Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fukushima is Here

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If you live anywhere on planet Earth but especially on the west coast of the US (and if you are in a mood to handle some difficult information), you might want to read on.

History is often very much alive and continues to live on despite mainstream media's pretension that it's all in the past. Old stories don't sell. The effects of hurricane Katrina linger on, with many who were affected still trying to get back on their feet. The genocide of Native Americans is not a thing of the past but continues on a daily basis. Poverty, suicide and alcoholism are as big problems as ever on Indian reservations. Teen suicide rate on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation is 4 times the national rate. We just don't hear about these things anymore. They're old stories. The story of the Native American belongs in History textbooks.

While we don't hear about it much, the disaster at Fukushima continues to unfold.

We live in interesting times. It's actually illegal to talk about certain kinds of news. For instance, you could be arrested and imprisoned for filming animal abuse in a slaughterhouse, even if you're a reporter for a major publication. Activists sometimes risk their lives and use hidden cameras to document practices at factory farms. A press person in Japan has much to lose if they talk about what's happening at Fukushima.


  1. Thank you too Satish. Nice to think there is some spot where my work & concerns can be posted.

    I admit my deepest concern is for all the sealife, walrus, seals. Even Kelp. Yet all these years later the media is waiting for confirmed cancers and human deaths for it to matter. Human deaths get better ratings & sell more TV commercials.

    The sample letter you posted above did get attention of Congress Woman Cynthia McKinney who has helped with funds for costal monitoring & tissue samples from otters, birds & clams.

    Dr. Buesseler and colleagues have enlisted citizen scientists to gather water samples for analysis in a monitoring project that uses crowd-sourced funding to underwrite the effort.

    Water samples collected in August & Sept 2015 about 100 miles west of Eureka contained cesium-134, whose radiation was recorded at 2 Becquerels per cubic meter of water, more than 1,000 times the US Environmental Protections Agency's maximum level for drinking water.

    1. I heard the agencies responsible for monitoring radiation levels shut down the sensors soon after Fukushima. Perhaps they suspected it wasn't going to be good news. I remember seeing a video on YouTube where this man walks on the beach by San Francisco and records high levels of radiation with his portable meter.

      I can't tell if we're going through a slow poisoning event with all this. The death of sea life is alarming in itself already.

      Thank you for your work in this area. A measure of sanity in the vast bureaucracy.

  2. The cell phone industry was petitioning Congress to de-fund rad monitors even before Fukishima. I should have added that to my note to you & Phil on NBL.

    Forgive my collective insanity but for some reason (born fighting radiation) I'm still haunted by all the radioactive forces we have created that will probably have long term effects on many life forms. I feel like you are one of the people who can see the bigger picture....but will we ever have agency to at least reduce the radioactive sources?

    Oct 2015: Nuclear disaster fears as fire nears Cold War bomb dump; The world is on the brink of a nuclear disaster as fire rages towards a cache of Cold War nukes — A secret emergency plan has been drawn up as an underground blaze creeps towards a waste dump containing radioactive waste from the Manhattan Project. The leaked document warns a “catastrophic event” will be triggered if the nuclear material is ignited… radioactive smoke could erupt over the densely-populated area of St Louis. Sate Senator Maria Chappelle is on St. Louis TV channels but the national news will not touch this story - nor the nuke waste explosion in Nevada yesterday. Many sources - including the 5G cell network power bump - are causing these radiation spikes.

    I'm almost afraid to say any of this anywhere except in this spot. Okay, back to the future unless Shep & Artleads time travel this link.

    1. >But will we ever have agency to at least reduce the radioactive sources?

      Not sure, Mark... it seems fighting the ill-effects of technology with more technology hasn't been working out that well. Perhaps there is a way to do it but it might require a certain faith of the kind we're not used to. I know you have had glimpses of a world beyond the material one where all this is unfolding... there might be something there which we can draw upon. I doubt we can solve our problems without help. But we're not willing to listen.

    2. Satish and Mark:

      Shep here,

      Ms. McKinney is from my hometown and she is a fighter. She is NOT one of the black "MIS-LEADERSHIP" class.

      All of the old timers tho are so fat and lazy it is hard to believe. I could tell some stories!

      MLK III and his entire family is a joke!

      Every year on MLK, Jr holiday time they all spend a couple of hours on FOX-TV making fools of themselves. Sickening.

      I marched one time with Jesse Jackson from Marietta Ga to downtown Atlanta and I feel like spitting on him nowadays. Andy Young & John Lewis too are mere spectacles of themselves worried more about their legacies than ... oh whatever...


