Saturday, November 23, 2013

Matt Damon/Howard Zinn on Civil Disobedience

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    1. yes! I totally get that. Mark - you are such a wonderful being.

      I actually think Lidia is an extremely sensitive, intelligent and kind being. one of my favorite posters on NBL, tbh. frequencies travel on all kinds of levels.

      and yes, I get your drift. grokked and loaded! (I just made this up with red fox earlier, and I quite love it! :)

    2. (...yes - I really do...)

      and the verify code I just got for this comment: Holog

      grokked in every possibly way.

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    1. as I said, and as I could say a million time, Marco - I am so glad you are here! phew, am I glad. everything everything everything.

    2. hey Mark - please email me!

      moflow at outlook dot com

    3. when you can... and if you want to.

      would be very nice! :) easy breezy and no distractions.

    4. we can have herbal tea, and nuclear Wheaties. '-)

    5. gotta remember to keep the Wheaties away from the DC area power facilities, though... oops!

  3. Love to have English herbal - Sabine 4 Tea. A/C DC power surge as we make connections. "contact". It's no accident. Like all the yahoo MSM news about the non-random radio signal patterns being received at Arecibo. The message is Flowing into the media.

    Honestly I'm your biggest sea fan Mo Flow. I read you and laugh like crazy...then sometimes I have to read and think...would I dare admit that about Infinite choices. Oh dear He get's it. He really get's it and he's spilling all the beans about our most important secret. Your pulling down the curtain on the Matrix wizard. Your peaking up mother natures skirt. Really private stuff about the invisible reality. Even on Earth an ocean of freedom is always available. Just pull up the anchor and go a bit further mo with the flow...

    Your are living with so much truth about reality. Your going to be wonderful & fearless LIVING in total awareness...alive with everything that comes next. But please don't tell the monkeys there are no cages. Nature is already about to run wild. I'll explain in a personal e-mail, but there are problems in other dimensions. Similar to reactors & filters. I can't speak for the universe --- but our galaxy is a big energy "being" having it's own crisis. That's why we are here. And Mo we need you much more than you can yet imagine (sort of like explaining colors you have not yet seen) but we really really really need your Earth wisdom/guidance for things unfolding. Your alive for the greatest show on Earth & you have plenty of agency with universal co-creation. Just ask Spielberg for a reference. The future is a form of production. No secret that many things are always in development. No need for horror. Let "it" be fun !!!!

  4. and what exactly was this with Arecibo? do you have more info than the very scanty reports I was able to dig up?


    problems here, problems there. no sweat for Mr. Wizard from the Outer Limits - and why can't I tell the monkeys? OH YEAH. nevermind.

  5. "Let "it" be fun !!!!"

    wired for it here like even you might not believe. or maybe you would. '-)

    verify code: leaph

    re-verify code: how high?

  6. Source code: Holog E.L.F. Evolutionary Leap Forward, your spot on "not the revolution expected" elevated level function.

    So cool how you read my shirt logo as NASA. Last week I knew I'd be at Cape Canaveral tonight but it just hit me that uploading the new pic telegraphed. Your very perceptive. I won't be a bit surprised when it turns out your one of the beings making sure I don't go to far. Of course the NSA has to monitor me. But I'm also aware that everything is flowing from "other" fields. This Grizzly is having fun feeling a push to check back in here. leaph year

    The WOW signals from space have been received for years. Russia, Chile, Norway sharing message. H Y "Hi" I advocated to go public. Too much work propping up propaganda. Covering. Especially since the signal is persistent & growing stronger. But there has been so much programming. Centuries of religion. People are really adamant about defending mental territories. Paradigms. Gotta put some limits on the Infinite. Comfort in boundaries. But developments are approaching singularity. Like a tectonic space-time rupture when the fabric of reality shifts.

