Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Heat waves around the world

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A friend sent me a couple of news stories on the ongoing climate saga:

In Lebanon,

"Michel Achkar-Daoud is getting used to dry conditions on his farm near the eastern Lebanese town of Zahle, but says changing weather patterns mean it is probably time to get out of farming altogether."

In Europe,
"The death toll in Europe continues to mount as temperatures soar - but weather experts believe some relief may be on the way at last."

My response to him:

And Northern India is baking in 100+ degree temperatures with New Delhi airport registering 118 degrees -

Two things come to mind:

1. Farming might not be such a good idea to get into (?)
2. Near-term extinction predictions such as Guy McPherson's are bolstered by these news from around the world.

All I know is that these trends are not linear, but instead, exponential. As the late Albert Bartlett says in his famous lectures, "the greatest shortcoming of humankind is its inability to understand the exponential function". When things go exponential, they happen more and more rapidly toward the end.

It's as if the era of us humans using Math to control the world is coming to an end and the era when nature throws the math back at us is beginning.

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  1. 99 f in South Florida broke spring temp records. Went direct from winter to summer conditions as they said on local TV news. "Summer in April"