Thursday, November 14, 2013


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We don't believe everything we see or hear as we go about our daily lives. We don't really believe a bottle of Coca Cola would really make us happy. But we do believe a lot that we come across. Behind the scenes is the art of propaganda.

If you think propaganda matters only during presidential elections or during wartime, you'd be mistaken. Much of what makes the world go around today is based on the clever artifice of public relations agencies and perception management firms. The fact that Americans aren't sure if climate change is real or not owes much to this $150 Billion industry.

I could write a dozen blog posts on what every truth-seeking, free-thinking sovereign individual would need to know about propaganda... or you could watch this excellent documentary...


Understanding propaganda is key to understanding oneself and the world one is part of. Much of what we do in our lives, our goals, our aspirations, our ambitions, our fears, our conduct and our very beliefs are shaped by society and culture. Our parents are a product of society and culture and so are our teachers. 

What are our beliefs then, if not a combination of others' beliefs? And where do others get their beliefs? Who shapes these beliefs? These and many other key questions are addressed in this well-researched and thoroughly eye-opening film.

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