    When I was a baby in Arizona my Dad helped Steven Spielberg's mom Leah in Scottsdale. Steven used to show his student films on the patio of his mom's cafe. His sister sold popcorn. His home movie called "Firelight" would later become "Close Encounters" Steven noticed my mutation when I was a baby. (I can hide it now.) when I went to college at USC Steven was preparing to make E.T. at Universal. Steven was very polite when he whispered how he remembered a blue baby in Arizona...then he saw my hand realized it was me. (my dad helped Steven in 1971 with permits to shoot Duel in the desert Steven helped me get a student job in special effects CGI. I'm like Forest Gump working for everyone. Staying under the radar. Then after electrocution I started exponentially developing mental quantum caculations. I'm not supernatural but I was mutated by 1960's radiation before birth. Along with a few extraordinary life & death healing experiences. Now I'm needed because so few of us can caculate flux factors into Einsteins second law of (thermal dynamic) relativity. The original language of nature is fractals. I can see it as energy flowing in everything. But now molecules are vibrating upward. Of course it has impact beyond normal nuclear physics. Engineers needs me to focus special attention on all these reactor cooling processes encountering Gamma rays or whatever I can conclusively deduct. Keep a lid on it. Do not disturb the public. But they need this "Radiation Whisperer" more than I need them. Then again I deeply care about thousands of years of evolution - even though this planet is so undetectable from Andromeda. Even I got this crazy idea that life here matters....and I can't even seem to keep my own vision of something unfolding under control. That's why I am sensitive to Lidia and so many others. Seeing the actual life force of energy fields re-mixing, makes me wonder how it feels to others. Every atom of reality is created in the wave first. Of course energy is eternal and by nature it's always flowing somewhere.....but while we are in this atom of infinity - I get the biggest kick out of reading your perspective. That's when I really start laughing at my own odd ball soul journey. But some others at the banquet don't read you like I do (I know each is unique) But I think I really get you so thanks for thanks for letting me swim in your reality. I'm still a Duality. Mixing concepts, systems, phrases & words.

  7. yes, for sure things are flowing from other fields. I have seen this at full scale so I know whereof I speak, although I don't need to tell you that. truly, I *never* bullshit about these things. when you know what I know, there is simply no desire.

    the only thing I wonder is if I can keep up. but I don't have any doubt there. just my own natural fear of the unknown. given what I have experienced and seen, this is still a very natural fear! but really, the fear always disappears, when the time is right.

    "The WOW signals from space have been received for years."

    OK, I know all about *the* WOW signal. one of the most incredible things, ever. but you are telling me this has been going on for years? (btw - when I say "incredible" in this sense, I am speaking about conventional incredible. there is a whole 'nuther level of unconventional "incredible," that applies in other contexts. you will always know which one I mean. both are totally real. :)

    now - I have to kind of take a deep, calming breath or two when I hear that about the WOW signals.

    on one hand, I am intensely conscious of "putting a lid on the infinite" and the need to protect the programming. but HELL - on the other hand, this is the kind of thing that can really send me around the bend. with fury.

    my own personal demons, I suppose. ah - comfort in boundaries. I suppose this all pisses me off so much because I feel like my "boundaries" were forcibly torn away from me. I either had to accept what was happening to me, or know that I was going to die. it wasn't a real choice! I had to accept it. so hearing that stuff is swept under the rug, plus all the delusions of material scientism - it is all too much.

    well well well. I do think this little bird is coming home to roost. life here does indeed matter. all of it. no limits. odd ball soul journeys - our specialty. mix away! so much incredibly fascinating stuff here, Marco. feels like old times. :)

  8. the thing is - the WOW signals would probably be one of the *least* disturbing things that could possibly be disclosed. very tame stuff. so if even that is being hidden, then... well. that's just so nuts. ah well. if yer gonna do a spacetime rupture in the fabric of reality, ya might as well go all out, eh?

  9. I'm getting a personal e-mail ready for you. "How High" will be the title. My phones & laptops and everything is gvt issue. So I exchange them on a regular basis. They know I have personal friends including Al Gore so please don't mind that there is never total privacy. My Energy team does not read this stuff. Nobody has time. They just need my calculations.

