Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What's all this about?

If you didn't understand a thing I said so far, don't worry... it's because I'm going kuku. All I ask is
1. Continue reading as much as your patience allows.
2. Ask me to clarify whatever it is that I'm not clear about.
3. Hold the ideas and thoughts you come across in your mind, see if they could be somehow possible, stretch your imagination a bit if that might help and just gently play with them... without judging them. The ideas entered your mind for a reason. They want to be held close by you for a few moments and acknowledged. They want to be pondered over.

Intellectual Property

I don't have much love for intellectual property rights. They cause a certain kind of intellectual and mental constipation that restricts the free flow of ideas. I intend to use images, videos, music and other forms of communication and all sorts of content freely and without prior permission but will put in my best effort to include attribution. Apologies in advance, but it just feels right to do it this way. This is a challenge to myself as much as it is to those who might want to come after me for encroaching onto their property rights. My writings, ideas, images and other content is available to everyone to use and share freely as long as they're not altered. I don't think I have anything to worry about. If people really want to find out who created a certain piece of content, they can and they will. By allowing others to freely use/share the content that we create, we are potentially creating a larger audience for that content. I think content likes being seen by people, and the more the merrier. Content gets created for a certain reason. It wants to be seen and appreciated. Who am I to lay claim to it... I only help it come into existence but I don't "own" it. Again, it just feels right. But if you really don't want me to use your content, just ask, and I will, with apologies to your content (but not to you :)), deny it existence on these pages!

Welcome! Please come in! Have a seat!

These thoughts that I intend to put into words here on this blog are NOT mine. Instead, I'm just a channel through which they flow. Some of them might even flow through you, if you're receptive to them, and welcome them, and ask them to come into your heart, and ask them to take a seat!

OK, yes, that just might be the official definition of "going kuku". If it's not, well, let's make it so. Let's co-create it. Let's all define "going kuku".

And when we're done, we will ALL have "gone kuku" :)