Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Chomsky - Surviving the 21st century

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Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qzliIR3TU8#t=558 

[At the 14:20 minute-mark] "We can assure ourselves with fair confidence that future generations will not forgive us for our silence and our apathy. We might in fact wish to consider a remarkable paradox of the current era. There are some who are devoting themselves seriously to try to avert impending disaster. In the lead are the most oppressed segments of the global population: those considered to be the more backward and primitive, the indigenous societies of the world, First Nations in Canada, Aboriginals in Australia, tribal people in India and others like them. And in countries with influential indigenous populations like Bolivia and Ecuador, there are by now even legislative proposals, legislative recognition of the rights of nature. The Government of Ecuador actually proposed to leave their supplies of oil in the ground where they should be if European countries would provide them development aid amounting to a small fraction of what they would sacrifice by not exploiting their oil resources. And, of course, the European countries refused. They didn't bother asking the United States. Well...indigenous people are trying to avert the disaster. In sharp contrast, the race to the cliff is led by the more advanced, educated, wealthy, privileged societies in the world. Notably North America, others not far behind... unless there's a significant change of course and soon, the prospect for decent survival is quite slim."

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  1. There are some who are devoting themselves seriously to try to avert impending disaster