    I want my important letter to you to be well written. So I'll do that from my highly protected computer when I get back to DC.

    Sorry I thought you knew about...well it's no longer classified fact looking for people who are calm cool collected and ready to help others with quantum weirdness is a duty I could use some help with. Of course I have no idea what your life situation is. I perfectly understand that shadow-op initialization might be impossible for you. But you have so many qualities in your writting and very expansive outlook that I hope you do not mind that it is actually perfectly normal to seek talented people like you. And on a personal note. If you do even happen to be avail for stage 1 I think working with you would be fun. Sorta like working for Spielberg. Frankly we all just want to have a fun happy team. The most wonderful creative stuff flows together when the team is way out there on the Ever Lasting Fun quota. Pure propaganda that the highest level sciences are all serious & sterile. What could be more funny than encountering all sorts of virtual dimensions at CERN. It's a ball.

    Also please think about your feelings about being around political leaders. I know people get really feisty about even having leaders at this point in history. I'm just very matter of fact about it. I have a uniform and go into the Pentagon and Vatican & UN. How do you feel about Steven Spielberg, Jeh Johnson, Saudi Prince Abdul, Aliens - illegal or otherwise? Very soon we will be communicating in private. I'll provide my ph#s, White House pictures, links and lot's of secure info you can research to verify that all of this is real. No matter what you decide as we proceed I'd like to be your friend in any case. Heck I'd even take a sample of your on-line personality in a Goose bottle to Mars. No secret the universe has always been expanding. Along with some minds. Have you seen "Contact"? Maybe watch it again. Some of what you might like to find out has already been subtly suggested. Assimilation has been in development for decades. Want to go for a ride? Please never have fear...only all the best for you MO FLOW. Your very alive () () () of course the NSA will read every bit of this to make sure my contact with you is 100% truth. Beyond some of these screenings a world of wonder & fun awaits. Your worth "it"

    Wish you were here at NASA base tonight.

  10. well, what I know about is just a sliver. that was one of the *first* things I learned. no matter how much I think I've seen, or think I know, it is always the smallest sliver.

    and I know about some of "them." just a few, directly, in their own weird ways. I can read about all kinds of other things, but that is all only second hand for me. some of this is much more valuable than others.

    of course I know the govt knows things I don't know, just like I know things others don't know. it's all totally irrelevant, ultimately, as one sliver just gets a tiny bit bigger.

    it is every one of the pieces, together, that matters. and only One knows anything about that.

    but no worries. after getting over the initial shock (took only a moment) all is well!

    and I am not worried about privacy, total or otherwise. I keep various considerations in mind, always.

    I loved Contact. seen it several times. :) it is pretty much embedded in my mind. every part. wish I was there with you at NASA base, too. and I always am.

    looking forward!

  11. My comment above ended odd because I was rushing to get ready for the 2020 Alien life discovery press conference. I meant "wish you were here to attend." The head of NASA & the Astrobiology experts all spoke. Local 11pm Cape Canaveral news stations covered the story. Carefully breaking news to get everyone conditioned. So much history will be unfolding this decade as critical events approach. Sharing my i-ph vid recording with friends & family. But my sister was more interested in watching Survivor. However I imagine you would be excited. You understand where this is all going...flowing with a chance to bend the whole system in a new direction. Lot's of plans in every dept. Might work OUT ****

  12. I like how you two went off into this secret chamber to have a nice 1:1 discussion. I won't bother you but just dropped in to say check out this article by my friend, Sven: his take on saving water. It reminds me of the discussion we have here often about whether our agency is worth anything. Does it change anything if we get mighty and draw on all our strength, ignore that voice that says it ain't worth it, inspire our friends to see things our way, mobilize a little effort, or at least talk about it and write about it?

    1. yes, Satish - I think it changes *everything,* in the way the only stuff that matters can be changed, when we do these things. "be the change you want to be" - yes. can anybody forcing anybody else into something actually change anything? anything that matters? I don't think so. this is where I see the "inviolable principles of the Universe" at work. the only change that ever matters has to come from within. how all those inner changes combine to produce larger changes is another amazing story.

