Wednesday, December 19, 2012


This RSA Animate video is related to my previous post...


  1. Going KuKu, time to see the very first post from SATISH. Having dinner on my boat with a group of friends listening to the EMPATHY vid Satish choose for his square one. Everyone on board is curious about why I've been attracted to this web of insights. "Story" of life...which I often say is going KuKu. A Glockenspiel clock spinning out billions of characters. Technology at hyperspeed going ever faster. Then my best friend helping with nuclear reactor problems pointed out a surprise in the time code. "Satish started this site back in 2012 on your 50th birthday." looks like a found a burried treasure. A gift waiting here back in time.

    1. What a coincidence, Mark! Or is it really a coincidence? 50th birthdays don't come around very often. Blogs aren't started every day either. It's a rare coincidence, if it is... but perhaps there's something beyond our understanding. I will leave it at that.

  2. The Gift of Life. OLD GROWTH FOREST and all of us thank you so much Satish. TRULY, to raise our empathy --- you created this whole site with such a meaningful reminder where to begin.

    I've been reading so many of your comments & articles that I doubt I have this quote of yours exact in my memory but essentially this is the impression from you that lasts: "Listening to each other is sharing. Each wants to be heard AND to be heard." further more I remember you saying something like "All of creation has ways of communication, when we find ways to listen." or I think you used the word commune? My mind is too full of numbers but my heart is paying attention. Thank you for inviting me when I first appeared as the shy kid at the back of the class. I appreciate Dr. McPherson but SATISH you are much more inclusive. Amazing how you give more attention in this cyber dimension than Guy did in actual reality when I was once in his class.

    It would be such fun to have everyone begin new comments here. ARTLEADS was even once a school teacher. I'm learning forever more. Bells of clarity are ringing. I can even hear SABINE singing. Red Fox open the door.