Sunday, November 10, 2013

Adding "mood" to every post

[Approximate Reading Time: 1 minute]
[Mood: Accomplished]

Very often, with electronic communications, it's difficult to tell the state of mind that the other person is in. I believe knowing the other person's mood helps to better connect to what they're saying in the moment. It might even significantly change how we read what they're saying. Emoticons sometimes work well for this purpose.

Keeping this in mind, I've decided to add a "mood" attribute to my blog posts to convey a one word "state of my mind" as I write them. I've also gone back and added to all my previous posts, my mood, as best as I can recall, at the time of writing that post. I hope you will now be able to better connect with what I'm trying to convey. You might read the same post differently depending on whether I'm angry or simply contemplative as I write. This piece of information, in addition to the reading time should hopefully help you get more out of my blog! Comments are always welcome!

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