  13. MO FLOW - I going to e-mail you a huge thanks for your letter. It was both a miracle and might gift that I read it hours before getting hit with a ton of problems. Best time ever to have your lively, sensible, fun, happy voice reminding me to just be "Alive" with the events. I keep remembering it is all a bit unreal to much higher dimensions....but most of all you reminded me to do what I have always done in sailboat storms & buring forests....Just deal with it in the now of those exact moments. Do not add more fear or crazy stuff into my head. Sharp focus on the moment events yet deep down I admit a bit of me is laughing "okay. this is the scary, wild, quantum rapids part" shift, duck, bail - shoot these rapids. I'm going to survive this & have a laugh with Mo Flow when it's done. Smooth sailing. calm waters. Back to Coconut Grove by this Saturday !!! THANK YOU THANK YOU thanks oh my dear calm ONE

    1. Marco - OH, I am smiling a mile wide!! you are so welcome.

      I dearly love rafting and sailing, and both the crazy, roiling, wild stuff and the calm stuff. BOTH. I'm immensely happy that I could help make that crazy part yesterday a bit more sharply focused for you. I've been on some wild rapids, and intense sails - nothing open sea super intense, that is a whole different tomato altogether! - but that sharp focus in the moment can be so vital.

      wishing you a blissful weekend in Coconut Grove. :)

    2. welcome aboard but leave the tomatoes ashore when we challenge the high seas. Oh dear we are in stew !!!

  14. Who's Will :0 ... who's Grace? Free Willy is about to fly the coop. Will continue reading Journey of Souls on my next flight. Maybe you did not realize that my e-mail had exact lines from Michael Newton. Wanted to share but I know you are busy. Don't know how I find the time. Multi-task & manifest. I will get deep natural rest. I think Satish might also be having some sleep problems. I usually meditate and have lot's of quality time till I chose to get myself involved in the OZ Matrix of safety isssues. It is a soul Destiny to attempt a solution inside a puzzle of complex rules.

    Are you the web master for more than NBL? California dreaming, I'll be in L.A. next month. Big quakes in the Pacific & Greece today. I watch the live quakes app on here in D.C. office. You are a strange mystery man MO. All my best where ever this may flow.

    Groom Lake in Nevada area 51 has extensive cement tunnels & silos for possible 2nd site radioactive waste storage. Pressure from Harry Reid group to fund new operations there now that facilities have moved. if you have time or interest in serious ops being exposed. Love to OGF if you chat with her by e-mail. I've got a very strong feeling that I went way too far with you in the vortex of context. But it was fun and this Dorthy has nothing to hide like so many others.

    "Apparently, the more advanced souls do not require any orientation at this stage.....10% of my clients in this category just sail right by their guides with a wave upon their return from Earth. EVERYBODY IS HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR PAST LIVES." page 56

    I'll assume there is nothing more to say. Possibly You are willing to understand that the time for Earth returns will not go on forever. There is a reason & season for cosmic conclusions. Many collective choices are involved in this Earth time we took for the Grace of God thy will is self-determination...Up to a point. A point of singularity of absolute non-existence. Can't feel, see or experience anything in the ultimate vortex of nothing. Nowhere in time.

    1. Mark -

      I didn't want to get at all pointed about the xanax thing, btw. just want you to take care of yourself - not to start getting even a bit pulled into "that world" if at all possible.

      again, I play a lot of things light because in my heart I am quite the opposite.

      I have some very strong feelings about certain things: the role of Big Pharma in society; the idea that companies could make billions in profits off of geoengineering... hmm. lots of very very strong feelings. bizarrely strong, tbh.

      some things like this, I think, are kind of "hallmarks of evil" - in regards to how the Machine works, and that stuff really gets me riled. :) like fierce. I see another force behind that stuff, and that force is my enemy.

      "It is a soul Destiny to attempt a solution inside a puzzle of complex rules."

