruce Jenner getting 17 million tuned in for celebrity trans-op....or was it a psy-op carefully timed with Pacific military actions staying under the radar.

    1. Wouldn't be surprised if it was a psy-op.

    2. Your big post tonight on NBL is excellent. I have long known the Humans as cancer on Earth is true from an environmental stand point. I really suffered with that aspect of our species. Cyano bacteria also filled the oceans 600 million years before Snow Ball Earth froze solid. But the Bacteria that filled the seas created the oxygen we now breath. Very big picture to interplay of evolution.

    3. Perhaps the synthetic microbes being built now that would eat nuclear radiation will usher in a new epoch after we're gone from the face of the Earth. Perhaps that radiation will be like oxygen to a new strain of organisms which will then evolve into millions of larger life forms all of which will need radiation to survive. Who knows if Oxygen was seen as poison before it absolutely became the necessity to organisms that need it to burn hydrocarbons to make energy to live. Interplay of evolution indeed.