  3. very willing to listen...i know it is not even in english in that realm where all these electrons materialize. Funny but I was just in that sleepy state turning off the computer and something nudged me back here one one time.

    Had all this stuff in my head to write Shep later about the 1% and oh my goodness Shep is here.

    OUROBORUS chasing my own story also a tale? Oh but this matter we are not supposed to say about the Wi com industry won't let me sleep in peace. The reason that UV-B and all other electronic side effects and aspects of the electromagnetic spectrum impact us is because of the technology of wireless involves *transients* radiating from wiring (dirty electricity).

    Some people & instruments are very sensitive to transient energies which are like nuclear radiation turned down to a lower level and thus causing a slower demise.

    Wireless signals travel far with boosts and interact with the sunlight. The same is true for radio signals. Electrical wiring also runs not only 60 hertz electricity, but often the hertz of computer and other electrical gear, at the kilo, mega or gigahertz levels–as these run down the wires designed to contain 60 hertz, the wiring is not designed for this and thus invisible transients come off the wiring–like an electrical field at a different hertz.

    All of these invisible wireless frequencies have been shown to amp up cancer and, like nuclear, can increase burning. There is on the internet somewhere a study showing AM towers and wireless causing increased cancers with geographic location near towers. Very well done visual study, perhaps by Halberg (sp?) or Johannesson (sp?) from the Karolinski Institute? from Sweden or Finland? I can’t recall. But these wireless signals from all sources are causing increased damage. Trees near cell towers die from the "energy" of text messages. We stopped monitoring because the radioactive traces are co-mingled. Big legal issue. No winners with radioactivity.

  4. Good to have this conversation here, Mark and Shep...

    I just heard from a neighbor here that her 20-yr old son is suffering from testicular cancer. She said the doctors told her they are seeing a whole bunch of skinny young white men being diagnosed with testicular cancer lately. My neighbor is well aware of what's going on in the environment and cured her own cancer 20 years ago with juicing, etc. She's trying her best to take her son down the path of alternative cures too... but she sure knows and told me it's something in the environment that is causing cancers in young men these days.

    Radiation from nuclear accidents, cell phone towers, WiFi, all these are highly suspect. There are some folks around here who can't live in the intense EMF (electro-magnetic field) found in cities so they relocated here to the country where the signals are not as strong. One of them collects and publishes news about EMF and its harmful effects -

    Americans are being poisoned and irradiated invisibly. And people have the temerity to ask for more data that would more conclusively prove a link between A and B. Mad times.

    Shep, the leadership of most opposition is cleverly co-opted and separated from the core of the opposition by the cunning elites. I read a really good article on how this process unfolds. Will send it over if I run into it again. You're so right with your observations.

  5. Satish & Mark:

    Even after u gain cancer, the health system requires the most profit obtainable through hopium and fake fund raisers.

    A best friend (I really have not had but a couple) just passed away this morning at about 6:00 am.

    It's funny how those quantums alerted me because I woke up thinking I needed to call Terry and Eunice since I had not spoken to them in the past couple of weeks.

    About three hours later Martha told me she had bad news - Eunice had called - Terry had fortunately given up the ghost at about 600AM today.

    The last year has been hell for them, chemicals constantly, so many operations, all for nothing. U would think that people wud realize that self euthanasia is OK. But, NO Hell No! SUFFER PEOPLE whether u like it or not.

    Thank you for KuKu.


    1. Sorry to heat about your best friend's death, Shep.

      You're right.. it's a profit machine - all the cut, burn and poison treatments that make things worse. All that while they suppress cures that do seem to exist. I read somewhere that doctors wouldn't put themselves through all these treatments if they had cancer. They would just go into hospice.

      You might like these articles -

      How Doctors Die -
      Dilbert creator Scott Adams' account of his father's agony -

    2. Mucho thanks Satish for the article. I knew this but is really nice to have an M.D. say it in public.

      My friend Terry and I were a member of a group that did things together every once in a while.. One was Carlton Hudson, a Radiologist. Last spring Carlton had an accident and broke his neck. Had an op. to relieve horrific pain. Did not work so he mysteriously died very quickly right after he awoke, thus the pain was relieved so I knew his friends had let him mercifully go, mostly likely with sufficient Q's of morphine (A wonderful product when u need it.). Nothing wrong with that but most people in our culture, as u know, wd be appalled.