      I totally understand. I deeply admire what you are doing.

      yes, I totally got all your Journey of Souls references in that email. nothing gets by me! :) but the quote you have right above needs to be fixed - should be "This does not mean the 10% of my clients in this category just sail right by their guides with a wave..."

      that "not" is important to get the next part. everybody is indeed held accountable.

      "I've got a very strong feeling that I went way too far with you in the vortex of context."

      ha! you're kidding, right? dear Marco - there is worlds to cover, yet.

      "I'll assume there is nothing more to say."

      worlds more to say, and worlds of ways of saying it. worlds yet to do, and those of us who are here to do it are not going anywhere.

      timing is EVERYTHING. methods are pretty radically important as well.

      "Nowhere in time."

      Right here, and right now. my own "here-now" is kinda long...

    2. Mo - you had me laughing and playing word games all weekend after your edit bit on NBL (bi, autistic with Turrets)

      Unicorn, artist with towers...
      Dolphin, androgynous with tulips....

      Yikes I missed the "Not" while quick typing. Sure would be mess if I missed one number in a formula !! I see another force behind that stuff, and that force is my enemy. --- mine too. Upsetting you won't do much good...but obviously I'm very disturbed by all these big projects. Blowing whistles. Slowing the process. Putting cogs in the wheels. Maybe if I stay inside I can conduct a miracle? .... or just sharing the view from the inside while there is still Earth time to figure out what to do. Big Pharma, Big Oil, Bi-low big food...I'm crying out loud from the inside. Laughing on the outside. Going KuKu, staying sane? No where to hide.

      Journey with my hybrid soul friend.

    3. Unicorn, artist with towers...
      Dolphin, androgynous with tulips....

      omg - laughing so hard...!! AND the unicorns are laughing so hard rainbows are spraying out from all kinds of crazy places!@^&

      "mine too"

      yeah, I know. it is mind-boggling to me how you are doing it - right in the center of so many things. and I am so glad to get the "inside" view. it isn't anything shocking, that's for sure, but to hear it directly from you is... bracing. makes things that much more clear to me in a way which is super valuable.

      and yes, I know you would be putting kinks in the hoses wherever you can.

      and Laughing while you go Kuku here with the rest of us.

      not hiding. that's for sure. I'll be seeing you under the stars, my dear soul friend!

      A-team reality edits, our specialty! prepare to lyao...

      see ya at the top of the tower, Rapunzel!

  15. "and Laughing while you go Kuku here with the rest of us."

    That's all we can do today, my friends!

    1. Your Fun vids on NBL = got me laughing about a re-splice of Martin Sheen snorkeling over Fl congress calling C.C. "Atmospheric Re-Employment" to absurd for kuku seabirds.

      A bit MO - I like how you spliced Artleads & Marco together. Anonymous hybrid souls mind-melding in the wheeties. Hi ho ranger off to Santa Fe we about a dry dock. (Sorry it is confusing when I use Anon & forget to sign-in with g-mail depending on which ph or system I'm using.) the only change that ever matters has to come from within. "how all those inner changes combine to produce larger changes is another amazing story"....everything each of you has to say does splice into my mind in a really nice way. Missing OGF this week, hope she is okay. She's probably chasing Puppyman in the permafrost melting Alaska spring.

    2. Hi Mark, OGF posted on NBL. I'm taking a break from commenting myself except for short limericks and such on NBL. It takes me hours to write one of those long comments. So will be chipping in here and there occasionally. But we know out in the connected centralized world we live in, we're not far away from anything. The Earth is so small.

    3. Marco~ "everything each of you has to say does splice into my mind in a really nice way."

      yeah, I love that, and I think splicing ourselves together in one nice hybrid soul is really quite fine with me. comfy! :)

      I think OGF is just taking a bit of a break, and yes, recovering every day from chasing Puppyman over hill and dale.

      good luck with your dry sail to Sante Fe! Flying Sails 'R Us.

  16. As Satish once said "It's like we wake up amazed that we are still here." Especially when you factor in geo-engineering damages you never hear about. Yet Earth is still amazingly resilient. Like a mother dealing with too many unruly children..The cosmos knows much more about evolution of SPIRITS than we do. Is Earth like a school? Teaching lessons for some to never again make the mistakes we made on this one?

    Based on data collected by the Hubble Telescope and NASA's Kepler Space scope, it might be that Earth (and all life on it) is an early bloomer. In time the Universe will spawn many more habitable worlds. The study, which focuses purely on the likelihood of the evolution of habitable worlds finds that when our planet was born from our young sun's plasma some 4.6 billion years ago, it was born into an era when only 8 percent of the potentially habitable planets that will ever form in the universe existed." This means that the universe has 92 percent to go until it runs out of the necessary material to produce the stars that go on to produce planets, some of which will be small and rocky and orbit in just the right location for life (as we know it) to thrive. Hubble has shown astronomers that young galaxies were churning out stars at a fast rate some 10 billion years ago. However, the quantity of hydrogen and helium involved in stellar production was low compared with the amount of these star-forming gases that exist today.

    Astronomers have predicted that there should be around 1 billion Earth-sized worlds orbiting within their stars' habitable zones in the Milky Way. If we consider there are 100 billion galaxies in the observable universe, there's a huge number of habitable, Earth-sized worlds throughout the cosmos.

    And the universe has only just started in planetary production. The last star isn't expected to fizzle out for another 100 trillion years (when the universe will continue toward its perpetual march to "heat death"), so there's lots of time left.

    With the help of these observations, the researchers predict that Earth 2.0 (i.e. rocky planets of Earth-like dimensions orbiting within their stars' habitable zones) will most likely pop up inside giant galaxy clusters or dwarf galaxies where reservoirs of star-forming (and therefore planet-forming) gases are known to reside. Being an "early" civilization evolving at this time of universal evolution is that we have the awesome opportunity to study the early stages of cosmic evolution, using space telescopes (such as Hubble) to see the early formation of galaxies and witness observable evidence for the Big Bang. For any future civilization in a trillion years time, the universe will look very different than it does now. fewer galaxies will be visible and the earliest evidence for the Big Bang (such as the cosmic microwave background radiation) will have further ebbed away.

    It's interesting to ponder how an intelligent alien civilization will interpret a more mature, perpetually expanding universe lacking the cues to its origin that we take for granted today. Would they assume, lacking contradictory evidence, that the universe has always existed? And that just because the universe is expanding, it doesn't mean there had to be a Big Bang?

    Of course, this is just a fun thought experiment; predicting the existence of a future alien intelligence, let alone how they may interpret their cosmic environment, is presumptuous at best. But it does pose an existential problem beyond the Fermi Paradox. If the Earth is an early bloomer, and humanity is one of the first intelligent civilizations to pop up in a universe of infinite possibilities, how might future evolution unfold? It seems the universe has the boundless potential to form new worlds and new life (alternative intelligences) that will potentially form long after humanity and life on Earth has gone. Eventually our sun dies in about 5 billion years. Yet other Earth like planets may host intelligent life forms long after we are gone.

  17. Does Big Bang cosmology prove the doctrine of creation out of nothing?

    No. Big Bang cosmology seems to be in tune with both the concepts of creation out of nothing and continuous creation. However, theology does not depend upon science to verify its doctrines, just as science does not depend upon theology to verify its theories. However, science can inspire theology to think new thoughts about the relationship between God and the creation, as Big Bang cosmology and evolution have done.

    Is it proper to speak of an evolving creation?

    Yes. When astronomers look out into space they look back in time. Thus, they are able to see our universe at many stages of cosmic evolution since its beginning in the Big Bang. Here on earth biologists, paleontologists, geneticists and other scientists are showing that life has evolved over four billion years, and are reconstructing evolution’s history. None of these scientific discoveries and the theories that explain them stands in conflict with a () relationship to the creation.